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Enquirer: ‘Jessica Simpson Is Close to 150 Pounds’

FP_6646279_Simpson_Jessica_EXCL_CAD_012811 - Enquirer: 'Jessica Simpson Is Close to 150 Pounds'

This story probably… pure gossip based on ‘helpful insiders’, but here it goes:

“Diet or we’re done!” Jessica Simpson’s expanding waistline prompted an ugly ultimatum like that from her fiance Eric Johnson – and pals say the blonde beauty is heartsick over vicious weight-related fights that are jeopardizing their wedding plans.

The 5-foot-3 singer is rapidly approaching the 150-pound mark because of her love for Mexican food, margaritas and “anything fried,” an insider told The Enquirer.

“And now it looks like her weight gain is ripping them apart!”

Eric, a former San Francisco 49ers football player, proposed in early November after a six-month courtship. “He is in tip-top shape and feels like Jessica is letting herself go,” divulged the insider.

“They’ve recently had some brutal fights, and finally Eric basically told Jess if she didn’t lose weight soon, he was calling the whole thing off. Eric is a vegan. He exercises daily and counts every calorie.”

Considering that this is a story from National Enquirer, do you tend to believe it… or not?

And what do you think of the magazine’s estimation on Jessica’s weight: 150 pounds at 5’3” / 68 kg at 160 cm?

See more shots of Jessica next!

FP_6691411_SimpsonJessica_LunchDate_FP6_020411 - Enquirer: 'Jessica Simpson Is Close to 150 Pounds'

FP_6645928_Simpson_Jessica_EXCL_CAD_012811 - Enquirer: 'Jessica Simpson Is Close to 150 Pounds'

FP_6646281_Simpson_Jessica_EXCL_CAD_012811 - Enquirer: 'Jessica Simpson Is Close to 150 Pounds'

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  • thaispice

    There is no way that she weighs 150# at 5’3″. She would appear much, much heavier in photos if that were the case. I estimate she weighs about 135.

    • I am 5’3″ and have weighted 150lbs before, I can assure you than she looks 150lbs (depending on the body type but I think she’s kind of a rectangle / apple), at 163lbs, my best friend (pear shaped) looks even thinner.

      How fat you look depend on you bone structure, body shape, muscles and other things like water retention, health (I know that because I used to take medication which made me bloated everywhere and I looked much fatter even though I hadn’t gain weight).

      • I am 5’4″ and I have been everywhere from 110 to 150 pounds and she definitely looks like she weighs 150.

        • madeline

          I think she weighs even more….could be her shape tat contributes to that

        • k333ly

          I am 5’4, and as well have been from 110 lbs to 150 lbs. She is at 150 lbs. I was teetering on her even maybe weighing a few extra lbs…but I totally agree with Amanda.

          • k333ly

            I say she is 150- because i carry the weight in my mid-section like her, so I look the SAME at that weight at 145. Sucks to have the apple shape, but all you can do is fight it. =/ It’s not healthy to have your weight go to your midsection first!
            I only look good is weigh within 122-127 lbs and that’s where my body stays unless I really excersize hardcore or eat crap food and drink a lot. but I’m still only 23.

          • alyssa

            There is NO way she weighs 150 lbs, not even soaking wet with boots on.
            Her weight is carried in the middle of her frame, sure but at most she is 130.

            next point ? who cares? What if she weighed 100lbs and wasn’t tiny? What if she weight 140 and was a size 0?

            People this is the enquirer… they’ll throw any garbage on paper to sell. It’s pretty degrading to women for the tabloids to make it seem that a woman is UNWORTHY of love because she is a little heavier than she used to be. I’m sure her fiancee is more than happy with her.

      • dee

        No, I’m 5’3 and weigh 150-155 and I look much heavier than her. I would say she doesn’t weight more than 140. She’s wearing a sweatshirt and don’t forget she is very big busted. Big busted women tend to look ‘heavier’ especially if they wear loose tops, like sweatshirts or t-shirts.

        Definitely not 150.

      • jjj

        It’s interesting how for once people aren’t blaming her weight gain on how she dresses. She was such a pretty girl, i hope she is able to get over this for both her happiness and health.

    • Bonnie

      My mom weighs 150-160 at 5’3″ and she looks much bigger than Jessica’s size. However, my mom has no muscle whatsoever and is a pear shape. Jessica carries all her weight in her torso and despite being much heavier than she used to be, looks like she works out. Muscle weighs so much more than fat.

      I also have a friend who is 5’2″, weighs between 130 and 160 usually, and is athletic with GREAT muscle tone. She looks a lot like Jessica does now, but with more weight in her legs.

      It’s just hard to estimate weight from looking at someone.

    • Yes, I agree with the others. We always hear celebs quoting they are 118lbs that we seem to think that 135lbs + is more than it is.

    • Aims

      My cousin is 5’3 and about 145 – she looks about jessica’s weight for sure. She has those thick muscular legs going on. I believe it. The average middle aged woman is about 150…

  • Enquirer*

  • If it’s true, I’d drop him in an instant.

    Then, I might lose the weight and show him what he no longer has.

    • monkey

      I can’t believe you are the only one who brought this up. If this is true, she should totally leave him. How can you live with somebody who is putting you down like that, even more a husband? If he wants to help her lose weight there are other ways than fighting.

      About the weight, I think she looks fine. She may look bigger than most people would like, but it seem she exercise enough and I don’t believe she has a truly unhealthy diet. At the end of the day, its her decision and she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to.

      • solaxia

        Exactly. If its true. Dump him. Last thing you need in your life is to be married to someone like that. My guess is though that it’s media hype.

        Plus, if someone said that to me…I would just be put straight off him now i think. Tell him to go back to his hand and his airbrushed magazines, cuz with an attictude like that…thats all he’d be getting.

        • Sascha

          Actually, I wouldn´t like my husband to ´let go´ and gain a lot of weight. I always try to keep in shape by working out and eating healthy. If he would eat fried foods and stuff like that all the time… I wouldn´t find that very attractive. I don´t know if and how I would tell my husband.

          • apricotmuffins

            but look at jessica- is it really a lot of weight? at this point, the weight gain is purely cosmetic. she’s definately not overweight here.

