Kate Upton

Kate Upton Gets the SI Swimsuit Edition Cover Second Year in a Row

upston-si - Kate Upton Gets the SI Swimsuit Edition Cover Second Year in a Row

Ever since she was chosen as the covergirl for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition last year, Kate Upton has been keeping really busy – but it seems that the readers didn’t get enough of Kate, since she is back on the cover this year too. This time, Kate sports a bikini bottom and a winter coat with lots of cleavage.

What do you think of the choice and the cover?

Check out Kate’s last year cover featuring the model in the tiniest bikini possible after the jump!


upton3 - Kate Upton Gets the SI Swimsuit Edition Cover Second Year in a Row

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  • Insolence

    Lots of boobies

    • MaddyJane

      I don’t see whats so great about this girl?! Yes, her breasts are nice and her face is cute but as a total package she’s definitely nothing to write home about. She has no hips, no ass and for a swimsuit model she’s a little on the chunky side. I don’t know if you girls remember that Sports Illustrated model search reality show that was on TV a few years back but the way those judges were TEARING into those models (many of whom looked WAY better than Kate) I’m very surprised Kate was chosen to model for SI once let alone twice but I guess that’s how the entertainment industry is. All it takes is for the right people to say your hot and POOF you are.

      • violet

        well said Maddy Jane 🙂 I completely agree! I remember the models on that show, Kate would have never stood a chance!!

  • ingie

    I see why man like her!

  • Emmy

    I usually support her and like her work because I feel sympathy for her, but I really don’t like the first cover. I think it’s wrong on many levels

    • Emmy

      wow my comment sounds mean. What I meant was: I’m sitting here next to my dad and I’m seeing a photo of a girl my age, topless on the cover of a magazine. Just imagining what my parents would feel if I was in that situation gives me the shivers

      • lillaliket

        are you and your dad looking at pictures of topless girls together?

        • Kenz

          She didn’t say that they were looking at the picture together. She said she was sitting beside him, I sit beside my parents/on the couch with them while I’m on my laptop constantly haha

          • lillaliket

            oh god! I completely misread that! I’ll blame it on English not being my first language.. I’m so sorry Emmy!

        • Gen

          Sometimes I just want to take a screen shot of comment-section exchanges, print them out and frame them.

          • Jaz

            LOL! Yes, the comments on this site often give me massive lols. Sometimes, I repost the comments on my facebook.
            Too much gold.

    • cloud9

      no you’re being nice, i mean the first one was bad enough, borderline penthouse with the barely there panties, but this one, ew, she looks bloated and inflated, like she drank 5 kegs before the shoot. i just think she’s trashy

  • Elena

    I know her breasts aren’t small per se, but they made them look ginormous! 😀

    • annabanana

      She looks like she’s gained weight since last year. You can see it on her face, boobs and stomach… even thighs a little bit.

      • cklowds96

        i think part of the reason it may look as if she’s gained is because of the posing. Yes she is definitely top heavy, but it to me it just looks like she is slumped over more so she has less ab definition in the second cover.

    • MissMarilyn

      i agree… i don’t remember them ever looking THAT big even with the weight gain. I don’t understand. Is it photoshop or just the way they made her pose?

      Because if Sports Illustrated photoshopped Kate’s boobs to be bigger than they need to be kicked in the head. Her boobs are pretty much why she is so well-known and are clearly pretty popular at their actual size. Why you would need to change that I don’t know.

  • Chelsea

    Her boobs look ridiculous.

    • sophie

      Yes! way too big..

      • linda

        Not too big as they’re too saggy…

        • artemis

          yes, eww

          • nicole

            if her boobs are natural, of course they’re not going to be rock hard fake looking boobs. get over yourselves.

    • Sofia

      Each one is as big as her face

    • Lauraine

      Yes she has big boobs, they are not saggy. I see no problem, why are the ridiculous? She can’t help it. You guys sound ignorant.

      • Mara

        The constant use of the word “ignorant” is getting tiresome.
        ignorance, -n, lack of knowledge, information, or education
        What does that have to do with someone finding Kate Upton’s boobs too big? It’s called an opinion. Aesthetic judgements are not based on knowledge. If you like them or not, calling someone ignorant for having them makes YOU sound ignorant.

        • Fielding

          I believe that ‘ignorance’ was used in the sense that, any time a girl has big boobs, ‘saggy’ is trotted out as the standard insult.

          Also, “ignorant” as in – people have become so accustomed to fake tits that a real pair are automatically deemed ‘saggy’.

  • Polly

    She’s such a hottie. But damn, even I don’t think her boobs are that big. They must be smushed so much. The parka cover is a little weird too.

    • Aafje

      I think they did the parka to cover her midsection because its not as small as last year.
      And if you see candids from the shoot her boobs still look huge http://ll-media.tmz.com/2012/12/14/kate-upton-white-bikini-08-wm-480w.jpg

      • Polly

        OMG wow, her boobs are that big. Lucky girl, all the weight goes threre.

      • artemis

        x_x shouldn’t have clicked that after i ate…i feel sick

  • patricia

    She has no waist, her boobs are too big, yes, she´s cute but she´s sooo overrated.

  • Jewel

    Are her boobs really that big? They look bigger than her head!

  • Emme

    It’s like a before and after comparison. She looked like she was in much better shape last year than this year. I think both look horrible though and I don’t like her. She’s too ordinary. She has this Anna-Nicole smith look to her. I wish these types of magazines would stop and women would stop thinking it’s such a huge achievement to be on the cover or anywhere in the magazine.

  • Mia

    I like her body much better on last year’s cover, AND this year’s cover looks like a Playboy mag!

  • Debbs


  • A

    They’re still trying to make her happen huh? It’s sad but all people (men especially) see when you have boobs that big, is BOOBS. No offense to those with larger chests but it’s true. They don’t see you as a person with thoughts

    • bretzel

      I don’t think they’re trying to make her happen, it sounds like an absurd business decision. She just sells.

      Also, I’m a 32E and as much as I admit people will stare if I “expose” them by wearing anything tight or showing some cleavage, I usually just cover them, dress in a way that hides them, and people do seem to listen to what I have to say. If you want to make people forget about them, you can.
      Then some girls complain but won’t make a choice between showing off their assets and getting the right kind of attention.

      • Robin

        I think that if people don’t take you seriously because of your cleavage, they are the one that need to change, not you.

        • Stephanie

          Very much agreed, Robin. You shouldn’t dress according to other people’s standards just for their brains to be mature and take you seriously.

          Laci Green covers this subject amazingly well on her YouTube video “Comments about my BODY” in which she states how ridiculous it is for people to tell her ‘I can’t take you seriously because of your breasts and that’s why you should cover them up”

          idk, common sense

          • annabanana

            well as a person who has had this happen to them, when you find people staring at your breasts instead of your face, yes you want to cover them up. The truth is, everyone is going to keep staring at your breasts if you don’t, whether they “should” be staring or not. So dressing modestly is the most effective way to avoid the problem. Period. You can make some ethical/moral argument about how it SHOULDN’T be that way, but that is not going to change how it actually is. And it is an unpleasant enough experience that I feel compelled to avoid it.

