Jessica Simpson Gained Weight… and Wears an Unflattering Outfit

jessica-simpson-gained-weight - Jessica Simpson Gained Weight... and Wears an Unflattering Outfit

It’s not so much that Jessica gained some pounds (we’ve been wondering for a while what was going on under all the baggy clothes), but it’s the fact that she chose a really unflattering outfit for her body type. The kind of outfit that only enhances the areas where she seems to deposit her weight: upper arms, bust, upper abdomen, shoulders and back.

What’s wrong with the outfit? Let’s see:

1. The thick belt around the middle is the last thing a reversed triangle needs, because this belt basically adds a little more volume to the bust area.

2. The round neckline should be abandoned in favor of the V neckline in order to elongate the thickest area of Jessica’s body (chest).

3. The high-waisted jeans – this kind of pants are generally unflattering, although some hourglasses or vases might pull them off. V body shapes, however, are advised to avoid them because all they do is to shorten the torso (the last thing a V shaped figure with a very small torso needs). Jessica would look great with long tops that elongate the waist and balance the whole figure. Even more, the voluminous pockets in the middle area are not flattering, because they add a little extra volume where it’s not needed.

4. Also, I would have chosen a looser top for Jessica (not very loose, but not skintight either) with sleeves.

5. The hair is pretty by itself, but I have noticed that Jessica actually looks slimmer when she’s wearing it in a pony tail. Since she’s already very curvy in the upper half, the super-big hair is a little too much and it unbalances the figure.

NOTE: I do not believe that Jessica is fat / chubby / thick / insert similar word. All I believe is that she could look MUCH, MUCH better (amazing, actually) in the right clothes… and I’m a little sad that she doesn’t seem to have the right stylist.

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jessica-simpson-gained-weight-and-wears-an-unflattering-outfit-2 - Jessica Simpson Gained Weight... and Wears an Unflattering Outfit

jessica-simpson-gained-weight-and-wears-an-unflattering-outfit-7 - Jessica Simpson Gained Weight... and Wears an Unflattering Outfit

jessica-simpson-gained-weight-and-wears-an-unflattering-outfit-6 - Jessica Simpson Gained Weight... and Wears an Unflattering Outfit

jessica-simpson-gained-weight-and-wears-an-unflattering-outfit-5 - Jessica Simpson Gained Weight... and Wears an Unflattering Outfit

jessica-simpson-gained-weight-and-wears-an-unflattering-outfit-4 - Jessica Simpson Gained Weight... and Wears an Unflattering Outfit

jessica-simpson-gained-weight-and-wears-an-unflattering-outfit-3 - Jessica Simpson Gained Weight... and Wears an Unflattering Outfit

jessica-simpson-gained-weight-and-wears-an-unflattering-outfit1 - Jessica Simpson Gained Weight... and Wears an Unflattering Outfit

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58 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Gained Weight… and Wears an Unflattering Outfit”

  1. I think she looks nicer with more weight on her. I know she is propably "hotter" and her body is "more perfect" when she´s slimmer, but she looks softer and huggable now. Her face is always slim, that´s good for her.

  2. i love jessica´s curves, but THIS is nowhere near her healthy fit curvy times… she is just… fat… i don´t know, i guess it cannot be very healthy and natural for such a young girl to carry all of this weight…

  3. sorry blake fat?? come on!! have you ever seen someone really fat? oprha W;or janet jacksons sometime butu this girl is just wearing the wrong outfit: she is ^probably a size 6 if not even a 4 so

    no wonder why we found skinny ppl like lindsay and nicole : if you are weak than you follow such comments

    btw jessica is soo sexy and hot !

  4. One thing can be said…thin or curvy (or fat as some of the women here claim), she looks happy…really happy. Love pounds, lol, happens to the best of us. And I bet you her man isn't complaining.

  5. Our webmaster is being very kind…

    She looks big, and I bet when she takes off her clothes and shapewear, she's soft and pudgy. Look @her stomach! The outfit isn't to blame here, its her body in it. I hate to say it, but I agree with Blake… she looks fat.

  6. she's nowhere near fat! c'mon! yeah she gained some pounds… so what?? she still is at a healthy weight! wtf! it's a bad and too tight outfit that's all

  7. I am actually kind of liking her with the weight. The outfit is bad though, and it's probably making the weight look worse then it should. She'd always had a hard time dressing her body.

