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Jessica Simpson Brings the Quote of the Day

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On her weight struggles:

“I want to be a great mom and a great example to my kids….People are going to talk about this no matter what. I might as well choose to live a healthy lifestyle. It does get old having people harping on how much you weigh or your body after pregnancy. I need to feel comfortable in my own skin. People are going to pick me apart no matter what I do. I’m always going to have critics out there who will make a story out of something.”

… says Jessica.

jess1 - Jessica Simpson Brings the Quote of the Day

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  • girl21

    I hate how she is always doing the parted lips/duckface thing!! But I can understand for her the scrutiny must suck. Apart from the annoying face she seems all right.

    • MerryHappy

      Maxwell makes the same pouty duck face! Only on her it’s super cute. Lol.

      • girl21

        Babies can get away with anything hahaha

  • cesca86

    She’s been looking great but must calm down with lip fillers because it doesn’t suit her.

  • Calliope

    I really can’t imagine always being in the public eye; every time she feels down or insecure there is someone to post photographs of it :/ takes some strength to not just be a puddle of self pity! I would be!

    • solaxia

      I know! I still haven’t looked at my photos from my Christmas party last year because I know I was chunky back then. I still am (it’s coming off slowly)…but I HATE photos of me so I avoid them. She can’t as easily.

  • Polly

    I don’t think she’s “pouty” as much as everyone says…I mean look at her daughter, their lips are like that! Looks good, but she dresses pretty unflattering for her body, from street wear to events.

  • Lisa

    My camera just turned on by itself. I’m not a model, I swear.

  • serena

    I’m sure it’s annoying to have people scrutinize your weight fluctuations. However, she signed a multi-million dollar contract with Weight Watchers, so naturally people will notice her weight. Also her singing career is dead (when was her last album?) so her weight is what’s keeping her relevant. She wants to stay famous and make millions without really working for it.

    • Juju

      She used to sing? Didn’t even know lol, she’s more famous for her weight fluctuations than whatever was her career.

    • A

      She has a very successful clothes/shoes line, I’m pretty sure that’s how she makes the majority of her money now. I think 2 years ago it was reported that in 2010 alone it had $750 million dollars in retail sales. Really cute stuff

      • lc

        She doesn’t design it lol, she is merely the FACE of an already-manufactured clothing line/company, a spinoff of the Vince Camuto brand basically lol. She just slapped her name on their designs lmao. I wonder just how many people know this…

        Serena is right, she wants to stay famous and make millions without really having to work for it. I can’t stand her.

  • Callie

    I wish that I had fuller lips like hers! I have small thin lips and it gets annoying that whenever I drink some colored sports drink I will always have this giant colored mustache above my top lip. There’s no getting around it unless I use a straw. And who uses a straw whenever you’re at the gym? To be honest though, I am used to my small lips so I don’t think that I would ever change them. But man what I wouldn’t give to have fuller lips so that I don’t have to worry about sports drink mustaches!!!

    • Zoe

      Ha ha ha… This seems the cutest and most ‘practical’ reason I’ve ever heard of for wanting fuller lips! 😀

    • Summer

      Well, I have full lips and it tears me apart that I can’t put on some red lipstick without looking a bit clownish. You will find problems with anything 🙂

  • MissMarilyn

    Her baby is SO cute! And yeah, it seems awful to have people constantly photographing you (even on your gross days) and criticizing your body

  • kia

    she’s a brat but her husband is a hell of a man,Damn sexy

  • m.lee

    she can look quite pretty with make up, otherwise she’s really an average-looking woman, but i think she has a big heart 🙂

  • lila

    That duckface…!
    Bodywise she looks fine, healthy and in a good weight range for her frame. As to her comment: seriously? “it does get old having people harping on how much you weigh or your body after pregnancy” – says the woman making millions off a weightwatchers endorsement after popping out a kid. Yup, totally see her point…

  • lc

    Fake lips, fake hair…Her image is so fake. Britney Spears owned up to having lip injections and it doesn’t even really show, this chick refuses to admit it though those Muppet/frog lips are so obviously injections/fillers lol.

    • snoops

      I don’t understand why she does it! I know a lot of people say she is plain but I think she is really pretty except for those silly lips! Her daughter (who is soooo cute btw!) does have a big pout but we have seen jessics in her early days and lips were much smaller! But also prettier! They are all out of shape now from the fillers, its not a good look! I’d love to have fuller lips too but not at that cost….

    • Winnie

      has she ever denied it though? because i’m pretty sure she’s admitted to some injections before. Britney owning up to lip injections is like Kim K owning up to botox: no one cares. what we wanna know is about their boob jobs and nose jobs

  • Guest

    Is she trying to play victim? I and many others can empathize with her (I myself have
    fluctuated from a size 00 to a 10). But.. In a lot of ways, she’s brought extra attention to her weight and appearance all on her own. she’s not a model, but it’s clear that she relies on her appearance to make money. If she actually focused on something else, maybe the public would follow.

  • anonymous

    I don’t like her, but she isn’t anywhere near as annoying as Britney Spears is.

  • Winnie

    she’s right. damned if you do, damned if you don’t. she might as well just live her life the way that makes her happiest

  • solaxia

    I can’t help but like Jess. She is very endearing imo. I think she is looking great now. I loved her in her Dukes of Hazard days, but I think that is not a priority to her atm and you know, that’s totally fine! She LOOKS healthy enough now. None of us will ever know for sure, just as we will never know if VS models are for sure. I think she has such a beautiful and striking face. I really love her hair. Her daughter is gorgeous!

  • HB

    Her lips look god-awful.

  • retrobanana

    she still is pretty sometimes I forget that