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Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Baby Bump in a Bikini

jess11 - Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Baby Bump in a Bikini

Jessica Simpson, who lost more than 50 pounds after having a baby back in May, is pregnant with her second child – and she’s ready to show it to the world! Here she is in a bikini in a picture she posted on Twitter, showing off her growing baby bump.

And a quote from Jessica, who lost weight with Weight Watchers:

I’m crazy about smoothies, so I bring fruit chopped up and ready to go. That way, I can sip the same smoothie all morning long between takes. If it thins out, I put it back in the blender with crushed ice for a few minutes.

article-0-16AD4B5A000005DC-945_634x841 - Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Baby Bump in a Bikini

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  • wonderwoman21

    I’m sure the lighting has something to do with it but damn her face is haggard looking in this pic. And what’s up with making duckface while pregnant? C’mon Jessica you’re a 30+ mom of two now, grow up.

    • MissMarilyn

      I don’t see her face as haggard, it just looks like she’s not wearing any makeup, which makes sense if she’s in a swimsuit. Why would you go to the pool/beach with makeup on?

      Can’t argue about the duckface ahaha those are ridiculous

      • wonderwoman21

        Is that a swimsuit? I thought it was a bra & panties!

        But anyways, somehow even if it is a swimsuit I doubt she’s on her way to the pool. Looks like she’s just in it to show off her belly for attention on Twitter. I doubt she has any real intention of going to the pool.

        • MissMarilyn

          i read somewhere that her family is vacationing in Hawaii (with her sister who was also featured recently on this site in a swimsuit) so I would assume she was going to the beach or the hotel pool or whatever. I mean, that’s what I’d do if I was in Hawaii!

        • gfds

          its obviously a missoni swimsuit…

    • v

      She’s looked really haggard for a while now. Even before baby no. 1. Also, in that first picture, she looks like Britney mid-breakdown: a total mess.

    • guru

      whats with all these morons and their smoothies? fruit loses nutritional value when blended. also, people who make smoothies often discard the skin, which is very good for you. im sure jessica is no no hurry to start work at 9 am, which is 1 hr drive from her house. There is no excuse for celebs being lazy and making smoothies.

      • jenna

        guru – you’ve got some anger issues if you start spouting off that anyone who eats smoothies is a “moron”.
        Yes, blending destroys SOME nutrients, but at the same time it makes them more available so you’ll probably assimilate more of them anyway (that’s especially true of things like kale and spinach).
        The better the blender (which I’m sure that anyone who is serious about smoothies has one of those $500 Vitamixes), the less time you have to blend and the less nutrients get lost.
        Furthermore, if you look at people who drink smoothies as part of their regular daily diet, their stories of all the benefits they’ve gained cannot be ignored.

        • Aafje

          I dont care how many nutrients it destroys, smoothies are delicious!

        • Ludivine

          You’re so right Jenna. And I have one of those Vitamixes. Its the best.

    • Raquel100

      Her face hardly looks haggard lol. Her face looks absolutely beautiful. Jessica has always looked more stunning fresh-faced with no makeup on!

      • HB

        Agreed– I was shocked. If I were her, I’d never wear makeup. She looks much prettier like this.

        But how can her belly already be that big? Isn’t she only like 3 months pregnant?

    • Jj

      There is something extremely wrong with you. She looks stunning. Look how amazing her skin looks even on her pregnant belly. Her face looks young, and who cares if she is pouting. People always mess around in the mirror. She looks like a beautiful bohemian free spirit in this photo. Lucky girl!

  • Pixie

    She looks good here. I think this time around she will be a lot healthier with her pregnancy.

  • Eline

    Wow! I thought she was only a few weeks pregnant, but she seems to have a 8 months-belly.

    She looks very good though, but het mouth is a little weird haha! Happy to see her glowing!

    • Linny

      I was thinking the same thing WOW I wonder how far she really is??

    • Annabella H.

      It really hasn’t been that long since she gave birth. Maybe her belly hasn’t settled down yet, so now that she’s already pregnant again the bump looks even bigger. Just my guess.

      And I agree, she looks really good! I’ve always loved her face and I think she looks so happy and glowing! Plus, her “baby cravings” seem to be on the healthier side now, so good for her!

  • Winnie

    she looks better with no make-up in the photo up above than she does in the weight-watcher’s add. but a preggo bathroom selfie? sheesh. there was also another picture of her in a red dress from this trip where she looked radiant though. i almost forgot she’s actually pretty. i find it more credible that she supposedly lost “50 pounds” (although i think 35-40 would be more accurate) after seeing this pic than i did when i first saw all those candids of her swaddled in black every time she stepped out. she definitely lost a lot more weight than i thought

  • JJ

    Wow, how far along is she? Looks like 6 months here.

    • aiden

      Right! And her baby is only seven months…..

      • JJ

        I know someone who got pregnant 4 weeks after giving birth. Her babies are only 10 months apart!

        • Snip

          Irish Twins. 🙂

  • missluuuu

    You do realize that people who already had a child previously pop out faster than being pregnant the first time.

