Jessica Szohr

Jessica Szohr Is a Bikini Babe

Jessica-Szohr-Is-a-Bikini-Babe - Jessica Szohr Is a Bikini Babe

Gossip Girl hottie roked a pink bikini bra and purple shorts while shooting for a  new campaign “Rock Your Shine” for Ocean Pacific.

Looking thin & fit!

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Jessica-Szohr-Is-a-Bikini-Babe-2 - Jessica Szohr Is a Bikini Babe

Jessica-Szohr-Is-a-Bikini-Babe-3 - Jessica Szohr Is a Bikini Babe

Jessica-Szohr-Is-a-Bikini-Babe-4 - Jessica Szohr Is a Bikini Babe

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  • Sidney

    She has a great body (not the best body type imo but working what she’s got), but the shorts look too small. I love blue eyes with dark hair.

    • CoffeeGirl

      I agree. Maybe they are not size too small, but bigger/different style shorts could look so much better.

  • benice

    She has a nice smile and i want her hair

  • essss

    gorgeous face! shes so cute! but her body is kinda straight

    • °-°

      she looks toned though

  • Vic

    I dont really like the body but her face is gorgeus

  • Kristin

    Cute, but more Dianna Agron please!

    • DC

      Do you know google?
      You can search pictures of her.

      • Kristin

        Excuse you, pretty sure your sarcasm wasn’t warranted here.

        • Teddie

          Agreed – that was pretty rude.

          We want to discuss the pictures – not just look them up.

    • charlotte

      i know!! more diana agron please. shes gorgeous.

    • susette

      also lea michele 😀
      she is quite the hottie

  • jadeee

    love her hair, i wouldn’t have thought this was her body type, she looks like she has a small waist usually. still looks good though. i agree about dianna agron! love her too

  • CéliAmbre

    oh that’s so cool, she’s got my body with a few pounds of fat transformed into muscle! i think she looks good 🙂

  • artemis

    she’s so cute
    too bad she doesnt have a small waist, she’d be perfect

    • i think her waist couldn’t be smaller. bones and organs need place
      she looks great!

      • kate

        She DOES have a small waist, just not very wide hips making her looks straighter figured.

  • she’s so cute , i love her eyes , her hair and her smile.She doesn’t have the best body , she has a ruler body or a boyish figure but she looks great and very attractive!!.

  • Purplebunny

    Its probably just the light or something but her skin color looks greenish :/
    anyways shes pretty, gorgeous smile!

  • Alice in the Wonderland

    is she apple shaped?

    • rita

      ruler, if she gained she’d be an apple.

  • Melina

    I saw those pictures 3 days ago 🙂
    She looks so fantastic, really beautiful shape.
    And her face is pretty.

  • camille

    anyone know more about those tattoos?

    she’s very cute, nice body and great hair!

    • Ramie

      7663 on her left inner arm and the word “simplicity” running vertically along her right side

  • crys

    camille: i always forget she has tattoos until i see her outside of gossip girl.

  • Amy

    I think the purple shorts don’t work for her. Maybe they’re too small?

  • Casey

    If only her waist had a more curved in shape, she would have a very enviable body indeed.

    • kate

      You have to have wider hips for that to be possible. If the ribcage is the same width as your hips (which are narrow anyway) you will not get a curved in waist.

      • Mark

        It doesn’t matter if your hips are wide. Many girls with very narrow hips have incredibly sexy curvy waists. She is just fit & sexy with thicker stronger abs then women with really narrow waists. In fact many men I know find the hourglass shape is sexiest on girls with narrow hips and bodies.

  • Stella

    Her body is really cute. Too bad they are posing her in that horrible, tacky, plasticized pepto pink bikini.

  • m

    “If only her waist had a more curved in shape, she would have a very enviable body indeed.”

    Wow how picky are you?
    she looks amazing.

    • Casey

      Not very picky at all. It’s just body shape ranks first on my list.

  • Natasha

    She’s no bikini babe however I think she’s really adorable and I like her tats I’m not saying she has a bad body because she doesnt she’s just to thin for my taste

  • charlotte

    versus. think you can find some diana agron photos?
    thanks for all the great things ur posting 🙂

    • Versus

      OK, I’ll try.

  • Uma

    I also think she is very cute; there is something really nice about her face, very interesting and non-generic. And yes, her hips are actually small, not her waist big. But nothing she can do about that, so i’ll say she looks great.

  • L

    We have the same body type. My thighs are bigger, though, I’d love to have skinny mini thighs like that!

  • Jemima

    Oohh, I’m glad I looked because then I would have missed the beautiful Cory Monteith.

  • Britt

    I think she looks great…although I’m wondering if why her wrists are so vein-y

    • sparkle

      my hands are really veiny too, always makes me embarrassed in photos. Never known why though. A relief to see it happens to someone else, too!
      (im a slim – not skinny – build, dont diet or do a lot of exercise, but do try to eat for health).

      • Aims

        Mine are too, but so are my moms and my grandmas. Surface veins or big veins on us. Defently doesn’t mean you are unhealthy at all! It perfectly normal. Mine are more obvious if I work out and get the blood flowing.

  • sparkle

    Amy Winehouse body (before the boobs) with a lovelier head!

  • Melanie

    Nice body, cute face and nice smile 🙂 What’s with all the tattoos though? 😛

  • livefree

    Cute, fit, and natural. She’s a winner 🙂

  • jjj

    She looks great.

  • Kae

    She’s ruler shaped, which is not my preference, but she looks to be very fit and toned.

  • Aims

    Omg she is sooooooooooo cute! 😀 Love her tummy – its so flat! 🙂 She has a unique face tho – not sure how I feel about it but really gorgeous eyes. Her body is prefection! 😀

  • Aims

    I read she’s 5’5″ and 119lbs. We have a very similar body type (same height) but she really does look less than 119 – I would say more like 115lbs.

  • she looks healthy, cute, and young, but I see nothing special…
    no hips or waist, and I disagree with seemingly everybody; her face is plain. Cute! Don’t get me wrong, but plain.

  • sprinkles

    AMAZING!!!! i would love to look like this. and her hair always looks so luscious….jealous!!. Loves her!!! 🙂

  • hlj94

    She looks great! 🙂
    But doens’t one of her knees look skinnier(Photoshop) in the last picture?
    Something that clearly didn’t need photoshopping.

  • Jules

    She has SUCH a good body. She has no hips! Jealous.

  • Padme

    Meh. The dude from Glee is hot.

  • I don’t know why, but this girl is sort of ugly to me. She also annoys me a bit :S Her body is also a bit to straight for my liking.

  • Sam Howell

    Yeah, she alright… But what do you have to hold on to?