Jessica Simpson

Pregnant Jessica Simpson: “I’m trying to make healthier, wiser decisions”

FFN_g_51020111 - Pregnant Jessica Simpson: "I’m trying to make healthier, wiser decisions"

On being pregnant again:

We were definitely extremely shocked. Apparently, protection just went out the window. I feel like I’m always pregnant. We’re very happy.

On her first pregnancy versus the second one:

With Maxwell, I felt amazing. Like I could do everything, eat everything. Do whatever I wanted. I had a lot of energy. This time around, I’m like exhausted. Eating Tums. That’s my snack of choice. The first pregnancy I like let loose and I kind of ate everything that I wanted to eat and I just really enjoyed it. ‘This time around I think because I was doing Weight Watchers and I felt super healthy. I’m not really craving as much and I know how hard it is to get off so I’m trying to make healthier, wiser decisions.’

On gaining a lot of weight with her first pregnancy:

‘Apparently Eric still wanted me. So I can gain as much weight and I will have a husband to be that loves me.’

… says Jessica.

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FFN_g_51017256 - Pregnant Jessica Simpson: "I’m trying to make healthier, wiser decisions" FFN_g_51017260 - Pregnant Jessica Simpson: "I’m trying to make healthier, wiser decisions" FFN_g_51017268 - Pregnant Jessica Simpson: "I’m trying to make healthier, wiser decisions" FFN_g_51017333 - Pregnant Jessica Simpson: "I’m trying to make healthier, wiser decisions" FFN_g_51020110 - Pregnant Jessica Simpson: "I’m trying to make healthier, wiser decisions"  FFN_g_51020118 - Pregnant Jessica Simpson: "I’m trying to make healthier, wiser decisions"

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  • lila

    Oh gosh. Well, I guess she does look better than the first time. She’s really small so every extra pound shows, but here you can see that she gained less just looking at her face, I mean she still has a jaw line 😉
    Still, she makes it sound as if this pregnancy was torture compared to the first one just because she can’t eat chocolate and fries all day. I don’t like her, she seems rather.. hmm shallow?

    • Powwow

      Most celebs are shallow lol she’s obviously not TOO shallow or she would’ve worked out like crazy to keep her weight low during her first pregnancy (like Kim K).
      Random but how cutee are her baby’s mini Minnetonka boots!!??

  • jemima

    She looks so much better this time around.

    • charlotte

      exactly what i was thinking.

      • Abby

        She looks really good this time! Her outfit choices have also improved. How adorable is her little girl!!!

  • Megan

    lol, her wise is most people’s common sense. At least this time around she is aware that excess body fat doesn’t get pushed out with the kid.

  • Casey

    She looks much thinner this time around.

  • Magda

    What are Tums ? I googled it. Does she it antiacid medicaments or did I get smth wrong ?

    She looks pretty !!!!

    • Mia

      Tums are an antacid. I think she means she is experiencing a lot of heartburn this time around, which is a common pregnancy complaint.

  • La la la la

    i like her. she’s no genius but she’s very genuine, i’ve always found it endearing. people threw stones at her about her 1st pregnancy (i think i ripped on her some too) but she seems to have learned. you can’t really ask more of someone than to learn from their mistakes. we all make em

    • Agreed. I defended her a lot the first time around because I thought people were being incredibly harsh – saying she’d be a terrible mother and she was endangering her child, etc. But I know now that she was being very stupid about food! Anyway, I don’t think it did any real harm to her or her baby and she has obviously learned from it – she looks much better this time around.
      I’m not a fan of her music or movies, etc, but whenever I see her in interviews I think she is quite endearing in her naïveté and openness. She is definitely not a genius, like you said, but she’s cute, honest and fun!

  • lc

    “Still have a husband who loves me”. Huh? Last I checked, they were not married…she is not the brightest, she can’t even get his title (fiancee) right.

    • JennM

      she said husband to be

    • Winnie

      she said “I will have a husband” not “still”. taken literally that is more likely to mean that she’s anticipating their marriage, not that they are already wed.

    • Junior

      “…and I will have a husband to be that loves me.”

    • She really annoys you doesn’t she?! You always find something negative to say – even when it’s not there, in this case! 🙂 One of your celeb blind spots – mine is Gwyneth Paltrow, so I understand! 😉

      • lc

        Yes, she annoys the hell out of me. That is common knowledge.