    She looks good here. People need to lay off her looks, I’m sure the ones judging her on here probably isn’t any better looking.

    The best way to make yourself look hideous is to have a bad attitude!

    • Pixie

      I completely agree!!!!! 🙂

    • sydney

      in all fairness, this site is for people to voice their opinions about celebrities weight and looks. Not every comment is going to be nice.

      • Faidra

        Yes but also not every comment has to be nasty and rude.
        There is a beautiful happy with her pregnancy girl, why should people have to be bad and rude about it? There are a lot things to be mad in this world, celebrity photos are like the last on the list.

        • guru

          cos it’s a natural response to be annoyed when a 30 yr old takes myspace style photos, things that i didnt even do when i was in my teens.

          • Ludivine

            Nothing wrong with acting like a child and having some fun sometimes, wether you’re 20, 30 or 40.

  • ACC

    Anyone else wondering why she’s taking pictures in a bikini and posting them on Twitter? Girl, it’s almost January, at least in the summer months you can pretend you were off to the beach and snapped it on a whim. If you have to camwhore, a LBD and a smile would have made for a much more flattering shot.

    • JJ

      Because she want attention.

    • MissMarilyn

      her entire family is in hawaii!! She has every reason to be in a swimsuit lol

      • Aafje

        Yeah I’m in florida right now and taking palm tree swimsuit pictures to make every one at home in the snow jealous. nothing wrong with it!

  • tannis

    She needs to stop bleaching her hair…mthst is my only complaint

  • thinmint.

    Bleh. What a stupid face she’s making. Can’t wait to see her on this site every day now that she’s knocked up again..

    • Winnie

      lol i doubt she’ll hog the spotlight. not now that Kim K is pregnant…

      • annabeatrice

        Kim K is pregnant?? Oh Lord, help us.

        • Maria

          What?!? How do you know Kim K is pregnant?!

          • MissMarilyn

            everyone knows ahaha google it. Kanye announced it during a concert and called her his “babymama”. hilarious stuff.

          • annabeatrice

            I seriously had NO IDEIA!
            I’m still a little surprised! Haha

            Where I live (Portugal) no one talks or cares about Kim K, and I never watched her tv show either…

            Yep, I guess I live under a rock 😉

          • lc

            Lucky you, annabeatrice!!!! No talk of Kim K…why can’t our ridiculous society follow your country’s lead…

          • serena

            Haha Annabeatrice do you mind if I crawl under the rock with you? 😉 I would like to never hear about Kim K again. I will refrain from commenting on her posts from now on because fewer comments means she’ll be featured here less.

  • MissMarilyn

    She looks MUCH thinner than she did during her last pregnancy!! She looks good 🙂

    • Yeah I agree 🙂

    • mary

      shes still in her first trimester and to me looks like shes 6 months along….nothing about her looks thin

      • MissMarilyn

        …fat isn’t what makes your belly pop out when you’re pregnant.

        Her body overall looks MUCH slimmer than last pregnancy, it’s easy to see. Especially in her face!

        • mary

          i agree…wondering how she will look in 6 months though 😉

  • Mara

    If I was Weight Watchers I’d sue her ass.

    Despite making a weird face, she looks kind of pretty.
    But I don’t understand why she would want everyone on the internet to see a picture of her in that awkward bikini and shirt-thing, looking like she just fell out of bed.

    • MissMarilyn

      I don’t think you can sue someone for getting pregnant… What if it was by accident?

      • sydney

        it’s pretty difficult to get pregnant by “accident”

        • MissMarilyn

          lol i seriously hope you’re kidding. for some people it’s very difficult to get pregnant, sure.
          But it’s different for everyone. There are people who use condoms and birth control and STILL get pregnant. Everyone’s body works differently and you have no way of knowing how hers works.

          • sydney

            no, i’m not kidding. if you use contraceptives correctly, it’s EXTREMELY rare that you will get pregnant.

            If you aren’t on some sort of birth control, or you misuse it, then falling pregnant is hardly an accident.

            I don’t care how she got pregnant, i’m not judging. I stand by my words “it’s pretty hard to get pregnant on accident.” It’s true, she’s a 30 something year old woman, i’m sure she knows how babies are made

          • Aafje

            If she was still breastfeeding her previous child she most likely wouldn;t be on birth control because breast feeding is a contraceptive in itself, however there is still a slight chance of it happening. Also if she was on bc then there is still a slight chance of it happening, and if she used condoms a 1% chance of it happening, unless it brakes making the chances even higher. Accidental babies happen all the time don;t act like its SOOOOOO HARD to do.

    • heathers

      Sue her for what??? Losing the weight she was endorsed to lose and then getting pregnant? She looks fantastic and from what I hear they have kept her on as a spokesperson for this next pregnancy as well.

      • Anastasia.

        I don’t think she ever lost as much weight as they claim. Her commercials were either shot from the neck up, or when she was wearing loose clothes that disguised her midsection. Her candids told a different story. I think WW is just trying to save face right now, and will quietly cut all ties with her after this, and next time maybe hire someone who is actually seriously about losing weight.

