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Celebrity Bra Sizes Revealed by Us Magazine

celebrity-bra-sizes - Celebrity Bra Sizes Revealed by Us Magazine

OK, here’s another one of those silly little articles that features massive revelations: Celebrity Bra Sizes!

Pam Anderson, DD
Though the former Playboy playmate and Baywatch star, 42, received a breast reduction in 1999, it didn’t take long for Anderson to go back under the knife to restore her famous DD bra size.

Tyra Banks, 34DD
The supermodel and talk show host, 35, maintained her 34DD bust even after losing nearly 30 pounds. “I feel good about my curves and my imperfections — my booty, my boobs, my thighs — I embrace it all,” she says.

Jessica Simpson, DD
“Jessica never tries to be sexy. She just is sexy,” the 29-year-old singer’s dad, Joe, told GQ of his oldest daughter. “If you put her in a T-shirt or you put her in a bustier, she’s sexy in both. She’s got double D’s! You can’t cover those suckers up!”

Dolly Parton, DD
Parton, 63, had to postpone her 2008 North American concert tour under a doctor’s orders to rest her sore back, which resulted from the weight of her DD breasts. “You lug these around and see if your back don’t hurt!” the country singer Tweeted.

Angelina Jolie, 36C
Jolie, 34, admitted that she pumped up her bust — using prosthetics — while filming 2001’s action flick Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. “I’m a 36C. Lara, she’s a 36D. It was like having a padded bra,” she has said of the enhancement. “But no, I am not flat chested anyway.”

Heidi Montag, 32C
The Hills star, 23, who wore a skimpy white bikini on the cover of September’s Playboy, says she went “shopping for boobs” before her 2007 augmentation. “I wanted the best, so I sat down and flipped through a bunch of Playboys [for inspiration],” she revealed to the magazine. “Those girls are hot!”

Heidi Klum, C
Though she’s sitting out this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion show (NOT), the mom of four, 36, has donned three “Fantasy” multi-million dollar bras for the annual runway walk. “I’ve got great knockers!” Klum once gushed in a TV commercial for the event.

Christina Aguilera, E
The singer, 28, who welcomed son Max in January 2008, revealed that bigger bustline came from breast-feeding. “It’s kind of hilarious! I’ve never fit into an E-cup before,” she tells Us. “I look at my husband and go, ‘Guess what size this bra is?'”

Scarlett Johansson, C
In 2008, Johansson saw first-hand how her breasts were received, when E! red carpet host Isaac Mizrahi groped her live on-camera. “It was definitely in poor taste,” Johansson, 24, later told the L.A. Times. “Someone who I have never met before fondle[d] me for his own satisfaction.”

Source: Us Magazine

Some of these are pretty old and pretty silly – for example, Christina wore an E cup bra right after she gave birth.

And how about including some A and B cups in there?

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  • Laura

    Who is the lady between Pam Anderson and Heidi Montag? It looks like Carmen Electra..was she in the article too?

    • Kristen

      That’s Jessica Simpson

  • Laura

    Oh wait, I’m guessing it’s Jessica Simpson with brown hair. My bad.

  • liza

    angelina is not a 36C-my eyes tell me otherwise.

    • Sharen

      exactly my thoughts

  • sara


    Since ive seen ppl suggestin post! i thought maybe u could do one on lady gaga… an not about her edgy outfits but bout her weight loss… is it just me or she has lost some??? she used to look so tonned and yet curvy and now she loooks sooo skinny..! like in her latest video “bad romance” its completely different if u see poker face! =) just a suggestion!

  • Ellia

    Christina got breast implants a few years ago. She gave birth and her breasts did get larger, but it’s odd that they don’t mention her plastic surgery.

    • Nkeon

      Yes, I was going to ask about that. I remember when the video for ‘The Voice Within’ came out and it was literally like her screaming I’VE HAD MY BOOBS DONE! Compare her in that video to her in ‘Dirrty’ and the boost is obvious.

      If she didn’t comment on it, from her don’t-care-attitude, i doubt she’d deny it

      • stajjny

        Just what i was thinkning, her boobjob is kinda obvias and not a result of her breastfeeding or giving birth or gaining weight.

  • Amanda

    Wait, somebody help me. It might just be my naiveté, but are DD’s bigger than E cups? Because surely Dolly and Pam aren’t smaller than Christina. Am I missing something?

    • ccameron

      my thoughts exactly!

