Kate Upton

Kate Upton’s Video for Vogue Germany

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upoton-gv-12412- (3)

Kate Upton proves once again why she is in such demand these days – take a look at Kate getting all flirty and fun in a new short video for Vogue Germany, where the blonde bombshell shows off her model figure.

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  • Clarence Beeks

    Her body does nothing for me. No muscle tone, square midsection. I don’t even think she is pretty. I’d pick any model out there these days over this one.

    • Sonya

      I just don’t think her midsection matters that much. She’s got gorgeous legs, arms, face, and of course, boobs. To me, her not being an hourglass becomes irrelevant at this point.

      • Jay

        her arms and legs are scrawny and untoned. imo they’re not nice at all, just skinny. and big saggy boobs whoop dee doo. shes so overrated.

        • lena

          She is gorgeous. You guys have no idea and now grab a carrot and jump on the treadmill, you vapid airheads.

          • Tally

            Well thats rude. Kate looks bad here, but normally i find her very pretty. Whats more important is that swan floatie like dang where can i get one?!

          • Clarence Beeks

            lena, don’t be an a**hole. Beauty is presonal taste, and insulting people for having their own opinion is just rude and unnecessary.

          • Jay

            her body is highly overrated. and i run 5 miles 6 days a week. in quite good shape, actually. look at this and tell me she looks bikini model status good..


      • Casey

        I also think her arms and legs are quite untoned. Her midsection is oddly shaped; it’s not just a lack of waist definition.

        Obviously though, she does have nice boobs, and I think she has a pretty face. Not drop dead stunning, but, pretty.

        I understand why she is a model, maybe even a popular model. But I too find it difficult to understand why she, out of so many models, gets the amount of praise and popularity that she gets.

        Her success seems arbitrary.

        • Winnie

          “popularity” okay, but “praise”? hardly. that’s if the comments on this site are any indication anyway.

    • violet

      agreed ๐Ÿ™‚ hard to believe she makes all that $ and she’s so unattractive and flabby – what a joke! She just provides inspiration to me to work out more and continue to eat less. I never want to look like her!!!

    • mary

      agreed she is THE definition of skinny fat…and her face looks like miss piggy. do not get her appeal at all…

      • Bella

        Well than Marilyn Monroe was skinny fat, too. And she’s a Sex symbol for decates. Sorry, but this proves to me, what really beautiful is…

        • mary

          well thats your opinion and you are perfectly entitled to it…marilyn was very thin when she first hit the scene in the 50s, she only gained weight towards the end of her life. She was also a sex symbol because of her demeanor and personality, NOT just her body…something that kate upton cant touch with a 10 foot pole.

          • Winnie

            it’s true. Marilyn was always quite thin, and with a very different body than Kate. she was an hourglass (a body shape which is more proportioned and favoured than Kate’s). according to her numerous biographies I’ve read on her, her showgirl costumes would be between modern day size 0-4. tiny. she was 5’4″-5’5″ and her weight fluctuated between 110-125 pounds throughout her career. at her heaviest she was around 133 pounds and that was before she suffered a miscarriage. as for personality, i see lots of parallels between their public personas. many more similarities than differences. they both play up the ditzy “dumb blond” bombshell thing, so in that regard, and Kate is facing the same criticism for that as Marilyn did (mostly from other women, lol figures)
            during her career. so i don’t know where people are getting that there’s this huge discrepancy between the two of them from. doesn’t seem like a lot of you have seen too many of the more successful Marilyn Monroe movies from the sounds of it.

        • Casey

          Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Adriana Lima, Gisele B, Britney Spears (younger years) and Angelina Jolie (younger years) were all sex symbols too, and none of them were that untoned.

          More than anything, what that shows is that being a sex symbol is not just about how you look…since a lot of the women mentioned above and Marilyn Monroe don’t look at all similar.

          It’s also about how you act and sell yourself, as someone mentioned above. Marilyn wasn’t the only voluptuous/sexy star during her time. But her acting, her starring roles, her persona, made her the “main” sex symbol.

