Jessica Simpson Brings Today’s Quote

FFN_g_51067108 - Jessica Simpson Brings Today's Quote

On her pregnancy weight gain:

“I always love some fried chicken. But this pregnancy I’m active. I’ve only gained half of what I gained in my first pregnancy.”

… says 32 year-old Jessica.

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73 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Brings Today’s Quote”

  1. what is the magic why when she becames this bigger her face looks in shape as always? so cool not to gain on her pretty face

      • Everything she wears DOES look cheap on her. I think it has to do with her overall look. I am sooooo sick of her bleached out platinum p—-style hair. And she always overdoes the makeup too (look at the first pic). If she toned down the makeup and hair, I bet she’d look a lot classier!

    • She’s the face of a clothing line manufactured by someone else. I honestly don’t believe she goes so far as to claim to design those clothes.

  2. And thank goodness, lol. She looks a lot better. I imagine she’ll continue with her weightloss, and probably have the same goal, just a different starting point.

  3. I want to see her friends outfit in the first pic. I love jessicas little Fendibag. I hope that some day she will be thin and look like she did when she was married to Nick Lachey, but I don’t think she ever will succeed:(

  4. considering the backlash she got last time she would have to say this whether it is true or not. Anyone know how far along she is? She still looks pretty big to me, I was this big when I was 8 months pregnant

    • She’s at least six months, because she’s known the sex of the baby for a while now and you don’t find out until about 20 weeks. I’ve heard women get bigger faster with the second pregnancy (or third, etc) because our bodies have been through it before and know what to do.

  5. I think she looks pretty nice here. and what’s wrong with her clothes? she’s not on a red carpet and she looks put together to me

    • Her clothes are tacky, that’s what’s wrong with them. Animal print skirt, tight tank top and lace bra showing? Is she on the Jersey Shore?

      • lol well I dont think she is THAT bad, but tru, i feel if I was a celebrity I would be able to look a little more classy

        • I bet you dress with more class without even trying. A simple t shirt and skirt would have been fine. I like effortless beauty. She is just too much.

      • lolz, than call me tacky and proud! I love me my animal print. lacy bra showing is more of an evening thing, but I wonder if jessica’s boobies aren’t just so big by now that she has to have a very supportive (ie. high coverage) bra that would show with a lot of tops. I live in Nashville BTW where its jeans and t-shirts on 99% of the women 99% of the time

  6. I love fried chicken too, w/ cornmeal. As far as she is concerned…again w/ the bleached hair, trying to compensate for being petite in height or very large or average or all three – looks so unnatural and loud. Her face is cute, even pretty when she was thin, not stunning, but it’s a good one…she has a nice strong jaw and chin, and great teeth. She had a great curvy, hourglass figure (even though it’s not my preferred type she had a great one – very rare true hourglass)- before pregnancy. Now, she’s well, pregnant and…can’t really see her body, so won’t comment.

    • I also like a strong jaw and chin – my face is more round so I’m envious of that in women. I don’t know why you think being petite is a bad thing though. I would rather be short than tall if I had to choose. I’m 5’6.

      • You know, and I would just rather be tall than petite, which is the word I am going to start using, it’s what department stores use…I just think the most beautiful women are tall…that’s just my opinion, and I didn’t recently understand that on this site, you have to let that be known – that you cannot imply your opinions as the absolute truth – so I will not say on this site, that ‘it’s true most beautiful women are blah blah blah’. I just the other day, clicked on the ‘about’ icon down in the right hand corner of this site – there is a whole disclaimer that states this (how we must not state opinion as fact). So here I have been for months wondering why people are screaming at me, telling me you’re opinions are not facts, and wondering well, ‘why can’t I state my opinions as facts?’, and it’s been in the disclaimer of this site all along. When me or my sisters or my cousins would pull up this site via google, it would say ‘the site that recognizes that celebrities and women…’ come in different shapes and sizes something like that, but then would cut off……I never read the rest of that until like two days ago. So, I rant, but yeah, that tall is a preferred trait, is, at least for the purposes of this site, only MY OPINION 🙂

        • I know it’s only your opinion. I was just responding with my point of view and basically wondering why tall is necessary to be beautiful, but never mind.