      • Raquel100

        lol – I can’t even hear the name “Gwyneth Paltrow” without cringing – 1 of the most fake & annoying celebs EVER!! Can’t. Stand. Her!!! Meanwhile, Jessica looks gorgeous & at a much healthier weight- she is truly naturally gorgeous & her daughter is SOOO ADORABLE!!!

  • Acnaib

    She said husband to be….

  • Acnaib

    So it’s good to know that not every man wants a Victoria Secrets model as a girlfriend and prefer a feminine woman!! I think Jessica is a very good role model!!

  • Pixie

    She looks great!!! 🙂

  • serena

    Jessica has always seemed like a phony to me. When she first became famous, she emphasized her father is a preacher and she’s a “good christian girl”, and claimed it was important to be a virgin until marriage. A decade later she’s divorced with 2 babies out of wedlock and I think her preacher father was in a gay scandal? Just to clarify I’m not religious at all – nor do I think it’s wrong to have kids out of marriage or be gay. I’m pointing out how everything is contrived in Hollywood – it’s all about selling an image, whether or not people fit into it!

    • Hazal

      I completely agree.

    • Mia

      It’s so hard to judge what the truth actually is. It’s possible that her image was completely contrived from the beginning; it could be that she and her family came to Hollywood with the best of intentions, but money and fame change everything; Or, it could be that they would have changed no matter what…A lot of people change their values (especially religious ones) between late adolescence and adulthood.

      • This! I love that you are not immediately cynical, Mia! It’s certainly possible there were no bad intentions. I had a childhood friend who was the daughter of a preacher and herself very serious about religion. She moved away and I heard later on that she got pregnant out of wedlock at 16! It happens – and sometimes to the ones you least suspect! People change and make mistakes – and I’m sure the pressures of fame and the lure of money only make that more likely, unfortunately. .

    • JennM

      I think Hollywood is about selling an image, too, but I also think it would be hard to grow up in Hollywood… maybe it isn’t that she was fake before, but that her values have changed, I know the things I used to want for myself when I was in my teens are a lot different than the life I have now at almost thirty… it isn’t because I was ever lying about who I was, but my life experiences changed what I consider important.

      • serena

        Well I’m talking about her “Newlyweds” days, she was in her 20s and married. But you’re right that people change a lot as they grow up. A lot of it is Hollywood marketing though – you see it with the Disney girls, trying to promote a “wholesome” image only to have them rebel as they grow up.

    • Winnie

      the majority of the 90s Disney (and other) stars (and even the ones now) we’re like that though. Britney Spears swore she was a virgin when she came on the scene at 17, despite apparently having lost her virginity at 14 and having her breasts augmented very young as well (according to her own mother’s book). Hollywood is full of phonies. they all pranced around with their bare midriffs and purity rings (Christina, Beyoncé, even the movie girls like J. Love). the entire industry is effed up. Jessica may be annoying and kind of dumb, but she still manages to come across as genuinely sweet, which is more than i can say for the majority of celebs these days.

      • Adriana

        I understand your overall point, but disagree that breast augumentation at a young age should be used to point to losing ones virginity. I had painfully low self esteem when I was young and I can see my mom approving a breast job for me even just for confidence. Also what about girls who get a breast reduction to take care of pain, or if you have deformed breasts? The last one is more rare but definitely possible, such as tubular breasts.

        • Winnie

          i see the point you’re making, but Britney Spears’ boob job had little more to do with the fact that: sex sells. bigger boobs will sell more records 9/10. appearance and image are everything in this industry. that’s why we have so many celebs with great bodies and mediocre talent these days. Britney only had her implants in around the time the video for ‘Sometimes’ came out till before her ‘Slave 4 U’ days when she had them removed. she reportedly didn’t even really want to get them in the first place (which is why she had them removed when her breasts grew), it was more of a “career move” made for her by her agent, and allowed by her mother at the time (she had to sign off on it). so right there, there’s already a disconnect between the so-called virgin and the scantily clad, breast-augmented girl who making millions of dollars to maintain that image, yet still be sexy enough to sell records. i’m not dissing breast implants at all, at least, that wasn’t my intent. but personally, i don’t believe they should be done before the recipient is of age because their bodies aren’t finished developing.

          • solaxia

            For the record – I think Britney’s mum is a liar and a phoney! I mean…that book came out around Britney’s crisis time (maybe just after)…and…who cashes in on their daughters life crisis!? God, I have done some STUPID things in my life (still paying for them unfortunately) but THANK Christ I don’t have a mother like that!