  8. This is actually pretty sad. She hasn't even reached that age where she gains weight very quickly..she used to be curvy and fantastic but this is just really gone overbroad. She dresses really unflatteringly, too. Wowl.

  9. i completely agree with the webmasters comments, the clothing doesnt help her at all, nor do the angles or the hair, if she was wearing something that highlighted her legs, tied her hair back and was shot from not a below angle, she would look a lot better….BUT the fact is that she has definitely put on weight and unfortunately for her being so small, about 5'2" i think, it shows much more on smaller people

  10. omg. she looks a horrible version of that americas top model winner. i could understand gaining weight and wanting to look more curvier, but likeshe has the money for a TRAINER. seems liek she did this all at homee. soo disgustedd, and whats more sad. SHE THINKS SHE LOOKS GOOD =x

  11. good jesus what the hell happened there??? at fist i thought the pics were photohoped to make her look that big compared to her usual self

  12. (O.o) Jesica/ jessica ? is that YOU in there? who ate you?

    ok ok jk. she needs to dres better. I like her old body better though

  13. So? She gained a few pounds… She'll get over it, she always does. Jessica is still stunning. But I must agree on something: she ALWAYS needed a stylist:D

  14. Yes, she could look better in the right outfit, but honestly, who cares? We are all aware that she has gained AT LEAST 30 lbs since her thin days of '05. I don't understand it, why don't her "people" sit her down and get honest with her? Seriously Jessica, stop yo-yoing. If you don't want to be super-skinny, that's fine, but your metabolism is NOT thanking you for this rollercoaster ride.

  15. Wow..she has nice legs and butt but those pics really are bad of her..someone should have photoshopped her arms…I feel bad for her..but it is winter and christmas was a month ago..

  16. i think the more concerning issue is that her weight is always fluctuating by quite a bit. idk, she never seems to find a healthy medium.

  17. I just dont think her body was ever really meant to be very thin. When Jessica first started, she was about as thick as she looks in these pics (maybe slightly smaller); but since all of the focus at the time was on how thin/fit Britney and Christina were, her record label kept pushing her to lose weight. Now I am gonna go kick myself in private for knowing all of this info on her!

  18. sad… How will she look when she will have a baby?

    i just like that she seems to feel comfortable with this… i hope that she feel in the same way..

  19. It would be great if Versus could post a before and after pic of Jessica. She looks a little bloated (face) and the outfit does nothing for her but she is happy with Tony and has let herself go. Good for her… as long as she doesn't get too out of hand like Oprah.

  20. OMG! She gained soooo much weight. She is actually fat now! She looked two thousand times better when she was at her thinnest (in Dukes of Hazzard). The last picture is the scariest– her rolls of fat and protruding stomach (which she sadly tries to belt in with 2 chunky belts) are clearly visible. Also, those pants are a size too small. Maybe she bought them before the weight gain?

  21. I think that she wasn't built as a naturally small woman. I think she doesn't have to weigh this much, either, but it's not like she's uber-fat-go-drop-and-give-me-fifty. She could definitely get a better stylist, like @Versus said. If she got lower-waisted jeans without enormous pockets, tighter around the thigh, and not uber-flared, then it would look a lot better and more flattering. Plus she could lose the corset-like belt, along with a few pounds.

  22. u kno i was gonna come in here defending her but seing the pics woah! she totally needs a more flatering outfit it's all wrong but hey she's in love or so they say and when ur happy u eat haha

  23. First of all she is an incredibly pretty woman. Infact I would say she is one of the best looking pop stars (facially) out there, no question. Something is going on with her. Even if Nick Lachey was not perfect for her, she looked a lot better in her 'Newlyweds' days. She keeps on doing extreme dieting ie. Atkins and obviously falls off it each time. She definitely has the body type that needs to be slim. She also needs to either sack the stylist or get a stylist who knows what they are doing in my opinion.

  24. Her face does look a bit round. But I think that the outfit really just made it worse. She kind of looks like Dolly Parton! If she wore something to better hug her curvy figure she would have looked much better.