          • Oh no, I think it’s another case of ‘internet can’t get inflection and voice’ – I was not offended/offensive in anyway 🙂 ……I get it, your just asking me, well, that’s easy, I just think that taller looks better – long legs, long arms, statuesque appearance, height is regal, looks better in clothes, tall is admired and desired by most people and cultures for I think, almost – innate reasons – it just IS desirable I think. I’d love another 2 inches, and w/ 2″ shoes people really do think I am way taller than 5′ 7″, plus, I’m wiry so that makes people look taller than they really are too. But, yeah….ya know…

        • U can say ‘Imo, or IMHO lol thats what alot of ppl do, just put it on the end of every post avoid the b—ing, but IMHO i would rather b shorter if i had to choose, like im 5’4 110 pounds and there is smthing about being teeny tiny ive always liked, i would not mind if i was like 100 pounds and shorter- tiny clothes,looking little next 2 my muscular boyfriend , ect. i think the problem ppl have with u is that there was once a time u made it sound like(even tho its their fault for not being confident enough to know better) that 2 b short is ugly or not as beautiful as tall. But u seem 2 have idk, lightened up? I think its nice 🙂

          • i’m also 5’4 and i like being my height 😀
            i wouldn’t want to be SUPER short but at the same time I wouldn’t want to be over 5’8. i feel like if girls are thin and tall sometimes they look lanky and if girls are thicker and tall they sometimes look bigger than they are. There are obviously exceptions. And there are perks to being tall; I will never have GORGEOUS long legs like candice does.

            i think there are perks and disadvantages to both, there is no “universally attractive” height. there are ugly tall people and ugly short people, just as there are attractive tall people and attractive short people.

            i believe fashion models are generally taller because you can see them better in fashion shows!! Like if you were sitting near the back and the designer was using 5’7 and below… you wouldn’t be able to see the garment. i don’t think its necessarily about their height being beautiful, it’s just more practical.

          • I also like my height (5’5) and wouldn’t trade it for anything taller. And despite the notion that only tall people have long lengs, I have really long and slim lengs for my height, hence being mistaken as taller than 5’7 all the time. I didn’t realize how long legs give the illusion of being taller until I stood next to a friend who had short legs. I told her that being shorter than 5’3 is cute and she told me “oh girl I’m 5’5”. I was surprised.

            Tbh I think that, unless you’re a model, being a very tall woman in kind of ungraceful. When I ride the subway I stand next to women who are giants compared to me and they always seem lanky, big and everyone looks at them like they are aliens. In my country women aren’t usually taller than 5’5-5’8 so anything taller is dubbed a giant. And I have a friend who’s 6’0 who always wishes she was shorter cause she can’t wear heels and most guys are scared by her.

        • Well Natalia, I think you’ll have a better grasp at it if you consider this: your opinions are facts TO YOU. My opinions are facts TO ME. And so on… In your mind it’s obviously more attractive to be very thin. In my mind it’s clearly more attractive to be on the slim side, yet not too thin, but fit and toned (for example, I’m 5’6 and I look best when I’m a size 6 (US), I once got down to a 4 and hated it, I looked way to frail and my face looked horrible, like I was sick – and I’m not in denial or something, I really think I’m more attractive as a 6). Now I’m sure you think a 4 is better than a 6, but I honestly don’t – in my case and in some other cases – there are 2’s that I find very attractive on people with different body types/heights. What I’m trying to say is that since there’s no universal truth measurer we can use, none of us can say the other is wrong or correct. Hence the use of the word opinion. I’m not trying to start bickering, it just seems that you have a hard time understanding why you can’t state your opinions as facts and I’m trying to help you see why.

          • No, I get it, I read the info under the ‘about’ icon on the bottom of the page (on this site). I never read that before.

        • That’s funny how we all have different perceptions, isn’t it. Just about 2 weeks ago I was in Paris visiting a friend. I went into a jewelry shop, looked down at the display and suddenly out of the corner of my eyes, I saw these pair of legs appear next to me. So I looked up, and the girl beside me was clearly a model and like REALLY tall! I’m 5″7 but she was at least 5″11 or something. So after secretly watching her for a while I thought that I really wouldn’t want to be as tall as her. I like being average in height, I like my husband or bf to be taller than me and I like to blend in sometimes and not always stand out of the crowd….
          Very tall women sometimes look lanky and awkward to me, like they bend a bit to look shorter, and if you are not super duper slim, you can easily look ponderous…

          But that’s just my opinion, so… 😉

          • Agree, idk any women who wants to be taller than 90% of men, that looks masculine and isn’t beneficial unless your goal is WNBA lol…similarly I wouldn’t want to be super small like Snooki. Even Karlie Kloss, who is 6’2″, pretends to be 5’11” because I think that is the perfect height in modeling? So Natalie if you want to model don’t fret because lots of commercial/print models are about your size. Don’t forget designer sizes are smaller than regular sizes though.

          • Please, you do realize your comment is offensive by calling tall women masculine. Im personally not offended because I love my height but thats the reason why a lot of tall girls are insecure, because of that sexist attitude that women need to be shorter than their men. Anyways I’m 6’1 and i can still find plenty of people who are my height and over. I don’t find being petite as an attractive characteristic at all. Long and lean is always what women say they want to look like and you can’t be long if your 5’4. Long limbs look better to me and height really gets you noticed, maybe not good if your shy. An average height women can look attractive, but they always look kind of stumpy next to tall people imo.

