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  • artemis

    she looks cute n tall

  • Trisia

    She’s so cute.
    I think her shoes are pretty cute too

  • Stella

    I love the outfit and the shoes/shorts combo makes her like she’s got legs for days!

  • shante

    shes so pretty its a shame she isnt apreciated as much as leighton and blake because shes equally as pretty if not even more!

    • Trace

      That might have something to do with the fact that her character on Gossip Girl is really uninteresting and kind of annoying.
      I have nothing against Jessica, though. I think she’s super beautiful and probably way more talented that she’s usually given credit for. Hopefully she’ll be given better storylines next season.

      • O

        i agree! Jessica’s character isn’t even close to blairs and serenas. And since she’s not the upper east side girl i think thats why she’s not as popular. However she is naturally much prettier than blake or leighton(in my opinion) and if she was the upper east side girl in gg she would look even more amazing and get her deserved credit. Oh well, lets hope it happens.

  • Melinaa

    she looks so happy, cute and pretty !

  • Mizzy

    nice legs, and the colors look good on her. The picture looks like something out of a magazine.

  • OMG, this girl is gorgeous!! unique face, beautiful skin tone and long legs. just beautiful!

  • Eve

    She is sooooo cute. I love her smile!

  • Betsy

    Love this girl. She is absolutely gorgeous and seems like a sweetheart.
    I do wish they would let her hair go curly, though. It’s so pretty and fits her personality more.

  • Susan

    wow she has a long torso!

  • MsJess

    I got to have those shoes!

  • saz

    she looks gorgeous. She’s a breath of fresh air from blaire and serena. and those shoes are yummy.

  • solaxi

    cute legs! toned and shapely

  • she is such a beautiful girl. and she always seems so nice. Her and Blake are my favourites. Very good role models.

  • Don’t know if it’s the outfit, but she seems to have a long torso in comparison to her legs.
    Either way, her legs look great!
    I don’t love such colorfulness, hehe, but I don’t care about seeing others in it.

  • Jessica and Blake are the most beautiful girls on GG, imho.

  • Melania

    I don’t ever like her. Her hair is gross and her teeth are awful. Her bohemian clothes are so yuck too.

    • livefree

      What is wrong with her teeth?

      • Melania


        her smile leaves a lot to be desired. I really just dont like her. I am not sure why. I think I have been influenced by her annoying character in the show.

        • livefree

          Haha yeah, I think it’s just the influence because her teeth are pretty much perfect. Though in the pic you gave me it does look like they have a gap (which I definitely don’t prefer either).

  • gen

    I’m not into the boho look at all, but her outfit is super cute! She must have something to do with how good it looks…

  • Tracy

    Her legs are so cute! They are perfect- not too thin, not too muscular. And I like her genuine smile.