    • anna

      dd and e are pretty much the same. in some stores the size after a d is a dd and in others it is an e. same with ddd’s and f’s
      although i have noticed e cups tend to be slightly smaller than dd.

      • Melpomene

        I’ve never known an E to be smaller than a DD within the same store/range. Different companies will vary, but within the same range the cup sizes will go AAA, AA, A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H etc.
        Unless the back size is different, in which case a 36DD will be comparable in size to a 34E for example.

        The amount of women that wear the wrong bra size is ridiculous, you’d think that these women would have someone within their team of stylists with the guts to tell them “I want to get you fitted.” Even if it’s just “Try this bra, see how it fits”, that would start a better conversation. A badly fitting bra gives no support, is uncomfortable, and doesn’t show your assets to their full glory. I wear a GG, but used to try to wear a D or DD. I now find I stand up straight, shoulders back, and take pride in my figure, simply because I feel supported and confident (mostly confident I’m not going to fall out of my bra)

    • amazon

      nope. some folk are lying me thinks. i am a dd/e depending on weight fluctuations and make of the bra. i assure you though i sometimes feel like it i don’t look like dolly parton!
      i could be kind and point out that a lot of people actually don’t wear the right bra size. most need to go up a cup size and down a rib size. but i am cynical and think celebs lie to suit themselves about sizes and weight, plastic surgery, diet..and so on

    • spankxx

      Dolly Parton is def not an DD she is prob more like a G+, my aunt is a G and she looks smaller than her!

  • essss

    wow some of these boobs look way bigger.. but it´s probably the way they dress and bra´s and stuff, because at 34F my boobs don´t look as big as dolly partons or scarlet johanssons in these pics I think 😐

  • this has to be wrong. i am small frame with chest between 34 and 36 (35 but it doesnt exist) DD. Those girls look like they are eighter way smaller or way larger than me. Dolly and Tyra cannot have the same bra size. I dont really understand how Tyra managed to be a model with DDs, they must be miniscule. My DDs dont fit into anything, and ruin my chances of ever becoming a model cause you have to fit into everything.

    • liza

      it can be the bandsize. dita is a d cup but since her band size is very small she looks smaller than a D cup

      • jaylynn

        yea. but u have to remember that tyra banks is really tall. shes like 5’10 or ’11. ur prob. about 5’5 or shorter. the smaller u are the bigger a bra size would look. it also depends on how skinny u r. im 17 and 5’7. i weigh around 125. so my frame is slimmer, and im taller than average. my breast are 34C. they look average. not small, but def not big. sometimes they look larger in some bras, and in my bathing suit top. but sometimes if my shirt is baggy they disappear. if someone who was say 5’4 and had the same bra size as me, their breasts would appear much larger. theyd probably be discribed as being someone with BIG boobs! so it really depends on the height, and weight of a person.

    • Nkeon

      I remember watching a programme with some bra specialists and they were saying that the right bra should hold all your breast tissue and depends not only on the size of your bust, but the shape as well. They measured some girls who looked quite flat but due to the distribution of breast tissue etc they had to wear a C cup.

  • Jessica Simpson’s father is straight up disgusting.

    • liza


    • Sharen


      • Ana

        let me just join in! EW EWWWW EWWW!! I would never in a million years wanted my dad talking bout my sexy anything!Disgusting!!!

    • Isabelle

      That was so nasty it almost broke my brain. I seriously stared at the screen for almost a minute going “…What.” Just hoping I’d read it wrong.

  • Juliette

    What is this bizarre preoccupation with breasts? Breasts size, are they real/are they fake? It’s all just weird.

  • H

    Dolly Parton cannot be a DD! More like FF

  • Ally

    Scarlett is def. not a C.. I am a C and my boobs are nowhere near that big!!
    (and I am happy about that, to be honest)

    • K

      Dude no way is she a C cup!! I mean, if she is, she’s got a FANTASTIC bra on, and someone can’t measure. I’d say D’s at the smallest…

      • Ivory

        I’d guess 34D (?) for her.
        I do think that bra really made them look bigger though.

    • Ashley

      Yep, Scarlett looks like she is a DD or E to me.

  • Grey

    The size they wear isn’t necessarily the size they should be wearing. Pamela and Dolly are much larger than DDs. Neither of them look like they’d be larger than a 32 band either. I’m a 32DDD (properly measured) and mine look much smaller than those. Mine look similar in size to Jessica Simpson’s.

    I think it’s just trendy to claim you’re a DD. People start to get grossed out when you tell them you’re any bigger than that. Believe me, I used to be an F!

