Jessica Simpson: “I am just one of those pregnant women who gains a lot of weight”

jessica12 - Jessica Simpson: "I am just one of those pregnant women who gains a lot of weight"

On being criticized for her pregnancy weight gain:

“I will never understand why people give pregnant women such a hard time. We are creating a human life: I think we get every excuse in the world to eat a doughnut! It’s very hurtful, especially when you’re so emotional and going through all of these hormonal changes. I felt for Kim [Kardashian] — I knew exactly what she was going through. I am just one of those pregnant women who gains a lot of weight. I have really big boobs. I have my curves. Even trying as hard as I did with Ace, I still gained.”

… says Jessica, who gave birth to her second child back in June.


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68 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson: “I am just one of those pregnant women who gains a lot of weight””

    • Exactly, lc. No one forces her to shove down donuts and refrain from working out while pregnant. she’s just another one of those preggos who justifies her overeating and massive weight gain on the pregnancy.

      • While I agree that doughnuts are not the best choice, I wonder if either of you has ever been pregnant. There’s a LOT I didn’t think about before I got pregnant. For instance, I find myself having to eat frequently to prevent nausea. While I don’t have a hard time eating fruits and vegetables, some pregnant women can only keep carbs down. That makes you gain. Also, in my case, I had a bleeding scare in my first trimester and was actually told not to work out. None of this is anyone else’s business, mind you, but reasons pregnant women gain weight that have a lot more to do with making excuses. For what it’s worth, I’ve only gained 1 pound in 17 weeks. My mom was the same way, and the doctor actually *wrote her a prescription* for a dozen doughnuts. So, for some of us, weight gain stems from NOT gaining weight… we’re told we need to eat more, and we don’t know how to do so without gaining too much weight. Being pregnant is weird. You feel completely different. You ARE completely different. Until you’ve been through it, don’t judge.

        • cheche -FYI I am currently 30 weeks pregnant. I have continued to eat well and exercise daily throughout my pregnancy and have gained 19 lb so far. I am sorry to hear about your MS and bleeding scare, however a doctor prescribing donuts sounds completely inane. I cannot speak to this condition because I never experienced those things or any negative symptoms besides low bp. All I can say is that my proper nutrition/exercise has made this pregnancy extremely pleasant and I recommend all women to take care of themselves during this special time. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

          • Heyyy mary! How’s it going? I can only agree with your comment. My pregnancy was also very pleasant so far, due to clean eating and exercise. I had to stop working out 2 weeks ago unfortunately cause I got a “hernia inguinalis” (had to check that on from lifting a heavy laundry box. Nevertheless, I will still refuse to take my pregnancy as an excuse to eat crap ( I gained 17 lbs so far) and stay on the healthy path. 😉

            Being 28 I see A LOT of girls getting pregnant these days, and I can only speak from personal observation, that in 9 of 10 cases massive weight gain during pregnancy is caused by MASSIVE intake of calories. Of course, it is totally normal for a female body to get softer and restore some fat deposits, but I’m talking about 20kg weight gain and more….

          • Hey Swissmiss! Good to hear from you. How is everything going with your little one? We are on the same page with our approach to pregnancy. Last month our friend’s wife had to deliver 6 weeks early because of gestational diabetes and her baby was already 8 pounds. She admitted she didnt move and ate way too much. scary but preventable.
            Can you believe November is right around the corner? I am heading out to buy a crib today and excited to be finishing the nursery. I’m glad you are feeling good and hope the final trimester treats you well 🙂

        • @ chechebelle- Jessica has stated in the past that she was all happy to be pregnant because she got to eat what she wanted, it gave her an excuse to pig out blah blah blah. It’s pretty obvious that she was not over-eating due to health complications or doctor’s orders.

    • Also agree! No one forced her to eat more or workout less. It’s her own too eat for herself and her baby. Pregnancy only requires an extra 300 calories a day. That isn’t even another peanut butter and jelly sandwich.I think she’s sweet but no one made her eat or remain less active. Certain situations call for it, like doctor mandated bed rest, but there’s no word of her being required to be sedentary.

    • What she should have said is “what business it is of anyone else how much I gain during my pregnancy.”

      That’s really what she getting at. She gained a good of this that weight because of what she ate. However, it is her choice to eat those foods and having people follow her around looking for unflattering shots of her eating/being overweight probably is really annoying.