    • Annette

      It takes the right body fat distribution, right bone structure and a certain je ne se quoi to pull off the untoned look and make it look nicely voluptous rather than either skinny fat or dumpy, porky and frumpy. And unlike say Kelly Brooke or Anna Nicole Smith I don’t think Kate has that. I think she’d suit an athletic look better and she’s in need of a waist, an ass and some calves.

    • sia

      there will always be room for a hottie like kate upton but this video .. i dont like the music.. the ”acting” and. The music doesnt either fit with the scenarios.. imo, also all i see is kate upton+boobs… am i suppose to be looking at their clothes – what clothes. lol

  • After watching the VS fashion show 2012, this girl seems so whatever. Eh. Pretty eyes though!

    • jenna

      if you prefer the VS models’ body-type, then it’s no wonder why you don’t like Kate’s. totally different body types. VS models all are super thin, most look super-toned (almost too toned imo), and most don’t have any type of voluptuousness. personally, i’d rather see someone like Kate in lingerie than any of the VS models since Kate’s body is more sensual.

      • Emmy


      • Agreed!

        • Effy

          To all the haters, is it so bad that there is a girl who can be a bikini model without having THE perfect body? Sorry but not everyone has the perfect body of miranda and alessandra etc. Some women are build like this and its nice to see some change for once. Its funny how some of you say you find VS models all the same but you call kate fat and ugly.

          • Effy

            She doesnt have an ugly body, she’s just not thin but slim, its normal she doesnt look toned and skinny in every pic but who cares? I think its nice to see someone modelling lingerie with some flesh on her bones. She’s famous because some people do like it so who are you to judge her?

          • Winnie

            i hardly find Miranda or Alessandra’s body “perfect” or “ideal” in any way shape or form. give me an Isabelli Fontana, Barbara Palvin, Sofia Vergara, Raquel Welch, or even Sophia Loren in her heyday kind of body any day. hell even Candice. i’d rather see that in bikinis or lingerie than super thin/toned with extremely padded bras, super-laced corsets, and layers of body make-up to create the illusion of curves. i never got the point of doing all that when you could simply find women with similar figures as the ones they’re trying to emulate. either use the models and accept their body types/shapes as they are instead of making them look different, or use other models.

      • blair


      • annabanana

        me too. i think kate is gorgeous.

  • Polly

    How do others not think she’s pretty?! She’s really cute and pretty. I would not mind to have her body. She looks great although she does seem to be very …spacey. If that’s the right word.

    • Clarence Beeks

      Personal taste. What I find pretty, you may not. No one is stupid, or wrong (not saying you said they are), it is just opinion. I do not think she is ugly, but not pretty to me.

    • Powwow

      I think she’s gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚ Something about her really appeals to me and makes me want to pick up the magazine she’s on. She also has great boobs! I don’t care that she’s not super toned, I don’t think all models have to be.

      • Becca

        How does she have great boobs? Because they’re big? In recent photos of a shoot she did in a white bikini, they look enormous, but as if they would be down to her navel if she took her top off. I’d rather have smaller, more perky breasts. And it’s not like she has a great body, she just has a higher BF% than most models, and surprise surprise, some of that fat is deposited in her boobs. Not trying to personally target you either, btw.

        • annabanana

          people have different ideas of what makes boobs great! some care most about shape and perkiness, others size, or texture… there isn’t one universal characteristic that makes nice boobs. just like every other aspect of physical beauty… or any kind of beauty for that matter

          • sia

            i think her boobs look awesome!

    • AnnieC

      As an older poster, I compare her to models/actresses from days past. For example, Raquel Welch had an amazing figure compared to Kate. I think it’s because, IMO, Kate has such a square body and her face, while cute, doesn’t particularly stand out.

      Probably younger posters are entranced by her because they don’t remember a time before every actress and model was so thin that they need to get silicone bags sewn into their chest walls. When undernourished, starved Victoria’s Secret models are shoved at you as the ideal definition of beauty, then of course there’s going to be a backlash. Kate’s benefitting from that backlash.

      • serena

        I agree with everything you said Annie. Honestly I’ve always thought Kate owed her success to backlash against runway models (and VS models to a lesser extent). I really don’t see what’s extraordinary about her body? Yes she has big boobs but the average bra size is now a D cup.

