Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson’s Toned Swimsuit Figure

jess1 - Jessica Simpson's Toned Swimsuit Figure

Jessica Simpson is very proud of her major weight loss and not shy about showing off her results – check out the blonde beauty in 2 pictures she recently posted on Twitter, where she looks toned and slim in a swimsuit.

One more shot from Jessica next!


jess2 - Jessica Simpson's Toned Swimsuit Figure

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  • Ruby

    She looks amazing!!!!!

  • Valentine

    Doesn’t look natural … But she’s fit !

  • Except for her sunken in her cheeks, she looks really good. I do hope she did it a healthy way, because the weight loss is kinda…big.

  • Alias

    Looks really unnatural, but looks much better than before. I always thought the weight gain made her look really uncomfortable. Still something looks off compared to how she used to look like before the weight gain? I don’t know maybe when you gain weight and lose it your body doesn’t look the same anymore, but maybe it’s the pregnancies too. Her shoulders look much broader.

    • southerngumdrops

      ditto. I wonder how many snaps she took before she picked out these two poses. She’s always had broad shoulders, but it looks like she’s scrunching her shoulders up in an effort to look even skinner. i.e. you can see her collar bone is v-shaped in these poses. That and she’s got some serious sucking in going on in both the tummy and mouth.

    • AlyssaMoh

      she looks ridiculous,
      Maybe she should get a hobby and try to work on developing something other than her appearance – i dont think she golfs.

      She’s going to be one of those people who is going to find aging excruciating and losing her looks mentally scarring…

      • AlyssaMoh

        lol, i dud a search of her hobbies and found hanging with friends, shopping and watching movies.. so pretty much doing nothing.

        • Victoria

          Maybe you should get a hobby instead of checking out what hobbies Jessica Simpson has. Who the f cares.

          • AlyssaMoh

            My hobbies are real – if i counted hobbies like her such as breathing, blinking, ect i would have too many to list here.

            Women need hobbies otherwise they become empty vessels.

            If a website is up about celebs, we obviously care. Her “hobbies” are stupid. We should care that people tout her as a role model.

  • Hannah Louisa

    I don’t really like her legs, kinda remind me of Britney Spears’ legs. So muscular…

    • aphorism

      a madonna’s disgusting man legs.

  • Lau

    No… just… no.

    (although I do wonder how she lost the weight soooo fast and where she found the motivation to go to the gym all the time)

    • Guest

      She didn’t lose the weight “soooo fast” Her youngest child is a year old. If anything, she lost it the slow, steady, and healthy way.

    • ablewasiereisawelba

      Motivation: Jessica has a $4 million endorsement from Weight Watchers

      …4 million!!! omg just imagine :O

      • Lau

        I know, true, I would work out like CRAZY if they offered me that deal. 🙂

  • aphorism

    for that coveted tranny look

    • Jennifer

      you really shouldn’t use that word, nor should you imply that looking like a transsexual is undesirable.

      • jellow

        Thanks for letting people know what others should and shouldn’t do. Before I ever do anything, I’ll make sure I run it by you and make sure it’s okay.

        • Jennifer

          oh come on, don’t be ridiculous. i thought you might want to know you’re using an offensive slur, but clearly you don’t care about being prejudiced so whatever.

      • disqus_e5owUDo2KZ

        Screw implying – I’ll flat-out say it. Plenty of females don’t want to look like men dressed up as women. I noticed the media has very suddenly started making this sentiment offensive … and a lot of people now seem to be hopping on. 😉

        • Jennifer

          trans women are not men dressed up as women – they are women. it’s not cute what you’re saying. it’s ignorant and offensive. feel free to not care about being empathetic towards others, but don’t attack me for pointing out your prejudiced bigotry.

          • Jello

            It must be nice being better than everybody else.

          • Jennifer

            When did I say that? I’m allowed to tell someone they’re using a slur without referencing anything about my character. You’re being awfully antagonistic and defensive for someone who allegedly doesn’t care.

          • purrtriarchy


          • purrtriarchy

            I got no such impression. Chillax.

          • HB

            Well, a lot of people think of “transvestites” instead of “transsexuals” or even “transgender” when they use the word tranny. I have a set of gay, male friends who do a lot of drag shows, and they use the word tranny a lot. Only one of them finds it offensive, but the others don’t. I think it’s just about being careful and conveying what you mean. I shy away from using it, because you never know who gives it what meaning.