  1. Ah shame. You can get back into shape after child birth, it’s not something women should be criticised for. Jessica has such an angel-like pretty face (like Britney Spears when younger and now), don’t see how pregnancy weight gain can make you ugly. I do know certain women over indulge during pregnancy, could be cravings, sometimes there’s just no self limit (lol, blaming their over indulgence on pregnancy). In conclusion, pregnancy weight can be lost…pretty obvious.

  2. a donut doesn’t give nutrients to the fetus. if anything, it just raises your own blood sugar way too high for that moment of indulgence. i totally get the pressures and double standards of being a woman. but being pregnant is no excuse to eat anything and everything because you are having a baby. i hate to compare american celebrities to kate middleton but she looks really good right now. maybe it’s because she had someone monitor her intake throughout her pregnancy so she was eating better than kim or jessica. kate doesn’t profit from an extreme post baby weight loss like kim or jessica. those two can get deals from companies to promote their weight loss. there are different incentives involved here. there’s a big difference between healthy pregnancy weight and unhealthy pregnancy weight. both kim and jessica were unhealthy before they became pregnant so they gained A LOT of weight because they just kept eating unhealthily. being pregnant is not an excuse to eat whatever you want. it should be an excuse to eat as healthily as you can because you are having a baby so you should be treating yourself to good food with nutrients and not fried dough.

    • Completely agree. Pregnancy isn’t about eating whatever junk you want, it’s about nourishing a growing fetus. Especially since the uterine environment can basically ‘program’ your baby’s metabolism (epigenetically). The nutrients a fetus receives from it’s mother has lifetime effects (for example: see choline and intelligence). One doughnut won’t hurt it, but continually spiking your blood sugar will. The only excuse for someone with a lot of money like Jessica for eating crappily during pregnancy would be that she just couldn’t keep anything else down. But I don’t think that’s the case.

      • I know you’re both right, but maaan I’m so sick of those comments.. There’s always like 50 of them on each post about Jessica or Kim. So they gained a lot of weight when they were pregnant. Maybe they did eat nutritious foods. Maybe they ate salads, nuts, veggies etc and then had some cake or fried whatever after. Who knows. I don’t, you don’t. All we know is that she was pregnant and she gained weight. I’m not against commenting on celebrities online, but I think it’s time to give it a rest on the lectures when it comes to Jessica.

        • ^^THIS. Now that I’m pregnant, I see how gross it is that we as a society feel like it’s our place to shame women who gain weight during pregnancy. I haven’t had a single doughnut in 17 weeks, but that’s not to say that my urge to eat stuff like that isn’t very, very real. Being pregnant is not just being you with a growing belly…it changes EVERYTHING. My skin is different, my hair is different, my moods are certainly different, my digestive patterns are way different… I’m not the same person I was when I was working out 5 times a week. (My doctor actually told me to limit my exercise to walking and swimming, for what it’s worth.) Plus, second-time moms tend to gain more weight more quickly. So leave the preggos alone!

        • The thing is that she’s rich, she has access to professionals who could help her with a proper pregnancy diet, etc. And these comments are more addressing her mindset. She herself said that she thinks pregnancy is a time to indulge. Wrong mindset; her focus is completely off. All we can address is what she has stated. She said she ate doughnuts and other crap, so from that we infer that her diet was not the greatest. As I stated previously, the frequency of these events matters too (some doughnuts, cake, etc during pregnancy =not a big deal). It’s the fact that her mindset is clearly one of pregnancy =a time to indulge that makes me think the frequency of crappy food eating was high. I think those are completely reasonable inferences, but apparently you think not? I honestly comment on these types of things because some people seriously end up thinking that they don’t have to care about their diet during pregnancy (by diet I mean eating pattern, not calorie restriction). Seriously. Many people may be influenced by what she says, and it has always made a difference for me to read these types of “lectures” which is why I commented here. Pregnancy can be difficult, but it’s just plain selfish to only think of yourself. There will likely be compromises, but most people can pick the better of 2 options, ie/ if craving carbs, choose potatoes/fruit over doughnuts, maybe? (As always, specific cases differ, so if someone gets extreme nausea with everything but doughnuts, then ok, eat the damn doughnuts.) (I can also understand if we just enjoy reading different types of comments; I prefer the sciencey/lecturey type ones I guess, the ones full of info/tidbits, and you don’t. OK, people have different tastes).

