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Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szohr in Men’s Health Magazine

gossip-girls-jessica-szohr-in-mens-health-magazine - Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr in Men's Health Magazine

Jessica Szohn recently did an interview with Health’s Magazine and she talked about… food.

On eating a lot:

“My family makes fun of me. They say I eat like a man. But I love food that much. When I have a craving for something, I just can’t hold myself back.”

On no longer being a vegetarian:

“After 10 years of eating vegetarian, I tried my boyfriend’s. I was overwhelmed. It was orgasmic.”

For yet another celeb that posed sexily with food, click here!

There are more pics of Jessica and lots of treats on the next page! How do you like this shoot?


 gossip-girls-jessica-szohr-in-mens-health-magazine-2 - Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr in Men's Health Magazine

gossip-girls-jessica-szohr-in-mens-health-magazine-4 - Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr in Men's Health Magazine

gossip-girls-jessica-szohr-in-mens-health-magazine-3 - Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr in Men's Health Magazine

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Molly

    i am so sick of celebrities talking about how much they eat. its become the standard line these days. i understand that a percentage of the population are naturally skinny, but, seriously, these girls act like they binge eat on a daily basis.
    as someone who works in the fitness industry, understand that VERY FEW, if any, people are able to eat whatever they want with no consequences.

    • kelli

      I agree. 100%.

    • My thoughts exactly, there is no way that girl sits down to a massive plate of spagehtti bolognaise followed by chocolate cake each night.

    • Kae

      Amen to that!

    • crystal

      She is just 24! I give her this year to start packing on the pounds. I was used to eating like a pig and not gaining pound then suddenly at 24 I started gaining 🙁 Now I look like like a pig, jaja. So maybe she does eat like that and doesn’t have to throw up afterwards. 😛

    • Brittany

      I agree. Also as someone who is overweight and working hard to get down to a smaller size I find it EXTREMELY annoying when celebs talk about how much they eat. I feel like someone just needs to keep it real and be honest for a change. There’s nothing wrong with pizza or cake in moderation but everyone knows most of these women have to work hard and eat very little to look this good. I just can’t stand the “look at me I eat like a pig and I’m still smokin’ hot” thing.

      • To search, type and hit enter

        That’s why I think hearing mariah carey talk about food is refreshing because she’s so honest about hating her diet but knowing she has to do it for her career

  • tinkerbell

    I never knew guys find bulimics hot…… At least she looks like a happy bulimic – I wonder where the pictures from the toilet bowl are….

    • luluS

      very true, she clearly does something to expel the food after binging if she’s that size

    • sassy

      Ha ha!! And I love how Men’s Health is all about their abs diet FOR MEN but apparently the ideal woman just shoves it in. How ridiculous, as are these tacky photos.

  • Kristy

    Blah, blah, blah. I don’t know anyone who can eat like that with no consequences. I thought I did, I’ve often said “oh so and so, she eats like a pig but she is so thin!” but then I’ve paid more attention, and realised she ate like a pig on one day, but she carefully made up for it i.e healthy eatin/gymming etc.

    She probably eats like a man because she looks like one (sorry couldn’t resist!)

  • Vanessa

    We haven’t read the rest f the interview it could say she eats like a man, but makes up for it later with tons of exercise. The interview is very cropped. It’s not like she’s overly skinny!

  • sar

    she tried her boyfriend’s what?

    • T.D.P

      ahhhhhhhhh hahahaha i was thinking the same thing…..

    • tinkerbell

      Fried P-nis or buttocks – like Dr. Hannibal Lecter…
      “Remarkable boy. I do admire your courage. I think I’ll eat your heart.”

      • toobz

        HAHAHAH i was like thinkin that too

    • Kristy

      Haha, her boyfriends burger. You need to read that little bit of print on the last pic.

      • Elizabeth

        LOL yeah.. usually though when magazines take a sentence out of context, they put words in brackets for us to get what they’re talking about.
        I guess Men’s Health (not surprisingly) liked that sentence better without any precision. :p

  • sara

    tryed her boyfriend’s what…?! 😉 haha.
    & i agree with Molly– I am sick of hearing about how much celebrities eat too!

    • sara

      ignore this comment…i obviously can’t spell “tried”. LOL

  • sara

    tried her boyfriend’s what…?! 😉 haha.
    & i agree with Molly– I am sick of hearing about how much celebrities eat too!

  • Jenna

    I think some people can eat Spag bol and cake and stay slim, it just depends on how large a portion you have and how much you work out. Of course if you weight train you can eat more calories too!

    I think she looks just right here and I think it is true that men like women who EAT!

  • ANA

    look….i`m a very thin person…and i eat a looooooooooooooooot!!!i want put pounds on..and i just can`t!so believe it or not…some people can eat whatever they want…it depends on the each person`s body…
    oh..and i think she looks just great here!

    • Paulette

      Ana, I dont think anybody in here is saying that you CANT eat and be thin, but isnt it a little “strange” that all celebrities CAN eat whatever they want with no consequences?
      There is nothing wrong with saying you eat healthy but you also indulge at times, i dont see WHY all these girls find it so bloody hard to say it!

    • Uma

      Actually, if you want to gain weight you should see a nutritionist. Just like if you would want to lose weight. Eating anything in great amounts and not getting fatter, means there is something wrong with you. And fat may very well gather around your organs and therefore you could develop some diseases – even though you are still thin. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with you – i can’t know how much do you actually eat, it may just seem a lot to you – but what you say it’s absolutely true, just think for a second about what i said. There might be more than just being “blessed”

      Paulette, you are extremely right!!

