Jessica Simpson, Skinny Versus Curvy, Whitney Port

Skinny VS Curvy Legs Battle Time!

skinny-vs-curvy-legs-battle-time - Skinny VS Curvy Legs Battle Time!

It’s a Leggy Battle!

No, wait: It’s a Skinny Legs VS Curvy Legs Battle!

Who are the owners?

Attach a face to these legs after the jump!


skinny-vs-curvy-legs-battle-time-2 - Skinny VS Curvy Legs Battle Time!

Skinny VS Curvy Legs Battle Time! Whitney Port VS Jessica Simpson!

Pick your favorite!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • happypetty

    whitney’s legs awesome

  • Mirabela

    Jessica Simpson

  • pOtAtO

    Jessica!! WoW!

  • Anya

    Without a doubt Jess.

  • minnie

    Whitney’s legs are too untoned…Jessica’s are a little heavy for my taste, tbh…but Jessica looks a hundret times better overall.

  • chocobo

    Jessica’s legs, whiled toned, are far too chunky for my taste.

    Whitney wins.

  • Rellie

    wow jessica looks so hot

  • SMe

    Wow, I’m sorry but you can’t wear shorts like that with soccer player legs. Yes, they are muscular, not fat, and she looks fine, but she should fire her stylist ASAP.

    • Briana

      dumbass. soccer players wear short shorts. what a some tv.

  • anonymous

    Shorts are meant to show off legs, and if legs look nice, they should be showed off, no matter what size they are. Jess’s are very nice. Whitney’s are just slim.

  • may

    I like the shape of jessica’s legs but they are a bit too big. The other girls legs are just shapeless and blah

  • e

    Jessica is way too muscular for my taste. Whitney has the thinnest legs ever, but I prefer more shape. Somewhere in between would be perfect…like Anna Faris, her legs are AM-A-A-A-AZING.

  • Elena

    Jessica, hands down!

  • salma’ben

    Jessica Jessica ! hot beautiful and toned who wants more ?!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica’s definitely are better.. Whitney’s are way too skinny.

  • Alicia

    the one to the left..i forget the name but jessica’s shorts are too short and because she gained weight she should just dress more modest than before, not less

  • MK

    jessica’s legs are not toned….

  • ashley

    Jessica’s legs for sure!! Their hot!

  • rainy_daze

    none…somewhere in between the two would be nice

  • varga

    i’m astonished to see that some people say jessica ‘s legs are hot…are you blind???bleah!!.Whitney s legs look a hundred times much better….beautiful legs mean thin,toned and long…not fat and short…i don’t understand…but probably there are many girls who have fat legs that ressemble with jessica s legs and they say that jessica s legs look better just to feel good about themselves…onestly,try to be obiective…i am…

    • anya

      and you say Whitney’s legs to feel better about yourself, am I right.

  • varga

    no dear,i don t need to feel good about myself by saying that…my legs don t ressamble whitney s,nor jessica s legs…i am somewhere between so i am impartial…probably you make part of the girl category i mentioned so you felt attacked and gave me a “reply”…”am i right?”

    • anya

      well sweetheart I need a little more to feel attacked and to be honest could never be attacked by some randon crazy person who feels bad about their own body so she has the need to put other people down. If you don’t feel bad about yourself and your anorexic legs then why do you need to say others feel bad about themselves because they chose Jess. I mean can’t you give a comment without putting other people down. That to me screams low selfesteem and desperation about the fact that you can’t be happy with yourself.

  • sop

    Well dear this is your opinion…I am sorry to tell you that I feel good about myself like everybody should feel in their own body,but probably you don t know that.I didn ‘t put anybody down…this is your opinion and i don t care…You don t know me so you don t know how my legs are…so your afirmation that i have anorexic legs is null.If fater than Whitney means for you anorexic…than I think you have a problem…

    • anya

      You are insane. Have you read your post or can’t you read, because thats exactly what you did. You put other people down. You are totally contradicting yourself because you said you didn’t put people down but you said that all of us who chose jessica did it to make ourself feel good and you don’t know anybody of us, and you are saying that I don’t know you therefore I can’t say you have anorexic legs, but thats exactly what you are saying to us. Sweetheart you lost this one, read your post again and stop trying to defend yourself because you are so fortunate that you can read the posts you did.

      • michelle

        I think Jessica has great legs and no that dosen’t mean that I have short fat legs (as varga says). That makes absolutly no sense. You totaly contradicted yourself varga by saying that people who compliment Woman on here must have the same body type as that person they are complimenting. You just got done saying Whitney has nice legs…so if you think she has nice legs then you should have legs like hers right? Nope you said your legs were bigger then hers….Please make at least a little sense before you start typing on here.

        • michelle

          BTW this comment is for Varga not you anya…I accidently put it under your name. oops 🙂

          • Varga

            And for Michelle,please don’t turn my words,I didn’t say”people who compliment Woman on here must have the same body type as that person they are complimenting”,just read again my comment.And I didn’t say that “Whitney has nice legs”,I said that Whitney s legs look much better than Jessica s legs.It s a big difference.Let s just think at the celebs who have the most beautiful legs(according to some studies on what men prefer,you can search on the internet if you don’t believe,and there is also a top made of Touch magazine) like Nicole Kidman,Cameron Diaz,Charlize Theron,Eva Longoria,Giselle Bundchen,Elisabeth Hurly,Christina Aguillera and so on.Their legs are thin,long and toned.Their legs ressemble more with Whitney s legs than with Jessica’s.

      • Varga

        First,I know very well what I m saying.Second,I said “PROBABLY there are many girls who have fat legs that ressemble with jessica s legs and they say that jessica s legs look better just to feel good about themselves”,i didn t say they have,i said they probably,it was just a suposition.I said you don’t know me because you said I have anorexic legs,you didn’t say” probably”,you were sure I have,so my answer was that you don’t know me.In the third place, I think we have another way of interpretating the expression “putting someone down”.I didn’t say that all the person who have that opinion are like that,but I think a part of them,and I didn’t offensed nobody…if you feel offensed it s your problem.

  • DsD

    actually…none of the legs above

  • ana

    eurgh jessica is waaaayyyyy overweight 🙁

  • Victoria

    Jessica’s legs are very…fat and unattractive

  • Michele

    Jessica’s legs go past toned and muscular – they are MANLY.
    While I think Whitney’s need a bit more curve to them. I find hers a million times more attractive.

  • trisha

    jessie has beautiful legs. Whitney has chicken legs which r ugly.

  • Caitlin

    Jessica’s legs are wayyy hotter. First of all, there’s just more there to work with, and second they do seem more toned. The crazy media and lots of people are always down on her body, but I guarantee there are plenty of men and women across the world who want to do terrible, awesome, naughty things to her “fat” parts. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the other girls’ body, she is beautiful as well, it’s just that if I saw the two of them in the room together my eyes would go to Jessica’s body first.

  • Nicole

    I think curvy legs are more prettier.. although I don’t have them..
    I’m an in-between.. (between curvy and skinny legs.. ;])
    But what do man love more, curvy legs or skinny legs?
    Or just something of both? Just want to know.. :]

  • Lizz

    I am for whitney, definitely.

  • Anabelle

    Whitney. I have a soft spot for her; I think she is classy, elegant and stylish.