    • Kate has a completely different body type though, she is tall and skinny and both Kim and Jessica are like 5′ and curvy, so that’s not really fair.

      • Just because you’re curvy doesn’t mean you’ll gain more weight while pregnant or can’t help yourself from eating more than a skinny girl.rMy sister is 5 7 135lbs and a slim vase. She’s curvy by most standards with a 9 inch difference between waist and hips. During pregnancy, it’s all baby every time. She has 3 kids and is I’m her late thirties. She still had a visible dip in her waist and stayed slim everywhere else. She also ate well, exercised, and indulged once in a while. Kim and Jessica just don’t seem to have good relationships with food or exercise, Kim is always dieting and selling pills, and Jessica is ayoyo dieter. After the babies she looked ‘normal’ again quickly.

  3. People just don’t like you or Kim k, that’s why you were criticsized. Hilary duff wasn’t, people just hate her. It has nothing to do with pregnancy I think.

  4. I don’t think pregnant women should be judged or shamed for their weight gain. However, I don’t think it should be taboo or be regarded as ‘shaming’, to mention the plain facts that gaining 40+ lbs rather than the recommended 20-35 means that your body is going to be much, much more affected by your pregnancy, forever (stretch marks, loss of elasticity, etc etc), than most women who stay within weight gain recs. And, that it will be a long and slow process to lose lots of body fat you put on during pregnancy after the pregnancy, just like it would be if you gained 50 lbs of body fat while not pregnant. With these realities, there is certainly nothing wrong or weird, with choosing to eat during pregnancy in a way that will prevent excess fat gain. I also don’t think there is anything wrong with choosing to eat whatever you like and not pay attention to weight gain. It’s a personal choice.

  5. Because eating a doughnut doesn’t benefit your body in any way, and it definitely doesn’t benefit a growing fetus. I know she’s not the most intelligent woman out there, but she just doesn’t seem to make the connection between nutrition and health. All she can ever focus on is weight. Weight isn’t the only barometer that a pregnant woman should use. The woman has to think, “does what I’m putting in my mouth help or harm my fetus? Will these chemicals help my child, or will they contribute to future health problems?” There just isn’t the much-bandied-about word “moderation” here. This is the most critical time to eat well, and she treats pregnancy like it’s a junk food paradise. I find that gross.

    • While I agree that doughnuts are not the best dietary choice, we have to remember that pregnant women are still women… they’re not just vessels carrying a fetus. They still work, have hobbies, have friends… but now they’re not allowed to drink alcohol, eat goat cheese, go to amusement parks, or do all manner of stuff they might otherwise do. Being pregnant is HARD. It hurts. It’s emotionally straining. I don’t see how one doughnut every now and again… for the MOTHER, not the fetus…is so horrible. She’s given up a lot to create that baby. Give her a freakin break.

      • “they’re not just vessels carrying a fetus”

        US Republicans would have us believe that women are nothing more than walking incubators. Livestock.

        • Agreed. that’s one of the things that angers me the most about the republic party. They are so against any form of birth control other than abstinence (which has been proven to be sooooooo effective at keeping h—y teenagers on their bibles instead of bumping uglies) but then they are completely against any support after the child is born either

          • Ayup, the US bible belt has the highest incidence of teen pregnancy – and that’s where abstinence only is taught.

      • Honestly, while I agree with the tone of your comments, and your points about the personhood of a mom, etc, this mindset is one of the things that I think has contributed to childhood obesity. Just sayin. Because maybe, during this developmentally extremely important time in the life of a new soon-to-be-person (the fetus), the focus could actually be on the fetus. Is it really that hard to give up alcohol for a year? To make sure their uterine environment is healthy? Shift eating patterns toward healthier meat+veg? Really? Having children is a huge investment of time and money and emotion, so yes, it’s hard. That means that some people are just not suited for the responsibility, and they just shouldn’t have children. Because raising the child will also be hard!! But diet? It’s pretty easy. The reason I think some people care about other’s pregnancies is that a mom’s actions during pregnancy don’t just affect her. You can do whatever the heck you want to yourself: drugs, bad diet, risky behaviour, etc. But during pregnancy? Your actions are affecting someone else in a very intimate and important way. So ya, many people are protective of the “innocent child” who may suffer from any bad choices the mom makes (the also may not, it gets complex, so all you can try to do is reduce risk). We live in a society, so we get to comment/criticize each other’s behaviours; that’s how a society works. I comment here, because sometimes it’s not the mom’s fault, and is just due to ignorance. Ignorance can be combated by passing on what you know, like AnnieC. (And no, one doughnout isn’t that terrible, but it doesn’t sound like Jessica was eating only one).

