Celebrities Without Make-up, Jessica Simpson

Celebs Without Makeup: Jessica Simpson

FFN_g_50984015 - Celebs Without Makeup: Jessica Simpson

32 year-old Jessica Simpson was spotted while on a playdate with her 8 month-old baby in Hawaii this week – and on this casual occasion, pregnant Jessica sported a makup-free face.

See more of Jessica and her cute baby Maxwell next!


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  • Aafje

    She looks tired

    • benjay

      Yes very tired I agree. She also looks very “not skinny”…. compare this pic to her daisy duke photos… they really show you what a terrible diet and no excercise can get you. I dont think having a kid is a good excuse for Jessica… I hope she bounces back to her old shape.. if not she’ll just bounce to the fridge….can you say oreo…

      • Emilie

        That was not natural for her. She is not a naturally skinny girl. I think she has to work and she even said that she busted her behind in dukes of hazzard

  • Sassy

    I’ve always thought she was naturally gorgeous..I just wish she’d stop bleaching her hair. We aren’t in the 90’s anymore & it makes her look washed out. Both her and Britney seem to have this in common

    • Snip

      It also isn’t the ’40s, ’50’s, or ’00s. Platinum hair will never go out of style. It isn’t passe altogether just because you don’t like it on Jessica Simpson.

      • wonderwoman21

        Still looks awful and tacky, just like all the beauty trends from the 90’s!

      • Sassy

        Wel..I guess I coukd have just said it looks like trailer trash..a prostitute…etc. if u want me to be rude just like u were

    • Ale

      I don’t think it’s the color, I think it’s the extensions + grey roots matched with the blonde hair.

  • bbblah

    what a beautiful little girl! She’s going to a stunner

    • MissMarilyn

      GOSH I KNOW HER KID IS SO CUTE! ahhhhhhhh

    • artemis

      awww, i hoped it’s a boy 😀 she’s pretty

  • becca

    i think she still looks good widouth makeup, i like her more like this 😀

    • Raquel100

      I totally agree! I love Jessica without makeup! Her baby is SOOOO ADORABLE!

  • mary

    looking roughhhhhh
    and she has the same expression as her baby…

    • tami

      Hahaha I thought that too

  • Hazal

    Her baby girl is sooooo cute <3

  • Jacky Daniels

    wow what a beautifull baby! she is kinda cute in a white trash girl next door way..

  • lex

    I think she looks pretty good without makeup. She just looks really tired, which is not surprising given she has an 8 month old baby and is pregnant.

  • Mia

    My first impression is that she looks REALLY young without makeup, even younger than Ashley. But, is it me or does she look incredibly bored in every picture??

    • Megan

      I suppose you could say she looks “bored” but consider that these photos could have been snapped in the 5 seconds following a sneeze. It’s pretty hard to interpret feelings and a state of mind from a photo. Just sayin.

  • La la la la

    her and the baby make the exact same faces! wow. i kind of appreciate that she doesn’t give a F and will go out without makeup, unruly hair etc. being perfect all the time and glommed up is boring

    • La la la la

      *all glammed up

      • Missy

        I appreciate it as well. It’s really refreshing and she looks totally fine. Respect her more than queen beyonce, sexiest woman of the 21st century and Kim kardashian both of whom would never dare step out as casually as Jessica.

        • Ale

          That’s true. And she might seem a little dumb sometimes, but I think she’s down to earth. I just have to say… This is not good commercial for Weight Watchers.

    • moomuhmuh

      I agree! I really do like Jessica. And Oh. My. Goodness. That baby is so darn cute. She and Rachel Zoe’s baby should do photoshoots together. Like those old school ones where the boy is giving the girl a flower and stuff like that. So cute haha.

  • Winnie

    she looks like she hasn’t had a wink of sleep! and her baby looks like Michelle Williams

    • artemis

      the baby’s too cute for that.

      • misscheeks


        It’s true the baby is an angel..look at those cheeks! Awww! :’)

      • lc

        I absolutely don’t see where everyone is finding her kid “adorable”. Let’s just say I think nothing along those lines at all.

