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Kate Hudson Is “Probably Heading Towards 110 Pounds”

kate-110-pounds-0 - Kate Hudson Is "Probably Heading Towards 110 Pounds"

Elle Magazine says that Kate Hudson lost a lot of weight in the recent months. Here’s the exact paragraph:

Yes, this really is Kate Hudson. When ELLE met up with the actress in New York to shoot our December cover, we were pretty amazed, too. We’ve photographed and interviewed Kate before, of course, the last time for our April 2008 issue, some 20 months ago. But while the bright smile and easy-going persona were familiar, Kate’s incredible new body was something of a shock.
In the process of losing weight for a role in which she plays a terminally-ill woman, 30-year-old Hudson describes her body as ‘Pretty solid, actually. I’m not, like, 110lbs. But I’m probably heading towards that.’

Writer Choire Sicha meets Kate for lunch, but when she turns up at the restaurant she’s already eaten. Apparently, her meal consisted of some beetroot from a plastic container that’s now stained red and that, for no apparent reason, she will carry around for the rest of the day.

I would certainly not describe Kate’s weight loss as “shocking”, because she was always slim and still is slim. She’s 5’6”.

See Kate’s pictures from Elle Magazine HERE!

Check out one more recent pic of Kate after the jump!

kate-110-pounds - Kate Hudson Is "Probably Heading Towards 110 Pounds"

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  • suzushii

    How tall is she?

    • Versus

      She’s 5’6”.

    • suzushii

      Just noticed. 5’6 and “towards” 110 pounds? Sounds dubious. Unless towards means 119, and she’s got really small bone structure.

      If she WERE 110 pounds that’s a BMI of 17.8 (waaay underweight), and only from 114 upwards she’d be skimming the line of under/normal.

  • Juliette

    She looks fine to me. I’m taller than her and weigh less than 110, granted the camera can add 15+ pounds, so she may look thinner actually.

    • suzushii

      I’m 3 inches shorter and 112 pounds, and I look pretty damn skinny (apart from having a wider hip bone, I’d say I look slimmer). That’s why it sounds so weird, since she actually has upper body muscles in those pics.

    • Uma

      Especially photoshoped ones; those really do add. Uhum, right.

      On topic: she looks fine, muscular and healthy, nothing disturbing about her weight. I strongly doubt she is under 115 lbs. And that’s GREAT!

      • cary__x

        because this is obviously photoshopped. Um, right.

        • Uma

          Candids do get photoshoped. I was also talking about the Elle magazine photos.

        • belle

          Agreed. This isn’t photoshopped and pictures do add the appearance in additional weight. It’s not that far off of a concept….

    • Amie

      I swear it seems like people toss around the word “photoshopped” without understanding what it actually entails.

      Yes, a person can have weight ADDED with Photoshop. It’s nothing more than image editor, it’s not as if people just stick in photos and it automatically sucks off twenty pounds.
      In any case, the topic was in regards to the camera in general sans-Photoshop and as both juliet and scarlet pointed out, it does have the ability to add weight that doesn’t actually exist.
      Also candid photos are not typically [heavily] edited. I don’t mean to imply it never happens but its rare. It might have the light enhanced or downplayed, but as far editing goes it’s light to nil.

      It really does seem like every other comment here is “it’s so obviously photoshopped.” which, everytime I see, makes me twitch a little.

      [I do photo-manipulation as a career so I’m certain on this.]

      • Juliette

        LOL, Your text is so obviously Photoshoppped. 😉

      • Uma

        Well, being a photo-manipulator you should know that the old the camera adds 15 lbs is exactly that: OLD! I don’t have to prove anything, i know what i know, i am into photographic art. Maybe you’re not the only one who knows what’s she’s talking about.

        I don’t get it: i look at normal people in normal photos and certainly do not look 15 lbs heavier. How come all the celebrities look? Please. 😐

        And candids to get touched! And magazine photos get totally changed. Yes they do add weight through photoshop. Boobs,hips, curves so on. Did i say the contrary? I doubt it. But you have to show off your knowledge (however, what you said can easily be known by a 5 year old, so please, leave the i’m the big shot photo manipulator part away; it’s embarrasing)

        • anonymous

          i agree. i’m no expert but as far as i can see in all the photos i’ve taken i’ve never seen someone look bigger in photos. especially not 15 lbs bigger… that’s noticeable. so i don’t really get the “camera adds 10 pounds” thing.

          • amazon

            actually i think photos can add and subtract weight depending on angle light body type. i havea very slim friend who always manages to look a little chubby cause she is broad over the shoulders. another friend who is several stones overweight but somehow often looks a lot slimmer, especially as she doesn’t carry weight on her face, which most photos focus on. my sister can look five inchs taller.
            never underestimate how distorting the camera can be, especially as alot of how we judge/gauge someone is measuring them against others. and hollywood is not your average town..

  • k

    I’m an inch taller than Kate (if she really is 5’6″, which I don’t buy) and I’m about 130 lbs and pretty slim. Though I’ve got a bit of muscle.

    I think 110ish at 5’6″ is pretting effing tiny!

    • BD

      Same. I’m 5’8 and 130 pounds and look pretty similar to kate in this picture, pretty slim but healthy. So i don’t think she looks 110 at all! she looks fine… i don’t even notice much difference in her.

