Jessica Szohr

Jessica Szohr in Teen Vogue Magazine

Jessica-Szohr-in-Teen-Vogue-Magazine - Jessica Szohr in Teen Vogue Magazine

Gossip Girl beauty Jessica Szohr, her sparkly eyes and big smile are in Teen Vogue this month (actually, in February 2010), together with a bunch of pretty clothes.

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Jessica-Szohr-in-Teen-Vogue-Magazine-2 - Jessica Szohr in Teen Vogue Magazine

Jessica-Szohr-in-Teen-Vogue-Magazine-5 - Jessica Szohr in Teen Vogue Magazine

Jessica-Szohr-in-Teen-Vogue-Magazine4 - Jessica Szohr in Teen Vogue Magazine

Jessica-Szohr-in-Teen-Vogue-Magazine3 - Jessica Szohr in Teen Vogue Magazine

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • I like what she is wearing.

    I have always (probably unfairly) thought of Jessica as very facially unattractive, however these pictures prove me wrong and she looks lovely.

  • Kaiser

    Beautiful young woman. She looks fresh and nice, not trying to be someone else. I like her.

  • Amy

    I think she’s very cute and exotic!

  • Misa Misa

    Cute girl

  • woopidoo

    like her shoes^^

  • BunBun

    She is so flipping gorgeous! ^_^

  • gen

    Yay! They taught her how to smile and keep her eyes open at the same time!

    Honestly, I think she’s sooo beautiful, but she hasn’t really figured out how to take pictures. Whenever I see her on Gossip Girl though, I’m totally jealous.

    • Alexandra

      Hilarious!! :))

  • Pretty girl but I don’t know. At the same time, she’s not very captivating either. If it was for example Adriana Lima doing the shoot, most people would be like, “WOW.”

    But with Jessican it’s like, “Oh another pretty girl.”

    • ann

      In all fairness this is for Teen Vogue. I don’t think you should compare it to Lima when she’s doing freaking bikini shoots all the time.

  • Ida

    I can’t understand what’s so “pretty” about her… Yuck..

  • chuckie

    beautiful (:

  • dwp

    It is really surprising some people find her gorgeous -including me, and some say yuck. I really find her very exotic, with the dark skin, dark hair, blue eyes… she is a beauty, and she is one of the very few people I wish I looked like.

  • artemis

    pretty face damn…

  • To me she isn’t that attractive…

  • Dr. Truth

    She’s one of these actresses that you either find stunning or unattractive. I think she’s gorgeous and that body?? WOW! I wish I was young and thin like I used to be 🙂

  • aimdawg

    wow she is SO PRETTY…and DAMN has she lost weight!!!

  • Eve

    WOW. She is sooooo pretty in a non-ordinary way! I really like her smile. She is very charming.

  • Wow she looks gorgeous.

  • lucia

    Love her!
    was surprised to find out she is actually american.. I was convinced she was really european.
    Can’t say I like the clothes(except for the shoes in the last shot)

  • She is cute! Awesome body and her eyes are really pretty, especially with her natural deeper skin color. <3

  • Salma

    she is the most underrated of the show, her face is gorgeous!

  • Xoo

    She’s gorgeous,no question.

  • Sasha

    Gorgeous. She looks so sweet and seems like such a personable individual. I was shocked when I found out that a lot of people don’t like her because of the character she plays on Gossip Girl… goes to show that people have a long way to go in separating the character from the actress. :/