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Kate Upton Got a Sam Edelman Contract ‘Because she isn’t stick thin’

upton21 - Kate Upton Got a Sam Edelman Contract ‘Because she isn’t stick thin’

The full story from WWD:

Sam Edelman is marching into 2013 with Kate Upton by its side.

The New York-based footwear brand has tapped the model for its new digital and print advertising campaign that will roll out starting Monday and run for six months.

Shot in an undisclosed location in New York City by ad impresario David Lipman, the campaign pays tribute to Edelman’s urban heritage and is part of a larger strategy for the brand as it strives to grow into a lifestyle player.

“It felt like the right time,” said Sam Edelman, designer and division president of his brand. “We had a major ad campaign with Charlotte Kemp Muhl 18 months ago. It carried us for a long time. [By choosing Kate,] it was a hell of a decision to go with an indie girl.”

Lipman echoed that sentiment. “We chose Kate because she isn’t stick thin. She’s beautiful and all-American,” he said.

The 5-foot, 10-inch Upton, who is, for the record, merely considered “curvy” for a model, was spotted wearing a pair of Edelman equestrian-style boots. That’s when the potential partnership clicked, and Lipman and Edelman called her in.

See more of Kate in promotional pictures next!


upton11 - Kate Upton Got a Sam Edelman Contract ‘Because she isn’t stick thin’  upton31 - Kate Upton Got a Sam Edelman Contract ‘Because she isn’t stick thin’ upton41 - Kate Upton Got a Sam Edelman Contract ‘Because she isn’t stick thin’



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  • JaneParker

    This is her best shoot yet for me, it looks very classy and high fashion. I like all the photos (nº 2 a little less). Her face looks so different in the last pic!

    • pewdipewpie

      first and last pic are nice.

  • Annie

    She IS thin and her only curves are the huge boobs. For me, personally, being curvy means having a nice WHR which Kate doesn’t. But maybe that’s just me.

    • Daniella

      For real? I think the opposite. Even though i have a very dramatic whr, i have small boobs and would never be called curvy. I feel boobs ass are more what ppl mean when they say a girl is curvy…well at least where i’m from. ppl in my experience dont seem to notice whr which sucks for me 🙁

      • Grace

        I think the definition of “curvy” varies from person to person. Some ppl wouldn’t find Kate that curvy because despite her boobs, she has no waist and no ass. Others wouldn’t think Candice is that curvy either because despite her waist she has no boobs and no ass. I personally think Kelly brook and kim kardashian are curvy, (boobs and waist combo ftw!!)

        • CK

          “I think the definition of “curvy” varies from person to person”
          i agree, for me “curvy” means a “wholesome curve”, i.e the girl is standing straight (no arching or anything, i.e. a neutral spine) and is turned sideways and you see a “curve” in the front – (a boob outline (not necess. big) then a slide down and “in” (i.e. belly doesn’t stick out father than boobs)) and you see a “curve” in the back, i.e. “three natural curves” (curve at the neck, curve at the upper back, curve at the lower back), then she turns to you and there’s “nip at the waist”. And a “perfect curve” also involves proportion – the boob outline is not much bigger/smaller than butt outline. To me that’s a definition of “curvy”, it can be obvious or bit less defined but ALL that stuff is present. However i don’t need that in order to like or dislike smb’s body, if anything i care more about proportion and maybe a bit of waist rather than curve or weight. i think that for example if you have a flat shaped butt and whether small boobies or the ones that have a sort of like teardrop shape (so they don’t stick out much) – that’s proportionate, and imho is beautiful. Though in life the thing with liking smb’s body is the same as face, if you like his/her on a biological level (i.e. sexual chemistry) as much as on a level of personality, then i doubt you’d be much concerned with nitpicking, the shortcomings of that person may register in your brain but won’t really bother you. Like with Kate, i don’t like her – her body is not my cup of tea AND her image or media personality (i don’t know what’s she like in real life) is really off-putting…but that’s just MY perception..

      • Emeline

        Actually curvy means having a nice WHR, so you are curvy! But it’s true that for many people, big boobs and a nice butt are also curves. Even though I personally prefer big boobs and butt compared to a nice WHR, having a tiny waist is an asset for many, so don’t worry!

        • Daniella

          Awww thanks Emeline 🙂 but i think that’s only on this site haha. I would trade my small waist and wide hips for big boobs and booty any day…it looks so nice in clothes. Seriously no one in real life even comments on whr when saying types of bodies they like… it’s all about the boobs and ass lols

          • Emmy

            Maybe some people are a bit jealous of your waist (or maybe are shy about saying anything) or you don’t wear tight shirts. I also have a dramatic whr and when I wear tight shirts I get comments/compliments about my waist by my friends

          • guru

            ” Seriously no one in real life even comments on whr when saying types of bodies they like…”

            yeah that is because it is subconscious and most men/ some women are not aware of that special something that attracts them to others. That being said, why do women like megan fox or even jessica alba who even in their prime, did not have large breasts or large booty, get so much attention for their bodies? They had an awesome WHR and there was just something special about them. Most men are not that astute at noticing the little things, so while they knew she was something special, they could not put their finger on why.