  • may

    I think she looks great. I really like the first picture the other ones are ok. And she’s not unusually thin. I believe she doesn’t diet…i don’t know about man size portions all day every day. I know I eat man size portions when I’m with family on the holidays and my mom cooked something amazingly good and I’m about the same size as her. And it all stays inside just have to work out a little more the next weeks.

  • Ramie

    I don’t think it’s sexy for her to pose with food. Weird…but maybe that’s what men like?

  • VM

    I must agree, this does look like a bulimics photoshoot. She’s gorgeous though.

  • Minnie

    She is so gorgeous, what a pretty face!

  • Miranda

    Who cares? I’m tired of reading about this shit. You like to pretend you stuff your face, good for you. But we all know in reality she wouldn’t eat a single bite of any of that.

  • Samantha

    well…actuallly i do eat whatever i want! i eat a like a pig but the truth is i work my ass as cazy, and im naturaly skinny, not like an obssetion, exercise makes me happy, and i love eating but i know i have to burn calories and fat, otherwise i would be a skinny fatty girl LOL, but i agree those celebs claiming to wok out for 15 minutes per week and eating cake the whole day are just stupid

  • DT

    I don’t get it….. first of all, she is no skinny chick…. she looks like she eats well, no size 10 but no size 0-2 either. Next, this is a photo shoot… and she is having a forkful of pasta and holding a bi piece of chocolate cake… maybe simply for play afterward….. don’t take it so seriously…..

  • I like the photoshoot so natural and sounds like she had fun and she reminds to myself I LOVE TO EAT IN MY BED what the hell nobody resists Moroccan food 🙂

    • DT

      Are you there now??? I loved Agadir….. Morocco is a most interesting country !!! And the yummy food !

  • Kellie

    I agree @ DT.

    People just search for reasons to complain about celebrities. If she just posed for the magazine without anything, you’d all complain about her makeup or photoshop or ‘fakeness’. If she were a thin girl, she’d be anorexic or bulimic, If she were curvy, she’d need to lose 20 lbs and stop living in hog heaven. Let the poor girl live. None of you know her personally . . . so none of you have the right to accuse her of lying about how she eats. Celebrities take the brunt for all of your personal insecurities and it is very sad.

    also, she looks hot and beautiful! I like her.

    • anya

      I’m sorry but this is a place where we discuss these celebs therefore I don’t get what you are saying since its a place where everything about thsese people gets talked about. And since you are here as well you must be in possesion of personal insecurities as well.

      • Kellie

        Well yes, I do. Everyone has personal insecurities. It’s human nature. I don’t feel the need to take them out on people that I’ve never met, though.

        • Uma

          That’s exactly what you are doing! Let me remind you that you don’t know the other people on this site, so assuming they all have insecurities and bring them out on celebrities is just as bad as what you say the others are doing. I hate it when people criticize, but they just do what they rant about. 😐

          • Kellie

            Sure. I guess you have a point . . . but I’m still going to stick to mine.

    • DT

      Good for you Kellie…. don’t let them gang up on you…. stick to your opinions…. and Anya… remember saying we should discuss the celebs.. when I express my definite opinions…..

  • rachael

    Damn….. those cookies and that chocolate cake look amazing!!!!!!!!!

    And in my opinion “eating like a man” doesn’t mean much. Not every single guy on this planet eats like a pig!

    • Uma

      haha, so right!!

  • salli

    the thing is she propably thinks she eats massive amounts. it’s the way our brain is built, we learn a pattern and are fooled by our habits. when u do fad-diets OR have been a bigger weight before ur brain sends u signals that u must eat eat eat(to cover from “famin” or to reach that ideal big weight, ’cause biologically we try to say at our BIGGEST weight to survive, though nowadays it’s crap) she’s a slim girl that propably moves and doesn’t obsess about food and possibly eat quite healthy foods, so indeed she can eat healthy proportions.

  • salli

    oh and yes i know lots of men who make me feel ashamed by the amount of food i shove trough my digestive system, now i’m a slim, even thin woman but some men just can’t be that bothered by food. than every now and then they fire up the grill and consume a bit more. And not just that, many men are actually eating healthy and “little” ’cause they quite knowingly want to stay fit/slim so maybe in hollywood eating like a man means having an appetite, doesn’t mean pigging out

  • VG


    “After 10 years of eating vegetarian, I tried my boyfriend’s. I was overwhelmed. It was orgasmic.”


    • Princessa

      l m a o , that’s so true 😛

  • Chika

    That’s all the food she eats in two years! LOL

  • AG

    So, the whole point of this interview and photo shoot was to attract guys and make guys (and some women) want to buy the magazine. They would have gone with a celebrity who isn’t stick thin but still represents (visually) a healthy body type, because we can never know if she is healthy or not, and someone who has sex appeal. Jessica obviously falls into that category for the editors of this magazine and they most likely wanted to do an article on food and sex before they chose her so when she came along and made comments about food and her appetite and all that they had a great candidate for doing a ‘sexy’ photoshoot with food and sex as its core theme.
    WHY some of you are expressing the opinion that she is bulimic and is lying and all that gives me the opinion that as a society we have a really serious problem with our views of other people and how they live their lives. Personally I find that sad.

  • Nouf

    she has the most disgusting hair ever EVER :S