  • Laura

    The last photo is adorable (the guy) LOL

  • I want a giant inflatable swan!

    • serena

      Haha same! I was scrolling through these pics thinking, meh, they’re ok, then ooooh, a giant swan floatie! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Maria

        lol you guys are so cute! I want that thing too!

  • Pixie

    Cute video!! Something about her that I just luv! She’s a hottie!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • D

    Im sorry but where again is it that she is proving why she is in high demand? lol… Average face, soft/flabby looking body with an unfortunate overall shape. Oh, she has tits. That must be why she is in high demand

    • lc

      I agree to all of the above.

  • Hazal

    To me, all her pictures are the same. Doesn’t matter if it’s Vogue, Glamour, FHM or whatever these magazines are called. Nothing new here.

  • Tea

    I find her face really pretty but she has a weak looking chin or something weird around the neck/chin area I can’t quite work out. I don’t love her body overall but I like her long legs and her bust can look amazing with the right support. Also, there is zero chemistry between her and that guy.

  • I think she’s really beautiful. But she could definitely keep her clothes on, too slutty without them. She’s really stunning when she looks more serious…

  • G Girl

    In the first pic, the left side of her looks cut straight down. Is that photo shop?

  • seijidan

    shes cute but the body is OK. unflattering first pic

  • ary

    i think her body looks lovely here. Her midsection is totally fine, her apple shape is totally fine, her boobs are awesomely fine ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Gabriela

      Are you telling me you are drooling over another girl’s boobs?

      • ary

        any problem with that ๐Ÿ™‚ ? I usually drool over faces, legs and butts, but Kate has other nice features.

    • Magda

      @ Ary: she is not an apple, Apples always have a stomach wider than their breasts.
      She has a very flat stomach and huge boobs.

      • serena

        Yep I think she is a lollipop shape: long skinny arms/legs with big boobs. Her stomach is not super flabby the way some people here imply.

  • Kristina

    Kate is really starting to grow on me. I know so many people think that she’s very average but I think there’s something extremely likeable about her.

    I love the fact that she doesn’t have the rock hard toned body that we’re so used to seeing in models. Her body definitely suits this type of spread because it has a very vintage feel and it’s very Marilyn Monroe-esque.

    I think she is a great model and the fact that she is still getting work proves that people find her desirable. While some won’t agree, others find her gorgeous because beauty is subjective and everyone has different tastes. I’m just glad to see some diversity because honestly I’m a little over all the victoria’s secret cookie cutter models.
    Even though I find them just as gorgeous, I can still appreciate Kate for what she is. To me that is a confident, sexy, woman making the most of what she’s got. Kudos to her.

    • Winnie

      i agree! i think she’s cute! and seems sweet despite all the negative criticism she gets for her body

    • Agree, I think she’s really cute and refreshing

    • Zoe

      Yay- kate non-haters ftw (there seem to be very few of us!) Also, Merry Christmas, guys! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Merry Christmas ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • binks

      Agreed I never understood the comments she get personally I love seeing different body types so to me Kate os unique and stand out not every woman can have the hips, waist or whatever ratio that ks desired. She is working with what she has so good for her. I think sje is fun in a bombshell sort of way

  • Also, her body shape is not my fav, but I can’t hate her for a bit a flab. I’m about as flabby as her so I’m glad theres someone untoned like me in vogue lol

  • Jay

    her face looks cute in some photos but in motion its so blahhhhhhh to me. i will never get why she’s a thing. ever. i know its the tits, but she’s not the first woman to have big boobs. truly one of life’s great mysteries to me.

  • neutra

    All i think when I see her is that her body and face really aren’t going to age well over the next 5-10 years. Just as well she’s making money from her look (which i don’t get the appeal for) whilst she can. She’s one of those girls with overall pretty bland and weak features, which generally look best when they’re younger. Stronger, more refined features bode better with age. Ie Christy Turlington, Jennifer Connelly, Liv Tyler, Monica Belluci etc.

  • Stace

    Coming from Bar’s post to this one – no comparison. Kate is cute. That’s all.

  • mary

    her midsection is my worst nightmare.

    • annabanana

      seriously? thats a little extreme

  • Tonyia

    …A cute face and a beautiful smile. Ill give her that.

