Jessica Simpson, Vanessa Hudgens, Who Can Pull It Off?

Daisy Dukes Beauties: Vanessa & Jessica

Daisy-Dukes-Beauties-Vanessa-Jessica - Daisy Dukes Beauties: Vanessa & Jessica

2 girls, 2 pairs of legs and 2 pairs of short daisy dukes – Vanessa (21) and Jessica (29) love the cropped denim look, especially when paired with baggy tops.

And some see-thoroughness via Jessica:

Daisy-Dukes-Beauties-Vanessa-Jessica-2 - Daisy Dukes Beauties: Vanessa & Jessica

How do you like daisy dukes on these girls right here?

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  • maggie

    they both look awesome, fit and healthy!

  • sparklegirl

    wow thats js? she looks so slim!

  • lola

    love vanessa’s legs.

  • lp23

    Jessica has slimmed down a bit
    They both look good.

  • vivi

    jessica looks great! I wish her top was more fitted and she had different shoes (not a fan of that look) but she’s looking better than in a long time!

  • érica

    Vanessa is gorgeous!

  • Kt

    Both look great!
    Jess looks nice and slim, she totally should wear shorter things to show off her legs more often!

  • Vanessa’s boots are not my favourite type, but, still, WOW to both ladies!

  • jessica knows that her legs are her biggest asset. i think she looks cute and nice!

  • squeakydoll

    Love Vanessa’s whole look. Her legs are beautiful.

  • ppp

    the ads on here are so annoying

  • anya

    The shoes on Jessica Simpson are from her collection, they are so cute. I have them.

  • mermaid

    both ladies have gorgeous legs! they look amazing in those short-shorts!

    no matter what jessica’s weight, and despite being short, she has always had nice, strong, muscular legs.

  • Casey

    They both look nice but somehow this kind of style suits Vanessa more, so I’m going to say she wins it. But, for the first time, Jessica is putting up pretty good competition.

  • Melina

    Jessica lost weight!

  • artemis


  • Nina

    What’s Vanessa body shape?

  • Holy hair extensions, Vanessa. 😛 She looks greeaaaat though. Her outfit is SO CUTE.

  • Tia

    Yeah I kinda was wondering about Vanessa’s stats too…Like body type,measurements,height and such.
    She looks really good here.And so does JS.
    In my opinion keeping the age difference in mind–I think its a tie!!!

  • Padme

    Vanessa has fantastic legs!

  • Sarah

    Vanessa is so pretty! I think her outfit just looks better overall. But Jessica looks pretty great too, I just don’t like her shoes combined with the rest of her outfit…

  • Julie

    Pockets sticking out from the shorts is soooo tacky. Not that I would expect non-tacky from Jessica!

  • Freedom

    Both Jessica and Vanessa have sexy and toned legs.

  • vanessa

  • jessica simpson of course!