  6. I used to wonder how people gained so much. I’ve been naturally thin my whole life and then when I got pregnant I felt so sick that literally the only thing I could eat without vomiting was cheese and/or potatoes. I ended up gaining a normal amount (33 lbs) but I can see how it could get out of hand. I also used to wake up hungry and if I didn’t eat, I’d vomit.

    So having to eat was out of my control and what I could tolerate to eat was out of my control too. First time in my life that happened, but it made me more compassionate for others. I’m not saying she was in the same boat as me but really, until you go through it you can’t know.

    • Just to clarify… I didn’t eat just cheese and potatoes for the entire pregnancy or anything. I had to take medication to quell the vomiting and then I could tolerate other things.

  7. “we are creating human life, I think we get every excuse in the world to eat doughnut” –She sounds like a complete moron. I HATE this rationale that so many pregnant women share.
    You owe it to yourself and mostly to the unborn child (who has NO control over what is being fed to him) to eat well and take care during this crucial gestational period. Not saying one should completely give up donuts or junk food (I certainly have not) but eating these things daily and in mass amounts are not helpful.
    At about 30 weeks now I have put on 19 pounds, my doctor predicts I will gain another 10, which I would be perfectly happy with. I made a commitment to take extra care of my diet and exercise during these 9 months, and have experienced the smoothest pregnancy possible. I couldn’t stand vegetables for a time, but put my selfishness aside and ate them to ensure I was getting in the essentials. A good diet and exercise routine are key to a healthy baby, and I just can’t fathom how selfish some women are with their approach to pregnancy.

    • Although I agree you have to think of the baby once you’re pregnant, also satisfying your own food cravings has not and never will be harmful to the fetus if it is moderated. So yes women can still eat chocolate and cake and gosh (gasp) it won’t be harmful to your baby.

      Most women I know from real life have never exercised during their pregnancy (even the really thin ones), but were active in terms of walking and chores and they still delivered a very healthy baby.

      So this is just another hogwash. The whole exercise and eating to nourish the fetus is more of a modern fad craze, since most women didn’t do that for all of history and still… were are not extinct or all born with some kinf of an illness.

      • Of course, one can and should indulge! I certainly do. But I totally disagree that the exercise is “hogwash” – It is a proven benefit to both mom and child so why WOULDNT one want to engage in physical activity? babies born to active mothers have fewer behavioral and sleep problems, score higher on standardized tests, etc

        It also makes delivery smoother and ease of regaining pre pregnancy figure. I’m not saying to go wild and run marathons or lift 150 pound weights – walking is a great form of cardio for preggos. I was an athlete and gym rat pre pregnancy and found no reason to give that up with child, but I know this isn’t achievable for most women. But let me tell you, its helped me tremendously with this pregnancy and my doctor encourages it… I have no back pain or leg, constipation, hemoroids, mood swings,etc or the plethora of common late pregnancy symptoms so many inactive women experience. maybe I am just lucky, but I attribute a lot of it to my muscle and strength associated with exercise

        • True, I mean you’re lucky, but not just that. I totaly see how being active in life helps you with many things including pregnancy. I was just trying to say, most women really don’t exercise like that. I bet more than 90% of women, although some are still active (which to me is important).

          I know a women who basicaly is never active, just lies in bed when pregnant and complains about her pain and how she would do things, but can’t. And she won’t get a job. Those kind of people piss me off, you know?