  • cklowds96

    Well, to keep it positive, she would make an awesome porn star. Fantastic boobs, a soft body, and she’s a blonde. Guy’s like that right?

    • The most popular current porn star is skinny, has dark hair, and small boobs, fyi. Lol.

      • annabeatrice

        Who are you taking about? Tiffany Thompson?
        Just curious, lol

        • haha I was thinking of Stoya and Sasha Grey, but she works too.

          • annabeatrice

            Oh sure, Sasha Grey. Don’t know how I forgot about her ๐Ÿ˜‰

            Never heard of Stoya, thought. Just googled her and damn, such a pretty face.

          • anna

            Hadn’t heard about Stoya either. Wow, she’s one naturally gorgeous girl.

    • Lala

      I think thats actually the dumbest and bitchiest comment i’ve read on this site. Shoo.

    • misscheeks

      Lol you don’t watch porn do you? It shows. A lot.

      • Mishael

        Lol, misscheeks, your comments make me laugh.

        • misscheeks

          Haha Mishael thank you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Mishael

      To keep it positive, you should have refrained from saying that. Big boobs, blonde hair and soft body don’t make a girl apt only for porn. You are dump.

      • misscheeks

        Hear hear!

  • Chelsea

    I think she’s really pretty, but for some reason, her face reminds me of a pig…

  • moe

    She is just being forced onto us by people with money, I have seen way prettier girls walking down the street.

  • Bella

    Her body is so much sexier than the VS girls imo. People have been pointing out specific parts about her (skinny arms and legs that arent toned, square midsection, saggy boobs) and saying they aren’t that attractive, but it’s the whole package that I think is gorgeous. She has a je nais sais quoi quality about her that makes her interesting and sexy. Not to mention I love the beauty mark above her lip!

    • jenna

      agreed Bella. I just left a comment higher up in the thread that i’d rather see Kate in lingerie any day over seeing the VS models. they aren’t sexy to me – they’re to toned and too straight up & down. kate’s not perfectly toned, but who cares? i bet any guy on the face of the planet would love to be with her, so i think some of the negativity that surrounds her is jealousy.

      • Lala

        That’s kind of really general, thus inaccurate srarement to make. I think VS models have great bodies, toned is sexy. I think so many ppl are so hard on Kate because she’s a model, thus in a way something to aspire to (bodywise), the fact that she doesn’t work on her body and is so popular and gets paid big $ rubs ppl the wrong way. As if everything we’ve been led to believe (work hard on your body, be skinny/toned, etc.) is wrong.

        However, she grew on me. She’s not perfect, but she’sdeff attractive.

        • jenna

          Never said toned isn’t sexy. I just think too toned and too thin on a woman isn’t.
          Kate probably should tone up a little – not saying she’s perfect! but i def am more drawn to her than i am to the current VS models (well, adriana lima is nice!).

          • Lala

            Hah, Adriana Lima is a dream.

          • mystic

            Adriana has no waist and has fake boobs, beautiful face tho…

        • serena

          You’ve got to be kidding if you think Kate doesn’t work on her body ๐Ÿ˜€ She’s not a size 0, but like most bikini models I guarantee she has a personal fitness trainer! I think her body shape throws everyone off – her legs/arms are so long and skinny, and then her torso is short with no waist definition. She’s not visibly toned like Doutzen but I’m sure she works out. Fwiw she looks much leaner in these photos than in previous ones I’ve seen of her.

      • La la la la

        I disagree that any guy on the face of the planet would love to be with her. Her personality is not likable.

        • serena

          She seems to have a very bubbly, fun, personality and for most people that IS likeable. Personally I find her too ditzy and silly. But she’s the quintessential bubbly blonde big-boob stereotype and you have to realize that appeals to a lot of guys, especially young guys Kate’s age.

  • anonymous

    Im not a fan of Kate, but she has a normal healthy-looking figure and a pretty face. I do think she is overrated, but some other models and celebs are too. Behind the makeup and photoshoots, most are ordinary or just cute. I think Kate is cute, but she looks older than her age and she’s overly sexual to the point where it comes off tacky and classless.

