Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss – Blue Grammy Hottie

161376165_10 - Karlie Kloss - Blue Grammy Hottie

5’11” model Karlie Kloss (20) delighted the crowd last night at the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles as she stepped o the red carpet in a little blue dress that showed off her thin figure.

How do you all like Karlie’s Grammy look?

See more shots after the jump!


161376178_10 - Karlie Kloss - Blue Grammy Hottie 161376201_10 - Karlie Kloss - Blue Grammy Hottie 161376202_10 - Karlie Kloss - Blue Grammy Hottie 161376204_10 - Karlie Kloss - Blue Grammy Hottie
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  • ash

    Wow…she is really pretty but looks a lot older than 20

    • alyssa

      I’m not sure why she’s at the Grammies (along with other models) when there are so many musicians not invited…

  • lilkitten

    It still disgusts me that she was once called “The Body.”

    • Cal

      It disgusts you? She has an amazing body and comment reeks of insecurity. She has a great body.

      • Fielding

        oh puh-leeze!

      • bored

        its her opinion… besides I feel the same way, candice swanepoel, barbara palvin or kelly brook should be called “the body”, karlie kloss looks like runway type than underwear model

        • Cal

          And it’s my opinion that her opinion is stupid. I’f she can say what she wants so can I. Kelly brook is hardly the body just because she has a waist. Her butt is wide and flat, she’s flabby, short , and doesn’t work for her body.

          • Fielding

            the ‘reeks of insecurity’ part was pretty funny

          • lc

            I agree Cal. The double standards here are cra-zy.

        • kbaby

          @bored: I agree. Karlie and Chanel Iman both need to stick to catwalk because their body type is too thin to model underwear.

      • lilkitten

        I don’t have a problem with her body, but I do have a problem with it being glorified as THE [perfect] Body. Even if it does come to her naturally, I don’t agree that someone with a body fat percentage clearly as low as Karlie’s should be idolized as some sort of role model. I’m not saying anything bad about her body itself–just that I HIGHLY disagree that it is “The Body” and I definitely don’t think she is deserving of that title

        • Chloe

          lol, what lilkitten said 🙂 true that.

        • Adele

          So gorgeous! Tall, thin and amazingly fit, she’s like a modern superwoman!

        • loos

          Totally agree. Her body is nothing to aspire to in my opinion. She’s far too thin. She looks sick to me. There’s nothing that stands out about her body other than how thin she is. ‘Yuck’ was actually the first word that came to mind when I first saw these photos.

    • Chloe

      I totally agree with you (although I do not want to call it ‘disgusting’). A girl like Karlie should not be called ‘the Body’. She is EXTREMELY, yes, almost unnaturally skinny and the fact that she would be the epitome of female perfection sends a very wrong signal to women and girls. I know that there are plenty of women and girls who are naturally skinny like that, but, let’s be honest, the majority reach that point by starvation or other means.

      • lilkitten

        ^ Yes.
        I just meant that it is disgusting to me that some magazine editor would just flippantly decide like, ‘yup, this girl is super skinny so let’s call this spread The Body.’ It seems a poorly thought out to me, and insulting as well. When Elle Macpherson was the body, she was so fit and healthy looking!

        • Cal

          It isn’t fashions responsibility to instill positive body image, it’s a parents job. Magazines have far less to do with it than claimed. I And plenty if others would call her the body. She’s not even as thin as people complain about. I’m 6’1 and 135 and we look very similar. I have to work at it but I’m very healthy and eat. I don’t understand how Kelly brook is any better a role model than karlie who is smart, charitable, and has a personality.

          • lilkitten

            I had awesome, healthy parents and I still had an eating disorder for 3 years, so I’m not sure I believe your completely unbacked claim that magazines have nothing to do with it. Regardless, that’s great that you work hard for your body, and maybe Karlie does too, but she is undoubtedly underweight and I think publishing that as an ideal is unhealthy.

          • Candy

            Obviously eating disorder are very complex like all mental disorders, you can’t blame it on one thing. There are genetic predispositions and environmental triggers.

          • Daniela

            I agree with evrything you said! Also I love Karlie’s body and don’t think it is a bad example for girls.

          • lc

            Well, if the “media” is responsible for body image, then I guess it’s the media also, not parents, who are responsible for shootings, trashiness/skankiness (Jersey Shore-esque role models), kids growing up too fast, etc. etc.