  • Kim

    i dont believe it. auddrina from the hills is 5’6 and claimed to be 110-116 kate hudson has a bigger frame shes like 120-125

    • Juliette

      I wonder if she’s even telling the truth about her weight. This was her claim that she’s heading towards 110 pounds and (though it’s really very hard to tell with all those layers of heavy clothes plus camera-weight) she doesn’t look it to me.
      And she did say “heading towards” which could mean she’ could weigh 180 and head towards 110. Obviously that’s far from the case but it’s an exaggerated example.

  • Dr. Truth

    I don’t think we’ve ever seen her really thin.
    And 100 at 5’6″ is ridiculously low. She would look a lot thinner than this..

  • k


    There’s nothing “shocking”about Kate being underweight or thin. She’s been that way for the better part of 10 years.

    That’s just the journalist trying to make the story juicy/newsy. I’m a writer, we do that.

  • scarlett

    I have her exact same height. I do think she weights that right now cause she is using lots of clothes on those pictures. Camera does add visual weight by the way (yes like 15 pounds) I should know I´ve studied photography, film and television making so know something about lenses.
    But anyway I thing some measurements the stars claim to have are pretty weird, cause i have a really really small bone structure i was 100 pounds like a year ago and i looked very very skinny but not boney or anything so i was trying to gain weight as always haha and i went to a doctor and diagnose high prolactine levels so we started controling that with meds, blah blah, the point is, im 117 pounds right now and althoug i look good (and im sure in pictures i might look like i have some tiny curves going on haha) i still look very slim, im still a size one (a full one now), i don´t look butty or anything and my hip measurement is 35… so is very weird when a very curvy celebrity claims to have a hip ratio of 34 or 35 im like WTF where are my hips than, are they invisible? haha

    And also with the weight, i know you might not be familirized with pornstars haha cause i wasnt either but my brother has this posteron his wall of a girl named Alexis Texas, and her butt looks hugeee on that picture and my brother told me she is known as “the butt woman” So i googled her measures, it said her height was 5´8, and her hip ratio was 42 inches, which make sense but than it said that she weight 110 pounds and well… how can she possibly weight less than me if she is 2 inches taller and with that butt….
    i just don´t get it haha
    sorry i know this was sooo off topic but i wish someone could explain this to me

    • suzushii

      Simple explanation – they lie

      Longer explanation – they lie ALOT

      haha 😀

      And wow, a 35 incher is a size 1? They must have inflated the vanity sizes again, cuz my hip is 36 straight up and I’m a 4, and sometimes a 6 in some teenager jeans shops.

      • scarlett

        haha yeah you are right.
        and about the hips ratio i guess in latin america is different cause a lot of girls are curvy that is why im probably a size one on my imported levis haha

        • suzushii

          heh, I understand, I’m in a latin-genetic country (Romania), here girls have really tiny builds but always curvy. I’m naturally a pretty cartoonish pear (34/25/39 like whoa, where did that ass come from :P) but I got a more healthy diet and now I’m more 34/24/36.

  • Casey

    I don’t think she should lose that much, especially if it’s just for a movie role. I hope by 110 she meant 119 as someone else says.

    If she is 5’6″ and she is going that low, she would probably have the same BMI as me and I am technically underweight. The difference is, I am this way on a normal diet and she is bigger on a normal diet, so she would have to have a very restricted diet which doesn’t sound healthy or worth it to me.

  • H

    She looks about 5’8, but no way near 110!
    Isn’t she very muscular? If muscle weighs more than fat, she’s definitely atleast 118-123.

  • anon

    I’m actually surprised she wasn’t already 110lbs and also I don’t really see a difference

  • Kelli

    I’m 5’6″ and 114 and in my opinion she looks a little thinner in the legs so I wouldn’t be surprised if she is 110. I don’t really think she looks unhealthy though. Her BMI is still higher than nearly every model out there.

  • Ana

    yes shocking indeed, never seen anything like it!!!…

  • Lucy

    Meet her. She is around 114 lb. No less

  • Jade

    okay if she is 110 pounds, why does he look like she is about to DROP TWINS any day now? she looks oinkish.

    • Kelli

      Is it Jade or Jaded???

    • Juliette


      • Kelli

        lol. I was just teasing…couldn’t help myself. Kate is a cutie, so NOT looking preggers:)

        • Juliette

          Haha, no my reply to was Jade not you lol

        • Jade

          is it KELASS? or KNEELISH either way you sound super annoying. Im not saying Kate is NOT cute, but if you want to discuss that , sure. she will never be as beautiful or as CUTE as GOLDIE, her mom, now GOLDIE HAWN was absolutely adorable! Kate???? she is BORING….. are my words to big for you sweetheart? yawn city.

      • Jade

        okay, you make no sense whatsoever, sorry. but what ar you trying to say??? you are the first to talk to me?! o my gosh, how nutty are you?

  • Aimee

    I’m 5’5″ and 113lbs and people usually say I am really, really skinny. People often wonder if I eat (YES I DO). Both of my parents are really skinny and frail. I think if I were to be less than 110 I would litterally have to starve myself down to that weight. For kate its really hard to tell in these pictures what her actually weight is. I just know that for 5’6″ having a weight of 110 is very PETITE!