  • 22franzs

    I thought her face & body were gorgeous in her Guess ads, but now..mehhhh. Vogue seems a bit too high fashion for her. She seems to be more of a cheesy pin up model. I don’t think she’s that gorgeous, but she’s tall, thin, blonde & has huge boobs ie guys think she’s the hottest chick ever.

  • Candy

    I was more interested in the guys than her. A good model captures all the attention. In addition to her “beauty”, she just doesn’t have the charisma that Linda E. or Naomi C. have.

  • Never mind her.. that male model in the video is hotttt ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I don’t see why there’s so much fuss about her but heck, kudos to her for making the big bucks! Go girl!

  • Melody

    that purple dress though!

  • Lu

    Can she not do anything without getting her tubby boobs out? It’s just such a cliche. Do us a favour Kate and go away.

    • ceedee

      uh oh! someone’s jealous of Kate’s boobs!

      • Jay

        or someone doesn’t like big saggy boobs in her face.. kaye whips em out so much that it shows it’s all she’s good for. without the boobs she has nothing.

        • But you can say that about all models…With out their (insert attractive feature) they wouldn’t be a model

          • Jay

            true, but kate’s bad features far outweigh her good in my opinion. she looks good with tons of photoshop, but that’s about it.

          • La la la la

            you can’t say that about all models! many models have a lot going for them, not just one feature. this seems like it’s supposed to be an upscale vid and she still can’t help but make it lads-mag material because she doesn’t have a lot going for her if her boobs aren’t bouncing. she perpetuates that by walking around like she’s on a trampoline all the time

          • lc

            I agree, La la la la.

        • ceedee

          saggy? her boobs are quite perky for their size. you’re way too use to seeing fake bolt-on boobs apparently

          • Jay

            not at all.. i know real large breasts sag, and i happen not to like that. i don’t like the look of fake boobs either. i prefer natural, smaller breasts. but continue making dumb assumptions.

          • lena

            Jay, everyone gets that you don’t like Kate… You’re not the sharpest tool in the box, are you?

          • Jay

            plenty sharp. jsut graduated college summa cum laude actually. i’m just replying to comments. that’s what the site is for. the fact you think you can extrapolate one’s IQ from the number of comments posted on this site reflects your own lack of intelligence. some of the people on this site are ridiculous i swearrrr..

  • Mishael

    Although I wouldn’t want her body, she is obviously very pretty and has big boobs. Btw, she IS what I believe to be a beauty ideal for the Germans. Idk, I got the impression that apple-shaped blondes with huge breasts and narrow hips are much favored in that country.

  • Sienna

    Aaaaah I love that video! I love the clothes, the music, the way the models interact… She looks radiant and happy and pretty, who cares her body doesn’t look perfect… She might actually be better on screen than as a model!

    • Sienna

      I also like the thinness of her arms.

    • misscheeks

      I know right? I’ve been saying the same thing for ages: she looks better in motion than in print. And how gorgeous is that plum/purple dress? ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Sienna

        That’s a gorgeous dress indeed! I’d love to own that thing lol. Looks like something Blake Lively would wear on the red carpet.

  • Jacky Daniels

    most attractive part of her is her bubbly personality, self confidence and approchability. add up nice boobs, long legs and nice smile.. whats to hate about her? i love her! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I don’t mind her as much as I used to – she seems to be doing more tasteful shoots lately and that’s good. I still don’t love her figure, but I do love that it’s different from the majority of popular models. She just has a ditzy, big-boobed cuteness that I think appeals to a lot of men – not so much to me though.

  • alex

    I like the video, she is beautiful while riding the horse, and the male model is gorgeous ( although they are not very credible as a couple …)

    • annabanana

      why not?

  • goldfish

    she is not my definition of beautiful, but she is in no way bad looking.. her body may not be the ideal bodyshape, but i think her body looks great here! you don’t have to have the perfect proportions. she is wider in the stomach area, but so is angelina jolie, and she carries it off well

    • Mishael


    • misscheeks

      I agree too! I think she looks fantastic but I’m thoroughly underwhelmed by Bar Refeali’s body which gets more praise, go figure!

