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  • Essa


  • Robin

    I think she’s perfect for this kind of modelling, but not underwear. She looks better with clothes on and I think she’s a wonderful model. She’s good at posing. I also think the lighter hair suits her really good, is she wearing a wig or has she coloured it?

    • annabanana

      i agree she’s much better as a clothes model than lingerie. Not liking the haircut though (probably a wig).

  • Essa

    My life is complete now :D.As for karlie, i think she looks cute here.
    Does anyone in real life actually wear these ugly colthes?!

    • Zoe

      “Does anyone in real life actually wear these ugly colthes?!” Totally agree with this- I mean, the shoes in the 1st pic look like some weird fluffy xmas slippers that someone has decided to glue a heel onto for some reason… no doubt they cost the earth as well! :/

    • serena

      Wait…you mean y’all don’t pay $4320 for a fuzzy blue smock with fuzzy white daisies growing in the middle? 😉 Seriously though, the prices made me giggle ’cause I’m a broke student.

      • kuri

        I’m broke like you. Surely, I could afford wearing bags that stay together with duct tape, like on 4th photo. But I don’t know why, I never do that…

    • MerryTonberry

      I would totally wear the last dress *blush*

  • Eline

    I am honestly think Karlie is a little overrated… I think she is pretty, that for sure, but not stunning or breathtaking. She has a very unique face though.

    I believe she makes a good high fashion model (catwalk), but not a VS Angel or a editorial model.

    And… I believe she will look much better with some extra weight… She’s too skinny in my opinion.

    • annemarie

      But that’s exactly why VS hired her – because she is really popular.

      VS usually hires several high-fashion It-girls to get more people interested: that’s also reason why Cara Delevingne was walking their runway, and she’s even much less suitable to be a lingerie model than Karlie.

    • lol

      Editorial is high fashion.

    • swissmiss

      Exactely my thoughts! Too skinny, bla face…nothing I’d turn my head for…don’t get the hype

  • I really don’t get this girl – she just doesn’t do it for me at all. I don’t find her face to be anything special and her figure is just too thin and lanky for my taste. I’m not into fashion at all really, so I guess that’s why I don’t get this shoot, the clothes or her as a model.

    • lol

      We already know about your “tastes” erica. We already know what you find attractive and what you don’t. Stop forcing your snobby, comments down everyone’s throat. You have been repeating the same old crap now for the last few years. It’s time you came up with some new material, or get some self esteem.

      • ary

        wtf lol, what’s wrong with you? you’re just as repetitive as Erica with your stalking so big deal.

      • jenna

        since when are you the police? Erica can say what she wants, just like you can say what you want.

      • jenna

        btw erica, i agree 100% with your assessment of Karlie. i wonder if lol will trash my opinion now too???

      • Meghan

        Hahaha! Silly lol. You allegedly thought this site wasn’t based on sharing personal opinions. I’m sorry you were so confused on the matter. On a side note, please stop forcing your snobby comments down everyone’s throat. I agree with most of Erica’s comments. In my opinion have never found Karlie to be particularly pretty, but I will say that i appreciate the modeling and artistry of this shot. Karlie possesses the body and facial expressions that can be transformed for high fashion shoots.

        • swissmiss

          I also agree Erica! I don’t understand why she is a famous lingerie model. On a side note – my bf was like “Ugh, I want to give this girl sth to eat” , when he saw pics of her. I think it is actually true that most men prefer women with a bit of meat on.

    • Priscila

      That person made a very rude comment, you have a right to your opinions. BUT, let’s be honest. It’s no mistery why someone would find Karlie beautiful. And you do seem to have a very narrow view on beauty. ~softy curvy women only~. Can’t you even understand why anyone would find this lovely lady pretty? If you prefer something, that’s great. Bigger women can be gorgeous with marvelous figures, but I just wish you could see the beauty in other shapes and sizes.

