Jewel in a Bikini!

Jewel-in-a-Bikini-11 - Jewel in a Bikini!

Bikini treat!

Who’s wearing it this time? Jewel! And she’s looking really nice in this tiny purple number.

Her figure looks healthy, attainable and maintainable, doesn’t it?

Check out more after the jump and tell us how you like her figure!

Jewel-in-a-Bikini-21 - Jewel in a Bikini!

Jewel-in-a-Bikini-3 - Jewel in a Bikini!

Jewel-in-a-Bikini-4 - Jewel in a Bikini!

Jewel-in-a-Bikini-5 - Jewel in a Bikini!

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  • Micaela

    she look’s good, she reminds of a women you would see walking down the street or in the car next to you, she doesn’t over do it and her body isn’t perfect, which is a good thing.. she normal..thank you.

  • Mizzy

    from the front her body reminds me a lot of Kim Kardashian. Even though she isn’t super thin there is no visible cellulite and she looks healthy.

  • Kelli

    Love Jewel! Her weight seems healthy but I think she’s a little untoned.

    • anabel

      Yeh I agree!!

      I think she looks good and quite refreshingly normal… her figure is
      nice. I like her size but personally, I like to be a bit more toned.

    • Mirabela

      i agree to!

  • Casey

    I’m having a hard time deciding if she is actually toned or untoned. I’m going to take the middle route and say she is toned but could also use more toning.

    I agree that she looks healthy, but she is a little too big for my personal preference. And if any girls are reading this and thinking I’m calling her fat, I’m not. She’s normal weight, and there are plenty of people that prefer her size over what I consider the perfect size.

    • Blissful

      My question is if she is a healthy size; do you think the perfect size is someone who is underweight?

      • Instant

        There are plenty of women smaller than Jewel that are a healthy size. Just because Casey likes smaller framed/built women(I would put Jewel at medium frame, almost large frame) doesn’t mean she thinks that underweight is the “perfect size”. I think Bar Rafaeli is healthy size and very pretty, but she is smaller than my personal preference, does that mean I am saying that overweight is the “perfect size”? Nope, it just means I don’t have a preference for smaller framed women, I just like medium to large framed women that are curvy(Christina Hendricks or Kim Kardashian for example).

      • Casey

        No, because the word “healthy” to me doesn’t mean “average size,” as a lot of people like to use it. I think healthy can come in a range of sizes from slightly underweight to slightly overweight.

        What I consider a perfect size also happens to be in that healthy range. I think you are implying that I like size 00 super tall runway models. Nope, being that underweight would not be healthy. I like at least a size 2. And the size 2’s that I like and think are perfect ARE healthy just like Jewel (naturally thin/petite), or I wouldn’t like them. I just tend to prefer the smaller end of healthy, just as some people prefer the fuller end.

        • Casey

          Oh I didn’t see Instant’s comment. She answers your question perfectly. Bar Rafaeli is definitely someone who I consider to be a perfect size. But that doesn’t mean that Instant likes overweight people. She just has a different preference. But both of our preferences are what I would consider healthy, despite being different.

          • Julie

            Yeah Casey I agree with you and I also share your preferences. By the way I have herd numerous evidence that a low BMI between 18.5 and 20 is the healthiest anyway. Eg the chinese. They are nearly all very slim and have a very low (but still healthy) BMI’s and look how long they live for. Im not saying Jewl is fat or over weight I am just sharing my opinion just like everyone else and just like everyone else I have a preference and I kind of prefer V-shape, small framed, petite woman ie someone like Teri Hatcher who I think has a killer body and she must be pretty healthy to do a triathalon.
            I also have a fairly low BMI of about 20 and it’s not hard for me to maintain but everyone is different.

          • Instant


            I just want to say that those BMI numbers won’t be healthy for everyone, just for the small framed people. A person with a medium or large frame would be underweight for their body type at those numbers. 🙂 BMI is just a general guideline, too general to be the end all, be all tool that people use to determine if they are still healthy or not, they should look at their body frame size and their body type(apple, pear, hourglass, etc…). I know I wouldn’t be at my healthiest if I tried to be BMI 18.5-20, and the Chinese are generally a small framed people, so of course they are going to be healthiest at that BMI range 🙂 There’s also studies that suggest that being at the higher end of the healthy BMI range, and even a little into the overweight range, is the healthiest for people, but again that wouldn’t be true for everyone, just the larger framed people 😛 I think it’s best to just forget BMI and find out your body frame size and your body type, and find guidelines for those specifics, and get a good eating and exercise routine going 😀

  • Juliette

    Meh. Looks pretty typical.

