Pregnant Jessica Simpson: “I’m trying to make healthier, wiser decisions”

March 9, 2013 in Jessica Simpson by Versus


On being pregnant again:

We were definitely extremely shocked. Apparently, protection just went out the window. I feel like I’m always pregnant. We’re very happy.

On her first pregnancy versus the second one:

With Maxwell, I felt amazing. Like I could do everything, eat everything. Do whatever I wanted. I had a lot of energy. This time around, I’m like exhausted. Eating Tums. That’s my snack of choice. The first pregnancy I like let loose and I kind of ate everything that I wanted to eat and I just really enjoyed it. ‘This time around I think because I was doing Weight Watchers and I felt super healthy. I’m not really craving as much and I know how hard it is to get off so I’m trying to make healthier, wiser decisions.’

On gaining a lot of weight with her first pregnancy:

‘Apparently Eric still wanted me. So I can gain as much weight and I will have a husband to be that loves me.’

… says Jessica.

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