  • Hazal

    Finally a shooting where the model is allowed to keep her clothes on 🙂 Love it!
    I don’t get the hype about Karlie Kloss either. It’s not her thinness which bothers me (although her body is not my cup of tea at all) but rather her face which I find very plain and overrated.

    • Stace

      I agree. I was looking at some of her candid photos on Instragram and couldn’t help but think that I see better looking people eveyrday in my Facebook feed.

  • kyla

    i dont see the big deal :\

  • vivi

    yeesh, could those clothes get any uglier? even though Karlie’s a great model I wouldn’t buy a single thing here

  • Powwow

    I’m so over vogue, it doesn’t do it for me anymore and Karlie is such a boring model. I think she’s best suited to the runway.

    • swissmiss

      yep, and they want you to pay for their magazine so much money, while it is basically just advertisement. No thanks.

  • Jacky Daniels

    i dont find her face special. where i live its pretty average face, maybe even bit down average.. she looks very slavic. i like her body better than her face actually. Funny i think she looks better in underwear than clothes..im not very pro skinny but i love to see healthy looking bodys in bikinis tho, curvy, very curvy or skinny, its inspirational annyway:). and nice skin i have to say!

  • JJ

    Hmmm, I’m not getting this at all. Not a very attractive model, and those clothes? I wouldn’t take them even if they were free.

  • Pixie

    Lol, the clothes are ridiculous. I don’t really find her appealing, kind of boring actually. 🙁

  • ary

    she’s my new model crush, but this shoot doesn’t let her shine. They didn’t take advantage of her otherworldly face and i’m not a fan of this style. The second pic is cute though.

  • Casey

    I agree with many others above who find Karlie Kloss underwhelming.

    I think she has a pretty face but not incredibly stunning. Additionally, I find nothing envious about her body. I don’t like her extreme height, extreme thinness, nor her proportions. I guess it can kind of be elegant sometimes (kind of like a gazelle), but most of the time it just looks awkward.

    I especially don’t like it since her marketing team tried to proclaimed her “the body.”

    That being said, the clothes are really ugly. I only like the skirt in the 2nd photo.

  • HB

    She looks slim as always, but that eye make up looks awful on her.

  • Aafje

    Meh to all of it

  • wonderwoman21

    These pictures are awful; her body language & facial expressions are excruciatingly bad. And the clothes are fug too. Overall, an awful shoot.

    • AnnieC

      I agree wholeheartedly. This is one of the worst spreads I’ve seen in a while. I’m shocked that Vogue put this out. It doesn’t pay homage to sixties’ fashion and styling in the least. It looks like it was styled by a twenty-something who looked at a few old pictures and said, “Okay, now I’ve got it.”

  • silvy

    should have put some mom jeans with that mom hair…not to insult moms, Im a mom and I would never be caught dead in mom jeans OR that hair cut 😀

  • Lisa

    The second skirt is soooo cute, and I’d totally wear the last dress. I like her, I guess. I’ve never gotten the appeal of being an out and out “fan” of a model, but I don’t get the hate.

  • Daniela

    I love Karlie and I think she has a killer body – not for VS though. But this shoot is not very nice!

  • Winnie

    i don’t like the shoot, but she looks quite pretty here. but i preferred the VS shots, actually

  • Puppe

    Aah what shoes in the first pic, she looks like cartoon character 🙂 i only like the last pic, lovely.

    Why is photoshop legal for fashion world anyway ? 🙂 is a lie.

  • janae

    That hair is so bad, it is hard to comment on anything else!

  • Candy

    Surprise surprise , nobody likes her on this website and they call her average, yet the swoon over vanilla jennifer lawrence or kelly brook.

    • lc

      Yep!! I have noticed the very same thing, Candy. Anyway, I don’t get all the posters saying she “isn’t beautiful” or whatever. She isn’t supposed to be. HF models aren’t about being pretty. It’s about having an interesting bone structure and looking unique to sell clothing. Not about being a pageant queen LOL.