          • Winnie

            annabanana, see i agree with you to a certain extent, but in some cases “covering up” can result in looking matronly and frumpy. which at my age (20 years-old) is one of the last things i want. having large breasts and covering them up can sometimes make them look even bigger, and not in an attractive way, because it makes you look heavier overall. which is why i usually stay away from turtlenecks, even though i love them with certain outfits.so yes, when i feel fed up and annoyed with that kind of attention, i will do up the top buttons of my shirt that day, or zip my hoodie up all the way, if i happen not to be wearing a pretty scarf that day, but the downside could be about ten pounds added to my appearance. so i prefer shirts with more less restricting necklines for now, and if someone gets “distracted” by that or passes judgement on my intelligence or personality because of that, then that IS their problem.

          • Aafje

            I find calling them out on it to be more effective. Most people get embarrassed when you point out that you know they are staring and then they feel bad. Some still don’t care but then at least you know they aren’t worth your time.

          • Faith

            I have to disagree with annabanana I am a 30FF (about the same size as a 34DD) I often dont wear cleveagey tops or dresses often people still look unless you wear something two sizes to men will still look.

          • Kate


            Even if you cover up, if you have big boobs it doesn’t change a damn thing. One day I was at the shopping mall wearing a simple t-shirt and some jeans, and still some dudes beside me told loud enough to let me hear: “What a rack!”, so it’s unnerving when people say “If you cover up it doesn’t happen”, because it’s pure bullshit <3

          • bretzel

            Sadly I was going to reply the same as annabanana. I wish people were a certain way, yet there’s only so much I can do about it. In theory I agree I should maybe try and change people’s attitude around me. But in practice it would make it something I’m about and I just don’t care enough.

          • annabanana

            well my breasts are not extremely large, just decently sized, so I think that changes my experience- meaning when I cover up, I dont really get people staring too much (and it doesn’t necessarily make me look matronly either, unless I wear the totally wrong shirt). If you have very very large breasts I’m sure it doesn’t make as much of a difference whether you cover or not. and aafje- unfortunately not all of us are that brave! I wish I was haha 😉

    • Big boobs are quite the burden indeed. My boobs used to be huge and people felt as if it was okay to make jokes about them or even touch them. But if you really want people to look at you, you can either cover them up or just tell them straight up that they are not being polite. Just make sure that you don’t end up thinking that every guy only looks at your boobs, because sometimes thats between the ears.

    • Aafje

      I have large boobs and I have found that as long as you act like an intelligent person most people still treat you respectfully (of course there are always some assholes…)

    • Observer

      Um..obviously she HAS happened, or we wouldn’t see so much of her. Sheesh, people need to think a little before they type. 2 SI covers and you really think someone’s TRYING to make her happen?
      Why didn’t Candice get the cover instead? Hell, most of her fans actually believe she has an a$$ and boobs. And Candice has clearly “happened” as well.
      Kate’s PR is just an oversexualized disaster, and I think she does better modelling regular clothes because she then represents a different body type compared to contemporary models, and that’s where her focus should be.

      • Fielding

        I also think that she would have lost weight if SI had said ‘girl you are too fat, lose 20lbs before next season.’

        No, Kate is ‘fat’ for a reason. It makes her boobs bigger, and that’s what sells. Don’t think for a moment that her weight is not a discussion with clients and her agency. If she is ‘chubby’ right now ITS ON PURPOSE.

        • serena

          I don’t think she’s chubby, just very top-heavy. But if you look at candids from this shoot (one is posted below) you will see SI clearly photoshopped her for the cover by slimming her midsection quite a bit. So yes Kate’s best asset is big boobs and that’s why she’s hired. But body-wise she’s pushing it; nothing that Photoshop can’t handle for now but she can’t gain anymore. In Hollywood there is always another busty bubbly blonde waiting in the wings!

        • MissMarilyn

          lets be honest; Kate is not fat. Yes she does have a chubbier mid-section and bigger boobs than we’re probably all used to seeing but if you look at all of her body fat it certainly does not put her in the overweight range. if her body fat were more evenly distributed she would not look chubby at all; and if you look at her legs and arms they are always very slender.

          just because she carries most of her weight in her midsection/breasts does not mean she’s fat.

          • Fielding

            At her skinniest, Kim Kardashian probably carries more extra pounds than Kate in her ass and thighs. But no one complains about Kim b/c she has the magical *small waist*.

          • MissMarilyn

            agree fielding. her weight is also more evenly distributed

          • serena

            Lol Fielding you’re either joking or very oblivious. Kim K is easily the most hated person on this site and everyone calls her fat and makes fun of her giant butt and thick body – I admit I do too. You’re so melodramatic when it comes to Kate Upton, I’m sure the poor wittle heiress/bikini model will be ok.

          • Fielding


            Yes, of course, she will be fine.

            I just have fun pointing out how people objectify her when they are complaining about how she is ‘trashy’:P

            It’s uh, ironic 🙂

          • serena

            Haha well I’m sure you realize entire site is about objectifying women’s bodies! Hey I used to deny it but that’s the reality and honestly I’m fine with it. I try to not be harsh and find a positive quality in everyone, but at the end of the day I’m objectifying like everyone else… 🙂

          • Fielding


            yes, but there are different kinds of objectification

            anyways, if women are going to be objectifying other women, it’s also kind of hypocritical to then complain that those women are ‘objecitfying’ themselves 😛

            also, a lot of the women here engage in sl** shaming, which I addressed near the end of the comments section.

      • Dani

        LOL’d I totally agree. Obviously she HAS already happened. Good for her getting two SI covers. 🙂

    • okay

      I don’t agree with this comment and I don’t think it’s really reasonable to make such sweeping generalizations. Even if this statement were true, however, why should I care how men or any other person perceives me? I know I am an intelligent woman and someone else thinking otherwise because of the size of my breasts is not going to change that or make think any less of myself.

  • li

    In the first pic her boobs looks like a butt…

    • solaxia

      ha ha i scrolled up to have another look – it does too! The way she is squishing them in.

  • TonyFae

    Oh my god….O_o so hoochie!!! Lmao whyyy

  • lillaliket
    • lillaliket

      that is totally a 25 inch waist!

      • Lauren

        No, I really don’t think it is. As a size 2-4 with a 26 inch waist, I have to say that I really think her waist is larger than mine. It might’ve been 25 inches last year, but she’s definitely gained weight around the midsection.

        • artemis

          wow, her midsection looks HUGE in that pic :/ and it sticks out x_x my bf’s and a lot of guys(without 6 packs) midsections would look better on a girl than hers lol
          oh yeah, definitely closer to 35(which i guess it’s also her hip size). her lower hips are smaller and her butt is flat so ya, pretty equal

          • artemis

            her midsection is not even masculine (maybe then i’d find it attractive in a weird way…). it’s just too wide.

      • Daniela

        Ahah I take it you are being ironic? She is FAT. That´s all I have to say.

        • Meena

          I wouldn’t go so far as saying fat; that’s a gross exaggeration, but she isn’t skinny. She just looks out of shape for me, especially for a model.

          • Daniela

            I understand that it may sound like an exaggeration to you, but I truly honestly think she is fat. Not even chubby or “soft”, just fat for my standards (which are not only influenced by models/actresses I see in the media but also by the people I see walking down the street every day. Kate is way above the weight of the average woman I see on my daily life and she certainly doesn´t look healthy to me).