          • Fielding

            quote: “That being said, why do women like megan fox or even jessica alba who even in their prime, did not have large breasts or large booty, get so much attention for their bodies? ”

            jessica alba is straight up and down, and always has been
            no ‘awesome whr’ to be seen

          • guru

            but she dressed in a way to give herself the illusion of curves and thats what counts. all the body suits she wore in dark angel and fantastic four gave that illusion

          • Fielding

            And a lot of it, most of it in fact, was just great marketing…

          • mintgreen

            I agree actually. WHR isn’t as big a deal as the media and “science” have been trying to shove in our face! I have a “perfect” WHR but trust me, NOBODY looks at me twice (maybe due to my smallish boobs?)


            and compare that to Megan;you can see her frontal WHR isn’t as dramatic and she gets MUCH more attention : http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_GzXYfK-lDG4/TAP9L49oEWI/AAAAAAAAIc4/CBtO9xqkpvI/s1600/Megan+Fox+in+Hawaii.jpg

          • neutra

            Where do you live, Daniella? I have a tiny waist and not a day goes by when a stranger doesn’t comment on it. Straight men, gay me, women… Maybe it’s because people don’t expect such a small waist on a 5″11 girl with hips and boobs, who knows. Maybe here in Australia it’s different… I find going to the beach particularly awkward because of the people who comment!

          • Daniella

            hey neutra, i’m from Australia. I can’t believe your waist gets that kind of attention here. Maybe it’s because i’m from the gold coast where girls who look like Kate upton are definitely the standard of beauty.

          • misscheeks

            @mintgreen- you’ve posted your body on here before right? You have a really cute shape! 🙂

            @neutra- I remember you talking about your measurements in another post…you must look like a super curvy, bombshell (my body is more Jessica Biel than Jessica Rabbit;)) haha like skinnyjackie on tumblr:
            http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m8p9czQcOt1r9a6bfo1_1280.jpg no wonder people comment but I agree that must be quite awkward though (I’ve been in similar situations before, mainly with pervy, leery though ugh!) :/ some people really have no manners!

          • serena

            @mintgreen the reality is most of the attention women get is from facial beauty because that’s primarily what everyone sees. Megan Fox is a good example. Fully clothed, you can barely tell body shape anyway. Fwiw I think you have a nice shape; not just waist but nice legs with a thigh gap too.

          • misscheeks


        • alyssa

          Everyone’s definition is different. I think you have to have voluptuous boobs, a good arse, and curvy hips (not the flat/square types which still give good WHR, but aren’t as shapely).
          Not everyone is a model, so if you’re not a textbook definition of curvy, so what?
          you’re more than your looks, a 3D person and if someone loves you, you’re doing fine, especially if the person who love you is *you*

      • serena

        While traditionally curvy referred to an hourglass figure, now it means big boobs. So Kate Upton is curvy in that sense. Sometimes curvy is used as a euphemism for plus-size. But many still use “curvy” to mean small waist and wider hips. I’m only a B cup but have a great whr, and when I wear a bikini, people often say “I didn’t realize you were so curvy”. It’s hard to tell in clothes! So there are different types of curvy imo.

        • Catelyn

          yeh i defs agree that there are diff types of curvy. although i dont have a defined waist, i have a large chest and big behind and get called curvy all the time. im very curvy from a side view whereas you’d be curvy from a front view

          • misscheeks

            I have that “curvy from the side” thing going on too Catelyn lol…I’m a bit “straighter” from the front but have a bigger bubble butt from the side…makes shopping for trousers and skirts a nightmare tbh

          • Catelyn

            hahaha tell me about it misscheeks!! my legs are skinny but it’s always a struggle getting jeans over the ass, it requires the strangest jumping and thrust movements haha

          • misscheeks

            Lol Catelyn, girl I thought I was the only one who has to jump and wiggle into trousers to get them to fit! I really think someone should design bottoms for slim-legged, bootylicious ladies like us hahaha, it doesn’t help that my legs are longer than average for my height so trousers end up at my ankles smh…

      • Kelly-Ann

        Sorry for being ignorant, but what´s WHR? Thanks!

        • Daniella

          waist hip ratio 🙂

      • jjj2

        She really isn’t curvy. She is chunky with big boobs. She gets all of the press because she is a model who isn’t obese but isn’t thin or fit looking and made the SI cover. The anti thin movement see her as their star..

