Julianne Hough

Fit Julianne Hough Shows Off Her Abs

Fit-Julianne-Hough-5 - Fit Julianne Hough Shows Off Her Abs

Actress and dancer Julianne Hough showed off her flat stomach while leaving the gym in Studio City, California earlier today.

Various visitors pointed out that Julianne looked skinnier and slightly different at the Golden Globes last week – here’s a shot from the event:

Julianne-Derek-Hough-2017-Golden-Globes-Afterparty - Fit Julianne Hough Shows Off Her Abs

See more fit Julianne Hough photos inside!


Fit-Julianne-Hough-2 - Fit Julianne Hough Shows Off Her Abs Fit-Julianne-Hough-3 - Fit Julianne Hough Shows Off Her Abs Fit-Julianne-Hough-4 - Fit Julianne Hough Shows Off Her Abs  Fit-Julianne-Hough - Fit Julianne Hough Shows Off Her Abs

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Paula

    Love her natural looking bod! Quite refreshing these days.

  • reesa

    honestly, she must have these huge body issues. Saying how her body was rocking back when she shot Footloose and how she’s never ever getting back there? Or how skinny she was when she was 18 and it wasn’t healthy? I don’t think her body right now looks healthy, it kinda looks like a body from a woman who stresses way too much about her looks, who probably does 2+ hrs of exercise each day. Her body and face looks kinda stressed out!

  • Emerson

    She looks so amazing!

    But I have a question for any diet/fitness gurus out there: so her stomach is so flat but she has very little ab definition– which i dig so so much. But does anyone have insight as to how that works? I love the look of a perfectly flat stomach, but I’m not a huge fan of ab definition on myself– i prefer what she has. So is it diet, or genetics, or is there a specific workout/diet plan that achieves a body like that?

    • Emerson

      I mean I see that there is SOME ab def there, but in general, it’s such an overall, very flat look, yeah?

    • Annie

      She’s probably just engaging her core muscles (=/= sucking it in) as soon as she spots the paps.

    • LM

      I have a pretty flat stomach with little ab definition, not nearly as flat as Julianne’s, but eating non-bloating foods helps a lot as well as drinking around two liters of water a day. Eating a lot of fresh stuff and watching portion sizes helps tremendously. Staying away from breads, pastas, foods like that, helps a lot. Disclaimer: I am not a dietitian or a nutritionist.

    • c0rinna

      i think genetics has a lot to do with the way her stomach looks. i have her exact body type, as long as i don’t eat bloating foods, i’m flat as a board. if your middle half is your problem area, i doubt you can get this look because you need to work that area and build muscle to get rid of the fat. i have to work my legs a lot because everytime i gain weight, that’s where it goes, to my legs and butt. i also do upper body, but because my arms are way too skinny. i never do abs, never have, never felt the need to.

      • a

        thats not how your body works – gaining muscle in one area doesn’t decrease the amount of fat you store there. Your fat distribution is determined by genetics and diet, not the amount of muscle you have in each area. gaining muscle in some areas will make you look better but it doesn’t change your fat storage. doing abs doesn’t make you lose fat on your stomach specifically. you have to either not store fat there genetically, or have low body fat overall, or both

    • Ziva16

      I would say genetics. My stomach is always that flat no matter if I’ve gained 20 lbs or not. I am a pear and all my weight goes to my thighs and butt. Be happy with what you have though bc despite having a flat stomach, I’ve had cellulite since 6th grade, no matter how thin/fit I am

    • a

      lose body fat (diet) and don’t workout lol. not the healthiest choice tbh

    • Leah

      you can’t change your body type, but you can shift your shape a little by gaining muscle. working out other parts of your body (i.e., legs and arms) and not doing heavy core work will help you lose fat without bulking up your waist. however, most exercises, if you’re doing them correctly, should engage your core, so generally super fit without ab definition is not super attainable/shouldn’t be something to aim for

    • zade

      Basicaly, core (core muscle) lay deep. Fat is sitting above it. She’s doing minimum abs workout, but a lot of cardio, and “cutting” whereas u limit carb and bloating food intake, and no alcohol. Cardio will help you lose fat thus the muscle is visible. If you workit out just a bit, focusing on core, you’ll get that kinda abs. How do i know? That’s how i did it.

    • martasara12

      Unfortunately there is not much you can do if the genetics are against you. Even when I was 16, underweight and anorexic my stomach wouldn’t look like that.

      • Emerson

        thanks y’all

  • lyza

    That’s funny, I don’t think she looks too skinny in her workout gear, but I do in her Golden Globe outfit.

  • CarrieD

    I also feel like something’s different, but can’t pinpoint what. I used to get major body envy looking at her pics in workout clothes, and here I’m getting nothing. Maybe she lost a few?

    • chel

      she lost more than a few

    • Uma

      Definitely lost weight and what is worse, she lost muscle mass. I mean look at her stomach, she hardly has any definition despite quite a low bf%. That’s because she has barely any muscle mass.

    • sunnysideup

      I read somewhere that she eats around 1.200 caloriers a day and no carbonhydrates at all. Would explain why she does look so skinny and has no muscle definition whatsover.
      Sad though: a couple of months ago she was SO fit – I envied her. But now way to skinny.

  • a

    way too skinny, had something done to her face, and those pants are way too low cut. next…

  • Calia

    Too skinny, doesn’t look fit to me. Fit = strong, not emaciated.

  • Rita_7

    I think she got botox to raise her eyebrows and/or changed her eye brow style.. makes her eyes seem more open / less hooded

  • martasara12

    She is looking very skinny…almost too skinny, but not yet.
    Unrelated, but has anyone seen the new Taylor Swift pictures??she seems to have gained like 5 kg in each boob…like her boobs look even bigger and faker than Kylie’s..

    • reesa

      haha those workout photos? I just saw them, her boobs tho 😀 they’re huuuge!

  • Kia

    I used to look like this (gorgeous).
    The amount of hate I received…

    I’m now overweight, up 30kg and struggling both sith food and people.

    She looks great.