Jessica Simpson

Pregnant Jessica Simpson Out and About & Diet Update

FFN_g_50969002 - Pregnant Jessica Simpson Out and About & Diet Update

Jessica Simpson, who has yet to confirm her pregnancy, was spotted out this week – here she is in an all-black comfy outfit with her fiancee. US Weekly claims that since Jessica is pregnant again, she abandoned her Weight Watchers program and is enjoying her favorite foods again:

Jessica Simpson knows how to make the most of a cheat day. The Weight Watchers spokeswoman — expecting baby no. 2 — went all-out at a December 2 birthday lunch for BFF CaCee Cobb, 35

“Jessica ordered a grilled cheese sandwich with onion rings,” a fellow diner at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills tells Us Weekly.As her friends toasted Cobb with cocktails, the mom to Maxwell, 7 months — who has yet to confirm her pregnancy — waved off her usual white sangria.“Guess what?” she told her server, with a smile. “I’m drinking ginger ale!”

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  • Rosa

    Hello no, not again.

  • Please Jessica, stop wearing such unflattering clothes!

  • Em

    Pregnant AGAIN, Jessica? Tsk tsk…maybe you can be an ambassador for McDonald’s so you can still bring in the $$$.

  • Em

    P.S.: Your hair looks as fried as fried chicken.

  • Hazal

    Kinda weird that they exactly report what she ate. Who cares???

    • ellen

      I agree! Like we’ve never ordered a grilled cheese sandwich.. Come on, really!

  • Em

    She has the rattiest extensions EVER.

  • Nikki Green

    Hate her boots.

  • heathers

    Good for her if she’s happy and expecting another little baby but that outfit…. she owns and reps a billion dollar fashion line she should at least look cute when she’s being sloppy lol

    • Snip

      She’s the face of an already-manufactured clothing line – she doesn’t design anything. Why should she be better-dressed than anyone else?

      • lc

        I agree completely, Snip.

  • Aryn

    I bet weight watchers is kicking themselves for hiring her. Nobody wants to hear about a pregnant woman trying to keep off weight, it doesn’t fly well. Bad endorsement on their end. I don’t fault Jessica for having another baby, that’s great for her and her fiance. Yet at the same time, if a weight loss company just paid me millions of dollars to sponsor them, I’d for sure think twice about it…

  • kateuk

    The extra long sweater and ugg boots makes her look about a foot shorter than she is! lol

  • jemima

    Why does she use pregnancy as an excuse to dress like a slob? And those boots… those boots will never be cute.

  • Laura

    I don’t know if she is pregnant, but it already looks like she’s gained some weight back. Or maybe it’s just the outfit.

  • lc

    She looks a mess. I see she’s eating like a pig again.

    • Anastasia.

      When did she stop?

      • lc

        True lol!

  • lex

    I don’t understand how a woman with that much money and a fashion empire cannot dress herself well at all. If she wore clothes that are more flattering to her body type she’d look slimmer and she wouldn’t be getting nearly as much criticism.

    • Snip

      The “fashion empire” is designed by the manufacturer. She just does the photoshoots & appearances for it. I’m sure she’s a very nice lady, but I ask again: WHY should she be better-dressed than anyone else?

  • Sassy

    You guys are snobs. She isn’t famous for being a fashionista…her outfit is exactly what I wear running errands…it’s compfy. who the eff cares? ppl keep putting her down and I don’t get it. Sge stays to.herself..leave her alone & focus on y u need to come gere and put.her down so much

    • lc

      Oh, but she IS indeed famous for being a fashionista. You know, her clothing empire and all…

      Oh wait, that’s right. She doesn’t design the clothes, hence she knows nothing about fashion, hence she doesn’t know how to dress.

      Painfully obvious, I can’t seem to figure why she’s a so-called, “fashion maven” either.