          • Sascha

            I think she is a but overweight, healthwise as well. If the weight is true she has an BMI above 25 and since she’s apple-shaped which is unhealthy. And I don’t know if the information is correct, perhaps she is a little lighter (although I do think it is a close estimation), her waist looks like it is more then 88 cm and above that it is unhealthy. Other then that, it also depends how someone gains weight. If it is just unhealthy behaviour like eating unhealhy and not working out, I would mind it a lot. If it is someone’s natural weight and it is a result from eating healthy and exercising it’s a whole other story. It is diffucult to say in the case of Jessica. I don’t expect everyone to look like supermodels, but I do want my boyfriend to put an effort in being healthy, just like I do.

          • I agree! I would listen to him. Come on, he’s trying to get her to be healthy and I’m a vegan myself so if my boyfriend began gaining weight by stuffing himself with mcdonalds etc, I would begin to feel uneasy and talk to him about it and if he refused to stop, then I would do what Jess’ husband would do. “Diet or we’re done”

      • Anne

        ya guys expect girls to be perect head to toe, its like why dont you take a look at yourself instead and stop worrying that jessica is gaining weight so what? even if she got obese he should encourage her not put her down

        • Jane

          I don’t think too many people here are putting her down… I think most of us are in shock. She used to be gorgeous…..AND she has all the resources available to her to stay healthy and fit, yet she doesn’t do it. That is what baffles me. As for taking a look at myself, well I’m 5’6”, 36 weeks pregnant, and just hit 150 pounds.

    • artemis

      i agree. if he insist on her eatin healthier it’s ok but if they FIGHT and he says she’s fat…well, that’s rude and I don’t want that. or even if he would say that she’s too skinny. that would bother me too. (then why do you like me for?!)

      • solaxia

        exactly. thats my point. I think that he should ENCOURAGE her to be healthier. not THREATEN her to lose weight. If she was this weight and ate well and exercised well then thats fine, and he should leave her alone (for all we know she may do this,…she did really deprive herself when she was thin from the sounds of it).
        I feel the same about my partners except the other way round. They have been EXTREMELY thin (which i didnt mind) however they never worked out, smoked and drank a lot and hardly ever ate. IMO that is just as, if not more unhealthy

    • honeyv

      Definitely she should leave him! He’s a douchebag if he really told her he leaves her if she doesn’t lose weight. If someone loves you they gotta love you for who you are, not for your skinniness or something like that.. In fact, she’s not even that fat!

    • Casey

      Exactly, Sharen. There is nothing more to it. Between this alleged story of Jessica, and how recently another poster said that she had to force herself to gain weight because her boyfriend told her to…I’m just like, why? Why do girls put themselves in this position? I’ve been with a boyfriend who I guess you can say wasn’t satisfied with how I looked. If you think you can call that kind of person a boyfriend, and if you think you are getting their full support, and their full love, you are wrong, and need only to dump him and find someone else to realize how much you’re lacking from that kind of relationship.. People like that have insecurities of themselves that they transfer to their partner, or to put it meanly, they have their preferences but will settle for whatever they can get in the meantime without considering the other person, and you are the settle. No one deserves to be the settle.

      • solaxia

        Yep Casey, I agree. i tend to think it’s more the insecurity thing really. I personally think a lot of the time they like to make the partner think they have preferences which they don’t fit in order to bring them down a notch. That way, they feel the partner will be less likely to leave because they don’t feel good about themselves. I definately think its insecure people like that. Even if they do have preferences which the partner doesn’t fit, a normal balanced person would not care that much and would still think their partner is the most gorgeous thing in the world and never make them feel inadequate (even in a superficial sense).

      • Cristina

        The last guy i was with considered any woman above 50kg (or 110 lbs) chubby or fat. He kept telling me how awesome my ribs, spine and pelvic bones are and how all women should be at least as skinny as i am (when i met him i was around 97 lbs; i am 101 now). Then the holidays came, i gained some weight and while my bmi is still only around 17 i felt uncomfortable. Especially knowing what he thinks. I simply decided it’s best we stay apart, i need to handle my problems and he in no way was helping me, he was just condoning them.

    • flossy

      My thoughts exactly. If this story is true then what she really needs to do to lose weight is ditch him that’s at least a 150lb weight loss.

  • mmmmm

    the enquirer has more staff devoted to fact checking than the new york times-(because of lawsuits), so i tend to believe….that said this guys’ a douche for saying this (or even feeling this!). she looks really heavy….on ‘newlyweds’, she was so slender and pretty….she is one of those people whose weight really affects their facial attractivness….i miss the young pretty jess…..

    • Kat

      They may have the staff, but considering how much crap the Enquirer puts in every single issue, I’m calling BS. NY Times = journalism, Enquirer = tabloid. BIG difference.
      And anyways, I don’t really believe she’s 150lbs. I;m about 150lbs and I’m 5’8″ and I look a little smaller than her, but not by enough to account for the 5 inch height difference.

      • mmmmm

        i did not equate the two periodicals….LOL….anyway-she looks- to quote the caption ‘CLOSE to 150lbs”… ….everyone carries weight differently..

  • EmEs

    I am 5’0″, so only a few inches shorter than Jessica Simpson. A few years ago I put on a lot of weight to where I was 154, I looked very similar. So I do believe that she currently weighs that much. She hides it very well with looser shirts, since all her weight gain is localized to her upper body.

    • Amanda

      In the Katy Perry article a few up from this, she is said to be 130lbs at 5’7”. I don’t see how Jessica – even though she’s 4 inches shorter – could be 130lbs. They look really different. She is minimum 140lb.
      And I agree with @EmEs – she totally hides it under looser shirts! She dresses to hide her weight

  • Dana

    I don’t think she’s only 135 pounds. If the Enquirer is right and she is 5″3 and 150 (160 cm and 68 kilos), it gives her a body mass index of 26,56 which is considered being slightly overweight and I think that is true. Sad, but true. With that I don’t mean she needs to be (just another) size zero, but I just REFUSE to believe she is truly happy. I hope so, but I don’t think so. In my opinion everything (with a few exceptions such as temporarily disease, a very muscular body etc.) everyone with a body mass index either under 18 or over 25 is not healthy. End of story.

    • ellie

      ‘everyone with a body mass index either under 18 or over 25 is not healthy. End of story.’
      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Thanks for the good laugh!