          • I did some work over in Asia, first Hong Kong then Singapore….there were girls that had had leg operations, they got there legs broken and reset w/ rods, to lengthen their legs and make them taller…so that they could model, I mean, they were shorter than I am, I’m 5′ 7″ but listed at 5′ 8″, these girls were 5′ 4″, 5′ 5″…and after their families spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the operations, and after a year or more of recovery, learning to walk again, the whole thing – when they were still rejected by the agencies and would not be models, they wanted to kill themselves. They were there, at shows, outside, taking photos of the models……I got to talk to some of them, they were in really high shoes……it’s so sad.

          • “you can’t be long if your 5’4″

            not true Candy, at all. I’m just under 5’4” with a 32.5 inch inseam and when i have my arms at my sides, my fingers reach mid-thigh. i’m very long-limbed, despite being on the shorter end of “average height” for a woman. i wouldn’t change that for the world. i wouldn’t want to be shorter than i am, but i wouldn’t wanna be taller either. the whole “it’s better to be tall because you have longer limbs” is a myth. my roommate is 5’2.5″ and her friend is 5’7″, yet their legs are the same length. being super-tall with odd proportions (super-long torso and short legs like Ale Ambrosio and Nina Agdal) isn’t very attractive either.

          • @ CANDY – ummm no long and lean is not ALWAYS what women desire or there wouldn’t be multiple responses above preferring smaller to taller heights, in fact most women outside of the modeling circles prefer and are smaller than their men (just look around at couples) …Personally 5’7″ is the perfect height to me, doesn’t mean its the BEST. It’s an opinion! Just like you think taller is better because you are TALL. You don’t need to be tall to be noticed…that is the most asinine comment ever! if you are unattractive and obese, men aren’t going to notice you regardless if you are 5’1″ or 6’1″.

            I agree 100% with Winnie…you can be long if you are 5’4″ it just depends on your body type. 32 Inch inseam on 5″4′ IS long, longer legs than most women 3 inches taller. As she said, someone with a long a– torso like Ambrosio may have a good height but doesn’t have great proportions and appears shorter. Its all about proportions and body type.

          • Candy you sound so defensive and bitter!!

            I’m tiny at 5’2 and after often feeling crappy about myself from reading the short-hating comments on this website, I just now think, sod off to all of you I love my height and I love myself 🙂 I have a lot of tall friends and I think they look gorgeous too.

            I think what happens on this site is that a lot of us read negative comments that we feel apply to us and we get defensive and angry, and in turn, try and glorify what we have, be it curves, skinniness, tall height or short height. We’d all be a lot happier if we just loved ourselves and each other. Some guys like short girls, some guys like tall girls… I have a male friend who only goes for really skinny girls, my boyfriend thinks he’s crazy! To each their own.

            There is absolutely NO REASON to shame another body type okay? And if you do you are being irresponsible, there are young girls getting on the internet, and I certainly don’t want a 12 year old girl reading about how her body type is UGLY and how no man would ever want her. So girls, think before you type, you are perpetuating hate a lot of you so watch yourselves.

  7. Jessica looks pretty here and I think she didn’t gain so much weight unlike her first pregnancy. Nice to see her keeping her fitness going.

  8. Not sure how far along she is, but its good she is being sensible this time around and it shows..I have to remember she wasn’t thin before she got pregnant and hasn’t been in years, so the above weight suits her. She was irresponsible and gained too much with her first child (who is beautiful btw) I imagine partly for that weight watchers deal…so vain/irresponsible imo to risk your health for that, and makes me like her far less…

  9. Apparently she’s due in July… same as Kim Kardashian. I think she looks great this time around. You can see in her face she’s not loading up on gross sugars and bad carbs. Good for her 🙂 I’m not a fan of her pregnancy style, but she still looks good. Fake designer or not her business brings in over a BILLION. I can’t be mad at that! lol ps. her daughter is ADORABLE.

  10. I think she is so endearing. She seems to keep to herself and she may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I really don’t think that’s an act. Some women try to cash in on that…I don’t think she does. I think she is lovely looking and has a sweet personality.

    • You never have a bad word to say, do you? You can always see the good in people, even celebs. Sadly, I was not thinking such positive thoughts upon viewing Jessica’s pictures. I think she does seem like a sweet girl, like you said, though.

  11. she def looks much better to me…but i havent found her very attractive since like 2006…shes blahh….i like her personality though she comes off likable and funny..i bet everything she is wearing is from her line

  12. Jessica is really pretty, and she looks healthy this time, and her daughter, oh my god, adorable. I have never seen someone this beautiful, god bless her.

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