            Maybe Jess realised that ‘being a good Christian Girl’ didn’t have to mean no sex/ kids out of wedlock, and having to stay in an unhappy marriage?

            I never saw Jessica as a fake. However, I think Jess was young, impressionable and just followed her father to fame. I think she does have an innocence about her that hasn’t left. However, I do think she ‘grew up’ and changed her views. Maybe she realised she got married too young, and that she couldn’t see herself living in an unhappy marriage for the rest of her life.

            Maybe when she was with Nick she realised he wasn’t the one for her. He used to say in interviews (when he was still married to Jess) that Vanessa Minilo (sp?) was his ‘dream girl’…now…that can be seen as a silly male fantasy thing. However, I personally dont agree with men saying that anyway. BUT if we were both famous and that fantasy could come true, then I would feel so uncomfortable! And…it did come true for him remember! So people condemned Jess for leaving…yet we don’t know what happened prior to that. I think it actually takes A LOT of strength, and self knowledge to be able to follow your heart, with the very real consequence of people criticising, condemning an labelling you.

          • Winnie

            i believe a lot of what Britney’s mom had to say because a) the timeline of the boob job can easily be confirmed by watching her music videos (they look like balloons in the ‘Born to make you happy’ video, vs. normal sized in Slave 4 U) and b) Justin Timberlake has already admitted that Britney being a virgin was a lie because they had been having sex for a while before she said she was. i don’t really know much else about the book because i didn’t read it, and i do think she is a horrible mother for capitalizing on her own daughter’s misfortune, but i don’t doubt its authenticity because if those things are true (the “suggested” implants, early recreational drug use, and promiscuity, etc) it definitely gives some insight about Brit’s eventual breakdown.

      • serena

        Winnie, not sure if you’re disagreeing with me, but you’re basically proving my point: the Hollywood fame machine markets these young pop stars and they usually can’t live up to the wholesome vanilla expectations. Britney, Christina, Miley, etc. Hilary Duff may be the one exception!

        • Winnie

          i’m definitely agreeing with you, but only to an extent. calling her a “phoney” implies that she came into the business with the intention of deceiving people (wasn’t actually religious and was having sex while preaching about abstinence, etc). may she did or maybe she didn’t but besides the whole child out of wedlock and gay dad (which btw, really has nothing to do with her, i’m sure her dad didn’t turn to her before she came on the scene and say “by the way Jess, i’m gay and we have to keep it hush hush so that it won’t wreck your image”). she still has the same bubbly and clueless personality as she always has, her life just turned out somewhat different than she may have planned at seventeen. so while you are right, there are way better examples of that “phoniness” in Hollywood than Jessica, and she seems incredibly harmless compared to those other ones

    • lc

      Yes serena. I have ALWAYS thought she was the biggest phony, she annoys me to no end.

  • Winnie

    she looks a lot better this time around, so good for her. she seems to be more belly than anything else. and her face still looks pretty

  • kathy

    What an adorable baby she has! She looks really healthy. I am glad she is taking care of herself this time around.

  • enbo

    This is from The Ellen DeGeneres Show.. Versus I was just wondering if you could mention more often where you take these interviews. I’ve seen that people often get the wrong impression of things when they don’t know that things are taken from a funny tv show 🙂

  • Aiko

    Bless her heart.

  • solaxia

    She is so beautiful imo! Cute lil figure, pretty hair, and pretty face! Plus I think she has a gorgeous and endearing personality.

  • deppfan

    I feel terrible for her first baby.. She did nothing but intoxicating her baby and it is well-known that babies can begin to develop diseases in their mothers’ womb.

    • amber

      Are you for serious? Her baby is probably treated better than you are.

  • mary

    really cute baby girl and jessica looks good. im glad she is being more sensible with her pregnancy this time around…for her sake AND her child’s.I also like her husband, he seems like a nice guy lol

  • D.L.

    Jess looks great! I hope she has an easier time losing weight and being healthy this time around. The little girl is so cute!

  • Jen

    She’s looking much healthier this time around, but I seriously can’t stand how she makes that duck-face all the time. She’s so much prettier when she just looks natural in candids, but so much of the time, she makes those faces like she’s trying to be so hot, and it’s just annoying. RELAX jessica!

  • Jen

    She’s so naturally gorgeous that she can weigh whatever she wants and still look amazing.

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