        There are plenty of women who weigh the same as her or more who are curvy and do have a model type body.

      • Josephinee

        I’d probably be jealous of you 😉 No, seriously, a small waist is something I always notice in other women and am always jealous of!

    • Daniela

      She is not thin, not even lean in my opinion. Come on, even though you can´t see it in this photoshoot she has a lot of fat rolls in her stomach and even in her back..that´s very far from thin!

  • Sadie

    Her boobs are still curves. (Which many runway models do not have.) I think it’s great that they chose her.

    • annabeatrice


    • Jess

      Yeah she is definitely curvy alright!! Look at those boobs. Gahhh how can someone be so thin yet have such big boobs…no fair!!!!

  • aimeejaq

    it bothers me because i do not think shes pretty at all…im so sorry, i do NOT mean to be rude or attacking or any of that…its just annoying and frustrating. she just happened to be in the market at the right time, where the backlash of stick-thin models is on the rise, and she lucked out. But oh well, such is fate, and I guess superstardom is her destiny so good for her…

    • pewdipewpie

      pretty face

      • aimeejaq

        lol, see i toootally just disagree with that!
        not to argue i totally respect your opinion. i just think in pictures she obviously has things like make up, lighting, camera angles, and photoshop on her side so she looks BETTER, still not even pretty though to me, and in real life she is just not remotely attractive. that sounds so harsh and i really appologize for that…

        • Jenna

          Lol, but EVERY model has things like make up, lighting, camera angles, and photoshop to make them look better…I think she gets more hate than she deserves, even though I’m not really a fan myself.

    • mary

      neither do i, her face reminds me of miss piggy

  • Tally

    In my honest opinion, kate is beautiful, but she is not a curvy girl.

  • I think it’s positive to choose a different model – and Kate is certainly different from your garden-variety VS or runway model. I don’t really categorise her as curvy myself because she doesn’t have the overall look of ‘curvy’ to me (I’d call her buxom – but I guess that’s old-timey!) – but she is certainly not very thin like most models. And she does have the ‘all-American’ cliche look of blonde, big-boobed bimbo, if that’s what they’re going for! I don’t really find her compelling as a model though – she always looks vacant to me.
    And is it ignorant that I have never heard of Sam Edelman before?!

    • aline

      me neither Erica but as far as I can tell they look really nice.Especially the one Kate wears in the first shoot!

    • Missmarilyn

      Buxom is definitely a better word to describe her than curvy IMO!!

    • binks

      Agreed! Buxom describes her perfectly. Personally I don’t love or hate Kate but I do think she has a certain X factor that keeps people talking.

  • Pixie

    Luv these photos, she looks gorgeous! 🙂

  • Ld

    I think she looks gorgeous. I’d never heard of her before I came on this site and I was really quite shocked by the amount of negativity she’s received….seems pretty undeserved to me. She must have a helluva thick skin to continue doing what she’s doing, so good her I say. After all, she’s the one laughing all the way to the bank…

    • Kelly

      This hate only seems to be online. All my guy friends think she’s beyond stunning. I personally think she’s kind of pretty and not a big fan of her figure (i like the boobs though haha) but she doesnt deserve the amount of hate she gets. Honestly I think some girls are envious of how someone with such an “average” body and face can be so famous and have guys drooling over her left right and centre.

      • Ld

        Yeah I agree. She seems really confident which I personally think is what makes a woman sexy,rather than having a particular body shape.
        Haha, god I hate that word “average”! It’s bandied about here like nobody’s business. If someone like Rosie HW can be branded average then there’s no bloody hope for me!

        • Kelly

          Hahaha I’d like to know what places around the world girls that look like kate and rosie are “average.” I’d never go there haha. Even though Kate’s not my cup of tea, I can still see the appeal – she’s tall, blonde, skinny and has massive boobs. I think she’s confident because for all the hate she gets, there are some many more people who adore her.

          • guru

            kate is average in the sense that she does not have an amazing face or facial features. She has a chubby face that is not defined or has nice cheekbones. her nose and lips are also a bit piggish looking. Sure she has blonde hair, large eyes and draws people in. But she is not some kind of timeless beauty. AS I have said before, she is like britney spears in that as she gets older, time will reveal that she is just very average looking. Women that are truly beautiful always remain beautiful, even at 40. Women like kate have an edge because of their youth.

      • Catherin-o

        I am not a big fan of Kate. In the past she’s looked super trashy in her shoots. I don’t think her face or body are anything to write home about.

        I think she’s made a really good choice to move from men’s shoots to editorial shoots. She photographs well, and I often don’t recognize her in the more editorial pictures.