  • snugglepup

    Her middle looks so bad in here. gawd. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Jewel

    What model figure? I don’t hate her but she’s not model material. She should exercise more cause she’s getting flabbier lately.

  • Puppe

    I have the feeling that all she is needs to do is to run around with thise floppy boobs jumping up and down :p those are idiotic moments in the video, i would feel engrosed to do that for money haha

  • artemis

    EWW=First pic. blehh

    • lc

      I have to agree. What were they thinking printing that terrible picture…

      • serena

        Yeah that 1st pic of her is not good, it’s a bad angle. It looks like a candid pic that you would expect to see on your friends Facebook album, not Vogue! Other pics are much better. Personally I’m on the fence about Kate Upton.

    • Nobsnob

      I scrolled up to see what was so horrible about that first picture I wouldn’t have noticed and: I’m still wondering the reason of your oh-so-very constructive comment.

      • lc

        They just positioned her with her flabby, untoned stomach right out in the open. Not magazine worthy imo, and def. not Vogue worthy.

        • Oh no not out in the open where people will see! HOW TERRIBLE. IT MIGHT BE CONTAGIOUS…

          • lc

            Yeah I never said that. I said the shot didn’t look magazine worthy.

          • “They just positioned her with her flabby, untoned stomach right out in the open”

            Yeah sorry but the way you phrased it makes it sounds like anyone with a little fat better hide it so as not to offend your eyes.

          • lc

            Yeah no. I didn’t make it seem that way. The shot looks sloppy, and not up to magazine standards. I guess they’re just getting lower and lower.

        • La la la la

          I completely agree. I was wondering if someone would finally actually comment on the unfortunate pics. The first one is almost embarrassing. The last looks awkward, like she’s about to lose balance.

          • bla

            Those are SNAPS from the video for heaven’s sake! How do you know if they were printed in the magazine?

    • Goldfish

      I don’t see what’s so bad about the first picture..

  • lc

    Yeah no. I said it and I’ll say it again. Not Vogue material. That first picture says it all. Sorry imo this girl is average in every sense of the word.

  • lena

    She is so cute and pretty. I don’t really like her in her interviews but she’s a real stunner.

  • Candy

    Not as bad as Kelly Brook.

    • lena

      I love Kelly Brook but her interviews… oh dear. Haha. Pretty woman though.

  • Nobsnob

    You guys are SCARY picking on her middle-section.
    I see so many people here with distorted views, seeing the least amount of *horror* fat!! as a huge flabby gut.
    You guys look like puppets of today’s obession with skinnyness.

    • ceedee

      I agree!!!! If her stomach is seriously someone’s “worst nightmare” then I’m seriously concerned. Even if she isn’t someone’s body ideal, she’s far from horrible

      • lena

        Exactly. Some people on here are just so roll-eyes-worthy.

    • serena

      I agree Nobsnob – if you read only the comments and never saw Kate, you would imagine she has a big ole beer belly or something! Her stomach isn’t toned, but it’s hardly big or flabby. Personally Kate is not my body ideal; I find her lack of waist or hips to be masculine, and her body is straight up-and-down with big tits on top. But she does have a long lean figure and I realize the tall/blonde/big boobs type will always be desirable for a reason.

    • lc

      No one’s a “puppet”, stop with that stupid, overused, inaccurate word. We simply prefer toned and lean, and it is non-negotiable that Kate most certainly is not. Not everyone has to think her untoned, wide midsection is the definition of beauty.

      • lena

        Are you obsessed, LC? Obsessed with Kate’s midsection? Shall we call ghostbusters?

        • Jay

          lena, you’re just an antagonizing bitch. not a good look. your attitude matches kate’s midsection ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Eline

    I think Kate Upton could become someone like Marilyn Monroe. Both outstanding, inspiring and – considering people talking about them – controversial.

    This said doesn’t mean Kate is the most beautiful person we have ever seen. There’s no way we can say that about Marilyn Monroe for sure either. But she is like I said inspiring and outstanding, someone to look out for.

    I believe it’s great to see a georgeous and curvy girl like Kate in high fashion. It’s daring and new. She may not be the super beautiful model, but she’s definetly someone to look out for.