      • Dana

        As I have corrected my earlier comment to other persons I would like to do it to you as well.

        What I meant is that persons with a BMI ranging between 18 and 25 almost always have a healthy WEIGHT (but it doesn’t say ANYTHING about being healthy in general). Of course people with a BMI of 20 who eats crap and/or doesn’t exercise and/or smokes IS NOT healthy. AND people with either a BMI under 18 or over 25 CAN be perfectly healthy (you can have a small frame or the opposite, you can be a bodybuilder etc. etc.).

        The whole body mass index cannot do it alone as it only says something about the weight and not the health, but it CAN give you an indication in some way. That’s my opinion.

    • Ulaa

      Yeah, what you said is laughable and DUMB. Really, really, dumb.

      • Dana

        Please see the new comment I wrote to Ellie. And have a nice sunday:)

    • My BMI is just under 17 and I am far healthier and fitter than all of my friends who are in the ‘healthy’ range. Another example that blows your theory out of the water Dana.

      • Dana

        Haha… I’m 170 cm and 60 kilos which gives me a BMI of 20,8 and (I’m aware that I’m not allowed to say this about myself, because 90 % of the women in the world hate themselves, their stomachs, breasts etc. etc.) and I look damn good!! If my BMI was just under 17 my weight would be 48-48,5 kilograms and then I would definitely look like S**T:)

        Plus please note that I did mention that there are exceptions to that whole BMI thing.

        • rachel

          excuse you, but I weight 46 kg and I’m 169 and I definite don’t look like sh**. I don’t know what my bmi is but I’m pretty sure it’s under 17, and I am perfectly healthy. But no, I don’t have a very muscular body or a temporary disease. Your logic has many holes in it and it makes no sense that every under bmi 18 or over 25 is unhealthy. I have a friend who’s 10-14 lighter than me but same height, and it’s perfectly natural. Don’t be so close minded.

          • Dana

            Please do note that I said WITH EXCEPTIONS.

            But yes, I would like to correct something (I don’t know if I can use the fact that English isn’t my first language and actually not my second either;)), when I said that with “everyone with a BMI between 18 and 25 is healthy” i meant their WEIGHT was healthy. If I was eating crappy food, smoking cigarettes and/or didn’t exercise, I wouldn’t be healthy AT ALL despite my BMI being between 18 and 25. So you’re not necessarily a healthy person if your BMI is between 18 and 25, but your weight is good, again WITH EXCEPTIONS (both in the lower and in the higher end).

    • CB

      BMI is not the only indicator of health. It doesn’t consider fat weight vs. muscle weight. Therefore, someone could be very healthy and muscular and have a high BMI because of they have more muscle lbs.

      • solaxia

        yea this is true. When i worked out like 3 hours a day (dancing or weights and cardio) I was teeny (aus size 6) but still weighed 53-56kgs at 5’2 so my bmi was something like 22 i think? Anyway my bf% was 10%…and because i weighed more than my friends and had the curvy shape i thought i was bigger than all of them. Which i wasnt. BMI can be very deceiving. My mum was always really thin, but good muscle tone and big boobs. She looked like the VS models of the past (but better) ha ha. Like Candice meets Cindy crawford (candice shape, cindy meat mass =p), however her bmi would always come up as well overweight because of her big boobs and muscle mass!

    • Yes, because anyone who is slightly overweight can’t possibly have anything going for them in their lives and must be extremely unhappy.

      I’m between 5’2″ and 5’3″ and weigh somewhere near 140. Give or take a bit. (Probably give.)

      Sure, my eating habits aren’t the best but I do my best to eat well on most days, and I try to excercise at least four times a week for over an hour, every single day if my schedule allows for it.

      I can easily find someone who is within 18 to 25 BMI range who is much less healthy than I. In fact, she’s sitting in the same room is me. Any health professional will tell you that BMI is a terrible indicator or actual body health.

      • I recently did a bmi index lab with a PHD student at Macmaster University, and he said that between 15%-32% is a healthy range for females. It depends on the individual.

        • Ninian

          @ ivory: Are you sure it wasn’t about body fat percentage? Because that would make much more sence.. At 5’7 (171cm) I weigh ca 155 (70kg) pounds, which is healthy, to get a BMI of 32 I would have to gain 51 pounds (23kg), and there is just no way that would be healthy.

          However, my body fat percentage is 28%, (i’m loosing some weight), and with my 112 pounds (51kg) of lean body mass, I could gain about 5 kg of fat without classify as obese. Then my bmi would be somewhat over ideal, but I could be healthy still if I eat the right food and exercised. (Not that I feel like gaining..)

          I read in a book by some celebrity-trainer, that most women in hollywood, (e.g. Bar Rafaeli, Katy Perry and Blake Lively) has between 19 to 21% fat, while the VS models are around 15-16%. (He estimated it to be like that.)

          Which means that both the VS-models and me are healthy in terms of bodyfat, witch is what really matters. BMI are totally outdated anyway, and can only be used to describe big groups of people such as a whole country.

        • gogo2010

          I think you mean body fat percentage, not BMI.

        • Kate1st

          Yeah, that’s body fat percentage which is nothing to do with BMI.

          • Ivory

            Sorry I meant body fat percentage. Most people are healthier when they are lower than 25%, but there are some individuals who naturally need a higher amount of body fat. You have to look at other factors to really determine it.
            Males should be between 5%-25%.

          • Ivory

            To be more specific (this may be a tad off). He said: 15%-18% was ultra lean, 18%-22% was lean. 22%-25% was average. 25%-32% was above average. If you’re below 15% estrogen can’t work properly, below 5% in males your brain cant work perfectly.
            Above 32% (females) and 25% in males you start to have the risks associated with a heavy weight.
            But it depends on the individual, for some people 15% is far too low, for others 32% is far to high.

  • brgirl

    I thinks she is about 140 pounds. The thing with her is, like a friend of mine, she has big boobs and a triangle shaped body so it looks like she is bigger than she actually is.

  • seijidan

    I doubt she’s 150 pounds at all. I’m a man and I weigh 145lbs and 5’7 in height. She’s 5’3. I believe she’s about 130 pounds. She only gains in her upper body. She doesn’t exactly look like Nicky Blonsky or those other big girls.

