Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson in Jeans at LAX

Jessica-Simpson-in-Jeans-at-LAX - Jessica Simpson in Jeans at LAX

Jessica Simpson and boyfriend Eric Johnson were spotted catching a flight out of LAX Airport yesterday… and Jessica chose to travel in impossibly high animal print heels and tight jeans.

Jessica-Simpson-in-Jeans-at-LAX-4 - Jessica Simpson in Jeans at LAX

How do you like Jessica’s traveling look?

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Jessica-Simpson-in-Jeans-at-LAX-2 - Jessica Simpson in Jeans at LAX

Jessica-Simpson-in-Jeans-at-LAX-3 - Jessica Simpson in Jeans at LAX

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  • Erica

    I think she looks okay. The jacket is not the most flattering for her top-heavy figure, but the jeans are nice and I love the bag!
    In the pic with the jacket off I don’t like the cap sleeves – they really only look good on slim arms and Jessica’s are quite chunky. I have the same problem and so many tops out there have cap sleeves – it’s annoying!

    • agree! i haaate cap sleeves, it makes the arms look super chunky

      • Jessica

        I second that! What is a girl to do?

    • leonore

      i didn´t know what cap sleeve were so i googled it. Aren´t they supposed to be short, just coming off the shoulder a little bit? But the jacket is long-sleeved; i´m confused.

      • Nataleigh

        In the picture where the jacket is off, you can see the black tshirt has cap sleeves.

  • Ryan

    She has the shortest legs i think i’ve seen on a celebrity!

  • leonore

    This is gonna sound rude and weird but seeing her made me lose my appetite. It´s an awful thing to say, i know, but her face looks so bloated that all of a sudden the food i was about to eat seems unappealing. I´m aware that i probably sound as if i have a food problem but i just can´t help it.

    • Ramie

      I had the same reaction. She looks so bloated and you can tell she doesn’t feel good about the way she looks. She is definitely an appetite suppressant.

  • size0??

    Poor Jess she actually has a double chin. I just read some here she lost 20 pounds. Looks like that is not true.:(

  • I think she looks uncomfortable.

  • AlexD

    i feel for her because she gains weight just like i do. and i used to look almost like this when i was heavier (a little less heavy than her here) gaining all weight in my stomach, boobs and face. and i told myself and others “on no im not fat this is my natural weight”. well by eating healthy and exercising few days a week i lost almost 30 lbs and im NEVER going back to that. That said I don’t believe that she is as happy as she says at this weight. She has always been thinner and im sure she didnt starve herself all up until now and she knows what its like to be seen as sexy and to feel sexy and not to mention comfortable. Lets face it, extra weight is annoying and once you know what its like to be thin you will know the big difference. She used to be the epitome of happiness and confidence to me, now she just looks like the chubby girl that gets picked on

    • AlexD

      P.S. when i was heavier i thought i ate “normal” but it was really too much food. Now i dont starve myself, just watch the carbs and portions. I bet Jessica isnt eating healthy at all, I’m sure she contributed to the weight gain by eating fatty foods and bigger portions but thinks she eats “normal” amounts. What’s normal anyway? All I know is portions in restaurants are often way more than we should be eating. Sometimes you think you eat normal and accept your extra weight as normal but you might be eating too much

    • southerngumdrops

      agreed. i used to think i was naturally larger until i stopped eating so much fast food.

      i’m definitely not saying everyone who is even slightly “heavy” is meant to be small, but i would be willing to bet that the majority of them are

    • theprincessdi

      I dont fully agree w u…Jess has said that the min she came into this indusry they made her lose weight..have u seen her early church singing pics? She was not this heavy but she was not a skinny girl at all…her natural weight seems to fall more on the heavy side then thinner…eating healthy or not…and she is also older now…trust me, I kw, its harder to maintain and loose weight as u age. Plus, she was on a low carb diet for a long time…once she started eating carbs…even healthy carbs…she would pick up a lot of water weight which may be why she looks so bloated…and her extreme diets through the yrs would slow her metab a lot, making it twice as hard to get back to her slim days and almost impossible to get back to her D Dukes Days. Having said all that, I guess I feel like maybe she is not truly happy w her weight as u said, but has come to the decision that she does not want to cut cals anymore or workout like a crazy person..Im sure she kws her own body and what she feels is a happy set point(weight wise)She told Oprah that she still works out and eats healthy…but did not like herself for the DDukes movie, she said it was too extreme for her. Seems like an honest answer to me.