    • Sharen

      I don’t think Pamela even wears bras..

      • Grey

        I think you’re right. Perhaps I should I said “the size they would wear, if they wore bras.”

    • gigit

      You’re right about the bra size thing about bigger than DD–when I hear sizes bigger than that it makes me think of the overweight lingerie section or those playtex commercials, and that wouldn’t be considered “sexy” for a celebrity’s image.

  • iry

    Scarlett a C and Tyra a D?!? More like the other way round

    • janeir0

      i know i agree with this statement.
      maybe it is because of their size? tyra is like 5’10” and has a bigger bone structure than shorty scarlett (<5'5"?) so it just appears like scarletts are bigger?

      • amazon

        yeah that would make sense if shot full length. totally agree hiegt makes a difference there. but these girls are all being shot only upper torso, so it height shouldn’t really matter. scarlett could just be a good bra, but i’m not so sure. its actually alot easier to make them look bigger, specially in clothes. smaller while wearing a barely there bra? thats hard.

  • angelica100

    Now I just feel flat chested!!!! lol…how can we believe this rubbish…..

  • nope

    It’s weird that they all talk about their implants like every woman gets them routinely. I have 32A breasts and it they actually look fine on me but looking at these celebs kind of makes me feel embarrassed about them. Also, it’s annoying that they promote the idea that all beautiful women have abnormally large and perky breasts. sigh.

  • Key


    is it possible that Heidi Montag’s bra size is 32C because that is the size that i wear and hers look larger than mine do

    is 32C considered a large size? because i never thought so my chest measurement is still 34 which i consider fine i guess

    • Barbie

      I think 32C is the perfect bra size. It may not considered large unless it’s on a tiny girl. And fake or not Heidi’s boobs look cute to me. I don’t know I guess 32 or 34 C is a good size if your tall or short but I say work with what you got no matter the size.

    • Ivory

      I think they look bigger because she is a small person, and implants always appear larger, I’m the same size, and my chest looks smaller than hers as well. Maybe it is inaccurate?

  • psycho

    Jessica Simpson’s dad is a weirdo :/

    • psycho

      I never heard that Isaac Mizrahi groped Scarlett! That’s terrible!

  • vicky

    none of these sizes are correct, im a fitting consultant and if these girls were fitted corectly then they would have much smaller back sizes and much bigger cups, before i was a consultant i was a 34DD, now im a 30GG. it just shows how important it is to be fitted corectly, it gives younger girls the wrong message, DD is considered large to some, but where i work its like a AA. get fitted girlies, it makes the world of differance.

    • suzushii

      This. I much preffer the Japanese bra system. None of those crazy rules to find out what you are. Underbust – band size (round it up to 5 cm increments). Every 5 cm above the underbust measurement for across the breasts – 1 cup size. The letters don’t double, it’s alphabetically.

      Underbust I’m 72cm, and across the breasts I’m 85cm. So I’d be a 75B, or a 70C (depending on how I round up). Keep in mind a 75 cm is like 28 inches.

      Of course can I ever find a band size that small? Nope. I have to get something like a 32A, with the band on the last hook and cups which squish my boobs.

      And it’s not the worst for me. I have a friend who is probably a 26 inch underband, and F cup boobs (natural). You can imagine just how well normal bras fit her.

      • Uma

        That sounds like the eu system as well. I’m almost the same as you and i wear 70C europe and when i compare that to us bras it will probably be 32C but my band size is nowhere near that. Just like clothing size. People say europe 34 is us 4, but i literally swim in any us 4. Even us 2 is quite large so yeah, whatever, just try the clothes on, no accuracy left 😐

        • Ashley

          The UK sells bras in 28 and 30 band sizes. You can also order them on line from,, and They have beautiful bras. I know several people with small band sizes and D+ cups sizes who order from these websites and say love their bras.

          • Ashley

            I am also told Calvin Klein now offers size 30 band in his bras.

    • Ella

      I don’t think these sizes are correct either. Plus cup size without band size makes it meaningless. A 38D is much bigger than a 28D (to get the same cup size on 28, it would need to be something like 28FF). It’s not as easy as saying DD=big and A=small.

      Ladies, if you need small band sizes, the UK is the place to go. Bravissimo (excellent fitters), Marks & Spencer, Figleaves. Sometimes Debenhams. The majority of these stores go down to a 28 band size. Bravissimo only stocks D cups and up, since they’re supposed to be for ‘big’ boobs, but that seems kind of silly when a 30 and 28 D are not that big. I’m hovering between a 30D and DD and people look at me like I’m mad when I walk into the ‘big boob’ store.