    • Emmelie

      It’s so easy to dress comfy but still look good. She needs to brush her hair, put on some decent pants and another sweater. Put on some fancy sandals and a fab bag. This girl can shop everything she wants, and still she looks like this? If you look like this in public you obviously don’t care that much about yourself.

  • Sassy

    You guys are snobs. She isn’t famous for being a fashionista…her outfit is exactly what I wear running errands…it’s compfy. who thcares? ppl keep putting her down and I don’t get it. Sge stays to.herself..leave her alone & focus on y u need to come gere and put.her down so much

  • Nobsnob

    Forever pregnant.
    Her first pregnancy seemed to last forever and now she’s on it again, it seems to me she gave birth and the day after it she was pregnant again ^^’.

  • Megan

    She will never not be overweight again. Calling it now.

    Also, lol at being the face of a shoe and handbag line. I imagine that company is smoking the same stuff weight watchers was when they signed her.

  • hanan

    did any one else noticed how 1 layered hair appear very long , when it’s actually short !! < i like this "trick"

  • mary

    at the rate shes going she’ll gain 200 pounds this time

  • Aafje

    I ate grilled cheese for dinner after reading this. Delicious.

  • Anastasia.

    Is it official? She’s pregnant again?

  • holly

    her fiance doesn’t do anything. This will never last. Not because he isn’t a nice guy and she a nice girl. She is a multi millionaire(albeit a sloppy dressed one)., He is a …. Well,he follows her out of restaurants. Oh god Jessica, 2 babies under 1. God bless. TY for nannies and trainers. Weight Watchers should have hired Hilary Duff.

  • happygolucky

    Her sweater is covered with pills. Those earrings. She dresses just awful.

    I find her very unattractive and have never understood what the fuss is about. I think she’s going to end up as Kirstie Alley Jr.

    • lee

      I don’t know that Hilary duff would do it. She has her own money married a millionaire and really just seems focused on being a good mom. Plus she didn’t gain nearly as much weight and is a Kimberly Snyder beauty detox follower.

  • Anastasia.

    Her fiance/husband/whatever always looks sloppy and unkempt and like he doesn’t even bother to shower, gross. He’s a Yale graduate….supposedly, but doesn’t even have a job. Well I guess you don’t need a job when you’re married to Jessica Simpson. I wonder what a Yale graduate and Jessica Simpson converse about.

    • Aafje

      He is a retired professional athlete, so he did have a job.

      • Snip

        Well, then that alone should give him permanent employment status. He doesn’t have to contribute for the rest of his life because he at one time in his past was somebody who was out there earning money.

        • Aafje

          Lol thats not what I was saying, I meant he probably has a good amount of money from that still right now so hes not completely mooching off of her.

          • Exactly

          • Snip

            I was just being silly. lol

      • lc

        She said “doesn’t” not “did” though.

  • Beckers

    I’m so hung over I could do with a grilled cheese sandwich even though I’m not sure what it is. Is it US equivalent of a toastie? Leave the onion rings though they are so bland.

    • Kalina

      It is a sandwich of just cheese and bread cooked in a pan with a bit of butter or oil until the bread is toasted and the cheese is melted 🙂

  • Snip

    I don’t find her extensions ratty. They look perfect to me! I’d just hate to have to keep them clipped in all the time to maintain that “waist-length thick gorgeous platinum hair” image.

  • Gianna

    Wait, I thought she just recovered from pregnancy…I thought she just managed to lose all that pregnancy weight that brought her so much negative attention and now she is pregnant again and back to porking up?

    Anyway, her thing. If she’s happy, then, who cares?

  • realno!

    she’s falling apart hahha

  • Henny

    I get SO uncomfortable just looking at her, she just looks swollen and puffy 100% of the time.

  • Lisa

    Guess what? Your baby doesn’t need onion rings!

  • KC

    I mostly don’t care what people wear as long as the clothes are clean and the person is covered, but really Jessica. You look like someone who has had half their legs chewed off by a starving dog.

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