Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Does Redbook and Brings Today’s Quote

February-2014 - Jessica Simpson Does Redbook and Brings Today's Quote

On the infamous high-waisted blue jeans:

“What’s so unbelievable is that I was probably at least 15 pounds smaller than I am right now. What’s more unbelievable is that the press could create something like that out of a pair of jeans…what woman wants to be brought down for wearing a pair of jeans?”

… says Jessica in Redbook Magazine.

jessica-simpson-gained-weight - Jessica Simpson Does Redbook and Brings Today's Quote

More pictures from Redbook next!


jess1 - Jessica Simpson Does Redbook and Brings Today's Quote jess2 - Jessica Simpson Does Redbook and Brings Today's Quote

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  • teenyogini

    Aww I like her. She’s just sweet and innocent <3

  • Liv

    I think the back of the jeans made her butt look fantastic,… the font of those jeans look a little ill fitting… but they did make a bigger deal about them then they should have… People wear worst things to my corporate office and to the grocery store everyday

    • solaxia

      So true! She’s never been a fashionista anyway. There’s nothing wrong with that. So funny though because looking back she wasn’t big at all! She was bigger than her daisy duke days, but she looked perfectly healthy, and imo sexy. Not too thin, not too thick…just nice really, I always think there are a variety of weights where people can look really good…anything too far above or beyond sometimes looks a little off.

      • Liv

        Exactly… and angles can make you look really great or really terrible in photos… I mean some people look amazing in photos but kind of plain in person or vice verse. I love her though.

  • lovelikeu

    i think she’s annoying, her quotes are always the same. she’s pretty she should get some satisfaction 😀

  • hello

    yuck hasn’t the bandage dress died yet??

    • HB


  • MerryHappy

    Aww Jessica. I have always thought she was super harmless and sweet abs that she had an amazing body back in the day, and so what if it isn’t her body note? So she gained weight. And I like the sites in her like even if she doesn’t design then and they’re basically knock offs of hf designers

  • Sarah

    There was an uproar at the time because because she went from being the model of beauty, health, and fitness, to being a little on the chubby side (I’m so about to be crucified for that comment). It’s not her size that people were reacting to, but rather the rapid jump from one end of the spectrum to the other. People praise her now because she was on the chubby side, had two (BEAUTIFUL kiddos) and is werking her tush off to maintain a healthy lifestyle and physique. It’s not rocket science, Jess. With love, from a fan who has (and still watches) Newlyweds DVDs. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • wonderwoman21

      I think the uproar was less about her health and more about her appearance; she went from thin buxom bikini babe to average looking. I think her heavier body is probably closer to her natural shape, she was probably killing herself in the gym and on an eternal low cal diet to maintain a thinner figure. Just my soeculation 😉

  • kia

    well,the behind jeans pic looks great. the front is not so bad.

  • lekeek

    you should have put pics from her on GMA the other day, she looked amazing! her face slimmed out a lot. Love her honesty, shes so down to earth

  • lc

    Not a fan of her at all, sorry.

  • Fabeuless

    It was weird that the press went crazy over a pair of ill-fitting, unflattering pants. Jessica’s body type makes her gain weight in not-so-cute places. Plus, her large bust can make her appear much heavier if she doesn’t dress carefully.

  • HB

    Honestly, I thought she looked hot in the “mom jeans” picture! Just not the same as her slim daisy dukes days, which is fine.

  • wonderwoman21

    Jessica Simpson’s line of shoes is really cute, sometimes when i go thrifting i see a really cute pair of shoes and when i check the brand it’s Jessica Simpson. Then i feel tacky because in general celebrity clothing lines seem tacky to me.

    But seriously her line does have some really cute shoes. I’ve bought some too lol

    • MissMarilyn

      totally agree. my mom has a pair of her cowboy boots and I love them…

      • wonderwoman21

        It’s a guilty pleasure for sure! I need cowboy boots in my life, preferably red ones.

  • Mara

    Well, those jeans were ugly as f, but I remember how the press was trying to turn this into a “Jessica’s a cow” story, and that’s wrong and humiliating. When you read all this gossip crap you lose perspective of what is normal and healthy and acceptable. Pretty much every body seems unacceptable to some extent because we are bombarded with headlines “scary skinny” “bloated and unhealthy” “shocking – xy balloons to x lbs!” “cellulite nightmare”. Nothing is okay anymore. Well, maybe Candice or Rosie. But I’m sure the media are going to find ways to shame even their supposedly perfect physiques at some point.
    I hope there’s a special place in hell for the people who write these stories.

  • Elle

    Wow, her face in the black and white picture…
    With all the blabla about her persona I almost forgot she has one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood.

  • Debbs

    I’m sorry but she is a joke.

  • megs362

    Is it weird that I actually thought she looked really hot in those jeans?! … slightly ashamed.

    And bandage dress!? DO NOT WANT.

  • Maelstrom

    Yawn. I think she’s well in the running for Most Boring Woman in the World.

  • Veronique

    Hmmm I think she looks thinner now…but that could be due to the wonders of Photoshop.

  • solaxia

    can’t help but love her. Down to Earth and cute. Sure she is ditzy, but she doesn’t come across as the try hard ditzy…she just genuinely is I think! Not saying she is completely dumb btw. You can be intelligent and still be a little doughy at times! Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that! Oh, and I always think she is so beautiful. I love her looks the best at a lower weight but she always has such greats boobs and legs so she can carry off a variety of weights. Her face is so striking and stunning too…and she makes super cute bubbies!