Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth Does Vs. Magazine

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At request, here is thin beauty Kate Bosworth (30) in a spread in Vs. Magazine, where she seduces the cameras with her unique eyes while posing in retro-inspired outfits.

article-2270782-1740CE6B000005DC-904_634x653 - Kate Bosworth Does Vs. Magazine

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  • kelly

    so beautiful

  • her eyes are beautiful

    • hanan

      you mean because of the 2 eyes colors ?
      i wonder how she feel about it , but i like the fact she doesn’t wear contacts to fix them .

  • cloud9

    that close up with the teary eyes is going up on my wall, amazing!

  • wonderwoman21

    I actually really like this shoot. She looks good & pulled it off.

  • Eline

    Lovely shoot! Kate is kind of unrecognizable though (too much photoshop?)
    I looove the tears-shot!

    • Laura

      I agree! It’s a pretty shoot but I don’t know that I’d recognize her in most of these if I didn’t know it was her beforehand.

  • Alana

    Her eyes are so beautiful! My mother has a blue eye and a brown eye as well and I have always been soo jealous of them. I’m not the biggest fan of her current figure but I think it was just about perfect in ‘Blue Crush’

  • Layla Bach

    It feels like stills from an old movie, I really like it. I love her eyes. They’re so beautiful and she’s beautiful! I like the outfit she’s wearing in the 6th photo. Her body looks fine. I’m sure her body in Blue Crush was hard to maintain.

  • ary

    the shoot is a bit boring until you just look at those sad eyes…. beautiful!

  • Stephanie

    Oh I love this shoot so much! Her eyes are amazing.
    That close up gives me the chills.

  • Rose

    Amazing photoshoot!

  • Pixie

    I usually can’t find a thing to like about her, but she looks nice in this shoot. Maybe because of a little photoshop, made her look somewhat healthy.

  • Sanne

    Some pics are really nice, especially the second one.

  • Sanne

    Versus, who is the photographer?

    • Sanne

      Never mind, found it.

  • Ana


  • Tinkerbell

    wow wow wow just wow! I adore everything about this shoot.. surprising, unusual, bittersweet, sad, beautiful… one could spend some time trying to imagine a storyline for this 🙂 I’ve never been the greatest fan of Kate but this is close to perfection..

  • Cristina

    SO pretty

  • Wow, GREAT photoshoot!
    Great photographer, great Kate, love it! 😀

  • jerry z


  • serena

    heterochromia is rare and cool looking.

  • Andi

    does anyone else think she looks a lot like rachel mcadams in the picture where shes touching the mirror?! the seventh one i believe

  • serena

    I like that navy/coral vertical striped blouse. probably some fancy-schmancy designer I can’t afford, but I’m sure there’s a cheaper one at the j.crew outlet lol.

  • Nicole

    I really really like this shoot and Kate looks beautiful.

  • Polska Blondynka

    I love Kate’s eyes.

  • GoGo2010

    Just waiting for somebody to mention the smoking!

    Won’t somebody please think of the CHILDREN?!!!

    • Kate

      hahaha does she even have a child?

    • KC

      Haha I noticed that right away. It seems like cigarettes are making a comeback in print, it fits with this shoot because of the time period it is apparently trying to convey but barf.

  • jemima

    I quite like this shoot and I think she looks good

  • Naressa Khan

    I’m not a fan of Kate Bosworth, and many a time I think she looks to be in poor shape (metaphorically of course, as her body shape is literally fine by me). But there’s something about this spread, and the tragicness and vulnerability in her eyes that hits me deep, which reaffirms me that Kate is indeed a very beautiful woman.

  • Lee

    Breathtaking. She’s a timeless beauty!! I was blown away by how beautiful this shoot is. She brought it to life

  • Winnie

    she looks great in this shoot, i don’t even notice how thin she is

  • Beans

    Amazing! I’m in love with this shoot and her.

  • girl21

    just wow. Stunning.

  • artemis

    still meh

  • CK

    the shoot is boring, the only pic i like Kate in is the 7th, in general i don’t see her really conveying the emotions she’s trying to show, its a case of you can make even an average or boring girl look beautiful but it still won’t make her an actress.

  • Elle (P.)

    She looks prettier here than she ever does in “reality” (in candids). I still think it has more to do with the style, fashion era and grooming chosen and with the photograph’s efforts than with her looks.

  • lc

    Nice figure but she’s still “meh” for me.

  • Dorothy

    She looks hungry in the third pic! LOL!

  • jamie

    in candids she looks underwhelming but she sure cleans up well. agree with the above posters calling her a timeles beauty. she is so delicate and pretty!

  • Junior

    I’m the minority I guess; don’t care for this shoot :/

  • ellentjie

    She is always so beautiful! I especially love the close up of her eyes.