  • Overrated & Overexposed. This might come off as harsh, but I do not like her body at all. She is the definition of an Apple shape, with no hips, waist, big boobs, and skinny legs. Her face isn’t very cute either, but that being said if she can get jobs and work then kudos to her. werk it; i just don’t get the appeal. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    • Magda

      She is not an apple.

      • I don’t see her fitting anything except apple?

        • Winnie

          true apples would never have a stomach that flat. the characteristic which separates apples from other body shapes is their stomachs, which are supposed to be wide and stick out farther than their breasts, coupled with very thin legs and flat bums. Kate is top-heavy but more like a V-shape. probably a lollipop. even with the four basic body-shapes, she would probably be a big-boobed ruler. true apple shapes are quite rare it seem

          • Magda

            Totally agree with your description.
            I correspond to the description you made of an apple.
            She is a lollipop to me.
            And yes we apparently are quiet rare.

          • mystic

            Remember she is young so her stomach won’t hold too much fat but wait until shes older, if she tries to lose weight her arms and legs will get thinner and her stomach will hold onto fat, it happens with age, I’ve seen it in other apple shape women.

  • Bokkkie
  • Aria

    Kate’s body type is not what I usually think of as pretty. When she first became a big deal I didn’t get the hype and critiqued her on this site and elsewhere quite a bit. I’ll admit, though, that the more I see her the more I notice her beauty. There’s something unique and refreshing about her. I think she’s a wonderful addition to the high-fashion world. If she’s on Vogue’s radar, she’s made it.

    • Winnie

      i agree. when she first came on the scene i was like “meh…i don’t get it” but i think the harsh criticism against her is unfair and unwarranted. as for her “personality” which people ALSO seem to have a problem with, she comes off kind of ditzy or whatnot, but also quite sweet and nice. not snobby at all like a lot of the VS girls. she doesn’t have the most desirable body-type, but there’s really not much she can do about that. i think she looks much better now than when she first came on the scene and a lot more mature too (but she’s still only 20 and Rome wasn’t built in a day). she has a pretty face, call it “average” or whatever else, but i’d rather look that way than a majority of the odd-looking high-fashion models i see who are borderline ugly in my eyes. i’d rather be cute and pretty in an “underwhelming” or “average” way like Kate than to be “striking” and “unconventional” like Tanya D or Malgosia Bela

  • rachelwestnz

    I am not commenting on her, but that whole video was awful, i may be just too negative or not deep and arty enough to understant…but wow. she is ok. that was shite.

    and her boobs dont seem so big to me now…maybe i get used to them or that fact that I have been eating like a pig the last month (just had an op so not allowed to exercise for 3 months) and wow even my boobs feel like their expanding along with everything else, so now she dont look so flab to me..

    • I thought the video was dumb too.

  • natalia

    Yeah holiday and lots of free time. Kate Upton however is getting lardier.

  • La la la la

    I have a few thoughts about Kate. On one hand I am so glad that someone is helping to break the underweight model trend. On the other hand, I wish it was someone fresher. I know exactly why they didn’t show her body when she was running around the car, her stomach and boobs were probably lumbering all over the place. She has no grace. She also lacks any shred of elegance. It’s almost funny to see her ride a horse. Horseback riding is the sport of a fit Betty Draper type, it’s a classy sport. One of the main reasons people ride is exercise. You’re supposed to hold on extremely tight with your thighs and move fluidly with the horse (posting). Kate looks like a rough and tumble farm girl who stole some classy girl’s horse and is just bouncing around everywhere on it. Plus that male model stole the show.

    • misscheeks

      It’s funny you mentioned the horseriding because I think she grew up participating in equestrian on a national level.

      • La la la la

        Yeah apparently she did ride and even win championships! I’m shocked, I thought she looked so sloppy. However I find her look sloppy so no surprise there

        • ary

          only because of her boobs -.-?