  • Ramie

    @ Dana:
    My BMI is 28 and I just went to the doctor this week for a full body, ultra detailed, complete check-up that included 7 exams. I went there with my sister, who has a BMI of 20. We live in the same house, but rarely eat the same thing. I love sushi, fish, turkey, fresh sandwiches and she likes pizza, salami, burgers and fries.
    The results of our visit: I, the overweight one, am 100% healthy and the doctor advised me to ‘keep doing what i am doing, because it’s great’ and my sister’s cholesterol and blood sugar were really high and the doctor put her on a diet (on MY diet, really) and told her to exercise.
    True story. I am not advocating being overweight, by the way, as I do want to lose weight, but come one, people, stop being limited and ignorant.

    • Dana

      I’m kind of getting tired of writing this, but I said with exceptions.

      By the way I’m sure you are healthy and you are not extremely overweight.

      It sounds good with the food you’re eating. But of course a person would rarely have a BMI of 28 if they didn’t eat “wrong food” at least a couple of times a week (depends on exercise of course).

      Good luck with the weight loss though!

  • she is NOT 150 pounds, at most she’s around 140. since she’s top heavy she looks so much fuller than she actually is.

    • I can believe it. I am 5 foot and at one point was close to 155 and looked smaller than her. It really all depends on body composition and many other factors. Thankfully I came to my senses about being healthy.

      • EmEs

        I agree! I am also 5′ and at one point pushed 155 and have a similar (maybe bigger) chest than her and looked smaller than her. I think she just doesn’t carry her weight well. She’s gaining it all in one area, rather than having it spread out. Her legs are still tiny. But I do very much believe she’s close to 150, if not more.

      • hmm, that’s interesting 🙂 im 5’3 and i gained like 14 pounds when i stopped playing basketball (and still ate like before) and weighed 122 and i looked a bit like she does now and we are similar body types. she’s a reverse triangle and im a lollipop. but however the only one that knows her stats is her 🙂 we can only speculate!

  • Dr. Truth

    She’s got quads of steel! Too bad it is so hard for her to keep her weight in check. My guess is that her genes/body type have a lot to do with it.

    That’s awesome that her professional athlete of a boyfriend is a vegan! At the same rate, you can’t push that type of lifestyle on anyone. If anything, he could start cooking or sharing his meals with her. Vegetarian/vegan food can be delicious and she could probably use a switch in her diet to get her metabolism going, if that is the issue.

  • Dr. Truth

    Oh, and I REALLY doubt she is 150 lbs, although she does have a lot of muscle. My guess is closer to 130.

    • solaxia

      i agree. her legs are pretty much all mucscle and always have been. I have legs similar to hers (ex-dancer lol) and to be honest, at times i was thinner than my friends everywhere on my body (except my legs) and i still wieged quite a bit more. I was just always workin out

    • I am a rectangle / apple (a bit top heavy) like her and I can tell you that 150lbs can look like that for someone who is 5’3″, it’s really hard to guess on picture honestly there are so many things that change your appearance.

  • What the Hell? She´s beautiful and she´s not fat for god sake , what does it matters and the guy is an asshole :S pour Jessica . Why people only see body image its not that important and she looks great .

  • She´s beautiful and she´s not fat for god sake and the man is an asshole . Body image its not that important :S why people care about so much of course i worry about that everyone does but not in a possessive way :S
    She looks great .

  • Ophelie

    I think she’s 135 maybe 140. Her legs are smallish. She gains weight in the chin area which makes her look heavier. I would say she’s chubby not crazily overweight. I doubt the boy toy gave that ultimatum since she’s his sugar mama. If he did though, she should definitely drop him like a hot potato. Maybe he just wants to turn her vegan like him?

    • solaxia

      woo hoo! someone reckons her legs are smallish =p I have similar legs (always used her and Brit as my leg role models when they were slimmer), yet even then ppl would say they had massive legs…ugh the never ending struggle!

  • Shelby Grey

    seriously, why is this a big deal? 150 pounds IS legally overweight, but people act like she’s the first to BE overweight.. lol, I’m 150 pounds at 5’5” and I’m trying to slim down back to what I used to be, which was, like, 120 pounds..

    it’s really not that big of a deal.. and her little husband or whatever needs to CHILL OUT or get the HECK OUT because that’s so silly of him to say that.

    I believe it’s good to URGE her to workout more and eat healthier, but not in a TOUGH LOVE kind of way that could end up pushing them apart.. and for what??? A FEW POUNDS?? is that really ALL it’ll take for him to be done with their relationship?? If so, he’s a really JERK.

    • Annie

      “150 pounds IS legally overweight”

      I don’t think the legal system is involved in matters of weight.

      • edith the elf

        @Shelby Grey.

        Firstly, 150 pounds isn’t always overweight at all. I’m six foot one, and weigh approximately 150 pounds and I’m at the lower end of the BMI scale. Your comment is ignorant and offensive.

        Secondly, there are no “legal” definitions of being overweight. Medical, yes. But the law cares not for obesity. Your comment makes no sense.

      • solaxia

        ha ha ha!

    • Keeping it Real

      you said “legally” i was done reading the rest after that.

  • lc

    I believe she weighs that much, or close.

  • I believe that she is a bit lighter than what the Enquirer says.

    If the guy really said that because he doesn’t like how she looks than he’s clearly a jerk.

    But if he said it because their lifestyle choices are so different then I could somehow understand. For a vegan and a calorie counter to watch her eat a lot of meat and fried stuff is not THAT easy. My roomie and I have really really different tastes when it comes to food and cooking and it is difficult for us to prepare a meal to eat together or to find a restaurant that we both would like to go to.

  • udkcoco

    I believe it. :/ the LEAST I’d believe her to be is 140. I think she could be 140-145 on a good week. But she’s definitely had a substantial weight gain, I’d say about 30 pounds. But he has no right to threaten to leave her if she doesn’t lose weight! I’d drop a man like a rock if he told me that we were over if I didn’t do something about my weight, unless I was morbidly obese. And she isn’t.

  • snoops

    I dont believe this story, she was fat when they got together so why would it suddenly bother him so much now? IF it is true then the guy is awful and she needs to get rid of him.

    I believe she could be close to 150, she is pretty big now.

    • edith the elf

      Couldn’t agree more, Snoops.

    • Very true.