          • Kim

            I think it’s irresponsible to name anyone “the body”. Kelly Brook’s hourglass-shape shouldn’t be prized over Karlie Kloss’ thin ectomorph frame. Both women promote an image of femininity and the female body that is unattainable by most women. We should be promoting acceptance of our individual bodies, not fighting over who is and who isn’t the ideal body. Anyway that’s just my two cents.

  • sarah

    Reminds me of Taylor Swift’s body!

    • PS

      Taylor Swift was my first thought too! It’s the face, especially the eyes. Btw: Neither dress nor haircut/-color work for her, she can look stunning but the combination makes her look washed-out.

  • Katheryn

    I have never been a fan of her until these photos—she looks great, I think it’s the change of hair and the “oomph” of the dress color that do it for me!

    • Cal

      Yes, I was expecting positive comments for once because she just looks better than ever here. Apparently she still isn’t as beautiful as Kelly brook though. I mean come on.

    • Tally

      I feel the same way Katheryn!!

    • Catherin-o

      Agree- She looks unexpectedly pretty here. Love the hair and the dress.

      Can anyone tell me why she would be invited to the Grammy’s though?

      • Miff

        She hosts a show on MTV (I think?) so was doing red carpet interviews.

    • artemis

      after seeing these pics i think she would look hot with more pounds on(not only fat). she has a nice body shape in this dress, a nice profile especially

  • Tia

    I love the dress, but I would like to see it on someone who could fill it out better. Her legs are just sooo long and shapeless :/
    On the bright side, it is the first time I actually find her face kinda pretty so kudos to her makeup artist.

    • Cal

      What does ” shape” mean?

      • Anastasia.

        As in someone who’s waist goes in and out to some degree, and isn’t built like sponge bob square pants, like karlie over here.

      • alina

        “Shape” means having muscle tone and body fat that fills out the limbs to give it a nice shape. Karlie’s arms are nice and toned so it is clear she works out. Not fair to compare her to Kate Upton who is more “spongebob” lol.

        • lc

          Yeah I also think Kate U. is more Spongebob than Karlie is.

          • ary

            agree. and i find karlie legs shapely. Such tiny and delicate ankles <3

    • Daniela

      In my opinion Karlie has very shapely legs. Long and very toned from ballet dancing and exercise.

  • bretzel

    She’s incredibly elegant, I like her posture. It scares me though to see that here she looks slender and her body looks great to me, although I know that if I saw her in real life I wouldn’t feel the same way at all. Cameras do add a lot of weight. It’s always surprising to see models in real life.

  • Cal

    She looks amazing. It just makes no sense to me how the women here don’t like her. She outshined all the celebs. Supermodel, supermodel, supermodel. I could understand not liking Anja rubiks body, but karlie just looks so stunning.

  • Cal

    She looks amazing. It just makes no sense to me how the women here don’t like her. She outshined all celebs.I could understand not liking Anja rubiks body, but karlie just looks so stunning.

    • Lisa

      Karlie has muscle that Anja doesn’t. Love love love her body.

  • annemarie

    Great dress, great body, pretty face, but she looks way older than 20.

  • girl21

    She is a real model, I love when she does high fashion!

  • Polska Blondynka

    Love this dress but it makes her look a bit boxy in some pictures.

  • deppfan

    I find her too thin but she has definiteky perfect skeleton. You can tell that by looking at her curves. A little fat would do wonders to her. Being underweight overshadows her beauty.

  • Winnie

    Karlie looks nice, i just personally would have preferred the dress if the lower half was more fitted to her body. she would have looked sexier that way.

    anyway, i’m just waiting for the Katy Perry post…that’s gonna be a good one lol

    • artemis

      i doubt there’s gonna be a lot of negativity and debate there(i’m guessing u’re saying that cause of her boobs lol) like in kate upton’s-except for those that hate popstars in general. i strongly dislike kate’s body but i like katy’s even tho i don’t like big boobs. it also helps that she has a funny-cute style(sexy too..well, most celebs do that now, nothing new, her cleavage was a lil too much at the grammys but eh it’s not like she does it all the time)-cute prints, doll make-up, etc.=likeable unlike plain+trashy kate.

      • lc

        I don’t care for Katy or Kate, but I’ll take Kate Upton over Katy Perry ANY day.

  • jenna

    Don’t find her body attractive at all – she’s way too skinny. but she definitely has a pretty face.

