Jessica Simpson Lost Weight from 175 to 110 Lbs

June 4, 2014 in Celebrity Weight & Measurements, Jessica Simpson by Versus


All the details from Life & Style:

With a huge Santa Barbara, Calif., wedding in the works for July 4, Jessica Simpson is doing just about everything to keep the weight off! Insiders reveal in the new issue of Life & Style that in addition to her strict Weight Watchers diet and regular workout schedule with trainer Harley Pasternak, she’s walking six miles a day!

“She’s incredibly proud of the way she’s stayed on track,” an insider tells Life & Style.

Walking that much means dedicating a lot of time to her treadmill.

“She’ll watch TV on it, talk on the phone,” the inside source shares with Life & Style. “Jess probably spends half the day there.”

The bride-to-be has gone from 175 pounds to a slinky 110 pounds — just six months after baby. And with her wedding day approaching, she’s sticking to her Weight Watchers meal points and doing squat-and-lunge sessions with her trainer “three to five times a week,” according to Harley.

“Jessica has gotten her best body ever,” an insider close to Jess tells Life & Style. “She truly feels like she’s in better shape than she was in her early 20s.”


Do you guys think that the weight estimates are correct?


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