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Kate Hudson Is “Probably Heading Towards 110 Pounds”

kate-110-pounds-0 - Kate Hudson Is "Probably Heading Towards 110 Pounds"

Elle Magazine says that Kate Hudson lost a lot of weight in the recent months. Here’s the exact paragraph:

Yes, this really is Kate Hudson. When ELLE met up with the actress in New York to shoot our December cover, we were pretty amazed, too. We’ve photographed and interviewed Kate before, of course, the last time for our April 2008 issue, some 20 months ago. But while the bright smile and easy-going persona were familiar, Kate’s incredible new body was something of a shock.
In the process of losing weight for a role in which she plays a terminally-ill woman, 30-year-old Hudson describes her body as ‘Pretty solid, actually. I’m not, like, 110lbs. But I’m probably heading towards that.’

Writer Choire Sicha meets Kate for lunch, but when she turns up at the restaurant she’s already eaten. Apparently, her meal consisted of some beetroot from a plastic container that’s now stained red and that, for no apparent reason, she will carry around for the rest of the day.

I would certainly not describe Kate’s weight loss as “shocking”, because she was always slim and still is slim. She’s 5’6”.

See Kate’s pictures from Elle Magazine HERE!

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kate-110-pounds - Kate Hudson Is "Probably Heading Towards 110 Pounds"

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