Kate Upton

Kate Upton’s Car Washing Commercial



Kate Upton is everywhere these days, and since the blonde bomshell is famous for her sexy image, a car washing commercial fits her best… even if she isn’t revealing her bikini figure.

Check out Kate’s new commercial for Mercedes-Benz CLA and share your thoughts!


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  • Katheryn


    • guru

      she is britney spears reincarnated. attractive because she is youthful, but believe me in 10 years time she will look like your average canteen lady. she does not have a beauty that will stand the test of time. she is young, relatively slim. once she starts to gain weight or grows older, i predict her features will change.

      • artemis

        maybe, but britney looked way better than her when she was her age

      • Cristina

        Kate has really grown on me. I think this commercial is so cheesy but she does look good! Especially at the end, she sounds sexy.

        • Cristina

          Oops this wasn’t meant to be a reply

  • FLeur

    More like “she’s the car” and is being “washed” 😉 I hate this….

    • cloud9

      her plainness, trashiness and unnecessary fame boggels the mind

      • deppfan

        Washing car in bikini is a classic. Not that I like it but she’s just doing her job.

      • artemis

        ditto, cloud9

      • sarah

        What the heck is the big deal about this woman? I find her to have a painfully average face, and an average body. Is it because she has big boobs? Is that all it takes to be considered “beautiful” nowadays? That’s extremely pathetic. What happened to having a stunning face? A mysterious aura? A unique personality?

  • Melia

    I don’t get why so many people got so worked up over this commercial. I thought it was cute/ funny. If anything people should be celebrating the fact that a model was used who is a little “fuller” than the average model. (I use the term fuller lightly, I think she is a healthy weight)

    • Pixie

      I completely agree with you Melia.

    • Chelsea

      I love this commercial! It’s so cute and funny. I love when she says, “You missed a spot.” My only complaint is she just awkwardly stands there and that outfit is atrocious. I don’t know why everyone is making such a big deal out of it, but, regardless, it’s giving Kate Upton more publicity.

      • Chelsea

        Oops! I didn’t mean to put this under this reply. Lol

    • La la la la

      i agree it was funny, but was it intentionally funny? part of the humor is that she’s so mediocre IMO

  • Amanda

    She is so fat for a model. removed* Pass.

    • Powwow

      There are different types of models!! Who are you comparing her too? And why bother? She’s not the new Karlie Kloss, she’s a ‘sexy’ boob, Kelly Brook style model with a pretty face, imo she does that job well because for the product she’s advertising here, its targeted more towards a male market, so it works.

  • sarah

    I don’t like the propotions of her body: thin legs,no butt,soft and larger belly and big boobs.
    She’s not the prototype of the perfect curvy woman and I still don’t get why she’s so successful.

    • I think you just answered your own question : big boobs!

    • Adele

      You’re right, she has terrible proportions. :/

      • ary

        for god’s sake, she just doesn’t have a curvy torso. It’s not that weird, i see weirder bodies everywhere, even on media (Nicki minaj cofcof Kesha cof). Adriana Lima has shapeless legs too. Really don’t see what’s so unfortunate about her body. She looks healthy, has lovely boobs, long legs, normal arms, normal neck, flat tummy, no visible cellulite, great skin and hair, cute face. Why she’s more picked apart than other so average looking celebrities is beyond me :/ Is it because she’s a “model”? she’s not a beauty/artsy model, and we all know that.

        • Ash

          Really? You used Nicki Minaj as an example? Her body is mostly fake, she doesn’t even count. And did the definition of a flat stomach change? She looks like a chubby slut from a trailer park.

          • ary

            more than 50% of celebrities got some kind of procedure on their bodies, so for that i only have to compliment Kate, but meanwhile Megan Fox boob job body gets far less backlash… And as for flat tummies, didn’t you see her on that cat daddy’s video? She doesn’t have a 6 pack, but her tummy IS flat…and wide. Sigh, i’ll just give up. I think she’s attractive, i have a friend with a similar body shape and untone, and she’s considered very attractive by many. On the beach, she gets a lot of positive attention.

