Jessica Simpson

Slimmer Jessica Simpson’s New Weight Watchers Ad

Jessica Simpson (who is currently pregnant with her second child, according to many sources) managed to lose more than 50 pounds after giving birth in May 2012 – and she’s ready to show off her new slimmer figure!

Take a look at Jessica’s new Weight Watcher’s ad!

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  • Andi

    wow she looks great!! too bad shes about to gain it all back because she’s pregnant again. back to the sugary cereal and the buttered pop tarts…

    • Emilie

      so gross.. If she is smart, she won’t gain as much. But knowing her she probably has another contract in the works, so why not gain it all back and then some…

  • Sidney

    Right… Well she looked good. Maybe she’ll tone it down with the eating with this second pregnancy.

  • Ale

    This whole Jessica Simpson/Weight Watchers-thing has gotten SO awkward, they should really just call it a loss and start over with someone else, WITHOUT making such a big deal out of it and with someone who actually seems like a healthy person. Who takes diet-advice from Jessica Simpson, the girl who ate tuna and thought it was chicken, and who ate fried oreos when she was pregnant and thought all the fat would come out with the baby???

    • guru

      she’s just gonna gain the weight back again anyway. only an idiot would take her advice

    • nope

      I think many people interested in weight watchers might relate to Jessica Simpson, and any diet advise she gives will come from the company. And weight watchers sure as hell needs a break from Jennifer Hudson.

  • حنان aka hanan

    mehh , i will never do commercial , and especialy not if i had millions already like jess .

  • Anastasia.

    Oh please, give it up weight watchers. It’s obvious that she’s dressed in a way that hides her midsection because she still hasn’t lost all the weight they claim that she’s lost. Next time, pick someone who is actually motivated to lose the weight, or at least someone that doesn’t pack on a 100 pounds while pregnant. If anything, I would think that potential weight watchers customers would be turned off from this program seeing as how JS made a complete mess out of it. And plus, seeing pictures of her in candids she looked way heavier then she did then in this commercial. How’d that happen?

  • nat shermans

    She looks good. I still root for her. Don’t really know why anymore…

  • heathers

    She looks great!

  • Puppe

    I am happy for her having a second beautiful baby, i dont know how people can be so mean to say too bad she lost weight and now will gain back, is a baby people, kg come and go, relax, is her life, her family. She is not stealing our money or our air :).

    • Anastasia.

      That’s all well and good, but why sign a deal with WW when you know you have a really hard time losing weight, and then get pregnant, while you’re still under contract? DId she really need that 4 million dollars that badly? If I was WW I would have sued her.

      • Casey

        This sounds bad to say, but I really think her second pregnancy was an accident.

        I don’t see why she would get pregnant while attempting to lose weight for her contract. It makes no sense.

        • Anastasia.

          The only reason that I personally think that she got pregnant on purpose, was because the plan wasn’t working (or she didn’t want to make it work) and she wanted to get out of her contract. Remember her first commercial? It was shot from the neck up. I think from the beginning it was obvious that she wasn’t taking her contract seriously. I think this is how she thought she could get out of it.

          • lc

            That is exactly what I think happened. She got pregnant because she was too lazy to slim down basically.

          • Ali

            Well, If you look her before photos, she has lost a lot of weight, so in her case WW works.

          • Emilie

            agreed. I don’t think she did her 4 million dollars worth. Whenever anyone saw her she was in sweats or had her bag covering her. WHy not get pregant so no one knows how much she lost or didn’t. I ma tired of J Hud too, but she is the shining example for that company.

        • serena

          I agree it was probably an accident, but hey let’s be real, at least half of people have got to be accidents 😀 I don’t think she was the best WW spokesmodel but who cares? It’s almost New Years so lots of folks will join WW soon for their resolution anyway lol

      • lux

        I’m sure suing Jessica Simpson would be great for their reputation and branding, loads of overweight mothers would flock to use the company that sued a likeable celebrity for getting pregnant.

        personally, I think she has been good for weight watchers, she has lost a lot of weight, she may not be at her thinnest, but that doesn’t matter many people who use WW just want to lose some weight, they dont necessarily want to get to the size you or I would want to be. JS herself probably wasn’t aiming for her Daisy days.

        • Powwow

          Exactly Lux! Agree 100%

  • Aafje

    I think after experiencing how much weight does not come off immediately when you give birth she will eat healthier for the second baby.

  • Candy

    Lets see her without the 20 layers of spanx and lighting and clothing. Its known that any weight she has lost is due to surgery and not weigh watchers. Originally her plan was to go on nutrisystem but her demands were to high so she went to weight watchers. Weight watchers was furious she hadn’t lost anything for the first deadline and know they have had it with her learning she’s pregnant again. All these weight loss plans are stupid stupid stupid. It really is about eating healthy, not even exercise which is 10 percent of the equation. Exercise is important for tone and maintenance not weight LOSS. The best plan is to not get fat in the first place because your body will fight tooth and nail to get back to a higher weight so you must work harder to be skinny. You have to have willpower to silence your increased appetite but eventually after a year of maintenance your body begins to reprogram itself to a new set weight.

  • Pixie

    She looks great. Has she actually confirmed, herself, that she is pregnant?

  • Vic

    Maybe this time she’ll take care of herself, eat whatever she wants but SMALL portions and try to make more healthy choices. I’m glad she lost so much weight before she got pregnant again. Being pregnant and have all that extra weight (60+ lbs) it’s really dangerous… What I’m trying to say is that I don’t think losing all that weight was a waste of time. I think she learned her lesson and she’s a beautiful mom and woman.

  • Blue

    I don’t know why, but I always found Jessica to be so annoying.

    • lc

      I have always felt the SAME way.

  • JaneParker

    I’m sorry, but that’s not a 50 pound weight loss. 20, maybe, given the light and “tricks”. It’s great that she’s having another baby and she seems healthy enough (I’m sure a lot of people would say otherwise but if anything she’s slightly overweight, not obese at all), but 50? No way in hell. Sorry.

  • lc

    Can she just go away.

    • Candy

      She is a complete fake, her whole persona was created by her father. The real Jessica is greedy and rude.

      • lc

        EXACTLY. Someone knows the truth. Why can’t everyone see that? She’s as fake as they come and greedy and rude at that.

  • Beckers

    She looks a little different but that might just be because shes no longer pregnant.

  • Jenny

    I’m sorry.. But the ending? Standing on a car.. for real? Oh gosh…

  • Lux

    Jessica Simpson was a bad choice of spokesperson by Weight Watchers. Who do they think the are fooling shooting the first commercial from the neck up and now this one where she is still covered up in a baggy button down shirt. And then the fact that she’s already pregnant again…

  • natalia

    good for anybody trying to lose weight, hope she gets there.

  • Kimberly K

    I always try to root for the underdog so to speak, but Jessica Simpson please go away and live your life and EAT. This one and Anne Hathaway both make me sick of them for all the food drama in their lives!

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