    • cj

      she wasn’t “fat”.

  • annee

    I don’t care how much her weight is, but one thing I know for sure…..

    she definitely trained hard in the gym… 😉 … and that is a good sign!!!

  • pixie

    I just loved her when she was really skinny, she could wear anything and look good. Her face doesnt even look as pretty when she is this heavy. It upsets me that she just doesnt care about herself anymore.I think shes probably more than 150lbs actually.

    • skinnyme??

      I agree I miss the old Jessica too. 🙁 The fiance is a loser she should dump him.

    • Kelly

      I am sure she cares about herself! Don’t be ignorant to think just because she looks the way she does means she doesn’t care about herself.

  • CB

    I agree that she’s probably around 150. I’m 5’2″ and 140, but I’m not blessed with a chest like Jessica. Between Ashlee being too thin and Jessica’s constant weight struggle, I have to wonder about their up bringing and what they were taught about nutrition and dieting.

  • Brittany

    I never cared for Jessica back in high school during the Newlyweds era because something about her always seemed fake. Other than thinking she needs to stick to singing, I’ve really grown to respect her in the past few years. She’s grown a lot as a person and just seems so much more down-to-earth and real. I think our weight struggles mirror each other as well. I’m 2 inches taller than Jessica, and if her weight really is 150, I’m around the same weight as her now too. And I’m trying to lose. Back in the Newlywes/Dukes of Hazzard days when I was about 15-17, I weighed about 111 pounds. That’s not necessarily too small for my height (5′ 5”), but I’m a cello, and I could not maintain that weight without running at least 6 miles a day and severely restricting what I ate. Jessica has admitted the same thing about her low weight during that time in her life. It made me utterly miserable. So, when I started college, I just gave up. I started binge-eating on junk and never worked out anymore. I put on about 40lbs in a couple years. Last year, I lost 20 and got down to where I’d like to be in my life, but last April my best friend passed away suddenly, I broke up with my boyfriend, and I turned to food again and put even more weight back on. I’m closer to 160 now, though, I am blessed in the sense that I carry it more evenly distributed. Most people estimate at about 20lbs less. I’m just now starting to get back on my organic food and work-out lifestyle. I say all this because I relate to Jessica because I feel she’s gone through a similar struggle. I remember there being articles about how she was “too thin” or “anorexic” during the Duke days. Then 3 years later, they’re calling her a fat pig. I’m sure it’s damaging to her self-esteem, and the vicious cycle just continues. I think she looks beautiful now, and if she’s truly healthy and happy at this weight, then she shouldn’t have to change for anyone. If she isn’t, then I hope she can lose it in a healthy manner and find some happy medium.

    • solaxia

      awww im sorry to read about everything that happened there for you! You are completely right about people calling her names etc and ruinging her self esteem! How can it not be damaging? If people have critisized me, i have ended up having bad views on food and turning to food more often because of that!

  • Anne

    she has the shortest legs i have ever seen in my life.

    • udkcoco

      They are pretty short! But that… Person… Snooki has short little stumps herself. *loathes jersey shore and cast and is trying very hard to be diplomatic about the debauch-ing person in question*

      • Anne

        nah,,,, jessica has the shotest legs, even if she was 5’10 i would still think that because they are so out of proportion to her body, i saw this one pic of her sideways and shes like 70 percent torso

  • idunno

    She is beautiful and looks great. Lets stop acting like weighing 150lbs is the end of the world. Im sure her fiance does not care and if he does he is stupid. WOmen care much more about weight then most men do. He probably like her giant breasts.

  • Cara

    she’s at about 130. No more no less.
    I’m also 5’2.5

  • Mrs Darcy

    She can’t be 150. She has a small frame, so while 130ish would be thin for someone taller, on a shorter person there isn’t as many places for the weight to go. I would put her in the 125-140 lb range tops!

    • 125lbs looks thinner for someone who is small like her. Her weight is totally believable.

    • udkcoco

      I really don’t think her frame is that small. I think she’s got a medium build, as when she was 108 is lbs she looked sooooo skinny and ribs poked a little. I have a friend her height who was like 100 and had a truly small frame and nothing poked. Just because someone was once thin doesn’t make them small boned. I’m 113 at 5 5 and am a medium frame. Just because I’m thin doesn’t mean I have this slight frame. On the contrary, I think I have a larger build than many girls, regardless of my weight. Because my skeleton is bigger than theirs….

  • Peach

    Hmm, I think she would be bigger if she was 150lbs. At 5’3” she would look wide. Anyways, I’d get upset if my fiance decides to pick fights with me rather than sitting me down and telling me how he feels.

  • rosie

    she has such good muscle definition in her legs! her glutes, quads, and calves all look super toned.

    • Rio

      He is telling it as he sees and feels. He is being honest with himself. It is far better not to become a liar esp when he is body and health conscious.

  • vi

    no way. maybe if she was 5’6 or 5’7 but she’s not 150 lbs at 5’3. she’d look much heavier. she doesn’t even look big. i don’t know what people are on about. she’s a normal sized girl, who looks a bit bigger because of her chest

  • s

    I don’t think she weighs that much, since she is very short.

  • Is it actually confirmed that her fiance is a vegan? I find it hard to imagine that a professional football player could sustain himself on a vegan diet. I say that only because I imagine their diets would have to be extremely high in protein to sustain their size and muscle.

    • Mia

      he’s not actually an active player. he was cut by the Saints in 2008, so he hasn’t actually played in 2 seasons. I think he’s sort of a loser who is mooching off her success.

      • skinnyme??

        He was actually married when he met Jessica then he left his wife. Loser…

    • katie

      I’ve read several places that he is vegan. There are lots of great sources of protein in a vegan diet (beans, nuts, nutritional yeast to name just a few), so there’s no reason any athlete can’t be vegan if s/he chooses.

      • Oh, I understand. But you can’t deny that meat supplies a greater source of protein, and especially for a brawny football player (versus a more slight baseball player, for example) I’d imagine that a meat diet would be beneficial.

        • Jane

          not necessarily. think of animals like horses — a horse eats only grass, and yet they’re huge — they literally weigh a ton! (and it’s muscle, not fat). your body will take as much protein as it can use, and the rest it will just flush (which is a burden on your kidneys), so there’s no benefit to the extra protein in meat vs vegetarian sources.