        • artemis

          meh, i’m not a fan of nicki’s and kesha’s bodies but w/o the butt implants and with a smaller back and some butt muscles on kesha(if it would be that way) they’d look ok. but kate upton’s whole body has bad proportions, like a skinny boy(wide shoulders, back, waist, no hips, very small butt, shapeless legs) with boobs.

    • alice

      we should have more diverse models with different body types, shapes and sizes! no wait i take it back, now that i can see what some people in this world actually look like, im not okay with it! where did the standard go? i mean my god look at those shapeless legs and her waist? sorry guys i regret it now, can we just have the usual?

      seriously she has a rockin body so what if her hips are too big, she doesn’t have a waist and has shapeless legs i could stare at her all day. shes different and i love it, guys love it. thing with guys is they dont have a standard in terms of body types, you can be a pear, apple or whatever all that matters is you look damn good.

      i dont get why most women cant embrace different body types. because they dont find it attractive? we’ve been taught hour glass all the way but if you’re a slim pear with long legs thats good too, but only if you’re slim with long legs and damn you straight to hell if you’re anything else because you just dont look good.

      i read a article by a guy giving his opinion on why guys love her and why women hate her. guys love her cause shes something new to look at she’s not the same as every other girl shes got a lil something extra and its not bad. women see it differently, she doesnt have the holy grail hourglass body, but the damned apple shape that lets face it nobody wants. there are more than one body type in this world and yeah people find them attractive even if you have short legs, even if your arms always look big, even if you don’t have a waist.

      • artemis

        umm, most guys do have a type 😉 just like women do too

      • lol

        According to most people on here, if you haven’t got short chunky tree trunk legs like Britney Spears then you must have “shapeless legs” lol Give me a break. a long slim pair of legs beats a short stubby pair anyday.

        • artemis

          her legs now aren’t good(too big) but when she was younger/skinnier they were hot 😉 kate’s have no shape to them, especially her calves

      • KK

        THANK YOU!

        It really upsets me how judgemental people are about proportions etc, you can’t help your proportions… why should any girl (or guy) feel sub-par because they’re not a slim hourglass/pear? I’m an apple, I’m not just gonna spend my life feeling like crap and covering up because society doesn’t favour my body type.

        Plus she looks amazing. Always flabbergasted by the level of vitriol towards Kate Upton on here.

        • Fielding

          The commenters here want apples to be ashamed of their body shape.

          • serena

            Kate is not an “apple” at all. True apples are very rare because the defining feature is a big gut that sticks out past the boobs. Kate has huge boobs and her stomach isn’t even close to being bigger than her boobs. She is a “lollipop” shape meaning top-heavy with long skinny legs. So is Angelina Jolie, who many people find beautiful. Kate’s body is not very unfortunate like some make it out to be.

          • Serena; exactly! you’re 100 % right 🙂

        • Fielding

          “apple” was being applied loosely, as in, ‘not bottom heavy’

      • Jenny

        Well said, Alice! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Women need to stop hating on this poor girl! I feel the major reason why us women have body issues is because of the pressure WE all put on each other!

  • bbbl

    some of you women are idiots… A model will always be either ‘too skinny’ or ‘too fat’…. So what if she doesnt have the pefect so called ‘curvy’ porportions? NO ONE DOES. She’s just rocking what she has and guys loves it as well as girls….quit being bitter, everyone has different preferences.

    • Debbs

      Many people dislike her as well. This video was posted on Yahoo! and got a lot of negative reactions from both men and women. It’s not about being bitter. An Adriana Lima commercial would get a much better reaction.

      • Robin

        Obviously, but Adriana is way too classy for such a commercial.

        • LauraDee

          OK, I dont like her and I wasn’t sure why, until I read the comments and it hit me when I read your comment Robin… she isn’t classy to me. IMO she is a little trashy but i think that might be why guys like her, I think of classy like Alessandra Ambrosio and Bar Rafaeli, Kate reminds me of a playmate, and not in a good way.

    • Jay

      its not a matter of too skinny or too fat.. kate’s shape is just AWKWARD. its not really about softness. i actually like a little softness. i just dont like boxy midsections scrawny shapeless legs and flat butts.