          • violet

            I completely agree 🙂

      • mary

        lol closer to 35 in than 25!

    • Gabriella

      Ugh. ‘Heffer’ does come to mind now. Thank you, Katie Price.

  • Rebekah

    She is just straight up vulgar in my opinion. No class.

    • violet

      my thoughts exactly 🙂 trailer trash 🙁

      • Ana

        Slutty at its best!

        • violet

          So true! She’s edging so close to soft porn now – she’ll will forever be thought of as a slut now unfortunately 🙁

    • Annie

      Totally agree with you!

    • Nhana

      Totally agree!! So tacky in both pics…

  • ingie

    Sorry why men like her 😉

  • CK

    who cares bout her 2 “BFFs” , the girl was lucky to go to freaking Antarctica!!!! I’d give A LOT to get a trip to such an incredible place (including putting my boobies on display for the whole world, hahahaha) i mean its such a wonderland of natural gorgeousness!!!!! but damn i’ve heard its very expensive, so prob no trip for me(((
    as for Kate, well, never been a fan of her and to me it’s obvious that no matter how she looks like or what she does – everything fades in comparison to this shoot’s location.

    • artemis

      ya…she spoiled that nice place with her trashy self

      • Nobsnob

        Why do you feel the need to be insulting?

        • Fielding

          cus, classy girls don’t like trashy girls!


          • ALC

            there are some HUGE conceited bitches on this website.

          • ALC

            And usually, ‘classy’ refrain from calling other girls ‘trashy’ even if they consider them to behave like it. I dont love Kate Upton, but all i can say is Kudos man. And even tho there’s the cat daddy deal and everything she’s endorsed lately, she has WITHOUT a doubt handled criticism like a LADY. What that VS whats-her-position-model-scouter-whatever said about her was completely ridiculous, because one thing is saying that a certain model doesnt fit the aesthetic you are looking for in the company you represent, but her statement was something Regina George would have written in the burn book. How Kate responded to THAT speaks volumes.

          • Fielding

            I addressed this near the end of the comments.
            These women are not better than the religious right when it comes to sl** shaming.
            It’s basically a matter of :


            The above is the attitude!

    • Nobsnob

      Why did they bother going on a trip to Antartica, the background looks as if it’s photoshop anyway, and I bet nobody is going to pay attention to it with those huge tatas on the foreground. 😀

  • I used to have boobs like her, they don’t at all look pretty in real life and since I have a broad back they made me look a bit manly even. Then I stopped birth control and lost weight, now my boobs are waaaay smaller and I look a lot more cute. but she rocks the hell out of those boobs, wow. I really think she looks good.

    • MissMarilyn

      agree; and i think she looks much better in this SI shoot facially than she does in the old one!

  • Adele

    In the first pic her boobs look really weird, the tops of them are so high they look like they’re not even attached to her pectoralis muscles. But no worries, I’m sure they’re going to hang down to her hips in 10 years, they’re so saggy already…

  • katy

    remember when the covers of sports illustrated swimsuit issue actually used to be classy? yeah well, this cover speaks for itself..

    • lee-la


    • Ana

      It was never classy. No girl with class, would ever pose for it.

      • Candy

        The magazine used to be beautiful and I find this comment sexist and prudish. Elle Macpherson, Paulina Porizikova, Tyra Banks. These girls were top models. Yes the magazine is cheap and tacky now, Bar, Kate, but it wasn’t always. Posing in a swimsuit isn’t inherently tacky, it depends on the photographer and model.

        • Gemma

          Think about the audience. They’re not exactly art enthusiasts. There is no class in posing for sports illustrated swimsuit edition and that opinion has nothing to do with prudishness.

    • misscheeks

      WTH? SI has never been “classy.” Are you trying to be funny? I agree 100% with Gemma, it ain’t no damn high brow art exhibition, the SI cover models have always flaunted T&A in some way or another. And so long as the target audience (men) doesn’t change, they’ll continue to do so. Lol to think in terms of “class” regarding how women’s bodies are portrayed in men’s magazines it just silly and naive imo.

      • Ana

        Agreed Misscheeks! Class and SI just don’t go together.

      • MissMarilyn

        lmao misscheeks!! so true.

  • ary

    i don’t think this is that trashy. For me her Easter bunny stupidity or burger porno were far more awful to digest. You only see a big cleavage. Ok, a huge cleavage 🙂 We see Irina Shayk do this kind of shoots all the time.

  • vanessa

    such a good body, damn her!! ok face though.

  • Jessica M

    I think the 2nd picture is worse. Its so awkward.
    She’s lovely either way, waist or no waist.

    • Jessica M

      ALSO, why so much big-boob hate?

      • Casey

        This always gets brought up on Kate Upton posts.

        It’s not that people hate big breasts or women with big breasts, it’s the fact that they feel that she is very average aside from 1-2 features, and is succeeding it in a market where generally you need to have the whole package.

        After seeing her candids of this photoshoot, I was very surprised that she made a cover. I mean, big boobs are rarer than small boobs, and yes GENERALLY SPEAKING, men like larger breasts, but they’re not that uncommon either. Meaning, I think there are better looking women with a large chest in the world.

        • Jessica M

          IDK, in this particular post, a lot of the negativity was boob-orientated. As an E-cup owner, it’s disenheartening to hear the word “ridiculous” and “too big” used to describe big boobs.
          Anyway, surely her success is good news for us average plebs? Although, since she mainly models for straight men (who obviously don’t find her boring), not women, why is everyone so annoyed by her? I just don’t get it. She’s hot. She’s distinguishable. Men like her. The annoyance is unjustified, IMO.

          • Fielding

            She does not deserve success b/c she has the wrong body type. Oh, and she isn’t ‘classy’ apparently.

          • Yeah I agree with you. Shouldn’t we be happy that someone so called average looking is living it out and representing the rest of the average Janes in the world?

            Good for her.

            As for her shape. It’s not an unfortunate shape. A woman with an apple shape can look her best, in her own way. Kate just needs to tone up, that’s all.

          • It’s not just on Kate Upton posts that there are a lot of seemingly anti big-boob comments (Christina Hendricks gets a lot too). I personally don’t find Kate very attractive, but the size of her boobs has nothing to do with that.
            I’m busty and I definitely feel there are a lot of comments on this site that are negative about big boobs – I’ve read plenty before saying they would hate to have big boobs because of the sag, describing normal looking larger breasts as saggy and sometimes just using language that is disparaging (‘they’ll be on her knees when she’s 60’, they’re gross, etc). I certainly don’t see that kind of negativity towards small boobs – they seem to be favoured around here. All of that is probably biased reading on my part though – I tend to notice the negative comments about big boobs because I have them and maybe I’m a little insecure about that as they’re not really in fashion. It’s only natural really. Maybe you’re the same.

            Anyway, I don’t think most of the people here who are negative about Kate are anti big-boob in general – just that hers seem to be the only reason she’s in demand and they’re always the main focus of her pictures. But, you’re right, she is more ‘average’ than most models and that’s not an entirely bad thing. I like that she’s different, but I still don’t find her very alluring.