    • Kelly

      this is the FIRST thing anyone says when a person says they do not eat meat. I do not eat meat, but I am very muscular, you gotta remember that having muscle is genetics sometimes (hence Jessica’s super muscular legs).

      • solaxia

        ugh so true about the genetics! my legs are the same. which sometimes i love but sometimes hate lol

  • effie

    i’m 5’4″, weigh 149, and i assure you, i don’t look heavy in photos, or in life for that matter. most people would assume i weigh 130-135, but i carry a good deal of muscle, can squat 210, have a 24 inch waist, and full d’s and an ass that matches my bust size. but there’s no way i’m about to tell anyone my actual weight.

    i have no doubt jessica simpson probably does weigh around the 140-150 mark.

    also, i in no way believe the story. national inquirer is a load of crap.

  • effie

    i’m sorry, my comment was meant to emphasize that you can be 5’4″ (or 5’3″) and in no way look overweight.

    for the record, i’m a size 8-9 in pants, a 4-6 in dress sizes, and can wear any size shirt depending on how much i want to emphasize my chest.

    • effie

      lol, i meant be that height and weigh 150**** and not look overweight.

      man, i’m flakey today.

      • solaxia

        are you from Australia? Just wondering with the sizes you listed?

  • padme

    Looks to be in the 130s to me. But even if she were 150 that’s not exactly a crime lol what a stupid article. I don’t believe a word of it.

  • Louise

    What an ass. I don’t believe the story. But. I wish my boyfriend would say that to me but he won’t bc he actually does care about me and not how I look. If this is true she will drop 30 lbs lickity split…or him.

    • Mia

      so confused by this comment. why would you wish your boyfriend would say something like that to you? and why would she drop 30 lbs if this is true?

  • Ashlee

    If thats the case… i would tell him to go jump. Hes supposed to love her no matter what and clearly he wants nothing to do with ehr if shes a little heavier.She doesnt even look that big LOL. I fell in love with my partner because of him, not his weight. what if she still loses weight, they get married and she she puts on some more 10 years down the track, i wll he divorce her then??… asshole

    • Exactly. I’ve always believed that when you truly love someone what they look like is no longer the most important thing. To break up a relationship because someone has gained weight – and I don’t really think she has much since she’s been with him – is just shallow and callous. Still, it’s likely untrue, so there’s no point in getting upset about it!

      • Kelly

        it may be shallow, but is attraction not something that plays a role in how you feel about someone. That is if sex plays a huge role in your life.

        • I didn’t say sexual attraction doesn’t play a huge role – but it’s not the most important thing! To no longer love someone because they are no longer as physically attractive as they were when you first met them is unquestionably shallow. I think most of us want a person we can share our lives with – I for one think a compatible personality is ultimately more important than a great body. No one keeps their looks for very long and if we all just up and left our partners because they put on weight or were disfigured in an accident or whatever then the world would be full of very lonely, bitter people!

          Besides, good sex doesn’t rely on looks and plenty of what makes people attractive is their attitude and also the chemistry between two people. Looks play a role, but they are certainly no guarantee to keeping a partner for the long term and they shouldn’t be the main reason a true relationship ends either.

          • snoops

            agreed, since when did good sex mean having a really handsome/beautiful partner? When the lights are out its whats they do that matters most haha

          • solaxia

            Well said once again Erica! I agree beauty doesn’t necessarily mean sexual atrraction. It does to some people, but not all. It may play a part along with chemistry, compatabilty etc but it doesnt mean you have to be the hottest thinng in the world. (what is that anyway really? Its subjective!). I think it plays a part along with the other things we listed, however I dont think that being beautiful automatically and directly equals being sexually attractive. There have been gorgeous guys that i was not sexually attracted to in the slightest. And not so gorgeous guys, that i still thought were hot and had other things i loved, that were sexually attractive to me. The same things goes with some guys, my most gorgeoud friend have thrown themselves at guys, and not got the guys (i would never thought they would be rejected becaus ethey were stunning) yet they did. Many of my guy friends said they can think a woman is hot as hell but not actually have a sexual attraction to her. My female friends are the same with guys. Then you get other superficial people (like my current bf) who says that looks directly equal sexual attraction. If someone is good looking then everyone wants to sleep with them. Yes, it can be like that…in a superficial world. But I still dont think that the world is that superficial. Even if it was, we all like different things. Plus you get those oldies that are like ‘ooo she’s still as beautiful as the day i met her. The most beautiful woman in the world.’

      • manon

        sure and when your boyfriend starts to look like a character from the roseanne show ”you will love him because of who he is” girl, bye.

        • Yeah, actually, I would! If someone changes their looks (weight gain/loss, accident, disease, etc) and you no longer love them simply for that reason, then in my mind you never really loved them in the first place! Obviously we have totally different ideas of what love is and what it means.

          • martha

            yes, i like for my loved one to be healthy and not just not but in the long run. not everyone seems to think this is important

  • Ivory


  • pewpy.

    There is no way she is 150, at my heaviest I was 135 and 5’3, and I looked about that. She might be around 135. plus she isn’t all dolled up here and contouring her face and what-not, so she looks heavier.

  • Ana

    No way is she 68kgs!! I would guess maybe 60kgs I think she looks fine in these pics too, she is wearing baggy tops, but she looks quite slim in the 2nd last pic.

  • Marcus

    Wow.. her fiance seems like the ultimate douche.

  • Sidney

    I have a different body type, but at 5’3” i think i look somewhat like her when if i’m around 135 lbs. So i could believe she’s lighter, but also, how’d i know if she really is 150. In general i think equirer is crap, and i wouldn’t believe anything they say, even if from time to time some stories are true.

  • Serafiina

    If she is 160 cm, I think she is propably about 60 kg. What comes to the tabloid, of course I dont believe it, who would?

  • tina

    she is not 150 pounds. shes wearing unflattering clothing in these photos that make her look chubby. my guess is 130-135, which puts her at a healthy weight

  • pia

    i agree

  • even before i realized this was from esquire i knew this was bullshit.

  • gabrielle

    it’s bullshit of course, incredibly mean!
    good for her that she’s workin’ out, she’s havin’ skinny legs and cute face!