      • violet

        I agree! U nailed it, thats the exact word I would use to describe her body 🙂

        • tellmewhatyouwant

          i actually have those exact proportions and its not nice hearing that i am a ‘skinny boy’ ?!
          anyway that point im trying to make is that there are many people with a body like that and maybe the reason you dont like her is IN SPITE of her body. im not trying to be a mind reader but i always defend something/ someone that is somehow related to me

          • Emm

            I have some similarities to. I was on a site with mostly men discussing women (many other subjects to). There was many people that thought Kate upton was the hottest woman ever. I wrote that I found it fun to read that, since my body is similar. And that if you read on a site were its mostly girls everybody complains about her lack of waist, no butt and shapeless legs. The men that responded to me said that I should be lucky if I have her kind of body. So don’t be too upset about it;)

          • Em

            I have some similarities to. I was on a site with mostly men discussing women (many other subjects to). There was many people that thought Kate upton was the hottest woman ever. I wrote that I found it fun to read that, since my body is similar. And that if you read on a site were its mostly girls everybody complains about her lack of waist, no butt and shapeless legs. The men that responded to me said that I should be lucky if I have her kind of body. So don’t be too upset about it;)

          • Jay

            who called her a “skinny boy?” certainly not me.. and i don’t dislike her in spite of her body. i just dislike her body.. its proportions are unattractive to me… even if you log onto barstool or another men’s sites, a lot of them are commenting on this video saying she let herself go and she looks bad now. sorry if that offends you. she just doesnt look good to me.

  • misscheeks

    I normally like Kate (her body isn’t as horrific as people make out imo, she just can’t carry fat as well as other body types but I’ve seen videos of her earlier in her career with less weight and she looked hot imo) but I cannot stand this advert. I saw it a few days ago on the “Daily Fail” and thought it was just dull and rubbish. I still feel the same way about it lol.

    • Debbs

      I also found her to be pretty in earlier photos – she can be very good looking when she is slimmer. However, this commercial is just garbage. It’s like they didn’t even try to make a worthwhile product.

  • Pixie

    That’s too cute, I luv Kate.

  • Huh what a dumb commercial… She doesn’t even look sexy? I mean, she looked sexy in the last vogue commercial in fifties style… She looked sorta hot in cat daddy.. But this?! It’s like they’re not even trying to make her look good. I can’t help but think I miss a slim waist and cute butt on her. Other than that, I get the appeal of her innocent looking face, her hair, legs, arms and even boobs.

    • They could have at least filmed the commercial on a sunny day! What a bad parody!

  • Andrea

    Oh my god that commercial is sooo trashy. No woman with the least bit of self respect would do this. I feel ashamed for her.

    • Mara

      What is sooo trashy about it? I don’t get it. It’s ridiculous/dumb, that’s out of question, but it’s not like she’s stripping or suggestively eating a hot dog. We get so see some boob and leg, but trying to look sexy is her job. I don’t know how this is worse than any other stupid commercial using sex to sell.

    • ary

      actually it ain’t trashy enough to make it “work”. Like…. hm fail? Not pornish, not funny, not nothing. Just fail. And yes, not the best shots of her body, not even of her bouncing boobs 😛

      • misscheeks

        Yup agreed ary! It was just blah and left me cold.

        • Fielding

          I still like her, but I do agree that this commercial is just terrible. They put her in the least flattering outfit possible…just wtf?

          • Sofia

            It doesn’t even look like a Mercedes Benz commercial. The music is super cheesy and Kate’s outfit looks like something you’d wear to a frat party. They should have put her in something sexier and used some “heavenly” sounding music/special effects to make her look all ethereal and sh**

  • Mia

    Sometimes beauty and sex appeal comes from the way a woman carries herself and the sense of confidence she exudes. To me, Kate Upton has that. If you look at her individual parts, not everything is perfect, but she has enough beautiful parts and carries herself with confidence, so that she is very attractive IMO.

  • Hardy

    Well, she’s got gorgeous breasts of course, but other than that I don’t get the appeal? Her face is nothing special, she has no waist and her butt looks kinda flat here. I suppose it’s a personal taste thing.

  • jenn

    It doesn’t matter which model Mercedes chose to use – the fact is, this commercial is obviosuly taking a step back by objectifying a woman. We were talking about this in one of my classes at college, and my professor pointed out that women make the decision 66% of the time of what car to buy in the household. So the fact that Mercedes is trying to appeal to men only is a pretty lame move on their part.