          • bretzel

            Hasn’t anyone ever noticed that women get way more annoyed by sexy women (whether they’re beautiful or not) than by beautiful women who aren’t acclaimed for their sex-appeal? Why would one even care if they’re not jealous or insecure? Anytime I get “answers” to these questions they always sound like excuses.

          • Fielding

            1) small boobs can be saggy too. and they look *terrible*.

            2) sexy women do get a lot of hate, this is true.

          • Winnie

            LOL @bretzel and @Fielding preach!

          • Nicole

            For every woman hating on big breasts, there is a woman hating on small breasts. We all deal with it.

          • annabanana

            bretzel, i totally agree! the hot girls are competition in the mating department, the “aesthetically pleasing” but less “sexy” girls, aren’t!

          • lol

            Yes Erica, how awful for people to be saying mean things about big boobs because as you say, you are busty yourself so it offends you. Yet it’s perfectly fine for YOU to point out all the things you find unattractive in Kate, much as her all over body shape, blonde hair etc… Every comment you make screams hypocrite!

          • Daniela

            I am one of the people who criticize Kate a lot. But it is not because of her boobs (I do think they are saggy and mive too much on the runway but I have no problem with big boobs per se). I find it ridiculus that prople call her a model. She has no model-like characteristic. I think her success comes from the fact that men find her hot (I’m assuming american men like her, because here in southern Europe most guys I know don’t know her or think she is fat) and that women relate to her because she is average-looking. I don’t think it is good that an average girl is getting paid to look average, I like models to look better than an average girl and to have inspirational bodies. And I don’t like her because – I’m sorry if I am brutally honest – I don’t like looking at a fat girl in cover of magazines were I am used to seeing sexy and thin girls.

      • Fielding

        She’s a pin-up, that’s a type of model.

        And if you look at models throughout history, you will find that what is considered desirable changes.

        The 1970s saw such HEFFERS as Christie Brinkley and Cherly Tiegs. They were OMG MORBIDLY OBESE and plain by todays standards. But in those days, sexy pin-up was in.

        Back in the 1950s, the sexless, ‘elegant’ looking girls were popular. For the last 10+ years or so, sexless has been in.

        kate upton is the return of the more buxom, sexy pin-up model. She’s not HF, but she’s definitely popular amongst people who like OMG MORIBLDY OBESE MODELS, which is why magazines and advertisers are using her.



  • Tally

    Ive been collecting the issue since 08 & i am so excited for this one! Awesome motivation for getting my bikini bod ready

  • lee-la

    I was so excited when this was released. I couldn’t wait to read all of the hate. It is very amusing.

    Big boobs are as beautiful as small ones.

  • PS

    I remember thinking that last years cover was incredibly far from what I consider beautiful or classy and it hasn’t gotten any better… No, definitely not my cup of tea.

  • Junior

    Amazing tits

  • Michelle DD

    beautiful girl, but that picture is more “Maxim” than “SE”

  • Winnie

    i actually think she looks better here than she did last year. i didn’t like that cover at all! but you can definitely tell she’s gained a bit of weight recently. if her boobs were big then, now they’re MASSIVE!

  • Anastasia.

    I like the whole antartica/ snow bunny theme, its a nice departure from the tropical shoots they do all the time. I think Irina shayk would have looked way better On the cover, but Kate looks cute too. Not sure if she warrants two covers in a row though. The jacket covers up her lack of waist and emphasizes her boobs, which I’m pretty sure is the look they are going for.

  • Hazal

    I don’t have anything against big boobs (Katy Perry’s breast size is perfection if you ask me :D) but these covers just look too much. If I didn’t know Sports Illustrated, I would think it’s a porn magazine.

    • violet

      agreed 🙂

  • Stephanie

    In the candids she was looking wayyy to heavy for my taste, I remember o.0 Especially in the one posted by Aafje! But I actually love her boobs, I’d love to have bigger ones myself but ah well haha

    • artemis

      i think you said you like very skinny bodies too, definitely skinnier than kate. that would make an even worse combo

      • lc

        Maybe in your opinion, not everyone thinks like you, you know.

      • Stephanie

        I didn’t mean bigger than Kate’s, just a bit bigger than my small B cups (sometimes, with certain dresses)

        And yep, I love me some thin models!

  • gh

    She’s very pretty but she needs to stop taking her clothes off to feel worthy I feel like they only hire her to take off her clothes her face is classier than the way they photograph her body they make her boobs look giant and the smallest under wear I have ever seen.

    • mishya

      I agree! She has a very pretty face, and a beautiful healthy body, but she always seems so oversexualized. Obviously, the fact that she is quite busty will always show, even in her classier shoots, but I feel she is always stuffed into these tiny, ill-fitting bikinis for men’s magazines. It seems almost dehumanizing and doesn’t do her justice as a model.

  • Pixie

    Holy HOTNESS!!!!!! Good for her!!! 🙂

  • ashleym

    Last thing I want to see on a swimsuit cover is a ski jacket. Show me the bikini!!

    Also, I think it would be a sexier photo if her boobs were pushed together a little less. They’ve crossed the line into cartoonish here.

  • anonymous

    So airbrushed… In the candid photos from that photoshoot (the untouched ones), she was bigger. She’s a pretty girl with a healthy looking body, but she’s also overrated and generally she looks better in classier/more high fashion photoshoots.

  • Daniela

    I can´t believe I am the first person to comment on how fat she is. All I can see in that pic (beside the boobs) is her terrible stomach and huuuge thighs. A terrible picture and a terrible “model”.

    • violet

      Agreed 🙂 You said exactly what I’ve been thinking! I was just worried people would get angry if I said it – good on you 🙂 My agency would consider her too big for this type of work.

      • Ana

        It’s not just you guys. To me, she actually looks fat here.

        • violet

          I agree, she looks really bloated to me in the cover shot as well, her stomach looks terrible 🙁 I can’t believe they used this shot on the fromt of the magazine!

          • Daniela

            Thank you girls, I was beginning to worry my standards were too messed up. Actually I first saw this picture because my boyfriend showed it to me saying that he couldn´t believe how fat this girl was.

          • Fielding

            Out of curiosity, do you consider Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian to be ‘fat’.

            I would say that both of those two have been heavier than kate – but it goes on their behind’s and their thighs – so is easily hidden.

            Even 2 extra lbs is super obvious if all of it goes on one’s stomach.

          • Daniela

            I definetely think Kim Kardashian is fat. Jennifer Lopez is far from being skinny but at least in the last couple of years she has put a lot of effort in her body and is looking fit and not flabby. Kate has the most unfortunate body shape and doesn’t put any effort in her body, she could look decent (similar to Brooklyn Decker) if she lost 30 pounds and started exercising.

          • Fielding

            And she is not putting effort into her body. Or so it seems

            Loads of money, millions of dollars, are riding on Kate’s success. If her weight was a problem she would have been taken aside and told ‘shape up or no more jobs.’

            Her ‘morbid obesity’ is BY DESIGN.

    • jenna

      I wouldn’t call her fat, but when I saw the cover photo, my first thought was definitely – “wow, she’s gotten chubby!” I actually thought she looked pretty chubby and horrible in the Mercedes Super Bowl ad as well.

      I used to think she was sexy, but I’m starting to actually not like her body, and I only ever thought her face was pretty (which pretty does not warrant a supermodel, sorry!).

