Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Talks Weight Gain and Weight Loss

FFN_f_51298330 - Jessica Simpson Talks Weight Gain and Weight Loss

On what it felt like when the press attacked her weight:

“I never listen to it, no matter who the press talks about when they’re pregnant. It’s ridiculous and unfair. I think any woman who is pregnant and creating a life is pretty much entitled to eat whatever she wants as long as she’s healthy. I wasn’t going to let the media take away from what was one of the happiest times in my life.”

On why she wants to lose more weight:

‘The new year will definitely bring on the wedding bells, which is exciting … I think it’s about time.  Knowing that I have the wedding coming up is an incentive to stay on Weight Watchers, count my points and stay in the gym. I mean, when you see my dress, you’ll know.’

… says Jessica.

FFN_f_51298335 - Jessica Simpson Talks Weight Gain and Weight Loss FFN_f_51298785 - Jessica Simpson Talks Weight Gain and Weight Loss


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  • Terae

    She’s lost a lot and starting to look like the “old Jess” although at any size I think she’s gorgeous. And I’m sorry but wedding *cough* at this point I’ll believe it when I see it

    • solaxia

      I agree, she is looking like the old Jess…very close anyway. I agree she is so gorgeous at any size. I loved her in Newly Weds and Dukes of Hazard…but I also liked her when she had gained a bit. Her face and hair are always so beautiful and striking imo. Her smile usually seems genuine too, and her eyes are sparkly. I usually don’t like the ‘ditzy blonde’ persona because I often think they are fake and forced…but Jess is endearing imo.

  • Mjay

    The best she has looked in years. Keep up the weight loss Jess! Her body in Dukes of Hazzard is one of my all time faves.

    Concerning her quote…I cant stand this idea of “eating whatever you want” and justifying it with pregnancy. “Entitled” to eat all kinds of garbage is incredibly selfish to do to your unborn child imo. Clearly her diet during her first pregnancy of butter fried waffles did not equate to being healthy or she wouldn’t need to lose so much weight now.

  • I honestly think she is a gorgeous woman! Her teeth look kinda weird (?) but she has a beautiful face. May seems fake to a lot of people….

  • kia

    what will she do when she will slim down? her job is being the weight watchers girl

  • lovelikeu

    i’m the only person who does not find her face strikingly beautiful (what’s so gorgeous about her?) and she’s really annoying (just like her singing). hope she’s happy with herself.

    • lc

      Nope! I also have never, ever understood the hype with her. Not only do I not find her beautiful, I don’t even think she’s pretty. And I have always found annoying too, very much so.

      • Juju

        What’s the difference btn beautiful and pretty?
        English isn’t my mother language, I always thought those were synonyms?

        • lc

          They are, but isn’t “beautiful”, like even *better* than pretty? Like stunning, or gorgeous? Idk that’s what I have always thought lol.

    • wonderwoman21

      Nope. I dont find her particularly striking. Well, except her boobs; they are pretty striking in size.

    • HB

      I think her face is really unattractive, and if you took away the fake eye lashes, extensions, and let her hair go back to its natural color, men would stop insisting that she’s the hottest thing.

      Blond, tan, make up is the easiest trick in the book.

      That said, I think her body is just fine, and she can look hot when she dresses well!

  • lc

    I just feel like she’s irrelevant. I mean, she has a “clothing line” (her name on already manufactured clothing items owned by Vince Camuto brand), but that’s it. She’s famous for being famous at this point, to me.

  • s

    “Jessica Simpson talks weight gain and weight loss” does she ever talk about ANYTHING else? Even before she signed on with WW.

  • emilia

    she did not ea healthy while she was pregnant,she even said back then that she was indulging ccakes and cheesandwiches,and you could see that!!!llike kim kardashian.they have nothing to o on life cause there just famous,and then they diet for money,as its like their job.

    • MerryHappy

      She used to have other talking points.
      For instance, does the sea have chickens? Is this chicken or fish?

  • amelia

    1. At least she recognizes that she still has more to lose.
    2. Now she just needs to lose the lip injections!

  • RHM

    So wait, eating fried Oreo’s classifies as healthy eating now?

  • keeks

    I love her and how down to earth she is, but why on earth would you buy a wedding dress when you want to lose more weight?

  • Mia

    Well to be fair, nobody’s diet should be any of our concern anyway. It is a personal matter. As for the health of her unborn baby, that’s for her doctor to decide, not random (and probably unqualified) people on the internet.

  • Sandy

    She looks good! I thought the last picture was an old one because her face looks so young and thin. I wish she would darken her hair just a little; that platinum blonde is harsh on any skin tone.

    • Hafer Brei

      the last one in not an old picture, she has the same clothes and earrings on

  • disqus_e5owUDo2KZ

    She’s got some gorgeous extensions, I’ll give her that. No kidding; they really look fantastic.

    • Ms.Mia

      Lol I agree, Britney needs to holla at her for some advice 😛

  • Jenna

    God her look is so OLD. So tired of the gigantic purses the size of suitcases, the overly large heels (that as evidenced in this photo, she can’t properly walk in), the one-color platinum porn star hair, and last but not least, those over-inflated lips 😮

  • kennedy

    cool … but weightwatchers are shit she should just eat organic , cut the carbs and hit the gym not just count calories of shit/weightwatcher because she is just going to gain all the weight back with that :c

  • MerryHappy

    I have a soft spot for her, kind of like Britney. I think she is cute, not a knock out but cute. And she seems sweet. But why does she hide behind her gigantic, oversized accessories?!

    • solaxia

      I agree I think she is cute too, and have a soft spot for her. Both her and Brit seem genuine and endearing to me. I do find Jess to be a knock out though personally. Plus she makes cute babies! I agree she does seem to hide doesn’t she? I feel like maybe she is insecure about her body!

      • MerryHappy

        Her babies are adorable. I think it’s hilarious that she and max make the exact same duck face. On max it’s really darling, though.
        I feel like Jess took the ‘big accessories make you look tiny’ idea and ran with it, much like Kim K, and took it a bit too far.I think she may be trying to camouflage what she’s insecure about, even though she’s looking pretty good lately. I could understand being insecure when you’re involved in mom-jeans-gate, but I hope she isn’t and is just stuck in a five year old fashion rut rather than have her be hiding.

  • Kitty

    Am I the only one who thinks she’s the old Kim Kardashian? Like Kim stole her fame….