      • Erica

        I agree. I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to work out to the extreme or watch everything they eat to remain at someone else’s idea of their perfect weight. If Jessica is happy with her life and body as it is now, then that’s good – she shouldn’t be trying to maintain a weight that makes her miserable just because others think she should.

        Maybe she’s not 100% happy with her body now, but she has probably weighed the pros and cons and decided she is happier being a little heavier than slim – and it’s not like she’s obese!

    • Casey

      She’s one of those celebrities that says she eats healthy and exercises, then says how she has to starve herself to be thin, then she gains weight and says she’s still eating healthy and can’t help it, and then she says she loves comfort food and eats it when she feels like it.

      I don’t get why Crystal Renn gets all the hate for being a hyporcrite for simply following the normal recovery process of an anorexic, yet Jessica Simpson is not called out on it.

      But however she eats, I agree with you that she seems insecure now that she has gained weight. i don’t think we the public are helping that (although to be fair, she did look much better thinner).

    • Alex

      However, it is not fair to make the assumption that Jessica Simpson (or other women for that matter) are the same as you are. Just because you have the same body type does not mean you gain weight the same way.

      I have an hourglass figure so I put a lot of weight on my upper thighs, breasts and love handles. I’m probably Simpson’s height and weigh about the same (I do have a bit of muscle tone though, so am a little slimmer.)

      I excercise for an hour a day and probably eat around 1,800 calories a day. Mostly in vegetables and lean meats.

      There was a time when I excercised for two hours a day (an hour and a half of that being cardio with a high heart rate) and ate 1,200 calories a day. I weighed, at most, ten pounds less than I do now. It’s SUPER discouraging to work that hard and restrict your eating so much, so I chose to be a little bit heavier and enjoy myself more while still being healthy.

      Also, if you remember back when she had her dukes of hazard body she had a strict diet and intensive training, so that size was certainly not natural either.

      • dalz

        totally agree! i gain in the exaxt places also

    • Nataleigh

      The problem with Jessica Simpson is that as soon as she loses weight she runs to the tabloids and gossip rags with HOW I LOST IT! and proclaims that she will NEVER GO BACK TO IT AGAIN!

      Then, of course, she goes back to being bigger, inevitably wears something horrifically unflattering which brings attention to her gain, and turns into this great big cry-baby OMG THE PRESS IS SO MEAN TO ME!!!!

      She’s done this consistently since the initial loss at the second album, the subsequent gain, the loss for newlyweds, the newlywed gain (which wasn’t that terrible but still), the loss for Dukes, the gain when she got with Mayer, the loss after he dumped her, the gain with Romo and the infamous mom-jeans fiasco, and it’s just been steady gain since there.

      Jessica is very similar to Kirstie Alley–a woman who has a show called “Fat Actress”, then loses it on Jenny Craig and makes all sorts of public appearances about her loss, then gains it back, flips her shit over photogs taking her pics, and then starts a show called Kirstie’s Big Life. Are you serious? Why do you think they go after you? Hate to break it to both of them, but their relevancy has long since dwindled, and it’s only their own stupid mouths that keep them in the spotlight.

  • lily

    sorry, but her boobs have gotten massive! O.o and that jacket is really unflattering. she looks pretty uncomfortable.

    • Alex

      She can’t really control where she gains the weight, can she?

      • bst

        Nobody can

  • Lynn

    This does not look like her natural weight, at all. She looks so uncomfortable and “bloated” looking all over.

  • o

    i feel bad for her. She looks very uncomfortable and im sure that weight must be hard to deal with.

  • wonderwoman21

    Wow those shoes look so steep in the third pic!! Ouch

  • Holly

    the whole thing about her going from 142 to 122 in 20 days… def not true looking ate these photos maybe 150 to 140 more likely

  • Annie

    The weight gain is quite visible in her face. She’s not an unattractive woman, but she definitely dresses in a classless manner.

  • Mia

    I don’t really get why people “feel bad for her”, because it’s not clear to me at all that she is suffering. In fact, every time we see candids of her she has a pretty big grin on her face, which would suggest otherwise. I think people who feel bad for her are projecting how they would feel if they gained weight…but I have to say that from this end of the computer she looks pretty content.