      • Valentine

        @Ella, oh god, me too! I’m a 28E/F (depending on the time of month!) and imagine the looks I get when I walk into Bravissimo! I love that shop though, it’s literally the only place that does a 28 back size. I feel well silly going in there though, because I always feel like these women are looking at me going “What? She does not have big boobs!” It’s really uncomfortable. But at least I know my actual size now, I was wearing a 32B before, and believe me, my boobs look a million times better now!

      • CoffeeGirl

        I hate bra shopping. I’m European 60F ( I suppose it is something like 28 band size), and in some companies even those are too big. I live in Poland and they didn’t realize until recently that a band size can be smaller than 70:)

    • SpecialSundae

      I’m so grateful to read comments like this. I’ve made similar remarks on another page on here and had some rather nasty comments from other posters.

      There is a very false impression of what a certain size should look like, which rarely bares any resemblance to real breasts of that size on a normal woman.

  • bia

    Yeah I’m pretty sure Dolly Parton’s boobs are WAY bigger than Tyra’s!

  • Ivory

    I find this article a little silly, they should have had the girls fitted properly, and stated their band size and cup size! A cup size alone means nothing!
    Also, they could have made the article about proper bra fitting as well, I think that would have made it more interesting, and much less misleading!

  • ppp

    no one wants to talk about A cups?!!!boo…
    i’m a 34 A…and i love it, id be sad if i had to lug a saggy chest

    • Uma

      What makes you think all non-A cups are saggy? Way to go not offending people. If i had the mind of some other commenters, i would say you’re jealous. However, i’d rather think you just have no clue what normal b or c cups can look like and you assume everyone who is not like you is probably worse. Which is most likely wrong.

      • Sidney

        i agree with you it’s stupid to be insulting like that, but i also get why it can be frustrating to see basically no A-cup comments what so ever, even more so when ppl say a C or so isn’t large at all but a regular size, seems like an A or an AA wouldn’t be a breast at all then 🙂 but i think it’s just great to have a variety

        • amazon

          why is it frustrating? these are big chested girls and this is an article about them. its not an article about all boobs.

      • Nkeon

        She’s clearly just joking!

        • ppp

          wow, do you guys seriously get offended THAT easily?
          damn, let me rephrase
          as far as my opinion goes, i would appreciated magazines would also remember to focus on the smaller cup sizes, for example and A (i mean with a media focused on thin, i would think they would address it more?). i think that having a bigger cup size is great too, but it has a greater tendency to fall south, as does a small cup, but more so a big one.

          and thank you nkeon, it was somewhat of a joke…

          • Uma

            I was not offended. I just don’t get it why you need to be mean to prove your point.

          • Nkeon

            No probs!

            I don’t like mean comments but I also think that people tend read light-hearted jokes like yours and react before reflecting on what the person meant. I actually laughed at your comment!

            Uma, she wasn’t being mean. When she said she’d rather not lugg a saggy chest she was targeting everyone a B cup + (and she gave no indication that she was to be honest) I think she was joking that the other end of the pole would be that she had a big chest that did sag and she prefers what she’s got. She was simply being hyperbolic!

    • Grey

      Probably because anyone can spot an A-cup. There’s no point listing it if we already know what it is. There can be some debate over the bigger sizes though. My guess is that this article was designed to stimulate debate. The writer clearly knew that we would be able to point out that Dolly Parton’s were bigger than Tyra’s! No one would be debating whether or not Kate Hudson was an A cup.

  • lydia

    A Cups anywhere?????
    Not everyone looks like this – eh please US weekly be more inventive and less gross 🙁

  • ppp

    does anyone think miranda kerr is a A cup?

    • Brittany

      86 cm / 34 in, Cup Size: B

      • Fahad Ali Khan

        Hi, my cell numbre is 0346-2395143 call me

  • Charlotte

    some of these must be pretty dated, i can see angelina being a 36C in her tomb raider days but not now. i’m a 34DD and i’m appalled to see that, according to this, i’m bigger than scarlett. some of these have to be wrong.

  • Chuck Norris Facts

    “I never heard that Isaac Mizrahi groped Scarlett! That’s terrible!”

    Really? It was quite famous event (and it actually happened in 2006, not in 2008). Go to Youtube and search “scarlett johansson noob squeeze”…

    • Chuck Norris Facts

      * noob = boob

  • Ughh! I just hate when they “Exaggerate” female celebrities cup size. Trying to make them appear “larger than life” and superior to the average woman.

