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Pregnant Jessica Simpson Out, Around and About



Jessica Simpson, who is about 4-5 months pregnant with her second child was spotted out for a Valentine’s Day lunch yesterday in LA – and she looked pretty in a black & pale pink outfit.

See many more pictures of her after the jump!




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  • Debbs

    She looks pretty but her style is atrocious.

    • cloud9

      agreed, but at least it looks like she’s being healthier this time around

      • v

        I was going to say the same thing, before I realized that she’s only five months pregnant, and looks eight.

    • Linda

      I agree, but I love her blazer though :3

  • sarah


    • sarah

      damn 😀

  • VanillaFrosting

    She looks really cute! I think her figure looks nice.

  • Annabella

    Oh, Jessica! You look so happy and glowing! Now she looks like a gorgeous, pregnant woman, not the huge blop she was last year. And if she’d just give up the leggings, she’d be an absolute stunner. In my opinion, leggins suit no one save in the gym.

    I don’t think she should lose any more weight, though. A little roundness in her cheeks makes her look younger and prettier.

    • Pixie

      Leggings are pretty much all I wore when I was pregnant. It’s all about comfort when you’re pregnant, and they are very comfortable, and stretch with the growing belly.

      • truwordz

        im sure it is all about comfort and leggings are definately comfortable , but her sky high stilletos slightly contradict this look dont you think ? well she looks like shes having a lovely day anyway and the pink suits her

    • HB

      She does look a lot better this time around!
      That pink color is really nice on her.

  • Hazal

    I hate it when pregnant women wear killer heels! So unappropriate. I know that there are girls who will attack me for this but I don’t care. That’s my opinion.

    • I actually agree Hazal – I remember thinking that when she was really heavily pregnant last time and seeing her totter around on 5-inch heels. Maybe I’m just paranoid – but I’d be so afraid of tripping or overbalancing – especially when you won’t be able to see much of the ground in front of you! And high heels push your balance forward at the best of times – let alone when you have a huge baby bump and boobs!

    • Mia

      Inappropriate?? How is it any less safe than driving while pregnant? It sounds very judgmental of women’s choices IMO.
      Plus, let’s not forget that celebrities are accustomed to walking in really high heels, so the odds of her falling/tripping are pretty much zero given her level of expertise.

      • April

        Heels are an added risk that she could easily avoid. And I think driving is more of a necessity in life than wearing 5 inch heels.

    • Heather

      I agree! I would be afraid of falling also and my feet swelled both times I was pregnant and I just wanted to be comfy, not tottering around on high heels. Not that these shoes are ugly, but Jessica has some of the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen..huge chunky shoes…she isn’t’s okay to be less than model height.

    • Powwow

      The heels whilst pregnant thing really isn’t an issue.
      She’s surely used to wearing heels and I doubt that she’s walking any great distances.. The guilt put on women over silly things is OTT imo, other than doing drugs/smoking/drinking, whilst pregnant do what you want and whatever makes you comfortable.

      • Junior

        I agree. It’s not that big a deal….

    • lol

      it’s not like she’s out on her own, someone is holding her hand.

  • heathers

    She looks so happy and gorgeous. Good for her!

  • Lucy

    I happen to adore her style and think she looks fab here.

  • Jennifer

    She looks amazing!

  • Tally

    Always loved the shape of her legs<3

  • Jules

    She looks great, I’m so happy for her, but I admit I feel kinda bad.. imagine pregnant for TWO years straight. Damn. I mean this in no disrespect! I expect pregnancy to be a wonderful experience but I know all my friends/family in their last month were like “Come on! Come out! I want to wear my bikini again!” lol

  • Pixie

    She looks great! 🙂

  • Jenny

    What’s wrong with her style? I think she has an wonderful style, except the tights :S
    She’s beautiful, as always. Love the hair, she looks really romantic here!

  • lc

    Uh no comment. It won’t be nice, so…

  • Jacky Daniels

    she looks good this time! but with this duck face..she looks stupid 🙂

  • Jacky Daniels

    well i have to say i like all of her shoes! 🙂

  • Cristina

    She certainly looks better this time around but those lips are bridging on Lohan territory.

  • Ana

    She’s huge, but were use to it.

    • Robin

      She isn’t huge, she’s average, and pregnant for god’s sake. Give the girl a break.

  • Chelsea

    She has a perfect life

  • jemima

    I think she looks good, like she’s taking care of herself this time around.

  • Kay

    I wish she would try a honey blonde shade!! 😛

  • solaxia

    I think she looks gorgeous body wise! I love her style! Sure, it may not be in ‘fashion’ (pffft who cares) but she looks super beautiful! Something that really compliments her figure I think.

  • Amanda

    She looks great & fit!

    • lc

      “Fit”????? Lolololol.

  • ellentjie

    She doesn’t look as big this time around!