        • Mara

          Exactly. I have a hard time believing she lost all that weight. And now she’s not only pregnant but also looking like she has been for a while – it’s a bit fishy, it makes people doubt her credibility and dedication and it’s probably not what WW imagined.

          I don’t care if celebrities lose their pregnancy weight or get pregnant again by the minute their out of hospital, but when you’re getting paid big money to advertise a weight loss programme, one would think you’d a little harder than that.

    • mary

      they cant sue her but they certainly do not have to pay her…she breached the contract by the weight gain (pregnancy)

  • amara

    She’s a beautiful women(:

  • elen

    her skins looks healthy..and lovely boobs btw

    • elen


  • heathers

    She looks great. Healthy and happy what more could you ask for?

  • mary

    Looks kind of big to still be in her first tri, but then again she did gain 100 pounds last time around….atleast her face hasnt blown up yet

  • serena

    People seem to like Jessica; they will buy the products she endorses. They think, “hey, if it works for this silly ditzy girl who used to butter her poptarts, it will work for me too, I’m smarter/work harder than her!” Many people claim their new year’s resolution is to lose weight and I know several who are trying WW. The public’ perception is she went from being a big butterball to medium weight (a size many overweight women seem to aspire for, not skinny or fat). So she was really not a terrible choice to endorse WW.

    • Magda

      Totally agree.

    • Candy

      Except she got plenty of surgery and a private chef to help her. I bet she didn’t even follow weight watchers.

      • serena

        Candy it doesn’t matter if she really used WW or not. Irl the VS models dont shop at VS and celebs don’t use the drugstore products they endorse. All that matters is Jessica is a likeable all-American girl and the public perception is 50s lbs.

        • serena

          *she lost 50 lbs

    • annabeatrice

      Completely agree with you on this one.

  • d

    Haggard face? Really? I was going to say facially she is actually very gorgeous – she clearly isnt wearing any makeup and still looks pretty… naturally pretty which is rare.

    • lc

      Yes, VERY haggard. I never found this woman the slightest bit attractive.

  • Anastasia.

    Lol she’s probably 3 or 4 months pregnant. Ya her bump looks like she’s 8 months pregnant, but remember how big she looked during the first few months of her last pregnancy? By the time she announced it, around nov. I think, it already looked like she was about to give birth, but she ended up giving birth in May.

  • McGar

    She could have diastasis recti. Its where the connective tissue between left and right part of abs has stretched out and broken down. It makes post partum bellies hang out no matter how many crunches. Infanct crunches can make it worse. So second pregnancies show alot faster.
    I have it and the two remedies are surgery or certain exercises that completely avoid straining the abs the wrong way.

  • natalia

    while it’s good she lost 50, she did not have to gain it, when pregnant my mom gained 1 pound, doctors said you need to eat 200-300 extra calories a day while pregnant, they don’t say gain weight, you can eat 300 extra day and not gain, any way, good for her but such gluttony to begin with, and i don’t know who she is really, in Europe she is nothing

    • JJ

      Yes, you are supposed to gain weight if you want a healthy baby, usually around 25-30 pounds or so for a singleton pregnancy. You know the baby alone weighs around 7 pounds, right? Add in a couple pounds for the uterus/placenta/amniotic fluid, a few pounds for the increased blood volume, etc. Anyone who only gains one pound actually lost weight while pregnant.

      • natalia

        outside of the baby/fluid whatever you are not supposed to gain fat, you just need to eat more, 300 calories more, my aunt had a baby, i know.

        • Tannis

          Wow Natslia you are so beyond uneducated it makes me laugh. Hope you never reproduce.

          • jen

            Tannis – i believe Natalia is the same girl who claimed once on this site that every woman she sees she considers “fat”. I think it’s safe to say she’s trollin!

  • lc

    Ughh will she just go away? She looks a hot mess as usual, by the way.

    • Candy

      Such an opportunist and liar. One of the fakest in the biz, and thats saying something.

      • lc

        Yes, yes, and YES.

        Omg I always thought I was the only one NOT buying the “I’m just a wholesome, preacher’s daughter sweet Texan girl y’all” bullsh-t. Haha right. I’m from the area she’s from here in Texas and it irks me.

  • Nobsnob

    She kinda looks like Izabel Goulart in the face here. Well, certainly not in the body 😛 .
    Anyway couldn’t care less about that girl, this pic is just lame and attention-whoring.

  • Nene

    Jessica actually looks better this time.Good for her.
    …Kim K preggie?! Man,i can’t wait for the next few months!…

  • julie

    What do you all think about the WW cover? I think it’s a photoshop composite from that macys event last month. Same exact outfit/body with new head from an old pic.

  • solaxia

    I think she is super cute. Also, don’t like the duck face!

  • VanillaFrosting

    I think her body looks cute. Hard to believe how much quicker you show with the second baby! Guess it would probably be even more so of one were to have them so close together! I am seven months pregnant with my first and don’t look nearly so pregnant from the front.

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