  • Puppe

    Pretty girls in the park 🙂 and is nice to let the skin breathe sometimes, why not. I dont see any major defect to hide.

  • Stace

    I’ve always appreciated that Jessica is so nonchalant about going without make up.

  • Georgy

    she ain’t afraid to be out without make up … good for her ! she’s pregnant … give this poor woman a break ! …oh and her baby is too cute 😉 ♥

  • Snip

    Man, her child has a beautiful face.

  • MEEE

    I always thought that, although she came behind in popularity against Britney and Christina in the 90’s, she was without a doubt the prettiest.

    That said, the poor woman does look tired and puffy in the face!

  • binks

    I agree with those who stated that Jessica was NEVER ugly facial wise, she’s very pretty but seems to have a problem with her weight. Her daughter is gorge!

  • Mara

    Her face kind of looks like a bloated Johnny Depp ca. 1993, which is not a bad thing. She also looks pretty exhausted, pregnancy has its rough sides, I guess.

  • Chelsea

    Her neck bothers me.

    • I am Ralph

      Yeah, I agree with you. Jess should go to a doctor and have her neck checked. It seems like she has goiter! Hope its just layer of fat in there. By the way, Jess has always been a beautiful woman skinny or chubby, with and especially without make-up this girl can face the camera and stay lovely in front of us. I haven’t seen Britney and Christina face the camera without any make-up. Her face really came from Joe Simpson as I check her photos and her baby looks like Jessica only with blue eyes but have the same shape as Jess’. I hope this cute baby girl Max will grow up to be a successful and beautiful woman like Jess and wouldn’t end up like her aunt Ashlee that looks sick like Britney back in the day or Lindsay Lohan!

  • d

    Facially really attractive – even without a stitch of makeup. That goes for very few celebrities.

    • Missy

      Agree. She annoys me but she looks great without makeup unlike a lot of celebs–she uses makeup more to enhance what she already has (like a great smile) than idk distort w conturing. she seems a little tired in this pic but its no big deal

  • gsl

    looks like a regular person to me.

  • JJ

    Her baby is SO cute!

  • heathers

    Wow what a beautiful baby!!! Good for her for not catching the Kim K syndrome and feeling like she can’t be human and go in public without doing her hair or makeup. She’s still pretty imo. 🙂

  • Polska Blondynka

    Wow she looks bad.

  • lc

    I’m really, REALLY not understanding all these, “Wow! She looks gorgeous!” and “Oh, how naturally beautiful she is!”

    I think people are just afraid to say it. I will: She looks TERRIBLE, imo. Really, really bad. Honestly, I barely recognized her. This just proves to me what I think and have said all along, that she is indeed NOT naturally pretty (or otherwise attractive at all…). Damn.

    • Mara

      I don’t think people are afraid to say it. Usually she doesn’t get too many positive comments here, so obviously it’s not that everyone has a soft spot for her and is trying to say something nice. And I remember when Mila Kunis, who is still praised by many for her “exotic” looks and charming personality, was makeup-less, everyone was tearing her apart.
      Obviously Jessica is looking rough here, bloated and tired, but I really do think she’s naturally pretty. It’s more obvious when her face is not all puffy. See here:
      Or here: http://without-make-up.com/wp-content/uploads/Jessica-Simpson-shopping-without-makeup.jpg
      Not saying your opinion is invalid or something, you’re free to find her unattractive, but I don’t think people are “lying” when they say they find her attractive.

      • lc

        Yikes…I’m going to stick with what I said about her not being “naturally” pretty, imo. Because to me she is still not. And furthermore, she looks better in those pics than she does here…omg, I seriously barely recognized her here. Honestly, she looks ghastly. At least Mila I can recognize w/o makeup, even if she doesn’t look “as” hot as when she has it.