        I think the part of her that is REALLY unappealing is when she opens her mouth. She comes across as really, really dumb, and really, really self-absorbed. So, as long as she keeps her mouth shut and keeps doing fashion shoots, I am fine with her.

    • melis

      I never heard of her before either. I think she is quite beautiful! I am shocked as well that so many people seem to have such mean things to say about her.
      I personally find she stands out more than the average model.

    • Miss x

      It’s just on this site were it’s lots of insecure young girls that are looking after flaws so they can feel better about themselves. If you read the dailyfail and comments almost everyone think she’s gorgeous, pretty and sick of stick-thin models.

      • Daniela

        I think it is unfair and kind of childish for you to say that people give her negative comments because they are insecure. I could reply that people who give her a lot of love are actually the insecure ones, since they pretend they prefer her to HF or even VS models because she looks closer to what they look (less thin – actually, not thin at all – and less beautiful). I could reply that, but I won´t since it would be ridiculous to even try to come up with a reason why people have different tastes.

      • Jay

        simply not true.. she gets a lot of mixed comments especially since she has gotten fatter. barstool is a site aimed at men.. check out the most rrecent commentary on kate


        • solaxia

          I Do think she is average. I really do see a lot of people like her where I live in Australia. My boyfriend usually calls tall blondes ‘plain jane’s’ himself. Unless they have striking features, like Sharon Stone (he loves her). Just because someone doesn’t think someone in the media is all that attractive, doesn’t mean they are insecure. Heaps of men and women love VS models, and most girls on here seem to absolutely adore and idolise them.

          My boyfriend for example, seems to like curvy, shorter girls…people that most on here would call ‘average’. I also tend to like shorter women who are curvier and have some muscle definition…that to me, is actually less average and common than Kate Upton.

          Just because people are in the media, doesn’t mean they are better looking. I feel that’s an insecure way to look at it. Who is defining what is ‘average’ and ‘above average’? The media.

          Kate looks gorgeous in these ads! I love the pictures…however I also know that they are photoshopped to all hell, and she is just average in real life (imo). Yes, I am insecure atm. That’s not where my dislike for Kate comes in. Show me a picture of a curvy girl like Salma Hayek, or some really hot athletic, curvy muscle chick…and I will turn green with envy. But it won’t make me deny their hottness. It also won’t make me think everyone else thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread

          Everyone has different opinions!

        • solaxia

          Jay – I just looked at that site…and while I still maintain I think she is average…she doesn’t deserve the flack she gets from those people! My Gosh, she may not be everyone’s ideal (but she seems to be a lot of people’s ideal still) however she is NOT FAT! wth. I don’t get some people. I imagine them to be idiots that sit in front of their computer all day, smoking pot, and jacking off to skinny porn stars.

          • Jay

            agreed, the commenters on barstool are always disturbingly harsh. i think they think theyre being funny.

    • lc

      Yeah, she already was “laughing all the way to the bank”. She has money and connections, that’s how she got so famous.

  • serena

    They’re selling shoes, but the focus is on Kate, her face and body. Nothing about this ad makes me want to buy those shoes. Then again, I like the VS models, but I never shop at VS (quality isn’t great and sizing is off). At the end of the day, advertising is pretty to look at, but doesn’t necessarily lure in shoppers and their money. As for Kate; here she looks much better than in the Mercedes ad.

    • La la la la

      i agree with everything you said. i actually didn’t even look at the shoes. so in that respect they didn’t do very well. the only thing i would buy from VS is bathing suits. they don’t even carry my size bra : /

  • Josephinee

    I absolutely love that first picture.

    Kate herself… meh. No one seems to like her that much and still the fashion world seems to think she’s all that.

  • roonie

    I don’t really like or dislike Kate, she’s very nondescript as a model to me. There is just nothing about her that strikes me as beautiful, I am into a more unique beauty than Kate’s ‘all-American’ looks. Having said that, she does look nice in this shoot and I think its my favourite I’ve seen of her so far.

    • Emily

      Couldn’t agree more.

  • silvy

    I feel like kate is the push back, as soon as fashion goes towards one extreme, it needs someone to push it back, 80’s was glamazons, 90s got the heroin chic kate moss, the last few years even we were seeing, SOO skinny, even already skinny modals like kurkova got super skinny. I like kate upton not because she is anythign particularily special, but there is something special about the way she has broken into the market. Truly if you had shown her to me a few years ago I would never have thought Vogue and other people would be rushing to use her. I hope she opens up modeling to more variation in the years to come. I know people always talk about modals needing to be “perfect” and not understanding “how on earth” someone like kate can be a modal when she is just average to them, but for me when modals are varied enough that they can appeal to everyones tastes (some people like big boobs, some people like big bums some people like super thin) thats when I will start to like this industry.

