Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson in a Little Yellow Dress

484688355_10 - Jessica Simpson in a Little Yellow Dress

Jessica Simpson showed off the results of her weight loss as she paraded on the red carpet at The John Varvatos 11th Annual Stuart House Benefit in West Hollywood this weekend.

How do you like her little yellow dress look?

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • iana

    Def. the best and slimmest she’s looked in a long, long time. Her boobs are finally proportional(ish) to her figure and her arms are so toned. I wonder if she’s taken dieting advice from her sister who’s always been slim? The only thing I think could be better is that her torso looks a little boxy but that may just be the dress

    • HB

      I kind of doubt it, since she and her sister have such vastly different body types. They almost don’t look related to me!

      • iana

        Yeah, they are very different body types. I was just wondering when after her first baby Jessica was complaining how hard it was to loose weight (when she was eating all sorts of processed sugar-free, fat-free “diet” crap) why she didn’t just take diet tips from her sister.
        My sister and I did that once: we swapped each others menus for a week and it was pretty eye opening. She was grossed out by the amounts of oils and fat I ate and I couldn’t stand how she puts sugar in everything (including soups and sauces, ick). It actually really helped both of us cut back on the excesses by putting it in perspective.

        • HB

          That’s actually a really interesting experiment! I think that’s about how it would go with me and my sister.

        • Rita

          hahaha that is so cool.. it is exactly like a tv show called (supersize vs superskinny)

          a fat person and a skinny one swap their diet for a week or 3 days (don’t remember) and it shows how ridiculous their intake is

          then they go hokme with a healthy meal plan and come back after 12 weeks 4 their result

          u can watch it on youtube.. it’s really good

    • disqus_e5owUDo2KZ

      She’s a thin apple shape. Reese Witherspoon and Catherine Zeta Jones are, too.

      • iana

        I’m not sure about her being an apple, apple’s usually have skinny arms and legs (like Kate Upton or Kesha) and Jes definately has some bulk in those areas. I’d guess she’s a cello maybe since she doesn’t really have a gut and is just kind of stocky all over like Britney Spears

    • obvi

      Didn’t her sister have an eating disorder at one point?

      • iana

        Did she? I didn’t know that :/ She’s always been slim though and during and after her baby didn’t gain a lot like Jessica did. Jeeze, Hollywood just breeds disordered eating no matter what you look like

  • She looks great body wise. And she seems really happy. Good for her!

    I love also how she kept everything quite simple. Plain dress, not too much make up and beachy lose curls.

    But I hate the shoes. I just hate those white pumps (ariana grande is always wearing them, maybe that’s why I hate them idk). I just think they look tacky. Plus I wish she would dye her hair in a more natural shade of blonde.

    • iana

      I think that if she was paler this shade of blonde would suit her. I don’t know if she’s naturally tanned or its fake (looks too orangey to be natural to me) but as she is now a color like the girl behind her in the 2nd pic would look great and a lot fresher.

      • Yes agree! Plus fake tan and fake platinum blonde can come off as tacky. So if I was her, either change her hair color or her tan.

        But I do think her tan looks pretty natural here, not orange. Although I have a weak spot for tanned skin, since I am pale as a dead man.

  • recoveredangel

    I’m going to sound like an a$$hole here but I never in my life thought we would see her get down to this weight…. wow, I’m impressed though. She looks amaze.

    • AlyssaMoh

      but her hair…..!

      • recoveredangel

        haha yes true I’m not a big fan. A more natural, soft shade would look much much better on her imo!

  • kateuk

    Wow, she’s lost so much weight! The dress looks cracking with her figure.

  • jsc

    She had the most beautiful face.

    • Guest

      well, tastes are really different 😀

  • CK

    the dress is ok. She looks good at this weight and hope she won’t go lower, as some celebs who endorse weight loss programs do (eg. Jennifer Hudson) or won’t balloon up to the her previous state. I think this looks like she’s at a perfect weight for her frame now. Also i wonder if we’re gonna see her in a bikini this summer cos, i may be wrong, but it seems like after all that weight and the babies, her frame got bit “bigger” (or smth like that?), like it happened with Britney, so now both of them look bit bulkier than when they were younger, even at good weight they’re now,imo. Maybe i’m imagining it, though.

    • callie

      No I think so too! She looks great at this weight, but her body looks sooo different from her Daisy Duke days, and it seems like it’s not just the weight but that her entire body shape has changed now after having kids. She looks amazing though so it doesn’t matter, it’s just interesting!

      • RHM

        I agree. Does she still have excessive skin from when she was heavier? It looks like her skin didn’t get the time to ‘stretch back’ yet.

  • lc

    Not a fan of her at all. I guess she lost weight but she just looks stocky now. Never thought she was pretty either; and the fake duck lips, overdone makeup and bottle blonde ratty extensions never helped. I always thought Ashlee was the prettier one, even before her nose job.

