Kate Upton

Kate Upton: ‘I don’t compare myself with other models’

article-2536615-1A87D72100000578-981_634x876 - Kate Upton: 'I don't compare myself with other models'

On her fellow models:

‘I don’t compare myself with other models. For me, modeling is really about competing with yourself, becoming the best you can be.’

On getting dissed by a Victoria’s Secret rep:

“I had just gotten my cover of Sports Illustrated that day. I wasn’t used to that kind of media swirl. I had never met her, so it really came out of nowhere.” Kate says the snarky comments were her “introduction to being in the spotlight and having people you’ve never met have an opinion of you.”

On her nickname for her famous boobs:

“The ladies! Everyone brings them up, so I have to have something to call them.”

On why doesn’t she keep her clothes on:

“Because I don’t want to!”

More from Kate’s V Magazine spread next!


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  • CarrieD

    I’m a big Kate Upton shipper. Everyone was like “why can’t we have models in between a size 0 and plus size, that represent the in-between where most people fit?” and then Kate came along and people were like “oh, she’s too big, too blonde, her boobs are too big”. Well I think she looks great and has an amazing figure, and deserves to be a model.
    However, even I think that the crazy photoshopped cover is too much. We all know her torso is her “weakness” and doesn’t look like that. They should be celebrating her body, not trying to turn her into every other model. And the photos are BAD. I love the first black and white one, but the others are terrible, bad colours, bad clothes, bad lighting, bad make-up.
    I still love Kate tho.

    • Alexanna Ben-Zvi

      Couldn’t have said it better myself! I really like her and her body. She’s like a breath of fresh air and she brings variety to the world of models. Yes, sometimes it’s annoying to see her prancing around in her underwear, but otherwise I find her a great, beautiful, talented model. She definitely doesn’t deserve all the harsh critique she gets! No one should be called a fat cow, bovine etc.

    • anka

      I agree with the size thing, though I don’t really care for her as a model in general. But I like the fact that she’s not automatically categorized as “plus” just because she has a slightly fuller figure than your average model. I wonder how far off Robyn Lawley is from her measurements in reality.

  • elsia

    Love Kate. I use to be a hater until i realized that she (for the first time in a long time) looks different than so many of the models that we have today. I love that she has a different shape and soft features that make her standout. Im glad she didnt work with VS, she’s getting more work in high fashion than most contemporary VS models. Im happy for her!

  • Guest

    She looks like Bridgette Bardot in these shots! I like how she can be cutesy or striking, depending on how she’s photographed. I don’t understand all the criticism she gets. She’s just a model. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • lc

    That pic is so ‘shopped. I’m not a fan of her modeling at all, but she seems like a sweet person, more down to earth than most celebrities these days.

  • s

    I Like her on photo shoots but I don’t find her so beautiful in candids too. Not my cup of tea…

    • HB

      Welcome to photoshop.

  • solaxia

    Kate is attractive, and most girls are really. I dont personally find her to stick out much to me, and I dont love her personality much…but she’s a pretty girl and I do like her different body shape in modelling. Though it’s really not as different as everyone makes out. Yes, she has big natural breasts, but she is still very slim…she doesnt appear as thin as others because of her boobs and she isn’t as toned.

    Anyway, good on her for doing what she likes and cashing in on what she can, while she can! I truly believe that being a model or being famous is more about the opportunity you come across and the people you know…and what you make of it…rather than being exceptionally beautiful etc. I know you need a certain ‘look’ but most people can have that look by just looking after themselves. Oh, and I know most models have to be tall and thin,…but that doesn’t always equate to exceptional beauty.

  • guru

    I think it shows that more and more the industry is getting to her. I can also detect that she has insecurities and vulnerabilities now, that perhaps were not there before.

  • Juju

    Heavy photoshop Batman on the cover!! Her waist is nowhere as defined as that. I like it though.
    If she lost the extra weight she has gained those last 2 years she would be perfect. In 2011 she was curvy and bodylicious but her tummy was smaller.

  • amelia

    She reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith.. when she first hit it big with her “Guess” ads…

  • Tonyee

    Seems like a nice girl.

  • I’ve come round to her a little bit – I think it’s nice to have a very famous model who is a different body shape and a bit heavier than most. I still don’t think she’s a great model though – I just find her expressions a bit blank – but she does seem like a sweet person. She looks nice here, but a bit ‘curvier’ on the cover through the waist than I think is reality – she’s far from the first though!

    • anoymous

      “She looks nice here, but a bit ‘curvier’ on the cover through the waist than I think is reality – she’s far from the first though!”

      Here is a fine example again of your hypocrisy. You comaplain in the Melissa Milano thread about people nitpicking yet here you are doing the same thing again. Being catty about whr. Lets see you in the same outfit, you are so stuck up. You really believe you are better than everyone. I don’t see you complain when they photshop Christina Hendricks’s waist. You can’t make a single comment about this girl KU without some catty remark about her whr. You always sound so jealous. She is still way more attractive than you will ever be. While she is making lot of money you are on this site 24 hours a day, pulling her and others down. I am sure she wouldn’t ever want to swap places with you. And it don’t matter how many of your gang jump to your defense, it’s the truth.

      • Alexanna Ben-Zvi

        I don’t see how Erica was “complaining” about Kate’s waist. She only stated that the cover doesn’t show the reality and that Kate’s waist is actually wider. That’s not hypocricy! Why do you have to attack people only stating their opinions or simple facts like this?

      • Ms.Mia

        You need a chill pill lol. And who the hell is Melissa Milano?

    • anonymous

      I’m sorry, I went off on an angry, bitter, silly rant again. Just don’t listen to me. I need help.

  • Claud

    Not a great model by any means but certainly beautiful. She looks exactly like Anna Nicole in her younger days!

    • lizzilla

      Def. Anna Nicole.

  • Big Hair, Don’t Care

    She reminds me of Brigitte Bardot in these shots. The big hair suits her.

  • anonymous

    Now watch the same people who were disgusted at (that man for body shaming Alyissa Milano), do exactly the same thing on this topic.

  • Snugglepup

    I LOVE the styling in these pics, she really is all about vintage glam! I’ve always rooted for her and I will continue doing so. So glad for her.

  • disqus_e5owUDo2KZ

    Aw, she really reminds me of Jane Mansfield! I see a little bit of Anna Nicole in her, too.

  • Ms.Mia

    She is beautiful! Photoshop or not.

  • Jay

    please, she wishes her waist was that small. you cant really say its embracing a different body type when youre just gonna photoshop it to look like every other siwmsuit model.
    what a sham.

  • lovelikeu

    come on. that’s not her waist and her body is not perfect but i like her figure, she shouldn’t be ashamed of it 🙂

  • Winnie

    i’m probably the only one who doesn’t think her waist looks that photoshopped. she’s arching her back and probably standing with her legs about shoulder-width apart. that pose pretty much automatically equals the appearance of a curvier waist.

    anyways, she looks super hot here. i will probably always love her

  • maelstrom

    She looks like Anna Nicole Smith–and I don’t mean that as a compliment.

  • tequilla

    this kate is a very attractive girl! its always nice to see her!

  • Farrell

    While I appreciate the body “variety” I don’t feel like this is much variety at all. Whenever a woman is successful with a curvy body she always has huge breasts. Where are the curvy pears!!!

  • Izzy

    I like skinny models better.

  • Vanessa Baltazar

    The victoria Secret people can suck it. Most VS models have a body of a boy. Yes there are some with big boobs, but not actually curvy. Kate’s body is hot. She has a womanly figure and She looks healthy.