    • jenn

      forgot to comment on upton – besides the boobs, i’m not getting why anyone’s going gaga over her. she looks very average here, again, except for the cleavage.

    • JaneParker

      Normally I would agree with you, but the “You missed a spot” bit makes it look like she’s the boss of these men. I’m torn, yes we have a woman in a revealing outfit blowing fun, but they also make the men look like drooling idiots, going gaga over a woman. I’ve seen parodies showing how dumb men can get when in the presence of a hot woman, the butt of the joke are the men, not the woman. So I don’t know. I didn’t hate the ad, it’s pretty pointless but I think it’s supposed to be silly, and if so they did a nice job.

      • JaneParker

        I meant *blowing FOAM, lol.

    • Ophelie

      Any woman washing a car in a bikini (or man in a bathing suit for that matter) does not say luxury to me. I suppose I shouldn’t anticipate elegant commercials from Mercedes since their latest models of cars don’t have elegant design, in my opinion.

  • Mara

    That was even more stupid than I had expected.
    Her face looks quite pretty here and although I wouldn’t want boobs quite that big, I still think they look good 😉 But the rest of her is quite unimpressing. She appears to have gained some weight recently and she doesn’t carry it that well, IMO. She’s certainly not unattractive, just not a stunner.

  • LOL that was so awkward! I wonder how much Mercedes paid her for that…probably a bundle…

    She gets a lot of hate on her but I think she’s so pretty, and I love her legs, I think they’re perfect. So long and slim!

    • Tea

      I also think she has very nice slim legs, but I can’t help thinking ‘would it kill her to do some squats/lunges?’. Then again, maybe she does and she just doesn’t build muscle there easily. I just think because of her wide torso, slightly more muscular legs would balance out her figure.

  • rstlne

    The commercial is pretty pointless but I think she looks pretty. I’m not particularly drawn to her body type (though I don’t have any problems with it), but I am drawn to her confidence. I think it’s refreshing to see a woman who is confident and happy with how she looks and not trying to change anything about herself to try and reach some unobtainable level of perfection. I don’t think I’d be able to handle all the scrutiny nearly as well.

  • This is kind of awkward and not hot at all, imo! Her body is really not one I can get interested in – and here it really doesn’t look good to me. I mean, she’s far from fat or ugly – she just doesn’t have a shape I would normally associate with being supermodel-attractive. Her face is cute, but again, kind of not what I’d expect for someone who is paid for being beautiful.
    But, there are many other models who I feel just as ambiguous about! I’m just never going find her anything special, I think – I kind of want to because she’s not incredibly lean and toned and that’s refreshing – but I just can’t.

    • lol

      The only reason you can’t like her is because she doesn’t resemble you in anyway. you only like people who resemble yourself.

  • apple

    I think she resembles Taylor swift a little or they resemble each other. Is it the nose?

  • Liz

    Seriously Mercedes? You consider yourself a luxury car brand, you shell out millions for an in-demand model and superbowl airtime …..and you dress her in THAT? Did somebody’s daughter bring in a box of things she was about to give to Goodwill on set that day and it accidentally made it’s way into wardrobe? Kate can look a lot more proportionate and slimmer around the middle if you dress her properly and not in that hillbilly muffin top, sponge-bob square ass excuse they call an outfit.

    • dee

      good call. I totally agree with your comment.

  • Maud

    I find it humorous and funny. Mercedes-Benz is a european luxury car company and I don’t think they would have hired Kate Upton if they would find her trashy. Fellow sisters, please, be kind with other women and with yourselves.

    • Ash

      I’m only kind to women that carry themselves like a lady, not a piece of trash that will accept any role/gig for money, no matter how bad or trashy it makes them look. And Mercedes isn’t stupid, they know that sex = money, especially nowadays.

      • Maud

        In this logic, all Victoria’s Secret models are whores that we should disrespect. Cause let’s say it: VS fashion show is the summum of trashiness!

      • KK

        And I’m only kind to women who realise it’s none of their business what choices other women make about their own lives and bodies. How does it affect you in any way?

        • Fielding

          She is a bimbo and men think she’s hot.

          This is why they are so angry.