    I definitely don’t buy that X-tina take a “E-cup”— they’re seriously over guessing her size; an E-cup is huuuuuuuuuuge!. My guess is she’s closer to a C-38– which still pretty well endowed. And as for Ms. Simpson , when she’s heavier she probably takes a D-cup ,yes. But when she’s back in her “Daisey Dukes phase” probably nor more than a C-36. DD is overstating it a bit..

  • Melrose

    This cannot be right, Im a natural 32C and my breasts look more like tyra’s. & theres no way Tyra’s a DD and Scarlett is a C. If Scarlett’s a C then i’m an A. Also Heidi’s breast look a bit spaced out for even a 32C, because of the implants perhaps?

  • anna

    That article cannot be well factuated.
    Heidi K. and Scarlett absolutely CANNOT be C cups. If they do actually wear C cup bras, then I feel really bad for that bra, especially on Scarlett.
    I can believe Tyra is a DD, but that picture doesn’t really do her figure that much justice.
    Oh yeah and Scarlett is really kind of prudish, the dude was just kidding, and it’s not like she sold her soul or anything.
    PS- Jessica’s dad is creepy. It’s kinda f****d up how Scarlett is complaining because some guy felt her up as a joke, but Jessica’s dad is saying stuff like that and no one really notices except people reading this.

  • Hikari

    Scarlett has to be bigger than a C! I’m a 28-D and my friend reading this with me is a 34-D… she looks like the size of my friend or bigger

  • Lex

    These are extremely inaccurate (at least some of them are.) First off, there is no DD in Britain. It’s simply an E. So does that mean Christina Aguerilia is a DD? (Not that she’s British, but there’s always a chance.)

    Pam Anderson’s bulbous boobs are DEFINITELY more than a DD. Mine are a double and they’re about Tyra’s size. So that’s right. Johanson’s is also way smaller than they say, and it’s highly unlikely that Jolie is a 36C unless the measurements are old because she has such a small ribcage now.

    • Nkeon

      You do get DD in Britain.

    • amazon

      em, so where have i been buying all my dd’s then? and ange is fairly broad despite being skinny, my mum is two to three cup sizes smaller than me but same measurement round bust cause she is broad but i am narrow.

  • a

    angelina jolie is my bra size twin

  • JC

    Cup size means nothing unless it corresponds to a band size. Not all A cups are the same. A 34A has a bigger cup volume than a 30A, and a smaller cup volume than a 38A. In fact, a 34A cup volume is equivalent to a 30C cup volume, and a 38AAA. You can’t just claim you are an A cup or a C cup without the band size…it means nothing. And like others have stated most people wear a band that is too big and a cup size that is too small. You should always buy bras that fit snugly on the loosest hook, so that as the materials stretches over time, you can tighten the bra. Most of the support comes from the band, not the straps. And a 30 band size is not as miniscule as most people think it is.

    • Ashley

      A 28 and 30 band size are small. I have seen bras in this band size and they looked tiny to me.

  • jw_photography

    Tyra Banks has a lovely set of puppies!

  • meloswagga

    Scarlett Johansson is not a c she looks like shes a d36 or something like that

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  • Violet

    What’s the BIG DEAL!??! Size doesn’t matter!! BIGGER is not BETTER, darn it!! I’m a 32A; and mine are just fine. Cleavally-Impaired persons need to have access to popularity, high wages, prestige, powerful jobs, … as much as persons with big boobs. I’m Sick & Tired of being disenfranchised!!!

  • HelmetHead

    There’s NFW that Scarlett Johansson is a C. She’s at least a D if not DD.

  • boobie lover

    @Violet, big boobs rule the world. Take your itty-bitty-titty story to somebody who cares.

    • Ivory

      Boobs don’t rule the world at all, people do.

  • starr

    did scarlett johansson get a breast augmentation? her boobs look huge

  • anon

    I’m 13 and am 34DD naturally. This lot look bigger than me. My mother is a 34A and most of my aunts are in the B range. I don’t know where I came from 😉

    Alot of these girls look a bit fake, no?

  • Tyra do have a huge papayas… wow

  • Batterfly

    All completely wrong. The media has been brainwashed into thinking D cups are huge when they’re not. A properly measured D cup looks much smaller than what society thinks.

    All the women labeled as “D” or “DD” should be at least F and up and in much smaller bands.