    • solaxia

      Yes! Well said! I agree! What I don’t get is this models need to be ‘perfect’ thing…why do people think that? Perfection is so subjective. I mean, who says what is ‘perfect’. As I mentioned earlier, everyone’s ideal is different. My bf loves curvy latina’s…whereas he calls models ‘greyhounds’…which I know is very rude! He also has horrible things to say about very well rounded people too. But I’m just saying that everyone has a different ideal of perfection. I never thought models were perfect…though I do notice I’m more tolerant of super super super thin now, and in the past I wasn’t. Not tolerant as in not liking it, but I used to get uncomfortable with the obsession as people look unhealthy to me.

  • Casey

    Doutzen Kroes and Bar Rafaeli are not “stick thin” either, but are very fit, so why not choose them?

    In some ways I appreciate them using Kate because she has a different body shape than most models and it’s nice to have variety. However, I feel like she could improve her body with a little effort, but she doesn’t, and that apathy combined with how much love she gets (mostly because people are familiar with the photoshopped version of her) is somewhat annoying.

    I’d rather the praise go to someone who puts in effort. Doutzen doesn’t have perfect proportions either but she puts in effort and her body looks better than most people with a good WHR.

    • Fielding

      Kate is getting chosen for campaigns and even magazines now b/c she is ‘hot’

      You know, like when a fresh faced actor suddenly gets a bunch of movie roles after getting nominated for an Oscar, or something.

      It’s all about name recognition and marketing. People are talking about kate, so she gets jobs! It’s that simple.

  • serena

    On every Kate Upton post, many posters claim that everyone hates Kate and is secretly jealous of her. But if you actually read comments, most range from positive to “mehh”, with a handful of dislikes. Kim Kardashian is the most hated celeb on this site and she has a curvy hourglass figure. Doutzen and many models with boxy figures and no whr are well-liked. So the idea that everyone hates Kate for her figure is crap. Nor do I understand why people think she’s setting a new beauty standard – she’s a tall blonde with big boobs! The stereotype of beauty that’s been drilled into our brains by Hollywood! The way Sam Edelman talks about her, you’d think Kate was a unicorn 😀

    • lc

      I know right? Nobody seems to “hate” her. Most just think she is “meh”, like I do. Honestly, she is a poor model imo and is like Bar Rafaeli to me: Blah, bland, and can’t model. I have no hate for her, and she isn’t ugly. I just don’t dig her as a model.

      • Aafje

        Yes while I do kinda like her body, I think she is a bad model. She seems awkward at posing and like she can’t always think of a graceful way to stand which is kinda important when you are a model lol.

    • Kelly

      I don’t think the issue is that “everyone hates Kate for her figure” – I think it’s more that people hate that she can make a career off such an “average” figure. Also the attention she gets from men being the whole “skinny, blonde, tall, big boobies” thing may make girls envious. Not that they themselves want to look like that at all, but the fact that someone who does have those attributes is so popular with men is probably intimidating for many girls who can never look like that. I don’t know if this is true or not, just an observation.

      Also, her figure may be mainstream for the Hollywood acting world, but definitely not for the high fashion modeling world where most people are very skinny with small boobs.

      • serena

        Hmm not really intimidating – she’s a giggly blonde girl, her appeal is built on being approachable and girl-next-door. Being a millionaire heiress whose grandfather practically invented washing machines helps a lot, too; with money comes connections. I don’t dislike Kate. She’s kind of like vanilla ice cream; nice in a generic way that lots of people like, but sometimes vanilla ice cream can be tiresome. A little diversity would be nice, is all. Just my opinion.

        • Fielding

          I have not found anything about her being a millionaire heiress.

          Her relative simply being a cofounder of whirlpool does not automatically mean that she is the next Paris HIlton.

          • serena

            Well they’re not crazy rich like the Hiltons. But she comes from a very affluent background. Not only whirlpool but I think her uncle is a Republican in Congress. In one interview she was asked what it’s like to be an heiress, and she said her parents always encouraged her to be herself and not talk about her background. So I think she wants to be known for being a supermodel first, not an heiress like the Hiltons.

        • Kelly

          I agree completely that her appeal is built on her being approachable and bubbly. So I’m not saying that she herself is intimidating, rather, that she is so popular for having the attributes – skinny, blonde, tall, big boobies. Many men think she’s beautiful, so it might be intimidating to women who look nothing like this… I don’t know really, just a theory of mine haha.

        • lc

          I completely agree with this, serena.