          • HB

            And they identify as men, not women– they only use feminine pronouns when they’re in their drag personae.

          • Jennifer

            Your friends, regardless of their sexual orientation, don’t speak for the entire LGBT community. Just because they’re okay with using it doesn’t mean it’s actually okay. And honestly, using “tranny” with any definition is ignorant and rude. It’s obviously unacceptable to use a word that suggests men dressing up as women is an undesirable trait, especially when that word is an infamous slur. A better way of putting it would be talking about how she looks masculine or overly muscular and that that isn’t to your personal taste. There’s no need to attack an entire group of people just because you don’t like the way Jessica Simpson’s body looks.

            It’s fine if people on this site don’t care about social justice or being empathetic towards others, but I have every right to voice my opinion and stick up for a group that is heavily discriminated against, even in “innocent” comments like aphorism’s, without all of these ridiculous (not to mention irrelevant) attacks.

            And yes, I’m aware that transvestites are not the same thing as transgendered people.

          • jello

            Just as HB’s friends don’t speak for the entire LGBT community, neither do you. Some people find the term offensive, some don’t.

          • disqus_e5owUDo2KZ

            Aphorism’s reference to “tranny” could very well have been referring to “transvestite.” You are the one who introduced the term “transsexual.” Feel silly now? And yes, I stand behind my original comment: plenty of females wouldn’t prefer to look like men dressed as women. If that offends you, then be offended. I see a lot of extremely trendy media buzzwords in your posts and clearly you’re biting at the bit to use them, irrespective of their meanings & contexts. Go try to instigate a fight with someone else.

          • HB

            I hope my comment didn’t inspire this one. No need to be aggressive.

          • disqus_e5owUDo2KZ

            Respectfully, HB, I wasn’t even aware of your presence in this thread.

            My comment was directed at the individual taking issue with the original poster’s use of the word “tranny.” If Rupaul and many other transvestites don’t take issue with the term with regard to cross-dressing males, neither do I. “Tranny” isn’t part of my vernacular; but I wouldn’t chastise and attempt to silence anyone else from using the term.

          • HB

            Alright, it just popped up right after mine pointing out the same thing about how tranny was intended. I meant no disrespect either, you just came across as a little unwilling to acknowledge that someone could be offended by it, and your remarks got pretty personal toward Jennifer.

          • Jennifer

            I never wanted to fight with anyone. All I was trying to do was tell someone the slur that they used is offensive, and all I’ve done since then is defend myself against baseless attacks. This has nothing to do with trends or buzzwords, just common decency. Since you’re so intent on attempting to justify your ignorant language, I’m done responding to you.

          • cowabunga

            Words are words. Any offense taken is the receiver’s interpretation. She looks like a transvestite. Does it matter if I don’t find that attractive? Am I saying it’s undesirable? To me perhaps it is, so be it. To each his own. In my opinion, the most arrogant assumption is to think anyone else should think, speak, interpret, experience or be as I do. Life gets rather exhausting if you continue to throw fuel in your own fire by giving a crap about people being offensive, not politically correct or whatever it may be. Get over yourself and your opinion. It’s only an opinion, as this is only mine.

  • Emilia

    Her leg’s Are so Short,and her Upper Body so Huge compared to the leg’s….Looks unnatural.but maybe its the swimsuit

  • Sarah

    Anyone else find it really annoying how she teeters between extremes all the time? She can’t be healthy, she has to either be HUGE or teeny and overly muscled. Odd. It’s just not sustainable and pretty bad for you. I recently read a stat that people who yo-yo have shorter life expectancies. No bueno.

    • AlyssaMoh

      She needs to nurture her soul. I think she puts almost all her energy into her looks and maintaining them. Its kind of sad? Hollywood. Such a soul crushing place for people.

  • Chynna

    She does look great! She has an athletic body. Look at those legs. Good for her!

  • Peegee

    The neckline of that swimsuit is not very flattering but then again it probably looks strange due to possible implants. Those poses look ridiculous. However have to give her credit for a healthy weight loss, and after two children. Hopefully she keeps it off. Other weight watcher followers like Jennifer Hudson & Tina Fey managed. Probably a reflection of it being one of those programmes that emphasise moderation & balanced lifestyle.

  • Deborah G.

    Her poses are absurd. Her body looks nice though. Shoulders are very broad.

  • Riana

    She looks like a chicken, all belly and arms and a little bit of legs, lol but kudos for losing weight! But: ‘Nuff with the embarrassing pictures!