  • Kate…

    Nepotism and screwing Terry Richardson at its best, but I can’t blame her for her family ties becauase if my relatives were the creators of Whirlpool too I would do the same

  • mishya

    Any other girls find it demeaning that instead of putting an actual female athlete (many of them have amazing bodies by the way) on the cover of a “sports” magazine, they just choose the model with the biggest breasts they can find? While there is absolutely nothing wrong with Kate Upton’s body or other women with her body type, it would be more empowering to see an actual athlete on these covers, one with a body that has been worked hard for and that represents the strength women are capable of. Strong women can be sexy women too. Shaking my head at the media…

    • Winnie

      …it’s the swimsuit issue…Sports Illustrated has every other issue of the year to put female athletes on its cover. yet they rarely do, but when they DO it’s for something related to the sport they play rather than to prance around in bikinis (which would be even more demeaning imo) and personally, i prefer it that way. i’d rather (scarcely) being respected by what they do, than being turned into “snow bunnies”. this issue is a “tradition” now and they make quite a pretty penny off of it. i doubt it would make as much bank off of female athletes so they probably won’t risk it. besides, i’m quite positive Hope Solo has been on the cover before, and so has Ser. to my knowledge, they’re both athletes and they’re both female.

      • alex

        Well, to my knowledge, there is an average of one female on the cover of sports illustrated per year. One.

        That fact might be excusable if Sports Illustrated was published once a month, but this is a weekly magazine. Out of the 56 annual cover subjects, less than 2% are females– excluding the two bikini issues, obviously, since those are the only two times a female is guaranteed the cover slot.

        The magazine doesn’t specify itself as an analyst of solely male athletes’ performances, but the cover says otherwise. If you receive the magazine weekly (like I do), you’ll see that the articles have the same focus. Since the mainstream media focuses on male sports as well, it’s not surprising to see the lack of recognition of female athletes’ triumphs.

        But the fact that some years, the magazine only deigns to allow a woman on their cover when she is nearly naked and not even an athlete– that is too sexist for me. Sure, it’s a tradition. Sure, it makes them money. But it also makes them look like any other women itemizing men’s magazine, and since that’s not what the magazine broadcasts itself as, I find it offensive. Sports and nudity go hand in hand when the typical American male lists his interests, but they are not one and the same. You don’t see models in bikinis in the local sports section and you shouldn’t have to see it in a sports magazine, either.

        I will continue to purchase the magazine because I like keeping up on sports news (although I have to read my women’s sports news elsewhere), but I am not content with seeing only one female athlete on the cover per year, and I hope you aren’t, either.

        • Winnie

          i agree that it’s awful and sexist. i just don’t feel like the solution to this is to have female athletes model in the swimsuit issue. it’s a swimsuit model’s job to look sexy in a bikini and a female athlete’s job to excel at whatever sport it is that she participates in. the swimsuit issue is pretty much synonymous with sex nowadays and making female athletes the models will just make people take them even less seriously.

  • retrobanana

    wow, she is a big girl….even in the candids..she is no vs girl thats for sure…one of her boobs weighs as much as candice…i am sorry i know she gets blasted on that skinnysite..but i think she does look plus sized….she just carrys it well..all i ussually feel pretty indifferent of her and dont like her but dont hate her (i think she has a pretty face) but i thinlk she looks fat in the candids..and i mean a jacket..thats hardly a swimsuit photo..these are pretty cheezy pictures..its what the public wants clearly…but now, i can clearly see why she is so hated..she doesnt look fit or thin and she is just breasts…but she could at;least be in shape…

    • solaxia

      ‘one of her boobs weighs as much as Candice’ LOL!!!

  • Gen

    I remember reading an essay by John Steinbeck back in high school where he complained about how Americans had taken to sexualizing child-like women (and technically blond hair was considered a youthful feature although at this point it is so prevalent in mature women that I doubt that any man associates it with youth anymore) with overdeveloped breasts. At the time, I thought he was being kind of a grouchy old man, but I think he’d be rolling in his grave if he saw Kate Upton.

    Is anyone else disturbed by how baby-ish her face is?

    • Ana

      And she still is very young IMO, to be doing these kind of shoots.

  • Heather

    I just cannot like her. Her boobs are her livelihood, which is annoying. She doesn’t have an amazing body to go with them and her face is meh, in my opinion. I can see that now that she’s getting so much work, she has obviously decided she doesn’t need to exercise as much or at all. For a sports magazine cover, I’d expect a more “fit” body.

    • violet

      me too, I couldnt agree more, she is the opposite of fit!
      Hard to believe this face, coupled with a bad body can command so much money! http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/gallery/kate-upton-no-makeup/

      • Heather

        Oh, her face…it’s just not striking at all. I’m trying to be kind 🙂 lol her face is meh..her body is not extraordinary. Her boobs are huge but there are more beautiful “curvy” girls with large breasts so what is the obsession with this girl? I seriously don’t get it.

      • Liz

        Am I the only one who gets unreasonably annoyed when tabloids post “no make up pictures” where the person is obviously wearing make up. She has heavy eyeliner on. Do they just assume we are blind or don’t understand what make up is?

    • Ashleym

      I find it annoying when people say it’s “annoying” that her breasts are her livelihood. Yet everyone is totally fine with other models who are famous for the same bikini shoots with their asses pushed out and their boobs padded to twice their normal size.

      I mean, come on. everyone says if they want big boobed bikini models they should find someone who doesn’t need to stuff their bra. Well here she is. Pardon her if the rest of her body isn’t up to your “standards”. FYI all models rest on their physical assets and Kate is no different. If the VS models had tits like these, rest assured they’d be blowing kisses at the camera with them.

  • D

    At least she must have been warm still

  • violet

    And here’s a pic of her real lip moustache, thats hidden with makeup for her shoots http://thecount.com/2012/02/13/vintage-kate-upton-mustache-picture/

    • Fielding

      If only I could find them, but I once saw unretouched pix of alessandra with a big ole ‘stache, and hairy arms and legs

      omg, how did alessandra ever get work as a model, being oh so hairy!!!!

    • Nicole

      I’m more disturbed by her teeth! Does she brush them…

  • serena

    I know “Polar Bare” was supposed to be a pun on Antarctica, but Polar bears do not live in Antarctica, they live in the Arctic! Penguins live in Antarctica. As for Kate – putting her on “Sports Illustrated” is surely a joke? I can’t imagine her even running a mile without those knockers flopping around like crazy – hey maybe that will be her next hit video! They say work with what you’ve got and Kate has surely mastered that skill.

    • Aafje

      A good sports bra makes anything possible!!!
      But oh man the day i forgot my sports bra at field hockey practice was the day we were running 3 miles…just awfullllllll

      • serena

        Aww Aafje that must have hurt! My sister is a DD and she used to be so uncomfortable running without a supportive bra. Kate looks bigger than that, maybe an E or F? Btw yay for field hockey players! 🙂

  • serena

    See that model “Hannah Davis” behind Kate? She is cute, I loved her in the Ralph Lauren ads. Ver.sus should feature Hannah Davis on this site instead of certain overexposed models.

  • Jaz

    For a woman who supposably has “all-natural boobs” (lolz), the magazine sure has a way of making them look fake.
    Why are they bigger than her head? She looks like a bunch of grapes. Maybe each one of her boobs should have a hat as well.