      • Emilie

        In the links that you posted, she actually looks pretty with out the makeup, so she must be REALLY tired here, plus older. I am convinced that I need to get a makeup artist to fix me up before work and then maybe I will look stunning all the time. I may have people fall at my feet, because I’m pretty now to some folk with my MAC makeup even though I feel blah If I had J.S. or some other celebrity’s makeup artist, you wouldn’t even recognize me. I need to put in more time, because she looks absolutely TERRIBLE here, but so nice with makeup. I’m jealous. And it sounds vain, but I rarely leave my house without makeup as it is. If I was a celebrity, I wouldn’t either. Weight watchers wasted all that money….

        • Aafje

          I can’t leave the house without concealer 80% of the time because my skin hates me.

        • lc

          Yeah she looks terrible. Not better with makeup. She never looks good imo. I still don’t see where all this “oh she’s so gorgeous” is coming from. Never have, never will. With OR without makeup.

          • Aafje

            well to be fair her skin looks clear. i dont see splotchy red stuff or anything. that at least in enviable for me.

          • I am Ralph

            Actually one comment is enough for you to say that Jess is ugly in your eyes but darn, give the woman respect! If I tell you you are uglier than her or your mom is ugly without make up what would you feel? People with no respect for women should just look at their moms and realize what will they feel if someone insulted their mom.

  • Sofia

    Horrendous. Even on my off days I don’t look this bad.

  • MissMarilyn

    The thing that annoys me about the “celebs without makeup” posts is that these are all candid shots. AND HOW OFTEN DO CANDID SHOTS TURN OUT WELL, make up or no make up?
    Not often. It’s like when you’re watching a movie and you press pause and the pretty lady on the screen is stuck mid-sentence making a face like this :O
    its not cute.

    if jessica was not wearing makeup but was smiling at a camera or taking selfies or whatever, she would probably look much better. She probably looks much better without makeup if you’re watching her walk down the street than looking at shot after shot of awkward candid photography.

    I truly cannot judge whether she is attractive or not without makeup because no, these photos of her are not attractive, but I’ve seen plenty of candids of GORGEOUS people where they look absolutely hideous.

    • MissMarilyn

      i want to also add that in half of these she either has her mouth open or is tilting her head downwards creating multiple chins.

      you take pictures of yourself doing that and even on your prettiest day and they wont be cute either.

      • Aafje

        I look like Jabba the Hut when my head is tilted down.

        • MissMarilyn

          lmao i just saw this and i snorted out the water I was drinking

  • serena

    She looks like any other mom in the park with her baby. I don’t think she sings anymore; she’s mostly in the media for her personal life and weight. Her baby is adorable. I hope for her baby’s sake that Jessica will slowly fade out of the Hollywood scene so her children can grow up in a normal happy family and not in a fishbowl.

  • brianna

    I have to lol at her facial expression.
    Reminds me of a picture someone would make into a meme…

  • jenna

    I don’t think she looks bad or ugly or anything, but I definitely think she looks like a different person than the Jessica we usually see with makeup. And that’s how I feel about MOST celebs that I see without makeup (Mila Kunis, Kim K, etc). That tells me they wear way too much makeup!!! Most people I know wear makeup to just highlight what we already have feature-wise, but it seems like celebs wear so much makeup it’s like they put on a mask of a different person. Then when they go without, you can’t even recognize them. Kinda sad.

  • Megan

    Her baby looks nothing like her or her husband… I don’t get it. Also, give the girl a break – she just had a baby and she’s pregnant. She’s got better things to do than try to impress the anonymous internet jury.

  • Pixie

    She looks fine without makeup. And her baby is too cute.

  • Marta

    She looks very avarage.Manyg of mums I meet in the playground look like this.

  • Jewel

    Wow… She looks so different from the girl I used to idolize back when I was a teen. She’s… so ordinary. If I saw her in the street I wouldn’t recognise her. She looks kinda tired and miserable. I won’t comment on her looks without makeup.

  • v

    Remember, Jessica is “classy”. Evidently, we should take “classy” to be synonymous with “unkempt”.

  • erin

    LOL at her rocking the Britney Spears “I’m fat and sloppy and don’t care any more” bun!