  • Katy

    oh god why would you wear those shoes to an airport? i’m sorry, but sneakers and trackies are so acceptable for plane flights, i don’t care if you’re a celeb. Yeah she looks so top heavy here, but her out fit isn’t helping. She doesn’t really look fat though.

    • lola

      my thoughts exactly: damn girl, get yourself some sneakers!!

    • bst

      That s exactly how I travel:DI m putting on the sneakers in the plane.I get her,High Heels give you confidence and you have a better posture.I just don t like Animal Prints at all.
      But I prefer dresses,more comfortable.

  • k

    I think she is very pretty but doesn’t look comfortable.

    I always wear sneakers and comfy layers on flights – hope hers isn’t long!

  • nannou

    She looks pissed, but taking flights is no picnic. The shoes are just wrong.

  • aj

    Jessica is a great person, we should all be thankful (as I’m guessing a lot of us have some sort of uneasy relationship with the media and its portrayal of beauty as super skinny) that she took some initiative and made a show whose main point is that everyone is beautiful. Maybe she’s practising what she preaches, that you don’t have to be skinny to be beautiful.

  • bst

    I think she s under a lot of stress,what contributes weight gain and bloating etc.
    An I think she is beautiful.You don t have to be slim for that.That s especially the view from America.It isn t like that in Europe.Penelope Cruz gained a few pounds (of cause not as much as Jessica Simpson).She still looks great but her body is kind out of proportion(gained weight before she was pregnant).Jennifer Lopez isn t exactly slim or Kim Kadashianor her sister.Everybody says:”that s their butt,genetics”.Believe me,they ll lose them if they lose a lot of weight.
    And only because she s a celebrity she doesn t have to be skinny or slim AT ALL.It s her friggin live,if she feels ok like that-let her be.It s always “too skinny or “too much weight”.And when one celeb finally eats something tasty and that more than twice a year-what supports the weight gain- it s promptly “lose weight,don t eat so much junk food”.We DON T know if she eats a lot of Junf Food or .I don t think so,her skin would show that.
    Maybe she just eats like a normal human being.And every normal-eating women is bloated etc.
    We shpuld appreciate that instead of slaughering her-especially the medie(yellow press).But they always need something,don t they?
    And I think a whole lot of people say she s too fat because they project their attitude on her.And nearly every human ebing(esp women) love to point at something what make them feel better.

    She always looks confident and happy.Not like all those celebs who starve themselfes.

  • Calro

    Whether this is her “natural” weight or not, Jessica Simpson should really learn how to dress for her current shape. I don’t think she is overweight; I think she is a normal, healthy weight for her height and bone structure but I think she makes a lot of bad fashion mistakes for her figure and a lot of her choices end up making her look chunky or big when in fact she is just a curvy and short woman.

    • Erica

      I agree. She could dress so much better for her shape and look really curvy and beautiful! She’s trying to wear clothes that would suit the thinner version of herself and it’s making her look bigger than she really is.

  • formerly Sam

    She’s like “oh no, why did I have to take my jacket off?! Give me back my jacket now!!”

    She’s never looked so uncomfortable, and that’s saying a lot, ’cause she ALWAYS looks very uncomfortable at her current weight.

    So to people who say:
    “that’s her natural weight!”…… not…..
    “she looks healthy and happy!” …….. not……..
    “everyone gets bloated!” ………. not…….. (not if you eat right!!)

    Jessica oh Jessica, your happiness (and comfort!) is in your hands.

    • bst

      EVERYONE ,every women,gets bloeated from time to time,no matter how healthy you eat.E.g.during the period.
      If you don t-good for you.
      There are lots of pics oput there where she s smiling and looks great(paparazzi photos).
      You ever heard of the inner beauty?NA,doubt that in relation to your comment.

      About the healthy weight-that s individual.And those who weight a little bit more live longer than those who are at the so-called perfect weight .

  • lc

    Sorry, but she looks fat to me. And you know, she does not look like she likes being this heavy. She doesn’t. She just won’t lose the weight.

    • Erica

      It seems to me she has tried the extreme exercise and diet regime and it made her miserable. Now she has dropped that and gone a little too far the other way (but not much, I don’t agree that she’s really ‘fat’) – she needs to find a happy medium. I honestly think she’s healthy enough as she is – she is not obese – it’s more a question of how comfortable she is with herself and most of the time she looks happy (no one is at their happiest in an airport!)