    Photoshop fAiL

    • Paikia

      Thats what I thought, her boobs don’t look anything like they do now in this photo…very nsfw website http://www.ncelebrity.com/page/2/ . They look smaller and saggier, maybe she did get something done to them..

      • Fielding

        Is this spam?

        You are linking to a fake porn website.

        Emma Watson nude!!!

        • solaxia

          Ha ha ha!!! This Kate post is getting funnier everytime I check back!

          Curious to know if this was actually spam or not?! Lol

  • Anastasia.

    I’m no prude, but the bikini in that second picture is ridiculous, she might of well been wearing nothing. I usually love the bikinis the SI girls pose in, but not that one. Just looks cheap and tacky.

  • burckybear

    Cute but not sexy… Will be another Kelly Brook soon.. big girl with droopy bangers

  • servete

    i like her canada goose jacket..thats what caught my eye 😛

  • Aafje

    This shoot just makes me think… I have a large chest and no modeling skillls…why am i not a famous bikini model like her. lol. If they can detract attention from her midsection and only focus on boobs… I SHOULD MAKE MILLIONS TOO!!! jk jk

  • Liz

    Where do they even find the bikini bottoms they put on this woman? They might as well just put a band aid over her vulva and call it day.

    • solaxia

      LOL!!! Liz that cracked me up. But so true!

    • Polska Blondynka

      Oh god, almost laughed out loud and I’m at work. HA HA!

    • Nobsnob

      Yep, that bikini bottom on the 2012 issue’s picture in particular is ridiculous >.< .
      And the fact the bikini is way too small for her makes her appear even bigger around the waist.

      • Liz

        I agree that the 2012 one is worse. I have to remind myself that this is coming from the magazine that sat an ipod on top of Marisa Miller’s crotch and called it a bikini, so pretty much anything goes.

  • Lauren

    She’s flabby and boring.
    Also she looks very young to me and it creeps me out how she is always oversexualized in photoshoots.

  • binks

    She looks hot! She knows her body and works the heck out of it.

  • solaxia

    She looks cute here! But still to me, nothing original about her. She looks cute in a page 3 model type way. Clearly not ugly, but rather a ‘meh’ with lots of photoshop and makeup.

  • kate

    Looks like a cow girl. Men like cow girls. That is all i can say. Next!

    • solaxia

      Lol! True Kate, true!

      …and police women, and nurses, and Mrs Claus, and snow bunnies, and catwomen, and teh list goes on and on…ha ha. Basically, a decent looking girl in next to nothing disguised as a creative costume and men will love it ;o)

  • Polska Blondynka

    Ugh I’m so sorry but I just don’t see anything in this girl. I prefer more shape when it comes to a woman’s body. She has no waist, no butt, only boobs. Just my opinion 😉

  • 22franzs

    I actually really like her body. It’s refreshing that she hasn’t felt the pressure to lose tons of weight now that she has been in the spotlight so much. She has definitely gained, but I think she looks healthy. Weight guesses?

  • Observer

    Better cover than last year but the boobs are TOOOOO much…and I think photoshopped. Jesus, even if she were smaller there still wouldn’t be a need to enhance them.

    Her swimsuit bottoms are always too small. People almost always style her inappropriately for bikini shoots and she doesn’t seem to mind but it doesn’t look good. I think Americans are oversexualized.

    Glad that a body like that gets attention but her presentation lacks class IMO, and this could’ve been a better cover.

    • Kate…

      Americans are more “prudish” than oversexualized. BTW I am American, born and raised. Europeans are more relaxed when it comes to sex.

      • serena

        I think Europeans are more relaxed about nudity whereas American culture sexualizes all nudity and as a result people get prudish over it. Going topless on a European beach is not a big deal but in America it is; we sexualize breasts. There are debates over if women should breastfeed in public or if little girls who are like 5 should be allowed to go topless on a beach. But we are not nearly as prudish as many other countries, especially in the mideast, south asia, muslim parts of africa, etc.

      • Observer

        No Americans are not ‘prudish’ that’s a stupid myth they all keep repeating. They’re oversexualized, Europeans are mature. Look at America’s obsession with everything sex plus their love of porn, their dress mode etc. Not saying Europeans are perfect in that aspect but Americans lack the maturity to be adult about it. They’re always overdoiong everything in an effort to be “more like Europeans” or “modern” etc. Europeans’ use of nudity and their attitude is far different to that of Americans. And Europeans don’t obsess on nudity and sex in quite the way Americans seem to fantasize. Anytime Americans try to be “less prudish, more adult” it comes off as one big disaster.

        • MissMarilyn

          These arguments are stupid.

          There are prudish americans and there are sexualized americans. just like there are prudish europeans and sexualized europeans. both europe and the USA contain a lot of VERY different areas; some are more sexual than others. Southern California is probably more sexualized than Tupelo just as Paris is probably more sexualized than most parts of Poland.

          • Observer

            You’re using exceptions in an attempt to disprove a general reality. Generally, Americans are bizarre and hysterical over sex compared to Europeans.

          • MissMarilyn

            I’ve met a lot of Americans and I’ve met a lot of Europeans and out of the thousands of people I’ve met very few from either place are bizarre or hysterical over sex. Most people, regardless where they are from, are normal about sex… it happens, people enjoy it. Fin.

          • MissMarilyn

            And I’m not using generalizations but am arguing that both places, the USA and Europe are much too broad and varied to have one big opinion of sex placed over their country. There are VERY conservative people in each country and VERY sexual people in each country. You’re the one who is trying to generalize all of Europe and all of the USA into having one idea about sex which is not the case at all. I know people who are open to having sex and I know people who are very conservative and believe that the industry is too sexualized and that sex should be saved for marriage. I know plenty on each side, and plenty who stand somewhere in the middle of the road.

          • Fielding

            Americans are shcizhophrenic about sex.

            Jack Nicholson once famously said: you can’t show a nipple, but you can cut it off.

            Censors, and religious groups, don’t seem to have a problem with violence in movies, even sexual violence. But they blow a gasket over ‘too realistic’ love scenes in movies like Blue Valentine.

            Overall, Americans are probably pretty normal when it comes to sex in entertainment. It is the religious right, the 1 million moms, its those people who are the loudest and who scream the most whenever a gay person is shown to be an actual person, or if people are shown to be having loving sex.

            I am sorry for the person here who lives in the bible belt. You have my deepest sympathies! The worst thing is, a lot of these religious right folks are probably terrific hypocrites – having affairs behind doors and all that! This is what sexual repression does…

        • serena

          Like many Europeans you’re fooled by your TV into thinking America = Hollywood. The reality is many Americans are prudish due to being religious. Many people complain about the liberal media and how oversexualized it is. In my hometown everyone goes to Church and complains that the Kardashians are too sexual for TV. Why don’t you try walking around topless on an American beach and see what response you get if you don’t think there are a lot of prudes here. Even breastfeeding in public gets negative comments from the prudes.

          • Observer

            I’m not “fooled” by hollywood. Your breastfeeding analogies actually partially prove my point about americans lacking maturity, but that still doesn’t disprove the fact that they’re oversexualized and getting more so by the day. Existence of religious people and their silly reactions don’t cancel out anything. There are such people in Europe as well but like I said the whole attitude is different.

