Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Shows Off Muscular Legs

fp_3298999_simpson_jessica_excl_miv_072109 - Jessica Simpson Shows Off Muscular Legs

1.    Jessica Simpson loves to wear comfy and casual outfits.
2.    Jessica Simpson loves to show off her legs (in daisy dukes or in dresses that are more like tops… remember?)

Well, here she is doing both things: wearing a relaxed outfit and showing off a pair of athletic legs.

How do you like Jessica here?

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fp_3299149_simpson_jessica_excl_miv_072109 - Jessica Simpson Shows Off Muscular Legs

fp_3299150_simpson_jessica_excl_miv_072109 - Jessica Simpson Shows Off Muscular Legs

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Sarah

    Looks healthy and normal.

  • Noah

    Exactly.. me likey.. she doesn’t look fat @ all.. cute..=]

  • Kaiser

    I think she has one of the prettiest faces in celeb-world. She has lost weight again. Or so it seems.

  • anabel

    Yehh I agree, her face is amazing! Her legs look wonderfully shapely also. And I wish my hair looked that cute when I work out.

  • vkat

    She looks adorable and has great legs. What cracks me up is the huge LV purse with gym clothes.

    • Alexandra

      You took the words from my mouth!

      • Kaiser

        Think about your gym clothes full of sweat and a 1000$-bag. What is wrong here?

        Next week she takes it as her shopping bag… 😉

    • ibaby

      haha nothing wrong with that! i’ve carried $3000 purses to the gym before. well, mainly i was too lazy to bother switching bags just to go to the gym 🙂

  • abby

    Well no one can accuse her of being fat now! 😛

  • chacha

    SHE LOOKS AMAZING!!! What heartbreak will do to a girl! Hope she will find real happiness soon!! She so beautiful!!

  • anna

    I usually don’t like this kind of legs but I thought that she rly looks great and they are nice too.Even when she was “fat” she was beautiful

  • sara

    jessica is beautilful with no make-up. she is one of the prettiest girls around.

  • ln

    She has awesome legs. They look best here! Not stick skinny al la Daisy.

  • Emmily

    Toned legs. 🙂

  • Jen

    Now that she´s single again I bet she´s gonna lose all those pounds she gained.

  • Maryna

    Looking much better than a while back. Great legs!

  • Lisa

    Great legs! I envy her..

  • Lex

    I think that this was the ideal weight for Jessica. She’s been at a bit of a higher weight, and a much lower weight, and this has definitely been my favorite on her.

    Not to mention this outfit – though very casually – is also suiting her. I also like how her hair looks a bit darker blonde here, and the lack of shiny makeup.

  • vocaltalentz

    Um…her legs are still chubby. Like yeah they’re muscular, but they’re chubby and muscular, which means there’s room to improve. Muscular legs don’t mean bulky legs, your muscles can’t grow THAT big. When someone is bulky and muscular, obviously it’s because they still have fat underneath the muscles. Which means she should lose it..