      • ary

        well, for me being interesting/unique goes with being beautiful. Karlie is far prettier than Jennifer in my book. Some models are unattractive, imo, like Daphne Groenveld or Crystal Renn, but others are stunning in a way Jennifer never will be (just 30 min ago i’ve found out she’s in X men, only after watching it 3/4 times i’m noticing her!). Actually, i would pay more attention to clothes if some models weren’t so pretty and didn’t have such hypnotysing legs 😛

        • Candy

          Daphne and Wixson are my two least favorite models.

    • neutra

      I dont think many people swoon over Jennifers looks – I think people in her latest post found the photoshoot very refreshing because it wasn’t over manipulated.

      Neither Kelly or Jennifer to me have appealing faces, but they do have sexy figures. Karlies figure is great for high fashion, but in terms of sex appeal, she just doesn’t have it. I wouldn’t want her figure in a million years – there’s no shape. I’m 5″11 myself, so not quite tall as her, but still tall, but i much prefer my shape with a 24 waist with 40 hips – to me, Kellys figure a few years back when she was at a lighter weight is much relatable for me and why I much rather her body.

      As for lc, I think most people are aware that HF models aren’t about being pretty. Many of them to me aren’t attractive, but neither are pagaent queens! I just don’t like insipid features – i love strong features and women who ooze sexuality. To me, Jacquelyn Jablonski has that. I think she’s gorgeous, but I know many would disagree. My ultimate is Jennifer Connely, but several of my female friends think she is very unattractive and are sick of me swooning over her haha. I can’t help it – the woman makes me melt!

      • lc

        True, perhaps. While it is true that they aren’t *supposed* to be “attractive”, honestly, I DO find them most attractive.

        Like you said, I find women with strong features the most attractive. Jennifer Connelly is beautiful! I don’t really like “usual, feminine” looks or bodies. For me, it’s all about androgyny. To me, these women are all gorgeous: Aymline Valade, Georgina Stojilikovic, Sarah Sampaio, Maxine Schiff. Those are the kinds of women I find beautiful. Idk, I’m just really drawn to their unusual, strong features.

        • neutra

          Facially, I think we have very similar tastes – all of those models are incredible! I had to google Maxine though – wow! Sarah is one of my favourites – she is drop dead gorgeous. Simone Kerr is also incredible – I used to see her around my suburb whilst I was growing up. I think what is about those strong features that I love so much is that they are memorable. I’ve always said I’d rather be beautiful to some and ugly to others, then pretty to everyone. I don’t know, there’s just something so bland about ‘pretty’. Again though, I’m also a strong featured girl myself, so I relate better to them than I do to ‘pageant’ girls.

          As much as I find a lot of models beautiful facially though, it’s just their figures I don’t like. I’m slender and tall with a small but very curvy bone structure, so I just can’t relate to their straightness. I also find their thinness quite unnerving. My ideal is more of a BMI of 19-20.

          • lc

            Yes, she does look similar 🙂 Also, Simone reminds me of another Australian model, newcomer Laura Wood! She is stunning. I agree, it’s all about being memorable-looking to me. It’s like I ADMIRE these ladies’ looks, because they are so unusual and eye catching. I can never, ever understand how someone thinks Jen Lawrence is beautiful. She screams “bland”, her face is not so stunning that I admire it, you know? Weird and deviant, I know lol. However, I do love the thin bodies. For me, I like the clean, lean lines it gives and I love clothes! For me, looking good in clothes is more important than looking good in lingerie or a bikini. I’m just a HF junkie, not “brainwashed” as some people here like to put it.
            I have semi-strong features too, I wish they were even stronger sometimes. Overall though, we do have similar tastes in faces! 🙂

