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  • Hannah Louisa

    Her lower legs are bigger than her upper legs and they look really weird. I think her upper body looks good but I’m not a fan of her quite muscular legs plus the shoes are horrible. Her calves just freak me out honestly.

    • AlyssaMoh

      the woman hates being short.
      I think she’s been wearing huge heels since she was 14. Imagine how your calves would look if you were perpetually on your toes…

      • JN1976

        I have the same problem with my height and I am ALWAYS in heels but for when im exercising…im even psyched abt my ASH platform sneakers
        I do not have the gargantuan rocks for calf muscles that shes got…thus its not just from heels:)

        Ps in no way does JS’ s fashion or style make sense to me and I dont love such bulky muscles on women but lets be real peeps shes lookin a bazillion times better yhan a few years ago
        methinks she and her trainer Harley Pasternak (he grew up in TO and we went to the same high school) are smartly building up her muscles bc it really eats up fat and calories…to later reduce the bulk when her metabolism settles and her body fat percentage is lower (she may still be breastfeeding)

    • Sandy

      Her calves actually look SHARP in some of these photos. I think her legs are naturally kind of muscular though. Even when she was heavier they still looked pretty good.

  • sfsfsdfsdfsdf

    yup. She for sure has cardio legs, you can tell that is all she does.

    • brebre

      What? Those are weight lifting legs IMO

      • Mjay

        This. One does not get that kind of definition from running or using the elliptical.

  • d

    What the hell is going on with her legs and what does cardio legs mean?

    • freds

      “Cardio legs” was meant to mean that her legs look like that because of excessive cardio. But in fact, that is false and could not be true. Excessive cardio with no strength training to balance it out would eat away at muscle and so the end result would look nothing like Jessica’s legs here. Running definitely tones and slims, but it would stop eventually.

  • Eva

    NOP. She freak me out. I don’t like what I see. She overdid it. Not a female body anymore. It’s not good going to do so much exercise either… Relax Jessica.

    • MJay

      I hate these kind of comments… so what, she has a male body now? Give me a break. Just because you aren’t a fan of being in shape doesn’t mean her body is any less feminine….in fact her figure is far better and more feminine now than when she was overweight and shapeless

      • AlyssaMoh

        i dont think she looks more feminine here then when she was overweight; she wasn’t shapeless when she was heavier, just larger than what is allowed by media and hollywood…

        She’s a chronic yo-yoer. In another 2 years she’ll have changed weight.

      • Eva

        Nop, as a person with eating disorder which is caused from the over-exercise let me have this opinion. I’m a professional athlete of cycling with many achievements but I tried and I kept a feminine body! I’m in a great shape, with beautiful muscles but not such a thing. And yes she’s better and more healthy now, but all this over-exercise of muscles can cause a lot of problems. Just be in normal circumstances… Only this…

  • seijidan

    She looks great! Quite small wow! Those shoes are hideous though.. Needs something more feminine to soften her legs a bit but wow awesome transformation

  • Cami

    I think she went too far on her legs workouts, they just look bulky and appear shorter.

    • solaxia

      I think it’s the shoes. Plus, I think she just naturally has shorter and more muscular legs no matter what. Mine often get bulkier looking through intense cardio (dancing) than they do with weights. So, if I was to under do the legs I would have to not dance and only do weights. Which I don’t want. I personally would love legs like Jessica though! Possibly a little more fat on them though to soften imo.

  • Cia

    How, why, what did she do to have those legs… Wanna know cause i dont wanna look like tha. Currently trying to lose some thigh fat. You people have any tips!

    • Cia

      I was asking, wrong mark. You people have any tips?

      • brebre

        I’ve read running long distance will help slenderize your thighs. The article said after running for 90min you will start to break down some of the muscle and fat there. I have made some great progress shrinking my lower half with running (my problem area)

  • cloud9

    She’s turning into Leanne…stop Jessica you are so beautiful, don’t lose anymore!

    • Crissy

      They do look like LeAnns legs lol

  • I think she looks great and I love the whole outfit (except maybe the shoes). But it seems like she is sucking in her cheeks again….

  • Daniela

    Those legs just don’t look.. normal

  • Sandy

    She always looks like she’s making pouty lips and it annoys me. Her legs are looking like Leann Rimes’ did a couple years ago! She’s still beautiful, it just seems like she’s gone a little too far. It’s hard to blame her though; most women go a little too far before their wedding day.

  • MMM

    Hey Jessica, Peter Pan wants his shirt back.

  • Jocelyn

    For heavens sake Jess, quit the duck face already! She´s like Victoria Beckham: whenever they sense a pap they pull their ´camera face´. Annoying.

