Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson Does Glamour Magazine

article-0-18744836000005DC-420_634x890 - Kate Hudson Does Glamour Magazine

33 year-old mom-of-two Kate Hudson showed off some underboob as she posed topless fr the cover of Glamour Magazine this month, wearing nothing but a pair of jeans and multiple necklaces.

Check out smiley Kate in the entire spread next!


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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • enbo

    Those pictures don’t look so “Glamour”ous..

    • solaxia

      Lol that’s what I was thinking!

      • Abby

        haha agreed, this doesn’t fit in with Glamour mag at all!

  • Adriana

    I think she’s pretty and skinny 🙂

  • Isabel

    Nice pictures but that’s it. When I say that small breasted women can be sexy and beautiful I never use her as an example, this chick is boring for my taste.

  • Ale

    I love her. She’s so sweet and charismatic. She’s one of those actresses that can make me watch a horrible romantic comedy and still enjoy it just because she’s enjoyable to watch.

  • sofia

    Am I the only one who thinks her left thigh looks really weird and huge on the third picture?

    • Adriana

      No… You’re not the only one, but that is a terrible position for the thighs, mine make me look about seven times bigger in that position because any little extra fat or skin you have will just hang in a very gross way. I know that was a nasty thing to say, but do it in front of a mirror, seriously.

      • Lisa

        True. When I see my normal looking thighs from that angle, I want to stay at home in a dark room for a few days!

    • Powwow

      No but I think she looks like her left boob is missing on the cover.

  • Tally

    Lol that pic on the steps looks so idk,, sleezy

  • Vickie

    She’s so pretty but I really don’t like these pictures…

  • silvy

    I wish I had her body for a day. I am slim but I am a 34DD. Just to be able to throw on a tank top with no bra would feel so freeing…I guess I will never get to experience that lol

    • Lisa

      I’m a 32 A and I don’t go anywhere without a bra, haha. Not unless the tank has cups but they’re usually too big!

  • Linda

    Her nose in the first pic screams photoshop

    • mary

      agreed and it looks awful…

  • La la la la

    i loooove her! she’s a very natural beauty. i see so much goldie hawn in her. i think she’s one of the most beautiful actresses hands down

  • lc

    Photoshopped to DEATH.

  • Pixie

    Never been a fan of her look or her acting.

  • KK

    So ladies, do we think she got implants (about) a year ago like all the tabloids speculated? I thought Yes for awhile but now I’m leaning towards No… I have implants now which make me a 34C but I would love to go back to an A cup!

    • Adriana

      I remember hearing that. It doesn’t seem like she did. I would like to get them!

      • Amatevi

        No I don’t think she did, it’s normal for a women’s bust to fluctuate to some degree and since she’s small breasted, a good push up bra can made a huge difference, so I think she was just wearing a good bra.

      • Erin

        Just curious, how come you’d like to go back to your original size? I think it can be a bit like curly vs straight hair sometimes, you always want what you don’t have.

    • Snip

      She has such a gorgeous face.

    • Snip

      She looks like Jennifer Lopez in the face.

  • Stace

    I think Kate Hudson is a very cute girl. This photo shoot does not do her justice.

  • Winnie

    she looks alright for the most part, never really been a fan. but those strap gladiator-ish, lace up looking shoes/sandals hybrid things are truly horrendous…

  • lizzy

    dont like any of this shoot but i do like her…
    way too airbrushed

  • She’s cute and charismatic as an actress, but I don’t really like her – I think it was the whole working out for 6 hours a day after her second baby – just doesn’t speak of an easygoing, fun personality to me. I also don’t think she’s that attractive – face or body – cute, but not very alluring. She barely looks like herself in the last photo.

  • serena

    Kate is pretty but those shoes are ridiculous.

  • mary

    Meh always found her average in the face..weird nose, did she get it fixed? cute figure, but always found her mother to be better looking (in her prime)

    • solaxia

      Oh Goldie was absolutely stunning! From age 25-45, she was gorgeous imo (still is, but I mean her ‘prime’ years). She had the most gorgeous big blue doe eyes. Makes a change from all the sex kitten eyes that seem fashionable today.

      • Adriana

        Oh Solaxia I agree with you about Goldie. Sh

        • Adriana

          She still looks good, good for her age but in her prime she was imo stunning! And not just because of her big beautiful doe eyes but the whole package. Her beauty is unique & her acting skills are award winning. She is unforgettable legend in the acting world. She is one of my favs if you can’t tell =D I loved when she teamed up with Meryl Streep (another one of my favs) for Death Becomes Her. I love that movie.

      • Ophelie

        I love Goldie. She has so much charisma.

  • Mia

    She’s cute and has a nice body. The older she gets, the more I think she looks like her mother. However, she seems like one of those celebrities who is famous for being famous, if you know what I mean. She’s not a great actress, she hasn’t done any great films (except for Almost Famous). I really don’t think she would be a “thing” if it wasn’t for her parents.

  • Ana

    Boring and the third pic is just trashy.

  • kat

    what a stupid looking cover

  • Diva

    She looks amazing!

  • Loos

    How tacky! Clearly she’s desperate to remain relevant. She hasn’t done any decent movies in a while so she feels she has to do sleazy semi-naked photoshoots and show off her body. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

  • Sheri

    I usually love Kate but these photos don’t look so good, especially her face in the first one… wtf!

  • Mariah

    If she dyed herself blue and got tiger stripes she’d look like one of the Na’vi from James Cameron’s Avatar.