  • Kristy

    She looks ok, but I wouldn’t aspire to look like her and if they were pictures of me on the beach I’d feel motivated to lose a few.

  • shes doesn;t look like a healthy weight…and she could seriously tone up some of those body parts,,,,yikes!

  • Mnemosyne

    Can anybody tell me how tall she is?

    • dinah

      she is 5’6″

  • Charlotte

    versus, what do you think her shape is?

    • Versus

      I think she is a vase – she’s got waist definition, a generous bust and slightly curvy hips and she seems proportionate.

  • ebbie

    i think she looks great. i’ve always thought she had a great figure. i’m surprised at so many people saying she needs to lose a few pounds. what do you guys like? she’s a beautiful woman

  • Ramie

    she looks okay. Nothing to be thrilled about. She could tone up. She was never thin.

  • Dr. Truth

    Too soft for my taste. I like a woman who hits the gym…
    (I’m a woman but I mean I like harder bodies)

  • jen

    Thank GOD! Finally a real body on a celeb! Bravo Jewel for not being an anorexic idiot!

    • Dr. Truth

      Right….cause EATING DISORDERS stem from a lack of intelligence. How ignorant.

      • savanna

        i agree with both of you. eating disorders are not stemmed from stupitidy, i am 15 and bulimic and also consider myself intelligent, but i understand the annoyance toward super skinny celebs. they make me feel like i shouldn’t eat. and when i do i should get rid of it. so, even though i admire very thin figures, i also LOVE Jewel to death and admire her confidence in not wanting to be too thin like most. it makes me feel like i don’t need to starve to be pretty.

  • Kt

    she looks good, i like her figure, shes not flabby and covered in celluilite but shes quite soft, something i personally like.
    I mean i would love perfect toned figure but i don’t think i could attain it, Jewel’s figure is attainable.
    What body shape is she?

  • doris

    she’s hot!!!!!!

  • Karsten

    I really, REALLY like the slightly softer look. It’s much more feminine than “toned” bodies, more natural and sensual and attractive.

  • Thank you Versus for this picture I will show it to my cousin she is only 14 and she is crazy about Jewel but she is complaining all the time about being just Typical and want to lose 20 pounds it’s so sad because even her idole doesn’t look perfect but still look naturally beautiful.

    • Versus

      My pleasure, Salma! I agree that Jewel looks naturally beautiful!

  • Belle

    She looks great! It’s refreshing to see a celebrity with a bit more softness about her. So many famous women looks very hard and bony but she seems more like the ‘girl next door’.

  • Juliette

    I realize this says Jewel, but I kept thinking it was LeAnn Rimes for some reason. Kind of forgot who Jewel was for a minute…

  • Ulaaa

    If she is 5’6”, she looks about 130-135 lbs. Her BMI would be around 21 – 21.5?
    So 168 cm and 60-62 kg.
    Does it sound about right? I used to look like very much her a few years ago, now I’m a little bigger.

    • Julie

      I would say she is more like 135-140 pounds just because Felicity Huffman of Dh is very slim at 125 pounds at 5.5″ and this girl definitly has atleast 10-15 pounds on her for sure. Anyone agree.

      • Julie

        By the way I just wanted to add that I am not by any means suggesting that she is not slim woman, I am just comparing her body weight wise to someone I would call very slim and is around the same height ect. As I said on this post, her body type is just not my preference but that doesn’t mean I don’t think she is pretty because I think she is. 🙂

      • KT

        I would agree that she is probably 135-140. I think if she lost 10-15 pounds she would still look healthy.

        She seems very confident in a bikini. She looks natural and comfortable.

  • Julie

    Even though im not a fan of her body type atleast she is curvy in the right areas. 🙂

  • vanillasex

    HOT. I’m currently about 50 lbs. overweight and would LOVE to look like her.

    I think she IS toned, just not slathered with tricking-the-eye fake bake.

    For anyone else who thinks she looks healthy and great and can’t believe their eyes at the negative comments here, you are not crazy.

  • BBF

    So Beautiful!! Love her soft midsection. Great smile…

  • jkol

    I look like that and hate it.. i would never go wear a bikini in public.. but maybe i’m just twisted..

    • jw_photography

      If you look like that then you are blessed! She has a great body….

    • Uma

      maybe you should seek help; hope this does not come off as offensive, but this is a lovely body. It is normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

  • jw_photography

    She looks great, just perfect

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  • RED

    i TOTALLY think she looks better here than in the photoshopped mag cover. i prefer her soft curves to toned hard bodies.

  • Taiju

    She looks fantastic! The body and her confidence!

    Would trade my body for hers anytime(… what a healthy attitude I have towards my body :/ )