  • Tess

    Those are some unattractive man legs.

  • Maelstrom

    She’s such a cartoon character.

  • jello

    It doesn’t seem like the popular opinion, but I think she looks super hot. Her face looks so healthy and her skin looks great.

  • Bizarre

    I actually think she looks fantastic, but that’s probably because I favour fit looking women over just plain skinny ones. Her legs are flipping ripped. Drool-worthy.

  • linda

    If she were tall, all that muscle would be spread out, and she’d probably look alright, not super model slim, but alright. BUT – she’s reeeally short, so she just basically looks like a Chunky Monkey.

  • Fabeuless

    She looks good, but it always floors me when I see celebs just going about their business in like, 6 inch heels. Is this something that regular people do and I just don’t see it?

  • MJay

    Wow, when did she get so toned?? she looks amazing! Gives me hope my body will bounce back from my pregnancy

  • alias

    Not a fan of her legs, but she looks fit.

  • Tonyee

    …What the hell? lol

  • Blushing

    Jessica Simpson on the top, Arnold Schwarzenegger on the bottom. Not a flattering look.

    • Rita

      HahahahHa the best comment I read XD

  • lc

    No…just weird. And overkill.

  • erin

    wow those legs. i hope she was going for “muscular as hell”

  • aphorism

    ew her legs are all lumpy sinewy and crooked. we call this madonna syndrome. workout legs, don’t eat anything other than protein, and end up looking like a man. good job.

  • solaxia

    She looks great and has done well with the weight loss. I find her so naturally striking, no matter what her weight though. Her legs look awesome, but would be better in some cute pumps. These kids of shoes just cut off the shape of her legs and make them look bulkier than they really are. I don’t think length is a matter when it comes to ‘nice legs’ but these do make them look shorter, and as I said…cut off the shape which is my main irk.

  • Sanne

    If she wore cute sandals, she would look 100x hotter imo!

  • Jenny

    She looks trashy. Sorry but I think so.
    Too skinny for her kind of body.. awful hair… I think she has lost too much fat for her body type.

  • May

    Her legs are way too masculine .

    Also what’s up with the pouty lips? Not a good look.

    • lc

      Haha those lips are soooooo fake it’s ridiculous.

  • Deborah G.

    She looks weird and has permanent duck face. I don’t like knocking her though because I feel that she worked very hard to get where she is (physically anyway).

  • CK

    Love the sweater, the whole outfit is blah. Her legs look great, though such high heels make them look bit too harsh/overworked out. Still she’s in a good shape, i hope she maintains it.

    • DaniH

      I agree. I’m hoping it’s just the heels though because the first thing I thought was she needed to lay off the workouts because her legs are looking too masculine and overworked.

  • Grazibel

    Heels that high make her legs actually look thinner and longer- they would look so stumpy and lumpy without the mega heels. She should just stop working out so much. With a healthy low calorie diet and a more moderate workout regime, her legs would probably look less uncomfortably bulky.

    Less is more! I don’t understand women who exercise to the point where they look so muscular- enough people think it looks bad where it doesn’t make sense to me. Like, why would you put sooo much effort in to look like that?

  • edna

    damn!! she looks HOT!!

  • Jedna od onih

    Certainly better than before. Love her collar bones and thighs.

  • natascha

    she won’t be able to keep that form up … she will gain much of it (if not all) back

  • DaniH

    I’m happy for her that she’s found something that works and is able to lose the pounds. I will say though all of the dieting/working out has made her look “harder”. I’m not sure that’s the right word because I don’t mean more muscular I just mean somehow a little rougher. Not quite as feminine and sweet

  • Christina

    Her legs scare me, that ultra fit look seems a little bit harsh on ladies older than 30, they look better with a little softness.

  • Sheri

    I think she looks great, back to her Dukes of Hazzard days. I wouldn’t want legs as muscular as hers personally, but it is obvious that she works hard for them.
    I find it interesting that previously a lot of comments on this site have been that she is too fat, now she is too muscular. Poor Jess can’t win

  • Dani Andreea


  • Mel

    She’s obviously been getting a lot of exercise, which is great, but I’m just not a fan of the way her legs look. Also, the shoes are horrible.

  • Nuzhat Tasnim

    I hate what too much exercise does to your feminine body…Quddos to her for losing so much weight and becoming healthy but too much muscles if you know what I mean…

  • Sarah

    Ohhh Jessica. I see hair that is too yellow, ratty extentions, lip injections and stripper shoes. As for the legs– they are muscular in a way that I don’t really find attractive. Now that she’s in “maintain” zone, perhaps more long walks/jogs, and only calisthenics/weightlifting days twice a week? I just dont know.