  • Her face looks really pretty here – usually I don’t see it. Her body isn’t anything spectacular to me though – just extremely long and lean.

  • Fielding

    She has really broad shoulders.

    I am waiting for someone to insult her based on that.

    “omg her shoulders are broad, she looks like a dude!!!”

    • Lisa

      Haha, I hope not. I have broad shoulders and I’m self-conscious of them. I like my muscular arms, just not what’s above them!

      • Cal

        I think they’re attractive, narrow slumping shoulders just don’t look elegant or strong.

      • Junior

        I have relatively broad shoulders. I don’t like them at all. Not a fan of broad shoulders unfortunately :/

    • Casey

      No, she just has very narrow hips.

      • Fielding

        They look broad in the upper body shots. I was not even talking about the full body shots.

    • lc

      Haha I know!

      “I think they’re attractive, narrow slumping shoulders just don’t look elegant or strong.”

      I LOVE the broad shoulder look.

    • Anna.V

      Broad shoulders are actually one of my ideals. I think they’re strong and help make up a well-built, healthy body whether they’re on a male or female (especially if the female has an hourglass figure). Narrow, slumping shoulders are as unappealing whether they’re on a male or female.

  • clara

    This is the first time I actually find her beautiful and sexy! she looks very elegant.

  • Observer

    don’t know if ‘hottie’ is the word I’d use to describe Karlie. If she keeps up this weight then she’ll look like 40 by the time she’s 30.

    • Cal

      The whole men don’t like skinny girls they like curves bull is getting really tired . The guys I knew we’re swooning over her.

      • misscheeks

        Did you post your comment in the wrong place Cal becsuse Observer didn’t mention that at all. :/

      • swissmiss

        That’s funny because I once showed a couple of guys pictures of Carlie Kloss and Kelly Brooke out of curiosity, and I swear they where all like “Holy crap Kelly Brook is sooooooo hot.” They didn’t like Carlies body at all. Actually the looked at her pics maybe for a second, before going back to Kelly, flipping mesmerized through her pics. 🙂 I’m sure there are men who prefer skinny girls, but I think the majority actually prefers curvy girls. Besides that, I think and hope that the most important feature still is a nice face and a cute smile.

        Personally I don’t like Carlies face so much. I get unfriendly vibes, somehow.

        • Ana

          Who cares what men like!!! We don’t live to please them!

          • Cal

            Preach it. Men (straight) aren’t very good judges of anything beauty related, all they care about is if you have two breast on your chest, hell it doesn’t even matter if there on your back.

          • Fielding


          • alina

            Hah so straight men can’t judge beauty but homosexual designers, who are turned off by the female form, are the best judge of female beauty? It’s not a coincidence they idealize a figure who is: 6′, lanky and straight, no breasts, no hips, no waist – naturally this is appealing to gay men. That’s why Andrej Pejic, a beautiful transgendered man, is a successful model; he fits their ideal better than 99.9% of women ever could. Did you know over 45,000 women die of eating disorders every year – by starving they lose breast tissue, stop menstruating, etc- they lose their feminine traits due to a psychological illness. And you idealize this and claim women who have normal feminine traits rather than appear pubescent or masculine are ugly and worthless – how sick is that! Most normal people are sickened by what the fashion industry has become; the models of 20 years ago would be considered chubby today.

            (Btw I’m NOT calling Karlie anorexic. She is naturally very slim and seems very level-headed and sweet).

          • alina

            That was a response to Cal, not Ana, sorry : )

          • alina

            Sorry that was a response for Cal, not Anna. Sorry for my English mistakes, i’m not a native speaker : )

          • Candy

            alina ” turned off by the female form”. have you ever been met a drag queen? This is a homophobic and idiotic statement. Also 45000 woman a year do not die of eating disorders, that is a myth, a made up statistic perpetuated by naomi wolfe and others. The real number is in the 100s. Learn about what your talking about before you say it.

          • Anastasia.

            Maybe not, but I’d rather be considered hot by men then a bunch of women.

          • Jenn

            Women SHOULD live to please themselves. But that should include accepting your body for what it is and NOT feeling inadequate or unnattractive because you’re not a VS model or a 6 ft 130 lb runway model. So many women on this board seem to think this model looks like the ideal, yet how many of us even come close to looking like her? Stop idolizing things you cannot be & learn to be in love with your own beautiful body that is a gift. If you can walk, and you can exercise and you are fit & healthy, then you are blessed.