    • Emeline

      “Doutzen and many models with boxy figures and no whr are well-liked”. Really??! I just think it’s the exact opposite actually. Some do like her lean figure, but for many, many people here, large waist = boyish body

    • La la la la

      a unicorn, lol, i totally agree that’s how people talk about her. she isn’t a rarity at all. apple shaped women are actually very common. so are “all american” girls. anyway her expression in the first pic is so distant and empty, not good modeling at all. i can see her appeal in these photos but honestly she never does anything for me. the last photo is confusing, there aren’t even shoes in it! haha oh well. kate used to bother me because she’s so egotistical. others who say she’s confident, i disagree. i think she’s insecure and she overcompensates with saying things like “I’m bringing back the supermodel”… please. as if the supermodel ever went anywhere… gisele? hello?

  • D

    What does being thin or not have to do with being a model for footwear anyway?
    I dont understand why Kate isnt considered a plus-size model when there are other women similar to her shape that are labeled plus-size models.

  • lc

    Uh…these pictures confuse me. They don’t make me want to buy these shoes. People may not like this, but I just don’t think she can model like this. When she is in Sports Illustrated, it suits her better. I’m not feeling these ads at ALL, she is not a good model imo.

  • Liz

    I find it so annoying when people use the term “all-American” like this. America is a melting pot. It’s not supposed to have a “look”. It’s a bit racist and completely inaccurate to assume that look is blonde haired and blue-eyed.

    • serena

      the term “All American” is used because “bubbly blonde bombshell” has become a Hollywood archetype and is very commercialized. Not because most Americans actually look like that. That’s why I find it funny when Kate’s fans act like she is unique and setting a new beauty standard; she fits into the cookie-cutter mold nicely (tall blonde with big boobs). Just like Blake Lively except a bit bigger. I agree with you that more diversity would be nice.

  • megan

    Kate is growing on me! There is so much hate online, but really people just are never satisfied. She’s different, may not be your favourite, but its refreshing.

  • retrobanana

    why is she considered curvy i think her body is unattractive not curvy…sam edelman is one of my favorite brands though i only have three pairs of shoes..but am proud of my three pairs lol!!!…i do agree though curvy means a lot of things to me but mostly i equate it with a sexy figure and i guess the brand associates that with kate…her mid section is not sexy to me so i wouldnt call her curvy…its weird adriana lima looks curvy to me but so does jlo and they both look good but kate does not…its so weird how the word different for everyone nowadays…

  • ary

    the last picture is stunning. Smoke and mirrors, yup, but that’s what nice fashion work is all about. The first pic is interesting too. Black and white, turning people prettier and edgier since the XIXth century.

    • lc

      Nice fashion work is not about smoke and mirrors. The props shouldn’t be wearing the model, the model should be wearing the props; using it as only a device. If “smoke and mirrors” are carrying a shoot, and not the model in the pictures, then it is a bad photoshoot. If “smoke and mirrors” were all modelling were about, hell, everyone and their mother could be a model.

      • ary

        i understand your point, but i would call that photographic art, not a nice fashion shoot. Some Vogue editorials are pieces of art, others just smoke and mirrors. When the model is like an actress, i have to make a distinction. The last pic was a nice shot/angle/lighting of Kate’s face, making her prettier, but she doesn’t bring any kind of emotion to it. So yes, I agree with you, she’s a bad model. And this is just a nice fashion shoot.

  • La la la la

    in print (most likely with plenty of photoshop) kate looks fine. but i don’t think she’s the right girl to use for ads towards women. big boobs don’t make me want to buy shoes. she will always strike me as a lads mag girl. i also think she should stick to print. she never looks graceful on the catwalk to me. she just doesn’t have a good walk. you look at a video of her walking, as opposed to say Gisele, and you can see that kate is no supermodel. if she toned up, maybe! i think almost any size can be beautiful but a super soft midsection is just not pretty no matter if someone’s a size 0 or 10 IMO. instead of kate, i’d love to see some toned, pretty, nicely shaped size 4 or 6 models who are 5’6”-5’8”. now that kind of “diversity” might make me want to buy something!

  • But her feet and legs are so ugly…is not a matter of sizes either, is just that her big toe is shorter that the rest and her calves are super thin. I don’t live that

  • Missmarilyn

    As always, she is facially attractive. I like this shoot more than the other recent shoots of her I’ve seen! I don’t think she’s an amazing model but I understand her appeal and I understand why many continue to use her. I actually like Kate.

  • Stephanie

    I hadn’t heard of Sam Edelman before! Well, good marketing move I guess.

    I’m just so jealous of her boobs!

  • Sanne

    The edit looks soooo cheap!

  • HANA

    Statistically she is probably overweight according to BMI standards She’s Fat, and untoned Her boob are her only saving grace…

    Sad that women can’t admit she’s at least “curvy”- if not outright overweight.This denial is why american women are so obese. They don’t want to see reality…Which is that Kate has a decent face, huge boobs, but is out of shape and overweight.