  • C

    Probdbly 5″4 125 lbs now

    • Maja

      I don’t know if she stated this weight herself but to me she looks thiner that 125 lbs. I liked her better when she was soft…

      • retrobanana

        I too think she is smaller then 125..she is short I think…though she prob has tummy weight who knows

  • “I’m not going to ever be size 0, and I don’t want to weigh 90 pounds,” she says. “It’s a really hard thing for me to talk about because I celebrate women of all sizes. I think that we’re all beautiful.”

    -Jessica Simpson.

    • Lau


  • kateuk

    She totally rocking her v-shape body!

  • Mel

    Kudos to her for the weight loss and obvious discipline with working out, but I find this picture unappealing in several ways. The shoes are terrible and her facial expression is silly. Also, her proportions look off– too broad shouldered, long wide torso, and short legs. I just don’t think that shoe & swimsuit combo works for her at all.

    • gordon

      surgery !!!!!!! poor girl, she has mans legs, what a thigh! she has big shoulders ,an H waist siez, and american football player’s legs!

  • kate

    I really wonder if she will be able to maintain this — I think she dieted so much in the past then when she got pregnant and was off a diet her body got out of starvation mode by gaining tons of weight really quickly. I thought she looked great a few months ago– that seemed like a more natural weight for her.

    • purrtriarchy

      starvation mode is a myth

      • Sara

        seriously? try telling that to anyone has has recovered from an eating disorder/any type of long term food restriction

  • C

    Emma she isn’t 90 lbs or a size zero provdbly 5″4 125 lbs and size 6

  • ayu

    Posing in heels with a golf club on a porch next to a dirty stain? That’s a great visual story! 🙂
    But except for the broader shoulders and blonde hair it looks nothing like her, it reminds me more of Michael Jackson than her.

  • Cristina

    I don’t really like this, to be honest. Her body shape looks entirely different – what work did she have done? Her face has never looked the same either.

  • asdf

    Are these pictures photoshopped? Her legs/hips are tiny and then her shoulders are much bigger…looks off…also I sa some pictures of her walking about and she did not look that skinny.

  • kennyzerro

    great for her.

  • swissmiss

    Breath, dear, just BREATH. 😀

    • Agnes

      It’s breathe

      • swissmiss

        Hehe thanks! Damn you autocorrect! 🙂

  • deppfan

    wow what an un-impressive body!

  • lc

    Omg just no. No, no, no, no, no. All kinds of no.

    • Adriana

      I thought you liked V-shaped bodies?

      • lc

        Hers just looks terrible imo. *Too* hard looking, it doesn’t look good or natural on her at all. She is short and has a weird long torso and short legs with it. I like long legs with v-shaped bodies. Oh and I like flatter chests. Think Cameron Diaz….Idk she just looks incredibly awkward body-wise and these embarrassing selfie photos make her look even worse imo.

  • n

    She always does this thing with her shoulders thinking that it will make her appear skinnier, when it actually bulks her and doesn’t look good. I wish she’d do more “natural” poses if that makes sense.

  • May

    I don’t want to sound mean… But I think she looks a bit manly and unnatural. She looks like she’s trying to probably suck it in which is making her look super awkward.

  • talia

    why… the clogs…

  • ShouldaWouldaCouldabeenVSangel

    Did her body shape change as a result of pregnancy? I don’t remeber her being this way…..

  • Poires Poires

    Her body has always been this shape–superfit legs, broad shoulders, square-ish torso. Even in the Daisy Duke period, though her lack of waist is more pronounced now.

    Can’t comment on the face, though…

  • LULU

    She kinda looks like/reminds me of leann rimes :/

  • Shhh

    Reading the comments make me kinda sad. We criticize her when she’s big, then when she work her ass off to get back in shape, and actually got back, looking really toned and all, what do you people do? You criticize her.. One said she looked like a tranny, one said she has man leg, etc etc. that is exactly why they lose their mind, trying to be perfect. I appreciate her, it took so much effort and determination to be that fit. Heck, i mean anne v looked less toned in the next page. I’m not even as huge as she was, and I’m trying and working my ass off to train and diet hard i didn’t even look as in shape as her. So, bravo jessica simpson!

    • claud

      totally agree. good for her. she looks very fit.

      i will say she looks like she needs to relax. shoulders down and back, girl. i guess she has been trying to prove herself “ready to be a celebrity again.” in which case, i feel sorry for her. she has so much $ stashed up she ought to spend more effort helping others.