          • Fielding


            this ‘oversexualised’ behaviour that you see is probably very closely related to USA’s puritan past, and the puritans currently trying to control this country

            nothing good ever comes out of repression


            I am sorry!

          • serena

            I agree with you about maturity, especially in regard to breasts (really it’s nipple-phobia). Our country is very polarized at the moment. A huge chunk is oversexualized but a huge chunk is puritanical. It’s easy to dismiss them as silly religious people but they shape public policy quite a bit.

            @Fielding – don’t be sorry, I actually agree with the churchy townsfolk that the Kardashians shouldn’t be on TV, but for entirely different reasons 😉

          • Fielding


            I agree with you about the Kardashians.

            I am sorry that you are stuck in the bible belt amongst people who probably support Todd ‘legit rape’ Akin! and ‘Richard ‘rape is a gift from god’ Mourdock.

  • Fielding

    If anyone is interested, here is what a top model from the 1990s thinks about Kate Upton’s success:


    “o what is it about this commercial that outrages everyone? We’re used to seeing sex in most of the advertisements we see. Is it because Kate’s sex appeal is considered trashy and we like our sex classy? We love to hate trashy women like Kate Upton because she’s everything we wish we were because we’re told that trashy sexy girls are more fulfilled. And we believe it even though we know it isn’t fulfilling just like wealthy people know their money doesn’t actually make their life any easier, just like beautiful people still have problems and celebrities struggle.

    Ranting about the vulgarity of this commercial is nothing more than calling her a whore or a slut. Which she isn’t. She’s fucking brilliant. Nobody does trash sex like Upton. You have to respect. She is taking advantage of every God given asset and every dollar advertisers are willing to spend to exploit it. And who wouldn’t? Everyone in fashion knows that editorial models gets paid 1/100th of what Victoria Secret contract models make.”

    “Personally I drew the line when conversations began with me to have breast implants put in and more liposuction done to begin pursuing contracts like VS. I just couldn’t. I told my agents I’d rather be poor and shooting Italian Vogue than spiritually dead and walking a runway. That was a personal choice and does not represent any Angel’s experience.”

    Interesting. Breast implants and lipo to become a VS model? hmmm….

    • Nicole

      Odd considering the majority of VS models are actually very small chested…

      • Fielding

        I found the part about liposuction to be interesting. The model who wrote this, Emily Sandberg, said that after she was picked up by an agency, they took her for lipo.

        I do wonder how common lipo is, amongst models, as part of basic ‘bodysculpting’

        There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Dental work is also very common, to change smiles and make cheekbones appear more prominent.

      • Winnie

        yeah…until they’re contoured, stuffed into bathing suits with 3 pairs of chicken cutlets, and photoshopped from a small A to a large C or D cup. everyone knows Candice is basically all chest and nips, but you’d never think it if you knew her solely from her appearance in her VS ads.

    • lc

      No offense, but that article was a little ridiculous to me. Especially this part: “We love to hate trashy women like Kate Upton because she’s everything we wish we were because we’re told that trashy sexy girls are more fulfill”. Huh??? Lol no, speak for yourself.

      • Fielding

        I suspect that by ‘we’ she was referring to popular culture in general – how the sexy beer drinking party animal girl is viewed as ‘more fun’.

  • mystic

    I don’t dislike her body but the hate she gets is unfair. she has big boobs men love big boobs, that is why Candice will never be an SI model.

    • Nicole

      And Kate will never be a VS model..so I guess they’re even 🙂

      • Nana

        I prefer Barbara Palvin over both of them easily she could do both VS and SI perfectly imo.

  • lc

    Woah…talk about in your face. Oh Kate…not high fashion at all lol. These types of shoots are just her niche.

  • Jacky Daniels

    hot as her usual.

  • Katz

    All boobs, no waist at all. But men don’t care about waist, all they see is booooooobs!!! 😀

  • Ashleym

    I find it annoying when people say it’s “annoying” that her breasts are her livelihood. Yet everyone is totally fine with other models who are famous for the same bikini shoots with their asses pushed out and their boobs padded to twice their normal size.

    I mean, come on. everyone says if they want big boobed bikini models they should find someone who doesn’t need to stuff their bra. Well here she is. Pardon her if the rest of her body isn’t up to your “standards”. FYI all models rest on their physical assets and Kate is no different. If the VS models had tits like these, rest assured they’d be blowing kisses at the camera with them.

  • Winnie

    @Versus, could you post pictures of Kate and the other SI girls at the David Letterman show?

    i saw candids of Kate, and just thought of everyone here claiming she is “fat”.

    this does not look like a fat girl to me. doesn’t even look overweight imo:



    she’s quite thin from a side profile.

    here she is with the other girls:

    she doesn’t really look any larger than anyone else. and i know people will just cry out “SPANX” and whatever else, but spanx do not make THAT much of a difference. people here just love to hate Kate.

    • Daniela

      If you look at these pictures you don´t see her standing straight towards the camera. Her worse asset is definitely her stomach area, she has love handles and is just wide overall. Also her thighs are covered up so I don´t think these pictures prove a thing, and I do think she looks bigger than the other girls! To me the girl is fat, sorry! I don´t love to hate Kate, I would love if she didn´t have much media coverage so I wouldn´t have to be looking at her body as much ahah But I like to comment on her pictures in this website because a lot of girls have a completely different beauty standard than me, so I find the “debate” interesting.

      • Winnie

        i’m not denying that she is wide, she has wide, high hips and a broad waist. but that does not make her FAT. that has more to do with her bone-structure than anything else. if you look at that side profile and think this girl is “fat” you probably have issues, sorry to say. i know plenty of truly fat girls who would kill for a stomach that flat. and her legs/thighs/arms are probably the thinnest part parts of her body, in fact, everyone complains about how disproportionally small they are to her torso, so i don’t know what you’re getting at there either. she’s hardly ever had thunder thighs or something. look at those wrists and ankles. hardly a “fat” girl, but whatever, i digress.

        • misscheeks

          I agree Winnie. To me she’s not fat in the least. I actually think she just photographs badly sometimes whereas in motion, she looks pretty slim. If you scroll down to the bottom for the video, you’ll see what I mean. I was actually surprised that she looked much, much smaller in motion than she does on the cover.

          A few pounds off her frame and she’d look just like the VS models people on this site love so much.

        • Daniela


          • Winnie

            i didn’t say you have an eating disorder, but i do think you have issues if you think a woman who is 5’10” and probably no more than 130-40 pounds is “fat”. she’s not toned and does have some flab, so maybe if you said skinny fat i’d understand, but straight up fat? that’s ridiculous, whether it’s just and “opinion” or not. the woman has a flat stomach for pete’s sake, just no ab definition. and btw, Kate doesn’t have my body ideal, besides her great rack i find her figure underwhelming. i just think she has a cute face and a nice personality and that the flack she gets in unwarranted.

            again, if you think this:


            is fat, i stand by my previous statement as well, you have issues.

          • Fielding

            your opinion = she’s fat

            fact = she’s normal weight

          • Versus

            Daniela, all comments that say that women who are clearly at a healthy weight or underweight are fat will be deleted – you can have an opinion, but that opinion should not be harmful to others.