    • h

      God do you know how ridculous you sound, putting the wealthy in a place of superiority as opposed to someone from a poorer background.
      ‘Classy girl’s horse’, ‘rough and tumble farm girl’.
      Not that Kate upton is from humble beginnings

      • La la la la

        Class, grace and elegance have nothing to do with wealth. Kate upton us a great example as she is rich, and apparently grew up comfortably, and yet lacks those qualities. She looks like some girl guys would roll around in the hay with for a good time, hence rough and tumble farm girl. You can’t buy class. That’s why even though she’s an accomplished equestrian she cant even pull of acting classy after constantly acting like a one time use girl

        • La la la la

          *is a great example
          *pull off

    • Annie

      The trouble is that when women facially have the right “look” to be percieved as elegant, classy, graceful that face tends to come attached to a body that is naturally delicate looking and small breasted rather than voluptous – think January Jones, Keira Knightley and Iman. Another trouble is these looks tend never to be percieved as “sexy” – these are more the type of women who still look great at 50 but who were never particularly that hot young thing that everyone oohed and aahed over at 19. You really can’t have it all.

  • Kim

    She just isn’t a good model imo. I’m not a huge fan of her body, but I wouldn’t say that it’s awful and what makes her a bad model. Her face just isn’t striking enough to be a model, she looks like a cute college girl. I saw some candids of her and she just look so awkward and looked like an overgrown child. She lacks any true sex appeal. Her so called sex appeal is similar to that of a modern day Playboy playmate, very contrived.

  • Observer

    @ Versus: Is it possible to do a post on this story:

    I came across it and though it’s a couple of months old I thought it would make interesting discussion. The subject didn’t specify if she had a medical condition that prevented her from losing weight but her perception is interesting.

  • gh

    She’s not a man she doesn’t have to have muscle. She healthy I like her because she’s different than the hangers we always see plus she has something from Marlyn Monroe. Very confident.

  • Lauren

    She looks like an elongated marshmallow

  • Sofia

    Dear God look at her waist! Who the hell decided she was fit for Vogue?

    • Zoe

      What exactly is it about her waist that isn’t vogue-worthy enough for you?

  • JJ

    I think she has a cute face, although nothing out of the ordinary. But that doughy midsection and sloppy, saggy boobs really bug me. Why is she famous? I guess I can’t stand that whole ditzy blonde bimbo routine.

  • Katie

    She’s the definition of paunchy, sloppy and dumpy– she gets flabbier by the day it seems. She’s not an unattractive girl but you can walk around any university or college campus and see lots of girls that look just like her. I just don’t understand her appeal.

  • gh

    women are so mean to each other if she was size zero people would criticize her if she had muscle people would say omg all she does is workout her body shape is apple not much she can do about it she stays healthy I put half of the people her got fat butts not much you are doing about it

  • randy

    I just feel like shes all about her boobs (which to me are not all that great.) Its like she feels that they are her best feature always groping, showing off, etc. The topless boob-grabbing scene on the float was completely unnecessary (to me.) The video would have been fine without it.

  • bla

    I don’t care about her stomach or her boobs. All I can see is that nose pointing upwards, looking like a pig nose.

  • lena

    She is sexy, glamorous, has a cute face, pretty face, great boobs and isn’t too skinny- what a nice change. We can’t just look at clothes racks all the time.

  • Sma

    If I had that middle section of hers, I would diet really hard. She’s horrible

  • blair

    British vogue weren’t that keen on her when she was on the cover. They were not impressed.

  • So here’s a comment that’s not focused solely on her body.

    Watching the video I was like “Oh, Kate is being kind of classy! Classy looks good on her! She’s making them Ralph Lauren-esque clothes work!”

    And then she’s running around in a tiny bikini and suddenly topless. NOOOO

    I think it would help Kate be ridiculed less if she was a little desexualized. Yeah she has great boobs but do we HAVE to see them in every shoot/video of her? Nooo. Because she did look good in the more modest clothing and it allowed me to focus on her face, which is actually very pretty, and her AMAZING neck. Like its all long and slender, i’ve never noticed someone’s neck but wow! The part where she was on the ground in that weird feathery thing she just looked gorgeous.

    • Lydia

      neck? wtf

  • Dawn

    She looks stunning in that video. Amazingly sexy and pretty face, unconventionnally beautiful. I also really like her slender legs. And come on, those boobs are woth gold^^ She really looks gorgeous, and naturally radiant there.

  • Lydia

    pointless video. boring “model” she’s only famous for her tits and thats……….sad.

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