          • Observer

            Alina I agree with you, you made good points, and don’t bother with the ultra liberal idiots here. And I don’t think your comments were in anyway homophobic…some gay men are indeed fixated on what you mentioned and they have problems with their perception…it’s a complex issue that most don’t understand, but you’re right.
            And I can’t for the life of me understand why women always say that “they don’t care what men think” is hot…lol that’s a hilarious lie if I ever saw one. I’m supposed to believe they don’t care if men ignore them. HA.

          • misscheeks

            Yes exactly Candy! It never ceases to amaze me how some people whine about gays idolising skinny, “pre-pubescent” blah blah blah women’s bodies but completely forget about drag queens!!

        • Fielding

          KK is a great model, and I have utmost respect for her talent. But her face is just PLAIN.

        • lc

          Exactly! Who cares what men think, we don’t have to please them. Preach it!

        • snoops

          Give me a break. No (single,straight) guy would kick either this one or Kelly brook out of bed. There is enough love for everyone, chill out. Why anyone would carry around (multiple) pictures of two separate female celebs and conduct a poll among there male friends is beyond me. I have as hard a time believing that ever really happened as I do believing that a bunch of straight guys were not liking kloss along with Kelly.

          • swissmiss

            Actually it happened because I had a discussion with a friend who wrote her dissertation about changing body images since the 1980’s for both genders. I found her theories pretty interesting, so I asked a couple of friends some questions about their preferences about others and themselves (I also asked girls btw). I’m majoring in psychology, maybe that’s explaining my interest 🙂

            As someone posted above, I also wish women would care less about what other ppl (not only men) think about them. I think pleasing others is something girls grow up with without even knowing, and without their parents consciously telling them. And I catch myself a lot thinking about my own appearance and what somebody might think or not…. trying to get over this.
            Oh and, of course I didn’t carry the pics around…I had an IPad. Hahaha 😉

        • lol

          A lot of gay men idolize Marylin Monroe, so you comments is full of crap Alina.

          • Fielding

            That’s cuz Monroe is the feminine archetype.
            She is great for caricature.

          • Candy

            and liz taylor and dolly parton etc. This is a dangerous stereotype once again blaming gays or other minorities for the worlds problems. I see this theory everywhere now days,

        • lc

          ““they don’t care what men think” is hot…lol that’s a hilarious lie if I ever saw one. I’m supposed to believe they don’t care if men ignore them. HA.” Well, escape your tiny little bubble and BELIEVE it. Because *gasp* it IS true. It’s true for me.

  • Great high fashion body, boring mouse face.

    • Ana

      Agreed, her body is AMAZING! Just like a statue, love everything about it. But her face is so unattractive. Mouse-like.

  • Casey

    I don’t know what else to say about her except I don’t get her appeal.

    I know people say high fashion uses straighter, thinner bodies so they don’t detract from the clothes, but I actually find her body very distracting.

    Not only is she very thin (she gained a little recently), but she has very, very narrow hips and it just looks odd. I hate the word bizarre to describe someone’s body shape but it is to me.


    I guess I feel about her the same way I feel about Kate Upton…in the sense that I don’t get the praise they get in their respective industries.

    • Nobsnob

      I get what you mean. Karlie has wide hipbones but they are ABOVE the normal “hip area” and in the same time she doesn’t have any hips so her legs sit very close.

      In definitive I don’t find her body very good at all, she’s very tall but she’s all straight up and down and with that strange hips stuff.
      But I still admire her as a model, she knows how to work the camera, she’s got what it takes to make a supermodel, not physically but in the charisma and all.

    • Sheza

      I think Karlie has talent. Why Kate is so famous I have no idea tho

    • Winnie

      i agree with you. people lost their minds in one of the past KU posts when someone suggested she has a similar figure to Karlie.


      that’s how Kate looks at a lower weight. take the boobs away and she and Karlie have a very similar midsection. Karlie is just thinner and a lot more toned than i think Kate will ever have to be, just because her body being “different” is what gets her work.

  • Marie

    She looks anorexic and sick and not pretty at all. She’s unatractive to me, i really do not understand the comments here :/

    • Cal

      Anorexia is a mental disorder. Anorexics seek to harm themselves because they hate themselves. You can say she’s too thin, but to call her anorexic is stupid and insulting. There is a difference between anorexia which is in the head and eating well and exercising.