  • peace&love

    Wow… why is everyone so hate-filled. She looks fantastic AND healthy and I can’t understand where these comments to the contrary are coming from… to each their own, but she doesn’t look “bad” by any stretch of the imagination

  • menta

    she is on the best way to be another anorexic and typical hollywood girl

  • menta

    i mean she looks good here but you can see that this is not her natural shape. her face changed so much during her weightloss procedure and not in a good way, it looks so sick, unhealthy. she is trying too hard i am affraid she will overdo this weightloss and end up sick and stick-thin. poor girl

  • Lifeisgood20131234

    I’m glad that she’s happy with her size but the swimsuit and pose are very unflattering.

  • B

    Anyone else notice that her left leg doesn’t line up on either side of the golf club in the first picture?

  • blissful

    Jessica looks good! Especially for a woman who has given birth twice in 3 years! She has a V shape for goodness sake and can’t do anything about it!! Don’t forget that she is more of a business woman than a celebrity at this point in her life.

  • erin

    yo-yo game strong af

  • Adriana

    This is her natural body shape when at a healthy body fat %
    I find it strange that people think her shape looks unnatural.
    Google Newlyweds or Dukes of Hazzard & you will see that she was top heavy during those productions even though she was much thinner in one.
    Unnatural for her was when she gained too much weight which changed her natural body shape away from V-shaped.

  • Adriana

    I like her cheek bones, chest & legs here.
    Imo she looks healthy & toned here, probably due to the fact that her weight loss was slow & steady.
    With regards to her diet it seems like she has adopted healthy habbits.
    I read that she has oatmeal for breakfast & sandwiches for lunch.
    I know it’s only a small insight into her diet but they seem like healthy choices.
    Good for her I say.

  • CK

    she has a V-shaped body, and with big boobs looks less proportionate, for ex. Hillary Duff has a different shape but the same broad shoulders&gains in her arms but since her boobs are smaller that still help to make her look smaller and her legs are thick and together with “bigger” upper body she looks more proportionate.
    Overall i think it’s great Jess had finally got a hold on her body, she looks fit&strong, but in this particular pics she looks awful because of combination of few things high heels (make her legs look thinner and scrawnier)+tan(makes her legs look kinda sinewy)+unflattering swimsuit(maybe she needs a bikini with a bit of a ruffles or other details on bottom that’ll give her a bit of volume and hence illusion of more proportion with upper body).

  • disqus_e5owUDo2KZ

    She looks very fit – slim apple shape. Her legs look little & cut. I can’t imagine a guy tiny enough to have legs like that, and they’re definitely feminine.

  • Tonyee

    Hahaa she’s sucking in her cheeks and tummy….
    Her body looks great. But she’s starting to look a little man-ish.

  • Jedna od onih

    That’s extreme.

  • recoverdangel

    she just looks so, so uncomfortable in these pics! Her body looks good but why not pose in a more natural manner? I wouldn’t ever post pics of myself looking so stiff in a bathing suit… it just looks like she’s really self conscious and overly concerned with how her body appears to others.

  • happygolucky

    The bizarre posing with the outfit and the golf
    club, and the Zoolander facial expression– she looks ridiculous.

    I’ve never been impressed with this chick,
    neither looks nor personality- wise.

  • retrobanana

    I saw some other photos of her real quick on another site and I didn’t even recognize her it was just her shoulders and upwards…..this is the skinniest she has been since the early 2000s…she def loses in the legs…I commed her totally but I also am scared she will gain it all back but she looks super geat and duper tiny good going girl just maintain!!! she looks better then Britney and Christina for sure!

  • retrobanana

    I cant believe the amount of negativity…she looks pretty darn good…the only down side is she is a yo-yoer for sure which means she may gain everything back..but I mean come on she looks like daisy duke again and I never thought shed achieve that

  • Christina

    I think its awesome she seems so much healthier, but she is starting to look a little masculine in the legs.

  • arman23

    far too underrated.. gorg!

  • Juju

    Does she do anything in life apart from popping out babies and gaining/losing weight?

  • Ami

    Congrats to her for losing it all, but she is just insanely short, it throws off her proportions even, her head just looks huge on her short frame. She’s still pretty though.

  • kris

    she looked so much better when she had that reality show with nick, newly weds. Her body was perfect

  • Bailey

    Congratulations on the weight loss, if that’s what she needed to make herself happy, but I personally thought she looked better a little less toned.