Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson – Slim in Florals

488085587_10 - Jessica Simpson - Slim in Florals

Jessica Simpson joined the ladies in the previous post at The 2014 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, where she showed off her new slim figure in a black and white floral dress.

Jessica at the beginning of her weight loss journey:

06703-jessica-simpson-pcn-3 - Jessica Simpson - Slim in Florals

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  • louis21

    i never thought she was pretty, not even in that duke movie. never saw her appeal, but her body looks great now, good for her.

  • menta

    1. she looks good! both face and body wise, what a nice transformation, respect

    2. but she is sucking her belly in and her poses are so forced and unnatural, you can tell she wants to look skinnier too hard, makes me laugh

    3. that dress is actually very flattering for her figure because it doesn’t show off her short legs

    • AlyssaMoh

      its funny isn’t it, when all that’s going through your mind for 1 week prior to an event is how slim you are? Im chuckling a bit too, what a show!

  • lc

    Never saw her appeal and I still don’t. She doesn’t look good here to me at all.

  • Jenny

    She looks amazing!
    But she looks really weird in that face, pretty sure she’s sucking her stomach in.
    I guess she has spanx underneath that dress though.. Would love to see her in a bikini.
    Her arms looks amazing. I have more fat on my arms than what it should be, if you look at the rest of my body, so think she looks amazing when comparing to the before pics.

  • Jenny

    She looks the best without makeup on imo! Not with this much makeup on.

    • HB

      Yes! The makeup always seems to over-emphasize her features, although part of that is lip injections, but still. She looks nice with a natural face.

      And her arms are looking good!
      I wonder if she’ll stop losing weight now?

      • claud

        ya right..haha she yoyos like mad–can’t help but wonder where she hides all the loose skin…and stretch marks.
        she looks great though. better than she has looked in years.

        desperate look in her eyes because she knows she is no longer relevant. i hope she can find a new hobby aside from designing less-comfortable-steve-madden knockoffs.

        • HB

          Yeah, but maybe she’s had some surgery to get rid of extra skin? Or she’s just genetically lucky. I know a girl who gained and lost 80 lbs in 2 years (with lots of yo-yoing around) and definitely couldn’t afford the loose skin surgery, it just took care of itself! She was 19 at the time though, so I think have young, elastic skin helped a lot.

        • disqus_e5owUDo2KZ

          To be fair, she is the face of an already-manufactured line. She designs nothing.

  • peegee

    She looks good and so much more comfortable at this weight. As for those saying that she is probably sucking her stomach in – haven’t so many of us fallen victim to that desperate inclination. Besides I know many women who go back to their previous baby weight or close to it and never regain a flat stomach. For some healthy eating and exercise just isn’t enough.

    • HB

      I think it looks more like the dress is really, really structured in the bodice so it sort of holds her up, and postures her–almost like a corset! But maybe she has on a cincher like Spanx or is sucking in too.

  • EmmMD

    She looks really fit here, but I agree something seems a bit “off” about her face here….she hasn’t really aged much though, but she always has a bit of a fuller face which gives a more youthful appearance. .
    The before picture isn’t the best comparison though because she is obviously heavily pregnant there and that pic is from her first pregnancy. While she did admit to going a bit crazy in round one she still was quite large with her second and I think she is one of those women who just gain.
    Sometimes it doesn’t matter how healthy you are when you are pregnant your body is not your own and will do what it wants. Some women no matter what gain a lot of weight! I am 31/2 months pregnant right now and while the scale says im up 4lbs, it looks like 15 with the bloat and the boobs its just ridiculous. I don’t want to see pictures of myself at 8 months either because a lot of women gain a lot of water weight which balloons you up, even though you loose this right away (your lil one is also gaining about 1lb/week at this point)
    I wish we didn’t put so much pressure on ourselves, I would hate to be pregnant and famous. You are building a human! It is amazing and humbling and we all need to relax and just try to be our healthiest selves.
    I am a Dr, a runner, and I exercised and ran through most of my first pregnancy…I still gained 45lbs!! it did not make sense, there was nothing I could do, and I wouldnt change it for the world

    • asdf

      actually, I (sadly) remember when these pictures were taken and it was a few weeks after she gave birth.

      There is something odd with her face. She looks way more “butch” than she used to and I don’t know why. Something’s off

  • liss

    I don´t know what happen but her face looks really masculine and she got those desperate eyes..