  • Sofie

    OH COME ON!!! I’m 5.3 and 120 and i’ve got bigger legs then her!!! She can’t be more then 135, not matter what body shape (etc) she is…… o0

    • Yes she can. My mother is 165lbs and 5’0″ and is an apple, her legs are thinner than the legs of my best friend who is about the same weight but 3 inches taller and pear shaped.
      And a woman in my family has the same legs as my mother for the same height though she weights 200lbs.

      You cannot tell by jus looking at a picture or legs.

      • I am also 120 and 5.3 by the way, my legs are thinner than hers. It’s really a matter of body shape.

        • Ivory

          I agree you can’t just tell by the legs, I’m 5’3″ and 108 pounds skittle-shaped and my legs are about the same size.
          Though I do find 150 pounds too high.

  • super_kittycat

    i don’t know how much she weighs but it’s obvious she is a little overweight. not a lot but some. i also don’t know if her boyfriend really said that to her or not. if he did i think he went about it the wrong way but i kinda understand his point. i’ve been with my boyfriend for three years now and he’s gained about 25 pounds. and he’s short only about 5 8 so it doesnt really look good on him. now i would never leave him over it but i do wish he watched what he ate more. when we first got together i weighed about 145 and i’m 5 5 so that was kinda chunky. after a few months i gained about 15 pounds so then i was pretty fat. i have a small frame and did not carry the weight very well. after i gained the extra weight i started watching what i eat and working out five or six days a week. since i have lost about 40 pounds and wear a size 0 or 2. the point of the story is it’s hard to live a healthy lifestyle when your significant other does not.

  • Kate1st

    Wow, what a vicious rumour. And IF it’s even true, then ‘approaching’ 150lb would probably mean 140lb-145lb.

  • Nana

    I think she weights more than 68kg/150 pounds. I’m 158cm (little bit less than 5’2) and i weight 60 kilos (133 pounds) and I’m soo much smaller than her. Okay, it might be because she is very top heavy and I’m more like a busty pear. 😀 I think she weights about 70-73 kilos anyway. Anyway, I don’t think she is fat, a little chubby maybe but not more.

  • Nana

    And please don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the way she looks. I think she is very pretty and seems to be incredibly nice. I just think she weights more than that (and it’s all based on me; my weight, height and bodyshape).

  • I believe she is heavier than that now.

  • Casey

    I call bs on this story. I believe the guy she’s with specifically said in an interview that he loves her body, And honestly, he met her while she was this size…it’s not like she gained weight throughout their relationship. If he’s not happy,the issue is with him for getting with a person he wasn’t attracted to and then trying to force them into their mold of attraction instead of going out and finding someone that does fit their attraction. There’s plenty guys that would find Jessica attractive, and I hope she knows that.

    • solaxia

      well said and very true.

  • kelly

    She looks absolutely disgusting now. This is not what he signed up for.

    In Dukes of Hazzard she was one of the hottest girls on the planet. What a waste.

    • SlicknSexyfied

      You do know they’ve only been together for a matter of months, right? The press has been attacking her weight ever since she wore those really high-waisted Mom Jeans a couple of years ago performing onstage. Not only that, Dukes was 6 years ago.

      In other words, this IS what she signed up for.

  • ashley

    I weigh 150, but I’m also 5’7. She’s gotta be closer to 135 than 150.

  • layla

    I am 5’3 and I was once 135 pounds. It is definitely believable that she weighs 150 pounds. My legs, arms, and mid section were much small than hers.

  • Rachel

    I think she definitely weight that much, she actually is not that fat, is just sad seeing how neglected she become..

    And above all, if it is true, I’d immediately leave such an as****e who asks me to lose weight in order to get marry!!!
    Take a grip, dude!!

  • Zeka

    Dear Jessica Simpson, if your man is really saying that bullshit to you, leave his stupid ass and find someone who appreciates you.
    Sincerely, Zeka

  • shiloh

    the camera adds weight, but i’m 5’4 & at my heaviest i was around 148, and i looked much thinner IN PHOTOS than Jessica does here. granted i’m an inch taller, but one inch isn’t much. i actually think she may be more like 155, but it’s hard to tell because a lot of things play into actual weight- body density, muscle vs. fat ratio, bone structure etc.

  • SlicknSexyfied

    She’s 5’3″ & said she was a 4 to a 6 on Oprah some months ago. I would peg her at no heavier than 125.

    • skinnyme??

      She was on Oprah a looooong time ago maybe over a year ago and then she was no way a size 4 like she was saying she was. I believe she is close to 150 because she is an apple and looks to have a very large waist probably over 30 inches. She just seems to be gaining weight very quickly and it is very sad.

      • k333ly

        I bet she is a us size 9-11 Juniors, 10-12 Misses. I have no idea what that is in inches, but that’s what that big. lol

  • aj

    Poor Jess she is always scrutinised so much… I really like her and think her tv show the one about body image was really a good thing.

    Her BF sounds like a walking nightmare, if I had a bf who counted calories I would walk away. This article is true, which I really doubt it even is (who would tell the journalist this? I doubt either Jess or her BF would).

    Anyway the kinds of guys who think they are superior because they are buff can be sooo annoying. I find guys built like that unattractive, ugly even. I like guys who are really slim and lanky. It pisses me off that he could think just because he’s obsessive she needs to be too.

  • Joanne lme

    150 lb’s is 9stone 10. how is that fat? so she has curves. ENJOY THEM. If any guy told me to lose weight (saying that i’m 98lb at 5ft 7.5) i’d kick them where it hurts and leave them. Give her confidence boosts, compliment here regardless of if she’s gained or lost 10 lb. If you love someone it’s not important.
    Personality is the way to go!

    • Kate1st

      150lb is 10 stone 10 actually plus she’s only 5ft3. But I do think people should take the rumours with a pinch of salt.

    • Aims

      Erm… your only 98lbs at 5’7? Are you a really young teen?

  • JKM

    wow…first off that is way way too much. to be 5/3 and weigh 150 is pretty heavy. then again i live my life in the gym with daily workouts and a pretty strict very healthy diet. This is probably not the lifestyle of most people. Second….regardless of her weight NO guy has the right to make these rude comments to any woman. She needs to take some control and leave his azz. any guy that counts calories has problems of his own.