    • Alex

      You can’t tell whether or not someone likes being at a certain weight by looking at pictures.

      She’s at an airport in these candids. If you’ve ever been to an airport you should understand the pissed off look on her face.

      And as for the other photos where she looks uncomfortable, I think most people who aren’t very, very slim tend to in pictures. I know I do. Because even though I know I’ve got a nice figure in real life, if they camera catches you at the wrong angle you can look like a whale. Or perhaps she looks uncomfortable because she knows people like you are going to judge her if she looks a little pudgy in one shot.

  • Melanie

    I just love Jess at ANY size she just has a star quality IMO.

  • mel

    She reminds me of Britney Spears in a way here. It’s not due to her weight so much as she just looks really self-conscious, frazzled, and trying too hard, especially with those shoes and tight jeans. She also has broad shoulders and is topheavy so putting her hair up only emphasizes this and her traces of a double chin.

  • Casey

    She looks better than she has for a while style-wise. There are a lot of times when she doesn’t dress well for her figure, but I think people expect her to do the impossible. She can’t turn herself into a proportional hourglass no matter what she wears…this is her figure. There’s no hiding it. She looks uncomfortable/bloated/chunky not because of the clothes she wears but because she IS those things. I think she looks fine here despite that, although her thinner figure was amazing.

  • maddie

    boobs dont count if you’re fat…..that just my immediate thought haha

    anyway yeh its obvious she’s fat…..but she has ben for a while…i dont think she would have to starve herself to be slim again i just think she hasn’t got the will power to give up the junk food and big portion sizes

  • Lang

    That’s a horrible outfit to be traveling in. I wouldn’t want to be sitting for long in those jeans.

  • Me

    She looks bloated!

  • Pie

    She really does like to look… Flashy.

  • nhana

    I actually get sad when I see these pics. I respect Jess a lot for trying to do a difference in the skinny girls hollywood, but I just don’t think she looks good anymore + I don’t think this is her natural weight. I believe she was too thin in her daisy duke days but even though I have never liked her music I could just watch this video (I belong to me) over and over again because she was so beautiful… so yes, it makes me sad to see her like this…

  • Mary

    it’s the same as kim kardashian went bowling on this
    she barely could move…I dont understand why they choose to be so uncomfortable,. but i think jessica looks great

  • vazy

    I just miss her when she was shining. Something makes her look not good. I know she could look so much better…
    And yes, maybe she is naturally chubby and not skinny, but I guess just a little less weight would make her look so fresher, younger and healthier…

  • amazon

    she could be miserable for all manner of reasons. the last time my friends went through an american airport they were miserable too, long sleepless flight, humourless baggage inspection, bad food, etc.
    i think this outfit works fine for her. maybe the big collar isn’t the most flattering, but if she likes it who cares. i hate this notion of not wearing anything because it isn’t perfect for your body type, especially if you have a hard body shape to dress. sometimes I just like to wear something I love regardless of whether it shows all my assets off to their ‘best’. like my favourite big cosy jumper.
    and she will always have a loevly face, which is not bloated. half of hollywood is paying thousands for a full round face like hers.
    as for her weight, you have no idea what she is eating or doing. and no she probably is putting a face on it in public, which i am not going to hate on her for. she gets enough of that, and if she tries to tu

  • Diana

    I don’t like the way she dresses

  • leonore

    She dresses too old for her years. The boyfriend looks nice, though.

  • Jamie

    she keeps getting fatter and fatter.what a slob. gross.

  • jjj

    I still can’t believe people are blaming her weight gain on how she dresses. At some point people need to accept that she is overweight and it isn’t her dressing that is making her look overweight.

  • dzhii

    oh please, she is just fat… and all that ‘i’m eating healthy’ is crap… you can’t eat healthy and be this big… i usually eat very much in summer holidays, like stuff myself with ‘healthy food’ until i can’t breathe an i don’t even get this big. Maybe in her mind eating whenever and whatever you want and in big amounts is healthy, not starving is healthy. but i think she just got in the opposite… i am eating healthy now, and i am losing weight all the time.. so it’s crap what she says… it’s just an excuse…