      • Just saw this. Maybe so. Maybe I am trying to be a better person, more sensitive to others feelings. Maybe my mom dying of a heart attack just recently, and finding out my cholesterol was 198, instilled something in me. That health is more important than looks, and not everyone is created equal, and that maybe I should try to be more positive, and more aware of the impact of my words. JN1976, her words really spoke to me, my moms death, my cholesterol. You know skinny people can have worries too. At

      • And I have struggled too. I was 16% body fat yet my cholesterol was a little high 198. Now, for almost a year now I am yes very lean almost too lean, I am 12% honestly. By how I look and how my dance teacher and trainers see me, but at 104 my cholesterol has gone down a lot. First by 38 points, I am sure it is way lower now. Point is, people do change, and my mothers death and wanting to get healthier and get my cholesterol lower back to 120 would be nice, was a big motivation for me to change. IDK how you could have guessed it was me my comments are no longer harsh, as I now am more considerate of others and their plights.

        If I cannot comment here anymore, so be it. But I will cont. To take my new attitide with me, to be more positive to others, wherever I go.

        • Well it’s good to hear you owning up to your actions and realizing health is more important than looks. Some people on this site still don’t realize that. And that’s what I’m trying to say, just because you are thin or don’t smoke cigarettes, it doesn’t guarantee you, that you are healthy. I do believe in moderation when it comes to everything, since there are no guarantees in life.

          Hope you get better soon!

  8. I hate it when celebrities profit off their children, I think that’s gross. Although, I do think Jessica is very pretty as well as her children. And if she doesn’t want to be criticized for her weight, don’t make it a spectacle, such as becoming a weight watchers or whatever spokesperson. Mind your own business and so will everyone else. But no, you chose to be put on magazine covers.

  9. I hate how terrible the tabloids and all these random people can be. It makes me really sad. Pregnant women should be off bounds to such criticism! You don’t personally know her or what she ate. A lot of women gain more weight while pregnant and it’s not just because they eat “a ton”. I’m sick of people (women especially!) judging a woman while she is pregnant! Every woman is different and it’s just so sad that we’ve turned to bashing the people who are doing something beautiful- something that should be an amazing experience.. not an embarrassing one. Everyone has their own battles.

  10. It’s really easy for women who have never had a baby to criticize pregnant women. Here’s the deal: some people get crazy cravings, some don’t. Some experience massive weight gain no matter what they eat, some don’t. Some women use pregnancy as an excuse to eat as badly as they want, some don’t. My point is, pregnancy is different for everyone and it would be nice if women would stop criticizing them.

    I ate very well during my pregnancy and I gained 40 lbs. My friend gains 85 lbs every time she gets pregnant (she has three daughters) and she loses it and returns to her 5’10” 130 lbs body. Everyone is different!

  11. Honestly I could not care less. She isn’t a model and I don’t expect her to look like one, So I never focus on her body. Gain weight or lose it-truly doesn’t matter. On a positive note she does have a beautiful face and her hair is gorgeous.

  12. Some much hate in those comments.

    I cant figure why talking about eating one donut can generate so many passionate comments … in a nation where most people are obese. Intolerance is way worst then being fat in my opinion.

  13. “We are creating a human life”

    She is correct. The fetus is not like some astronaut that magically grows itself. It literally builds its body by stealing nutrients from the woman’s body.

    Pregnant teens, if they do not get enough nutrition, often develop osteoperosis and even lose teeth because the fetus leeches all of the woman’s calcium for it’s own bones.

  14. Okay, her babies are adorable, and I normally don’t have a soft spot for kids.

    Anyway, I actually agree with her. I’ve never been pregnant, but I’ve had pregnant friends/colleagues, and from their experiences, pregnancy doesn’t sound like a fun time to me! So just let a woman carry her baby and don’t add extra stress to her by critiquing every little morsel she puts in her mouth, good Lord.

    My mom gained 60 pounds with me, and 40 pounds with my brother 5 years later. She’s a 50 year old, 120 pound hot momma to this day! And we both came out just fine.

  15. Eh, I don’t mind her. I think that she is naive, but we can’t all be the same. I personally think she is really pretty with nice hair and great legs and b❆❆bs when she is more in shape. I think her babies are super cute.

  16. I’m conflicted about this. I don’t think that pregnant women should use their pregnancy as an excuse to completely stop eating healthy and keeping active – but I also think it’s fair enough to indulge a little more than usual if that is what you’re craving. I’ve never been pregnant, but I know when I’ve had problems with nausea that the only things I can keep down are bread based – usually plain white bread or crackers, which are not exactly healthy. Also, with PMS I sometimes get crazy cravings and when you’re fatigued, depressed and cranky because of hormones, sometimes the last thing you want to do is fight your cravings and have a couple of almonds and go for a long walk instead of watching a movie and eating that doughnut/cookie/pizza you really want! Being pregnant brings stronger cravings for many women and stronger hormonal emotional stress – so I feel wrong judging someone too harshly for not having the willpower to stick to a clean and active lifestyle throughout pregnancy.