    • alex de

      I think its cool that you said that, because you have a different lifestyle but you are still able to have empathy towards Jessica. I feel like a lot of the time really healthy people look down on people Jessica’s weight and can be really harsh.


  • Eva

    OKAY, maybe she looks kind of big compared to the average celebrity, but holy shit! The guy has to calm down and look at the rest of America! She looks like the average sized women, if not smaller. Poor Jessica, that sounds like a huge amount of pressure. What a jerk.

  • RAchel

    I hope he leaves her, I’m pretty sure she can do much much better. I’m also pretty sure the vows don’t include ‘for better and for worse, unless you gain weight’.

  • Chelsea

    I think she looks like any other normal girl who eats normally and gets light exercise. She looks a bit chubby, yes. Is she as healthy as she could be? No… probably not. A lot of her career has been built on image and when your career is built on that, people will make a big deal when you put on weight which I think is why Jessica gets a lot of bashing when it comes to her weight.
    If the story is true, definitely leave the guy. If someone loves you they will stick by your side even if you gain a bit of weight. Through better or worse, right???

  • fyndy

    She’s def 150, but who cares? I’m 4’11 and I’m 148 right now, and I’m also an apple shape. I’m exercising to shed 25 pounds, because I have a congenital heart condition. I’m also very muscular as well though. I put on 7 pounds of muscle when I was with my body builder ex, and it was awesome.
    I feel bead for J.Simp because that’s all she’s known for these days. It’s sad. I wouldn’t want to be a celebrity for that very reason 🙁

  • bec

    Poor Jess, I just feel sorry for her and wish the world wasn’t so screwed. No wonder every girl has issues with their body. Her body is fine, it’s society that is disgusting.

  • alex de

    yeah dump him. “diet or we are done”
    if your hubby gains some weight and you want to end the relationship over it, how are you going to handle the rest of your lives together? I would never leave someone if they gained weight, I would support them if they wanted to lose weight. But you can’t help someone get healthy unless they want to get healthy. You need to love someone through their struggles. what a douche. gaining weight is hard enough, you don’t need someone in your face putting you down. Its not like Jessica is unaware that she has gained weight, the media give her crap for it every day of her life. Then imagine your boyfriend calling you fat too, your boyfriend is suppose to comfort you. although who knows if this is true.

  • Sarah

    I believe she’s 150 lbs….considering I’m also 5’3 and 150 pounds and my body looks identical to hers….

  • bizzle

    I am 5’3 and I am also a person that tends to gain in her mid-section. I really do believe it – but these pictures are also highly unflattering! Poor girl.

    I have weigh generally between 125-135 and I can imagine if I gain 10lbs onto my heaviest – I would look a bit like her in the build.

  • Righteousbb

    I’m 5’2 and weigh 150 pounds and look thinner than her. In fact, I”m a size 4 dress size. I’m just saying that weight truly is JUST A NUMBER. My friend who only weighs 120 and is 5’3 is constantly sharing clothes with me. Some people just weigh heavier than they look.


    • Zeka

      Yeah that guy sounds like a complete dick. She needs to find a new man.

  • Jen

    This is exactly the reason why so many women have eating disorders. I am so sick of hearing about weight! Jessica is in no way fat, she is adorable. If her fiancé truly feels that way she should kick his ass to the curb now.

  • Aims

    Wow her fiance is an a*shole!!!!! Omg! Get rid of him. Sure, I agree she looks like she has put on a lot – but OMG – If you love someone you never tell them you are going to dump their ass if they dont loose weight! poor jessica… 🙁

  • The Other Leah

    She looks similar in size to my mother who is 5’3″ and 147 lbs. She has very large breasts, just like Jessica.

    However, it’s hard to estimate weight by a photograph. If I showed you a photograph of me, because of the proportionate way I’m shaped you wouldn’t think I was 175 lbs or a size 12. But, if you saw me in real life, you’d see a woman who’s a size 12. Photographs are misleading. I think she photographs heavier because of the shape of her body.

  • burckybear

    Leave her alone, we all go through weight swings etc… But she does love it up the bum, so that will at least buy her some time to shift the beef

  • Ellie

    Wow her soon to be hubby is an asshole. Thats so messed up he should love her on the inside and not want her to change. I mean how could you tell someone your about to marry lose weight or were done gah she should dump his ass and lose weight on her own for herself 🙂

  • sophie

    Jesus every comment on here is so warped!! There is nothing wrong with Jessica Simpson she looks perfectly fine, her legs look great and quite frankly I couldn’t care less whether she weighs 80lbs or 160lbs she looks amazing.
    People are soo screwed up with the size 0 thing and quote there B.M.I’s / weight stats like its some kind of effed up competition. It’s like bloody ‘mean girls’ or summit…………..get a life!

  • mel

    …And the National Enquirer is obviously the most trustworthy source, of course.

    Still, I can’t believe a husband would say something that shallow to his wife.

  • a young fan

    She should leave the guy, instead of him threatening to leave her. Jessica, if you ever read this, I just want you to know that this guy is not the guy for you. I’m sorry. If he was the guy for you, he would not care so much about your weight.

    Girls, don’t ever let a man tell you that you are “too fat”! If he really cared about YOU, because your weight does not describe YOU as a whole person, but only as an image; than he would not be threatening to leave you, because he would have then loved you, for you, and not for your weight.

    If you want to eat that cheeseburger, or those chips, or those fries, them you sure as hell should go do that! I’m not suggesting fast food, only because I just don’t like it, so I stay away from it. But, if MacDonald’s or Burger King is your first choice when it comes to getting a burger and fries, go ahead, go get it if you really want to. I’m not here to tell you what to do. I’m here to tell you to never let a man, or another woman, run your life like that.

    If you are at a restaurant, and you want to get a breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, desert, etcetera, but you are not sure if you REALLY want it because of the calories and how you think you would feel or look after it, do whatever you want. People are always going to judge others. You can do a few things. You can either choose to try and ignore it, but let it get to you later, or you can look it in the face and say “So what? Why should you care about what I choose to do with my life? You are not me, and you never will be, so just let me be.”

    If you do that, people might eventually stop judging.

    a young fan of Jessica Simpson. 🙂

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  • squidy

    Well it’s impossible to tell with that baggy shirt, but her legs definitely look muscular. If the rest of her is the same, sure, she could be 150 pretty easily.