      • Kelly

        I was considered anorexic at one point and I wasn’t trying to “harm” myself, I just wanted to be skinny lol! I worked hard – 60 minutes of cardio a day and didn’t eat mic – no carbs, under 1000 calories. I thought I was being healthy. But it wasn’t healthy. I attained a body structure similar to this and i loved it. But i was also exhausted a lot of the time. I am positive that a lot of runway models follow a similar regimen and its thought of as normal. I love her body but I wonder sometimes if its natural.

        • Kelly

          *didn’t eat much

        • Cal

          I wouldn’t call that anorexia, maybe an unspecified eating disorder but not anorexia.

          • Kelly

            That’s funny. What is your definition of anorexia? Wikipedia’s definition is “Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by immoderate food restriction and irrational fear of gaining weight, as well as a distorted body self-perception.” “Typically eat around 600-800 calories a day”. I suffered from this & I’m offended you would question that when you don’t really know the facts.

          • Kelly

            Oh and Cal, “working at” maintaining a 6’1 135 frame sounds like an “unspecified eating disorder” as you like to call it. Good luck with that.

          • Candy

            Kelly you said you just wanted to be skinny to fit an aesthetic goal, that isn’t anorexia. Anorexics don’t care about looking attractive, its a form of self destruction. I don’t want to demean your experience as I’m sure it was tough but it does nit sound like anorexia. I really started to get irriated when you said to not make assumptions about you without knowing the facts, and then go on to accuse me of having an eating disorder. I don’t know who you think you are, but you have to practice what you preach. I eat 1800-2000 calories a day and exercise and 1 and a half 6 days a week intensely to maintain, by the way I’m also cal.

          • Kelly

            I get what you are saying. I was depressed during that time and most anorexics are depressed. But to say that anorexics don’t care about what they look like just isn’t true. It is true that their self image becomes distorted so they believe they are still overweight when in reality they are becoming sickly thin. Most anorexics actually love the idea that they are as skinny as they are & would love to lose more weight. Do you think Crystal Renn (who has said she was anorexic in the past and probably has relapsed again) was/is trying to “harm” herself or did she just love being thin. Yes of course she was in essence harming herself but “harming” herself wasn’t necessarily the goal. Are you a psychologist because I am confused as to why you think you know everything about this disorder?

            I’m not going to get into my story anymore Bc no one gives a crap. But I was almost forced by the health clinic to leave my college (even though i had a 3.4 gpa at the time) and enter a eating disorder clinic, which is when I started maintaining my low weight instead of losing more. Yes I was harming my body, but did I see it that way? No.

            Btw, someone at your height exercising as much as you do should be eating about 2500 calories. Your BMI is not in the healthy zone.

          • MissMarilyn


            but that is oh-so-wrong.

            anorexia IS a form a self-harm but its also achieving a goal that is aesthetically pleasing to oneself… just in an unhealthy and destructive manner. I am currently in recovery from anorexia and my main thing was that I wanted to be skinny skinny. I was not depressed; I loved my friends and family and live in a lovely affluent neighborhood. But for as long as I can remember I’ve been under the impression that I needed to be bone-thin. I tried to diet when I was in kindergarten. When I was in eighth grade I started to obsessively count calories and would make myself throw up if I went over 1000. I would also have intense workouts for at least an hour a day and was a soccer player/swimmer/ water polo player, so I was way under my caloric requirements and fully aware that I had an eating disorder. I wasn’t doing it to harm myself…. I was doing it to look thin. I just didn’t care what the costs were.

            I did eventually become depressed but that was more due to my anxiety/other problems in my life (and happened like 3 years after my ED officially started) I promise that the self harm (cutting) that I did during my depression and the self harm during my eating disorder were very different; done for different reasons and with different intentions.

            And Kelly, THANK YOU for sharing your story. I really hope you see my post because my experience sounds very similar to yours, and I hope you are doing well in recovering and wish you the best.

            Also. My real name is Kelly. so…. we have that in common as well 😉 ahahah

          • MissMarilyn

            I also want to add that AFTER becoming depressed (THREE YEARS AFTER EATING DISORDER STARTED) I did sometimes throw up/starve/cut interchangeably when I felt sad or upset. So yes, sometimes EDs are used as self harm rather than just becoming thin but that’s definitely not true for everyone and every ED kid I’ve talked to has ultimately had the same goal of looking bone-thin, which is what our warped minds find most attractive and we convince ourselves that this is the only way we will become attractive.