    • happygolucky

      I have never found her to be attractive, either, and also way overdone.

    • Rita

      not a fan either.. she looks like a female body builder in the making.. especially with the fake looking tan

      • AlyssaMoh

        i had a friend who worked high end retail (hermes) for a few years and J.Simp came in while she was working.This was back in 2002 or 2003, but she said she was very pretty in person, with really, really nice skin and a decent body, but SUPER short – like 5’1″. but quite aloof, not bubbly at all, almost anxious/nervous

        • lc

          I never got the impression she would come across as “bubbly” in real life. Something about her/her persona has always bothered me; I get the feeling she’s a big fake/phony.

  • asdf

    has she done something to her face? I’ve been thinking this for a while. Can’t put my finger on it but she looks different

    • wendy

      her lips right??? (and maybe he nose got bigger with her pregnancies.) but i def think she got some weird lip injections, because that upper lip looks really funny here.

    • Sarah

      omg just noticed it. Between her nose and upper lip, there is an odd wrinkle or crease, making an U-shape above her upper lip…that has to be happening from the weight or pressure from having a lip implant or lip injections in that top lip! how oodddddd…?

      • asdf

        I don’t know really. I feel like she used to look a lot more “softer” back in the day. Idk maybe its the makeup but she looks more like a drag queen version of her old self.

  • Bethany

    She has the same body type as Britney now—it’s interesting, they’ve both been willowy/slim in the past and post childbirth they became more stocky/muscular. She looks great and strong. She’s always been very pretty, no matter what weight she’s been. Hate the outfit.

  • julie

    Does anyone know how big her breasts are?

  • C

    I would guess she is around 5″4 and 125 lbs now. She should lose another ten-15lbs!!

    • if she is in good shape, healthy and happy with her figure there is no reason for her to lose more weight.

    • disqus_e5owUDo2KZ

      She’s 5’3″. 10 years ago, she was quoted in SELF saying she’s 110 pounds.

      • C

        Well she’s not 110 lbs right now but would look better of she was!!

      • Lynn

        She’s 5’2″ tops.

    • lexi82

      If she lost 10 lbs she’d look emaciated. She looks good and she doesn’t need to lose any more weight.

      • Mel

        She looks fine now and certainly not unhealthy, but I don’t think she would look emaciated at all if she lost another 10 lbs. I think aesthetically she’d probably look a bit better, but I wouldn’t want to see her go too skinny because she’s a naturally curvy girl.

    • menta

      why the f* are you trying to tell her what she should or shouldn’t do? she looks good, she is healthy (i think) and she is not that stick-thin model type even not at her lowest weight so losing more weight would make her look unnatural and close to anorexic. not everybody was born to be 100 lbs.

  • C

    Probsby 5″4 125 lbs. she should lose another 10-15 lbs!!

    • menta

      seriously.. i think your are a retarded, you make a comment like thist to every article and it makes no sense

      • Ms.Mia929

        I agree 10000%, menta lol.

  • she looks good, i just wish she’d dye her hair a more natural color

  • liss

    Her skin and body looks like Britney´s

  • louis21

    she looks great! finally, she got her figure back. but this hair color :// she should go natural…

  • chrissy

    i feel bad for saying this, but i feel like she’s going to gain her weight back. i hope not, but i sense she will.

    • Sarah

      I dunno, a wedding is pretty big motivation to keep up on losing. She’s definitely improved over the past few months. Could not agree more with everyone else who says the platinum weave and orange tan is tooooo much!

  • Tonyee

    She looks good.

  • Jenni

    She looks really great. Idk if its just me, but does it look like she did something to her face? Botox? Fillers? She looks different. Amd stiff…

  • menta

    looks goood! but she must be on a very very strict diet

  • solaxia

    She looks absolutely fantastic body wise! I have to say though. She looks waaay better without makeup. Like, imo she has such a pretty face naturally that she could literally go out on the red carpet or wherever, with just some mascara, lip gloss and foundation and she would be gorgeous. This makeup makes her look older and tired.

  • Kathleenicorn

    I think she looks great and is almost back to her perfect weight

  • tess

    She looks amazing! This is the best she has looked im years hope she can keep it up.

  • Zoe

    Aww- she looks lovely here! The dress suits her and her face looks very pretty. 🙂

  • amelia

    I’m ashamed to say this.. but I thought that this was a joke. I seriously thought those pictures were of a transvestite…. dressed up like jessica. She totally looks like a tranny…

  • Maelstrom

    Her face is so creepy. What’s with that horizontal fold between her upper lip and nose?

    To be fair, she is otherwise looking better.

    • Alisha K.

      OMG, I think people with those horizontal folds are so cute, lol.

  • Alisha K.

    I’m glad she’s losing because she doesn’t carry weight well

  • Maria

    Look at her posing for the cameras, She know she looking good and you can tell shes proud to. Love it!