    • serena

      She looks thin in those pictures Winnie posted but in other candids she looks chubby. So I guess her weight yo-yo’s a bit. Kate is only 20 so age is on her side at this point, she can gain a little and bounce back super fast.

    • lc

      I don’t hate her or think she is fat, just blah. Commercial. Does nothing for me. Just boobs and blonde hair. The other women in those links are pretty “meh” also imo.

      • violet

        I think the same! She is vey blah! Both in face and body 🙁 Her face is kind of bloated too – just like her body! I guess even with make up her face is too bloated to contour and highlight…..her face looks so one dimensional and flat. And her body is bloated and looks like it belongs in a pregnancy magazine!

        • Winnie

          @lc that wasn’t the point of my comment, but okay

          @violet her face is not “bloated” she just has a round face shape as opposed to an oval or a heart-shaped face, is that really so difficult to understand?

          • lc

            Then, um, what was the point…?

          • violet

            Yeah, what was your point? Also round faces can still easily be contoured and highlighted with make up, my point is her face is atleast puffy, and quite ‘full’, making her contouring and highlighting non-existent!!

          • Winnie

            @lc my point wasn’t to prove or disprove whether she’s average or not. i could care less if you think she’s average, or above average, or ugly, you’re entitled to that opinion and i don’t have a problem with those comments. it was to show that she’s NOT FAT, which she isn’t, and that she’s pretty much as thin as the other models, just with a different figure…

            @violet Kate can look great contoured imo, see her Vogue UK cover people complained about the contouring in that and the Sam Edelman ads because they said it made her look “completely different”. she just can’t win here, which is why i also said that it seems like people just “love to hate” her, for any reason they can find

          • lc

            Exactly. And I said I don’t think she is “fat”. How is that off point? I don’t hate her or “love to hate her”, honestly, you make it seem like there is some special reason why people should love her. It is possible that some people truly just find her “blah”, like me. I don’t think she is fat. Heavier than my tastes? Absolutely. But not fat. I don’t think she is ugly either, I just don’t see the fascination with her looks, imho, they are quite average. Her family connections don’t surprise me a bit.

            And I also don’t hate her. She can’t win for people like me because I don’t think she is a capable model. Covers like this seem to be where she belongs for me, anything else just does not work for her imo. I don’t think she is a great model, which is my main thing/problem with her. She is a cute girl with an average, not fat figure, but nothing more to me. No amount of shoving her down my face on “Vogue” or anything else is going to have me thinking otherwise.

  • Elle

    She looks so vulgar to me. You would think it would be the outfits (okay, they don’t help) but actually, I think it’s her face.

    • neutra

      As much as people might jump on us for saying it, I totally agree.

  • Dani

    I know everyone hates Kate but I think she looks hot on the cover.

    I know it’s not a classy shoot but really celebrities go to events with more tit hanging out on a weekly basis. She’s not skinny, she’s no high fashion model but she sells. She’s made a lot of money in the last year and I think it’s great she got another cover. Good for her.

  • Fielding

    Objectification is not about presenting yourself as as sexual being–or even as an object of sexual desire. After all, that is a normal and fairly universal human urge–who doesn’t like to feel attractive sometimes? Objectification is about being dehumanized by being reduced solely to a sex object.

    In this way, objectification and slut-shaming are intimately connected and mutually reinforcing–as we can clearly see in this case. Step #1 involves looking at a woman and instead of seeing a full, complex, and multifaceted human being, all you see is ALL TEH SEXXX.

    Step #2 is deciding that women who display their sexuality in any way (and remember, you were the one who in Step #1 reduced them to their sexuality) are not worthy of admiration for all the other aspects of who they are.

    These twin dynamics support a culture in which many people seem to believe that women sacrifice their right to dignity–and, ya know, basic bodily safety–if they are at all sexual. (And I do mean at all–if there’s one thing we know about slut-shaming it that it can target basically anyone. Posted a picture of yourself on Facebook? Slut.)

    It’s a culture in which too many people seem to find it difficult to understand that it is possible to simultaneously find a woman sexually attractive and treat her like a full human being deserving of basic respect.

  • snugglepup

    Not a very classy shots but she’s still pretty 😀 haters gonna hate on so on. She gets assignments and paid for doing that so good for her. She has big boobs but she reminds me more of the greek goddesses, not playboy bunnies.

  • Anna.V

    God, look at the difference between just one of her breasts’ and the size of her head! How can someone have breasts as large as that!? Then again, that is my reaction to anyone larger than a B cup (A cup here), which is probably everyone…

  • ANN

    Although I think that some models are too thin and set unrealistic ideas as to what women should look like, I think that Kate Upton is part of the “Honey Boo Boo” era. People choosing to watch/promote more average (or less than average) people. While there is nothing wrong with this, Kate doesn’t look like the healthiest chic on the planet. Thicker waists are know for higher rate of heart problems. May be she is genetically thicker in the middle but the second picture clearly shows that she isn’t always this plump. (Don’t even get me started on what is wrong with that Honey Boo Boo show). If I looked like Kate I would be very self conscious wearing a bikini, sorry.

    • Fielding

      I would be self-conscious too, but

      She is not unhealthy.

      At most she probably has a 2lbs of extra fat around her midsection – HARDLY LIFE THREATENING

      When people talk about health problems resulting from abdominal fat what they are talking about is visceral fat – and someone as slim as she is doesn’t have a lot of fat around her organs.

      A fat midsection is only a health problem if you’re a chubby chubber, and she’s still slim compared to most women.

  • okay

    Also anyone who thinks her boobs are saggy obviously doesn’t know what natural large breasts look like

  • kat

    she is such a babe, saw the nudes of her (the rest of the shoot) on ONTD livejournal and she is smokin!!!!

  • Kelly

    Do people really think those are real? I think she has a lot of natural breast tissue along with implants.

    • Adriana

      I know a couple of woman who have kates proportions-some who are even thinner around the waist, hips & legs with HUGE breats. It’s called being V-shaped or lollypop shaped, so yeah her breasts could/are probably real.

      • Kelly

        True.. Most people say hers are real. I’ve seen this look achieved with implants or like you said, she is most likely just naturally really top heavy.

  • ellentjie

    Did they inflate her boobs in the first picture? They just look so ridiculously out of proportion! And i am sick of those triangle bikinis she wears that dont fit and just squash her boobs every where. I don’t find this girl attractive or relatable. She looks like a porn star to me.

  • Jacky Daniels

    i love kates look cause she is the epitome of the surfer/beach girl, not just because of her blonde hair but because she is casual and real, but hot and comfortable. i live practically on the beach and i must say im just sick of the portrait of surfer girls in fashion magazines as blonde bony girls. surfer girls rearly look like fashion models. they have muscles, yes they are fit but they are not afraid to order pizza or drink bear and they dont count calories.some of them have booty or little paunch like kate. annyway when you surf/do water sports/work on boats all day you hardly have time for any gym and counting calories/preparation of special meals like miranda kerr, you can grab some fruit or order smth.

  • hasita

    some of yall act like little children when it comes to big boobs.. okay she has big tits, so what. plenty of women have big boobies

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  • laura

    i think her face is pretty and she has nice boobs but from the waist down its just ehhh. barely waist definition, no hips, no ass.