    I remember an oprah episode where they had a panel of lovely women most would consider “normal” to “curvy” …and they were all shocked when Dr Oz told them that they were overweight to morbidly obese respectively.

    Kate is curvy. Aka fatty. It’s ok. She’s no hourglass and she’s not obese but et’s call it like it is ladies!

    • Fielding

      OH don’t be ridiculous.

      Accoriding to BMI pro-athletes are considered overweight.

      Actually, according to what you just said, many of the supermodels of the 90’s are ‘fat’.

      And Kate is probably around 140lbs, which at her height, is on the slim side. She just looks ‘chubbier’ b/c that weight goes on her stomach and boobs. If it went on her butt, no one would be complaining.

      Someone like J. Lo or Kim K can easily carry an extra 10lbs on their behinds, and no one will say they are look ‘fat’ b/c their waists are small.

      More often than not, a thick waist is wrongly assumed to = fat, while a small waist is thought to = slim. Well, a girl can have a tiny waist and stovepipe legs!

    • Polska Blondynka

      LOL she’s not obese. Where do you get your info? Google?

    • Liz

      There is no way she is overweight by BMI standards. Most models are critically underweight by BMI standards (in neighborhood of 15-16). It’s really not that common to see women with a BMI of more than 19 in entertainment. Even actresses who are considered on the curvy side are usually a healthy BMI (I think Beyonce is at like 21 or something). I doubt Kate has a BMI any higher than 20, which is at the slimmer end of the healthy range. Her arms and legs are long and slender and she doesn’t look like she has much muscle on her. I doubt she weighs more than 150 and at her height she could have another 20-25 lbs on her before she is considered overweight based on BMI. BMI is pretty forgiving of a little bit of squish.

    • Kimberly

      Nope. You have completely missed the mark. She is not overweight at all. She is soft and carries fat in places that are traditionally seen as unattractive. She is also rather shapeless in the legs. I don’t like her shape but that is an opinion. Whether or not someone is overweight or not is not a matter of opinion.

      • lol

        “She is also rather shapeless in the legs”

        Yeah just because someone doesn’t have short chunky tree trunk legs like Britney Spears or Beyonce they must be “shapeless” to you?

        • serena

          You are too dramatic, going from one extreme to the next. Watch the Mercedes ad and pause on Kate’s legs – they are surprisingly shapeless, like she doesn’t have a calf muscle. It could be genetics but I suspect she never exercises. Compare to Miranda Kerr, who is skinnier than Kate but has defined calves/thigh muscles, because she works out a lot. That is what “shapely legs” means.

          • Kimberly


        • Kimberly

          ??? Hmmm…I don’t recall referring to tree trunk legs, Beyonce, or Britney Spears. I was referring to the shape of Kate’s legs. You may want to work on your reading comprehension.

    • Aafje

      She is def not overweight by BMI she weighs a bit less than me and is a bit taller and even I am not overweight on BMI lol

    • MissMarilyn

      i honestly think I just lost intelligence by reading that comment

  • Chelsea

    To me, Kate Upton is ‘stick thin.’ It’s all in perspective.

  • lillaliket

    ..indie? really?

    • artemis

      calling her indie is an insult to the word.

  • @Versus can you do a post if you don’t mind on the latest Victoria’s Secret Swim video of the angels lip sync of Maroon 5′s Woman featuring Candice Swanepoel, Barbara Palvin, Karlie Kloss, Lais Ribeiro, among many others showcasing their bods in swimsuits. Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXLIGcz1zgA&feature=youtu.be

  • Polska Blondynka

    Meh. She is great for editorials. Definitely not high-fashion. Her body sucks but she has an attractive face.

  • aline

    No matter if she deserves to be a model or if she is really curvy:this woman simply manages to sell.She gets much more attention and comments than Adriana/Megan/Candice or even them all put together.Same goes for youtube,every commercial she makes somehow manages to draw attention,in a good way or bad way.That’s what companies want anyways.

    • Fielding

      Exactly. Hiring Kate Upton generates millions of dollars of free publicity. And that’s what its all about.

      Look at all the people who are now just hearing about Sam Edelman shoes?


      • serena

        Several people have mentioned that this ad does not make them want to buy shoes. And why should close-up shots of Kate’s face make us want to buy shoes anyhow? In comparison, the VS ads actually made me shop at VS. But I quickly found out VS isn’t great quality and their sizing is iffy with bras :/ I think Kate is good at drawing attention as you said, but 90% of the time the focus is on her hooters, so you don’t even notice she’s selling shoes or whatever.