          • neutra

            Oh believe me, I am high-fashion junkie too! Although I don’t think looking good in lingerie and clothing are mutually exclusive. I’m not tiny tiny – I’m currently 63kg at 5″11 with a 0.6 WHR , but I don’t think it stops me from wearing the things I want – you just have to know how to dress yourself! Its hard to find things that fit my proportions though – the smallest size is always too big for my waist but I need an something about 4 times bigger to fit my hips haha. Although curvy, being tall does let me get away with things than perhaps shorter and curvier (the shape, not the size!) girls might not. I actually like a lot of the pieces in the shoot and would totally wear some, just perhaps not styled like it is here! I love, love, loveee that Thakoon dress 🙂 I’m collecting shoes and bags now, but once I start earning more money, dresses like that will be my babies! Okay, that was totally off topic, but REAL fashion just makes me so happy hehe 🙂

            And I totally understand what you mean – I admire models features. They’re just so striking and god damn beautiful. And i just googled Laura Wood, she is lovely! Although not quite as divine as Miss Kerr 😉 who seems to have this real feline quality to her.

          • lc

            Yes, I don’t think they are mutually exclusive either. My point was I guess that given the choice, I’d rather look amazing in clothes! Haha yes REAL fashion is awesome! Balmain, Balenciaga, Moschino…!!

            I love Miss Kerr, but something about Laura’s grabs at me. I think they are both gorgeous in a different way!

        • neutra

          Oh, Georgina looks so similar to Rose Smith huh, or is that just me?!

        • Candy

          I love strong faces like Linda Evangelista or androgyny like Andrej Pejic.

        • Jacky Daniels

          sarah is gorgeous, like a. lima just prettier(prettier skin,teeth..)! but i dont think she is androgyn at all, she is very feminine and cute imo..real beauty. Maybe i dont find karlie so attractive cause i like models who are feminine and sensual but also interesting/exotic at the same time, my favourite models of all times were alec wek and devon aoki! 🙂

          • Zoe

            “I like models who are feminine and sensual but also interesting/exotic at the same time.” Agree completely. Also, I don’t find Alek conventionally ‘pretty’ but the woman has the most beautiful skin ever. There’s something I love about that kind of gorgeous cocoa brown skin tone- it just reflects light so well and kind of *glows*- ha ha 🙂 Sometimes when watching documentaries on impoversished countries, I’ll see someone and just think “God, that little girl/boy/woman has the most *perfect skin!” Sorry- going a little off topic here, but gahhh- I just freaking love dark skin tones like that! 🙂

            I don’t follow fashion that much but my favourite model is Chrishell Stubbs- I was on the H&M website once and saw a picture of her and remember thinking she was (and still is) the most beautiful woman I have EVER seen- wish I looked like her! 🙁 Ah well… 🙂

          • lc

            I find Sarah very androgynous, but super gorgeous.

          • Natalia

            Alec Wek……..one of my favorites too, just such a stunning creature, so striking……….imo :)!

      • Winnie

        oh my goodness, Jennifer Connelly in her prime was like the love of my life lol. her face, her body…everything was perfect. she is so scarily thin and haggard-looking now.

        but i agree with you, HF models can be attractive but that’s not exactly their job. i think Karlie is facially attractive, but i agree that she doesn’t really have sex appeal. she doesn’t need it for most of her jobs

        • neutra

          I think miss Connelly is in her prime now! Yes, she is very, very thin which is not particularly attractive to me, but her style and face is just so incredible that I don’t even notice her size. Seriously, this is her this year…


          42…. and the most beautiful woman alive. Why are people so scared of getting older?!

          • jenna

            if you google “Jennifer Connelly too thin?”, the pictures you see are terrifying!!!!! i think she’s on her way to dying at the young age of 42 if she keeps up her obsession with running and being thin,

        • Agreed Winnie – Jennifer Connelly, when she was heavier, was incredibly beautiful. I don’t find her so anymore – her face is still beautiful though.
          This is her in 1991: http://whysoblu.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Jennifer-Connelly-The-Rocketeer-promo3.jpg
          and in ’96: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lo355x7jTa1qm5yhpo1_500.jpg
          She was a knockout, in my book. Now she’s very thin – but still has a beautiful face.