    I think people kind of overreact when someone says they want to eat a doughnut – you’d think they were talking about drinking a martini while pregnant! I don’t see anything wrong with having a doughnut once in awhile. Of course, Jessica seems to be the other extreme – she maybe indulges too much, maybe she had a doughnut or two every day (definitely not good) – but she doesn’t go into specifics. I just find some people here are too puritanical when it comes to clean eating – and too unforgiving of anyone gaining weight and admitting to not just eating kale, grilled salmon, almonds and no-carbs, like so many celebs.

    Jessica probably shouldn’t have gained as much as she has, but I think pregnant women do get too much criticism about their weight sometimes in the media and that’s not healthy, imo. Look at the story about Kate Hudson working out like 6 hours a day or something to lose her (completely normal amount of) baby weight – people take it too seriously. As long as the mother and baby are healthy and happy, gaining a bit more than ideal is fine by me, and losing it slowly is too.

  17. some people eat really healthy and still gain a ton of weight – sometimes its one of those things. I’m 19 weeks pregnant , have gained 1/2 a stone and live on pringles and eggs due to hyperemesis, i’m in the uk and on ondanestron which is a last resort here but if i brave other things – bleugh, can’t drink water, can’t stomach vitamins and have had several bleeds so i’m not allowed to exercise! sometimes its needed

  18. I know some women use pregnancy as an excuse to overeat-eating for two- whether they crave it or not.Imho i think it’s quite selfish cos the baby’s health and nutrition isn’t their priority but their own indulgences.
    On the other hand some pregnant women(the ones i know) crave a particular food or two so much that they don’t feel like eating other foods.When my mum was pregnant with me,she craved corn pudding so much that she goes to the restrauant everyday for their corn pudding.But by her 6th month the craving varnished;the twist is that corn pudding is one of the WORST food i’ve ever tasted in my life even as a kid.
    I think pregnancy is bit like menstruation,some women have it easy and some have it so bad-they don’t even have PMS.
    I know some women whose pregnancy was so bad they couldn’t eat and were losing weight,mayb she is the opposite.
    When am ready to be a mum i just pray and hope i have an easy pregnancy like my mum-little weight gain,easy birth.
    P.S: Came across a story about Kate Middleton losing her pregnancy weight in 5wks.Please Versus can you do a post on her?

  19. As long as her babies are born healthy, nobody should really give a F how much weight she gained while she was pregnant. And, as far as I can tell, she has two healthy little children.

  20. I think she has a good, sturdy shape to her. And while I never want kids, she looks very happy with her decision to have them. Looks healthy too.

  21. Most women couldn’t care less about the health of some woman (and her fetus) that they barely know. They’re just looking for something to critize to make themselves feel superior in some way, as with most types of concern-trolling.

    That being said, since I am already dreading 98% of the things I can expect to deal with during pregnancy, the last thing thing I’m going to do is put on excess weight that might exacerbate those symptoms.

  22. You do realise your MEANT to put on weight and there is a human growing in side of you. you are going to put on weight and not be stick thin. please remeber that neither of this women (kim/jess) were stick thin in the first place so once there is a human inside them they arnt going to be getting skinner. seriously back of the pregnant people. Its a fact of life…a certainty that they are going to be bigger and get bigger when pregnant and if they want to eat a f*cking doughnut then let them eat a f*cking doughnut. Trolls. Im stick of women attacking women when they are able to do something as amazing as be pregnant and have a baby.

  23. I feel bad for her, I truly do. And in response to some of the comments above – some women DO gain a ton of weight, naturally. I am 5’7 and was 56kgs pre pregnancy – I gained 35kgs with my son! A huge amount. I ate well and I exercised. A lovely midwife told me if I gained it
    ‘naturally’ I would lose it easily. 3 weeks after the birth of my son I had lost 20kgs, and by the time he was 3 months old I was back to normal without dieting. Some woman do gain crazy amounts.. I think any sort of weight bashing for pregnant woman should be completely off limits!

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