        • Fielding

          quote: “Several people have mentioned that this ad does not make them want to buy shoes.”

          That is NOT the point. The point is that if Kate Upton stars in something, people will talk about it.

          *brand recognition*

          This is why movies just LOVE controversy. Good or bad, people talk about the movie. Suddenly, it’s on people’s minds. And that, my friend, is worth millions in advertising.

          This is basically ‘free’ publicity for Sam Edelman. The point is not to make more people buy more shoes, the point is to get people taking about ‘hey kate upton is in some adverts for SAM EDELMAN’

          I would do the same if I had a shoe company!

          • Aafje

            True, I have never heard of this shoe brand until several sites posted about her being the new model.

  • I don’t really care for this girl… I am not sure why she is ALL OVER THE PLACE. Where did she even come from? VS models are far more attractive in my mind, but each to their own.

    • Aafje

      Your name made me laugh

  • Adriana

    Wow she looks VERY phtoshopped here.
    The first thing I noticed was how much thinner her face looked.
    If her real face looked like what it did in these photos I would like it but irl her face is not attractive to me.
    As for her body well they haven’t exactly shown it off in most of the pictures…

    In the first picture it looks like her torso was taken in on the left and the right side was hidden by her hand.

    In the second picture her torso disguised by blending it inn with the night sky.

    In the fourth picture her torso has been hidden again by facing her in the complete other direction.

    In the fith picture I guess they ran out of ways to hide her problem area so they just cut it out.

    IMO they chose the wrong model and have been made to look hypocritical if they had to hide, disguise and use photoshop ro edit her face and body.

    I don’t hate Kate but when it comes to her looks I honestly think she would look better if she were slightly leaner, not hard like the VS models but slightly leaner, enough to give her a flat but not hard stomach and im sure if her body fat was a tad lower it would give her face the nice definition that it has in these photoshopped pictures.
    Im sure if she were a tad leaner she would have more modelling options too.
    Just my thought’s and opinions though.

    • Adriana

      Oops I meant-In the first picture it looks like her torso was taken inn on the left side and the right side was hidden by her *arm not hand.

  • ellentjie

    I think if she toned up, she would look a million times better. I have finally figured out this is why i haven’t been a fan of her figure.

  • artemis

    her legs are stick thin(not really visible here) and since she’s ‘promoting’ footwear, i don’t see his point. she is liked for being a stereotype, not something ‘new’, but unlike some stereotype looking celebs that actually still look impressive and appeal or used to appleal to a wide mass, she doesn’t. like marisa miller, yeah, she has big boobs and skinny legs too(tho nicer) which i don’t love, but she’s way better and if only she didn’t have sun damaged skin, way prettier(she still is prettier than her tho, nicer features)

    • lc

      I agree artemis.

  • siennagold

    I like the all pics except the 2nd.

  • CK

    his comments seem very stupid to me, Kate may have a bit of diff body-type from what we’re used to see in modeling (unlike the real life, where there’s plenty of differences cos nature is a real artist and never repeats itself, i.e even the seemingly identical creatures differ from each other one way or another )) but she is definitely not fat, she’s thin. and last time i checked she’ is considered a “commercial” model, which is sooo far away from the term “indie”. and i also don’t understand why does it matter to have a thin or fat model when you’re selling shoes, isn’t it all about the whole styling,creating image where shoes will play the main part? if i’m not mistaken there is even sort of non-face modelling, they just use you legs (or other parts), and am sure lots of shoe designers are still successful with that kind of presentation, am i wrong? i mean, i wear only sneakers kind of shoes but i do love to look at designer shoes, and if i did wear smth like that and wanted to buy a pair a model wouldn’t play even a slight part in my decision….

  • erin

    She got the contract for 2 reasons. T*t 1 and T*t 2.

  • jemima

    Sorry if this is a little Social Justice, but I feel like we need to stop describing people’s looks as “all american.” There are so many different types of American and blonde hair, blue eyes is not the most common American.

    Kate is pretty and photographs well, and she looks good in these shots.

  • Natalia

    Great example of how designers are feeling the pressure to put models that are more relatable to average women, yes she is a large girl, but they use her b/c they know there are more women her size or bigger to appeal to, than there are women that look like your typical high fashion model. Very smart in some ways, a pc thing absolutely. Love some of his designs btw

  • B.

    Ha! They haven’t chosen her because “she’s not stick thin”; brands don’t have ethics of any type and they just follow the trends of the moment. They have chosen her because she is the trendy model right now!

  • anonymous

    Some of those pictures don’t really look like, but they look good. She looks better in classier photoshoots…. She should try more high fashion stuff instead of the crap she normally does… She has a cute face and a healthy looking figure, but she’s not easy to warm up to yet.

    • anonymous

      *look like her