          She seems to have had a breast reduction and lost a lot of weight in the last 10 years and I just can’t understand why she would get rid of a body like that! It just shows that even though I (and many others) loved her curvier, heavier figure, she wasn’t happy with herself. In the end she has to be happy looking in the mirror – and she prefers herself very thin, it would seem.

    • Aafje

      I think a lot of the “average” comments are due to what the did to her. They took a normally very nice face and added bad make up, terrible hair, and hideous clothes. When she is done up right Karlie is lovely but they gave her a makeunder to be average.
      However I do like the other two you mention and say are vanilla because I love meatier women and Karlie’s figure just doesn’t do it for me.

      • MissMarilyn

        agree!!! I am usually a really big Karlie fan, I think she is absolutely gorgeous.
        But I don’t like this shoot at all. She looks ridiculous.
        I have to like look really hard to see the Karlie beauty that is usually so striking. 🙁

        • goldfish

          me too- i really like karlie, but this photoshoot is not very inspiring imo

  • haha

    Is it just me or while photoshopping her legs in the first pic they cropped out the back of her skirt?

  • La la la la

    She is so fierce. I love her modeling, her face is so dynamic. Putting her in weird clothes and hair, and having her still look like a work of art actually highlights her talent. JLawrence is feminine and sensual. KK is unique, artistic and really interesting. Totally different audience targets- totally different women- both awesome

    • neutra

      Perfect comment.

    • annabanana

      i agree!

  • Kimberly

    Nope. Overrated.

    • Candy

      Apparently not on this site. Her jobs to be a model, she’s good at her job get over it.

    • lol

      How is she overrated when almost everyone dislikes her?

  • marghini

    Even though I am not a big fan of the super skinny high fashion body, I think she does her job well. I wouldn’t find her stunning in real life, I would of course notice her because of height and skinnines, but would’t think she is super beautiful. Pretty for sure, but that’s it.

    I am more into slim, athletic and not so tall bodies.. Let’s say Jessia Biel’s or Halle Berry’s! Sooo awesome (:

  • lc

    She is so fierce and a great model.

  • Stephanie

    She gives me the chills. Absolutely fierce, incredible model!! Woah.

  • JaneParker

    The clothes are terrible, the hair is terrible and the make-up makes her face look manly in some pics. I get that they were trying to strenghten her features but IMO they did it the wrong way. I like KK, she’s a little too thin for my taste but she’s a great fashion model. But this shoot is beyond bad.

  • binks

    Meh not seeing the hype she looks awkward in this shoot.

  • saya

    Hilarious poses:)) especially 3th and 4th.

  • Stephanie

    Oh and those of you that don’t get the hype, I recommend watching her catwalk shows. She’s AMAZING on the runway. Fiercest walk ever.

    • annabanana

      so true

    • lc

      Ikr! Fiercest walk ever, indeed!

  • Nat Shermans

    Love Karlie.
    Does anyone else think the last pic is Patsy from AbFab? Patsy has the best duck lips…

    • Nat Shermans

      Too early to write…I meant to say-

      Love Karlie.
      Did anyone else think of Patsy from AbFab when they saw the last photo? Patsy has the best duck lips…

  • natalia

    Facially commercial, but body way above average, she even looks good in these terrible clothes.

  • MissMarilyn

    Karlie is one of my favorites and usually find her to be very stunning… but I don’t like this shoot at all. Awkward posing, HORRIBLE hair and makeup. 🙁

    Which is hard to believe! Karlie is usually GORGEOUS and I usually love her spreads

  • KatAnne87

    I think they over photoshopped her legs in the first picture. They look as tiny as her arms and like they are about to snap in half. I love her facial bone structure and the shoot. She’s always been too thin for my preference.

  • goldfish

    i usually love karlie kloss’ pictures but this photoshoot is not anything i will remember days from now.
    she is one of my favourites though, ranking below caroline brasch nielsen, daria werbowy, lily donaldson, devon aoki and freja beha, who all look totally different but their facial features are appealing, beautiful even to me.. they may not all be the conventional idea of beauty, which appeals to the masses, but to me they are absolutely stunning