  25. I think it's awesome that she did this. It actually shows that celebrities are real people. Being skinny is not in anymore. She has curves and she's gorgeous! I'm glad she's showing her true self and letting it shine. People are crazy for criticizing it. that's so ridculous but whatever

  26. I think everyones gone mad, she looks really good here!

    yeah, the outfit's not the most flattering thing in the world, but she does not look "fat"…

    go google fat, then you see what fat is!

    she's tall, and it's just her arms, everything else is quite tones and proportioned.

    idk, i don't look that much.

    why does everyone care..

    this is what causes people like Nicole Richie to go like a rake, seriously, it's annoying now.

  27. curves? um, no, honey. this is more like type II diabetes waiting to happen. she doesn't have to be thin but she should take better care of herself.

    • lol type II diabetes? are you serious?

      she's not even close to being that overweight.

      if you aesthetically don't like this look, than just say so. but don't create all these medical assumptions that simply aren't true on the basis of her body size.

  28. I agree with steph

    In fact, I really don't think she looks fat at all in this picture.

    I mean she looks like Jessica. She's top heavy (meaning breasts, not waist), and her bottom half isn't fat. She's a little heavier than she used to be, but I think she looks fabulous.

  29. OMG!!!! U R all so SHALLOW!!!!!!!! I bet 80% of you are obese, and U have the nerve to comment on her body??? You should be ashamed!!! Yes, she has some horrible clothes, but calling her FAT is just STUPID!!! Have U ever seen some real life americans, walking on the streets??? Out of 10 people, at least 7 are huge!!!! So THINK a bit, before writing such idiotic things…

  30. Why is this NEWS again??? So she has on a bad outfit…so what…she still has a rockin bod…a normal body..most women look like her body wise…not everyone is a size 0 or 2 with implants…Marilyn Monroe was like a 10 or 12 back in her day…and she is still till this day one of the biggest sex symbols…when did this world become a competition for who can look most emaciated….And then everyone wonders why there are 14 year old bulimics…take young, impressionable girls that are being told a size 4 or 6 is BIG and its a world of problems…

  31. I think she looks really good but she should have worn some of her other clothes the "Skimpier" ones to show of her freshly improved body.

  32. Ohhh.. s—… that is a bit too much unless the camera added 10 lbs. I think that when she was thinner she was too "thin" and not realistic. I still do think she lost some weight since that photo-shoot. This might be an unflattering set of photos… we have all been there.

  33. Anyone that is half way decent can have a sexy body.. it isn't uncommon. If you go to Europe, you will see plenty of that 🙂 Here, in the States, well, that can be another story. She is getting a bit more mature, so if she prefers to gain a bit of weight, she can do so… and that is eventually no one's business. In fact, if you do think about criticizing her… first, think about how you would look to the public yourself. Everyone has dimples, flaws and what not. Healthy women are beautiful as long as they are not fat..

    Bob is right, her face is nothing special…average American and blond.

  34. JESUS! She is gigantic, that is so not a healthy body, it's just proof that she has no care for her body whatsoever! Disgusting!

  35. haha, so many jealous girls hating and trying to make fun of a hot successful girl 🙂

    I cant and dont want to imagine how ugly and fat the girls are who criticize Jessica and others…

  36. YES…. I'm Sure…. That's why SHE is famous… and THEY R not…. because they MAY look better… PLEASE…… and FYI I live in europe… and if U walk on a streat in almost every country U can find gorgeous women…. and I've been in the US (pORTLAND. OREGON)…,. and I got scared…. and when I tried 2 buy clothes…. most of the stores clothes were soooooooooo big…… And most of THE PEOPLE wear such ugly clothes…. OMG……. Why they do not show the average american on tv???…. there R statistics which state that 80% of them R overweight…. that's alarming…. not the fact that JS had a bad choice of clothes that day that made her look a little puffy…. And I'm not even a FAN….. but how can anyone comment on her looks…. when that hole country is "fat"???????????

  37. Andra…

    I was BORN in Europe (14 years in the States, haha). By the way, if you have not realized that yet – everyone CAN be famous in the USA. They do not need to be extremely attractive to do so, if you're not attractive, they do their best to change that.

  38. She is so hot. When i want to hug a woman this is what I like , a solid girl. Just look at those curves YUMMY

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