  • She looks great. Happy, slim and beautiful.

  • chrissy

    i was waiting for jess to be posted! she looks amazing. i hope she’s able to maintain this weight!

  • C

    Looks very average. Probsbly 5″4 120 lbs she would look perfect at 110 lbs but provdbly not healthy for her.

    • Uma

      How can you honestly think that Kate Bosworth is 115 and then come and say that Jessica is only 5 lbs more than that? It is baffling. I know I should not be feeding the troll but this is ridiculous. Jessica looks 20-25 lbs bigger than Kate. If not more…

      • May

        Yes jessica looks bigger than Kate but Kate is taller than jessica and is probably more around 100-105 to be honest

    • disqus_e5owUDo2KZ

      She’s 5’3″.

  • amelia

    Now that I can see the before and after.. I can certainly see how much weight she has lost… good for her. But, she still looks like a tranny.. 🙂

    • CarrieD

      That’s all I kept thinking, why the hell does she look like a tranny all of a sudden? Her body looks good, but her face has never made me think of a tranny before, not even when she was thinner than this in that terrible movie dukes of hazard. I don’t know what’s going on. I feel kinda mean but the thought did pop into my head. And I’m a face-over-body person so I’m conflicted here…

  • Tonyee

    She looks SO STIFF O_o .
    …I can’t quite put my finger on it…but she looks kinda weird! I dont know why…she just looks so uncomfortable and frozen- Like she’s posing or something.

    Aside from that, her figure looks great, healthy. And her husband is pretty yummy. Kuddos.

    • lc

      I agree with the stiff and weird part.

  • Eve

    Jess is a pretty girl, what a gorgeous face. She looks very fresh and youthful.

  • Veronique

    Wow, she looks better than she has in ages! However the way she’s posing in all of these photos is so awkward, looks like she’s hunching forward…idk it just seems off to me.

    • disqus_e5owUDo2KZ

      It isn’t that she’s hunching – she just wants her upper-arm area to appear slimmer, and she’s lifting her shoulder up to achieve that. She’s no doubt seen models do it and it really does work.

  • Marty

    I think she looks amazing the the dress is sitting too low making her top half look awkward.

  • isa

    if she stopped with the lips she would look so much better, it makes her look uncomfortable…her hair looks great, and i love her tiny tiny wrinkles..her face looks natural. her smile was gorgeous in her nick and jess time

  • Reese

    Yeah, um, she’s not slim.

    • kateuk

      She’s relatively slim, just not super slim.

      • Alyssa

        No, she’s not slim at all. She’s average. Before she was obese.

        • Jen

          Agree. She is still quite thick.

  • Deborah G.

    She looks good! That dress makes her butt look super flat though.

  • Hannah Louisa

    She’s pretty but she looks a little uncomfortable.

  • CK

    The dress is beautiful and fits her perfectly, i hope she stays at this weight, i thinks it’s perfect for her frame, her body won’t look as good if she goes up or down from this weight, imo.
    Also, i can’t say i was a fan of her music when she came out, but i did hear some stuff and while it was as unmemorable as any pop song these days, what i did remember was that she had a great&strong voice, i’ve heard she tried in music few years ago, in country genre or smth but it wasn’t a successful foray. But maybe not that she’s got a family, business is fine, now she lost weight she’ll announce she’s getting back to pop music.

  • chrissy

    woah…is it just me, or does jessica have crazy eyes. i never noticed this before.

  • Sarah

    Ok a few things:

    1) Her shoulder is hunched over and hiked waaaay up. Us former ballerinas know that the most slimming poses means posture posture posture. Also, hand goes on the slimmest part of the waist, not the hip. Please see Victoria Beckham.

    2)STOP with the platinum blond extensions. Why is this a thing? Please give me a shoulder length layered beachy wave.

    3) Finally, stop the botox or fillers or whatever you’re doing. You look weird.

    The end.

  • a

    wow, she’s like her old self again – i love it! she has her face back. just relax your shoulders a bit honey.

  • Alias

    She looks so much better now

  • lele

    face wise she looks much better with more weight.. much more…

  • retrobanana

    wow I haven’t seen her this thin in a while

  • retrobanana

    okay why do I think her face resembles ashton Kutcher..she def has had surgery and with the weightloss it looks weird but the weight looss looks good