        • annabanana

          agree with Cal here, that does not sound anything like anorexia, no offense.

          • Annabella

            I’m so disgusted by these comments. I can definitely relate to Kelly, I was once in a situation like hers myself. I compulsively exercised at least an hour a day even though I was eating only about 600-800 calories. I wanted to be extremely skinny, because I thought that was aesthetically pleasing. I was a MESS. I was EXHAUSTED. I was TIRED and DEPRESSED all the time, because that wasn’t the way anyone should lead their lives.

            And yes, my doctor diagnosed me with anorexia nervosa. So please don’t say Kelly and I were not anorexic, I think we know a little better. I was anorexic, and I believe so was Kelly. It’s actually pretty insulting for you to say that we weren’t, because to me that disease was REAL. And I really struggles with it.

            End of rant, sorry.

          • MissMarilyn

            agree annabella.

            it also irritates me when non-ED people make assumptions about what eating disorders are and what they entail. just because it doesn’t sound like one to you, or isn’t your traditional idea of what one is, doesn’t mean it’s not an eating disorder…

          • Elle

            Thanks a lot for sharing your stories, girls. As a sufferer of bulimia, I relate to them, and to any debate on eating disorders, very strongly. I hope you are doing well. Recovery is so f***ng tough. Ignore the haters and the know-it-alls.

          • annabanana

            actually, I used to be anorexic too and am still in recovery, so I was saying that based on my own experience. I guess I would just express it differently, which is why I didn’t see the “anorexia” in Kelly’s first comment. I wouldn’t say the emphasis is on looking thin- it is, but thats kind of the shallow side of it. Thats what you think about in your head, but its not whats really going on. Maybe I am way off here because there are people with different experiences with the disease, but neither I nor any of the girls in my inpatient treatment ever talked about “wanting to be thin” in our group sessions (which were all day, everyday). It was about the emotional, mental things that were driving the disorder. When i was outpatient, there were girls talking about their appearance. They way I saw it was that the girls starving to look thinner, as an appearance thing, had disordered eating, not an eating disorder. To me, an eating disorder meant wanting to be as thin as possible … but not to “look good”, because anorexics take it wayyyy past looking good. It was on my mind “i have to eat less to be thinner” but it wasn’t DRIVEN by a desire to be thin… that was the manifestation, the symptom. Not the cause. But its very possible that there are people with that experience and I just didn’t get to know any of them. Sorry I offended you guys, I was just going off Kelly’s first comment which didn’t go into much detail. All the best with your health <3

          • Jenn

            Nobody on this site knows each other personally, which in my opinion means that nobody should be judging each other on here. We come here to say whether we like or dislike things about celebs. Let’s not start tearing into each other. It’s rude to think you know someone else’s full story and to say whether or not they are/were truly sick.

  • Trickster

    She’s pretty and she looks really high fashion but she does look really old imo and she doesn’t look that skinny….maybe it’s the dress that’s really flattering? Anyways, she’s a great high fashion model but I cannot see her as a VS model

  • Heather

    I prefer her hair like this…she doesn’t look as…plain or something? I’ve never loved her body but she looks a million times better than Alessandra or Jennifer in those crazy thigh slit dresses…much classier.

    • artemis

      true, ambrosio definitely had a trashy look and jennifer’s not flattering

  • Anastasia.

    No shape, and that ill fitting dress just emphasizes the fact that she has a built like an ironing board. Her face is nothing special either. How she’s a top model is beyond me.

    • jenna

      “built like an ironing board” is a perfect description.

  • retrobanana

    i ussualy dont like her but with that hairstyle she looks cute

  • lc

    LOVE this look. She was one of the best dressed there. SO classy.

  • happygolucky

    Love her look here –the dress, the hair, and her attitude. She looks so refreshingly modern with this simple styling. A true supermodel.

  • Mocha

    I wonder what it feels like to have a torso no wider than one’s head

  • Debbs


  • Pixie

    Cute haircut, that’s all.

  • Nicole

    She looks nice but not a fan of her body at all. I know some people love it but I just don’t quite understand why…

  • Jessica M

    I wouldn’t want to look like her, tho I would definitely date a tall skinny woman (or man). She’s so hot. o.o

    • ary

      same for me!

  • Chelsea

    I hate short hair, but her eyes are gorgeous!

  • Nikki

    She is stupidly beautiful. I would love to look like her.

  • serena

    She looks like Taylor Swift; sort of mousy. I like the dress a lot and she pulls it off nicely.

  • LucieJane

    Karlie is actually closer to 6’2″…

    • annabanana

      thats what i was going to say, isn’t she 6’1″, not 5’11”? She looks tall even next to other runway models. I like her look her a lot, the hair really flatters her face. would never want her body type though.

  • KatAnne87

    Meh. I love the color of her dress though!

  • Arianna

    She’s very pretty, but too thin for my taste.

  • Junior

    Well I certainly don’t care for her body; ENTIRELY too thin for me. Never found her face to be attractive, although it is somewhat interesting. Don’t like her hair at this length. And I guess I’m the only one here who hates the dress lol.

  • Lauren

    STUNNING. I love her body. She is so long and lean, I love her shoulders and small waist. I do not think she looks anything like Taylor Swift. TSwift is skinnyfat and has bad posture and is very plain. There is something I really like about Karlie, she isn’t necessarily the prettiest but I find her very confident and striking.

    • lc

      Exactly! Agree on all points.

  • lux

    I’m surprised there are so many positive comments, a few years ago im pretty sure most people would be calling her too thin. I wounder why??

    I dont like her body shape or how thin she is, imo it isnt attractive, but then I never find high fashion models attractive. She has nice skin and doesn’t look sickly like most people would at such a low weight.

    • lux

      Also I love her dress

    • Dani

      I don’t prefer the high fashion body type either so she doesn’t have the ideal body for me.
      The thing about Karlie though is her face, I don’t see what everyone else sees.

  • Sofia

    Are thinner people more likely to break a bone? They don’t have enough fat for padding so…

    • Casey

      I really hope you’re not serious.

    • jenna

      Actually, my friend since childhood who went through an ED for years of her life and is still rail thin now in her 30’s, broke her hip twice in the past few years. Coincidence? Maybe. She was also recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis. & she is 34. Her Dr. said that years of eating so few calories & so little vital nutrients that her body needs most definitely contributed to this.
      If someone is naturally super thin, maybe breaking hips and osteoarthritis at an early age would never happen. But if you’re not taking care of yourself and are underweight for your frame for too long…..who knows….

  • Katz

    Hate the dress, hate the new haircut and she’s way too skinny, but it works for high fashion industry.

  • MissMarilyn

    girl looks fiiiiiiine!

    I love this dress on her. and i love how she rocks that new haircut! and her eyes look smouldering; loving the makeup job!

  • snugglepup

    I dont usually find women this thin beautiful, but she always looks so adorable, fresh and quirky! New hair suits well. She reminds me of Bambi! 😀

  • rachwestnz

    omg can u imagine her with bolt ons. she would look cray cray. she is sooo effin skinny

  • Adriana

    Georgous! Especially her eyes. I quite like her proportions but if im being picky i would say imo she would look perfect if her breasts were just 1 cup size bigger. My preference is not for huge breasts though. I guess a full C cup on most woman is what i find most appealing.

    • Adriana

      Oops i forgot to add that im not set on a “this size look perfect” because i think people who are all over very petite look good with smaller than “C”cup breasts eg Victoria Beckham. For my preferences everything is relative. I just prefer vase, ruler or even apple type bodies. I don’t even mind v-shapes as long as they are not extreme. Lean legs are my thing…

  • Anastasia.

    Oh ya, I just think she has a very weird shape, even if she gained weight, she’d still look weird.

  • marliellala

    no comments on her shoes? they are so ugly and so 90s!

  • binks

    I like her height other than that she looks average

  • Aims

    She looks a lot like olivia wilde!


    I like Karlie as a model.
    I just don’t see what the HECK she’s doing in Victorias Secret!! VS i full of sexy, curvier women. And next to them, Karlie looks like a skeleton. And this is just my opinion, but i think she looks like an awkward giraffe…

  • Natalia

    Close to perfect, if she had a little bit more hip curve, like an inch or two, she would have the perfect body. She is so beautifully tall and has lovely legs, breasts and butt. Face is chic, not beautiful. Like her in a chignon best though. Still, overall she is a 9.