          Someone as technically undeserving as Kate should not be getting all of this attention.

        • Eve

          Agreed, KK.

  • I usually find her face pretty but here it looks bad. Actually, I think any model’s face would look bad in such unflattering lightening.

    Speaking about unflattering, couldn’t she wear a different top? This one doesn’t do her any favours.

  • binks

    LOL I love the guys faces/reactions. I don’t get why they wanted to ban this commercial or it was deem “too racy”. I was expecting a Carl Jr. type of commercial. As for Kate, love her or hate her she knows her audiences and her market.

    • Liz

      The ironic thing is that while the commercial itself was trashy as hell, she looked pretty amazing in that spicy burger commercial.

  • Nobsnob

    Blablabla people are so picky about her body shape >.< .
    They pick apart every piece of her when it's the whole you should look at. It's refreshing that she isn't perfect body-wise.
    I'm sorry but you can't complain about her body and in the same time complain about the beauty industry shoving exclusively skinny models down our throats. Make your minds guys. The apple shape is pretty common among women and in that, Kate is quite representative of a lot of women. It's a good thing.

  • Fielding

    Kate Upton is not famous for her face

    Kate Upton is not famous for her waist.

    Kate Upton is famous for WHO SHE IS.

    She is a cute bubbly blonde. It is her personality that she is selling, and this is why she can get away with being ‘awkward’.

    Even the top supermodels have never been perfect. Cindy Crawford is a ‘big’ girl. Linda Evangelista is gummy and has wide hips. Adriana Lima has a wide boxy waist. Claudia Schiffer has big teeth and a tiny head.

    I can guarantee that for every single famous beautiful woman on earth that you can find someone else who is PRETTIER and PERFECT in comparison.

    But, the top models and top actresess are not famous for the mathematic perfection of their features and bodies – they are famous because they are CHARISMATIC.

    You could just as easily ask ‘why was Marilyn Monroe such a big star – hundreds of women are easily more beautiful than her – whey are they not screen legends?’

    • Liz

      There are also plenty of women who don’t like the ditzy, “infantilizing grown women is sexy” personality she projects. When you see hot, charismatic women praised on this site, it’s usually because those women carry themselves with power and grace. Look at the boobalicious women who get a lot of praise on this site: Dita, Amanda Seyfried, Selma Hayek, etc, they have more depth to their personas that just “cute, cute, bouncy, bouncy” (that’s what it feels like Kate’s inner monologue is when she’s making lip bity faces at the camera). For what it’s worth, Marilyn, has enduring appeal despite playing up the dumb blond act because it was a transparent ruse, the woman was as well read as your average English professor.

      • Fielding

        And sometimes cute cute bouncy bouncy is all that people want!

        As for Monroe, hindsight is great, isn’t it?

        Back in the 50’s, her entire appeal was based on being an easy to get into bed ditzy blonde.

        I was by no means saying that Kate is as amazing as Monroe – I am just saying that for some people, a ditzy blonde, with nothing else to offer, is simply *enough*.

        I take Kate as she is, and I do not expect anything more. And I do not hate her for not being able to give more. The fact is, she is good at being the ditzy blonde, and this is why she is famous despite not being ‘perfect’.

        • Kate

          Can I get an amen up on this bitch? Preach it

        • lc

          “Nothing else to offer”? Huh?? Marilyn was a TALENTED actress, she did some good movies.

          • Fielding


          • Winnie

            while that may be true, no one really saw Marilyn as this great talented actress in her day, and no one really cared (until after her “tragic” death) because of her blond bimbo image. hence why she was continuously being typecast. i agree with Fielding 100%.

          • misscheeks

            Yep, agreed Winnie and Fielding!

  • Hh

    Ewwww. What do you mean pick apart every piece of her? There’s not one piece attractive about her! Her face is unattractive. She has a lazy not a care kind of body and her personality is super lame! I don’t care I’m turned off by others jumping to defend her. It’s like what has she even done for you all to be on her as$. Skimpy photo shoots. And commercials like this. Cool? By the way…she looks 30 at least!

    • Fielding

      and your very argument could be made:

      1) Why is Karlie Kloss so successful? she is by no means perfect. she looks like porn star sascha grey, her upper lip is thin, and she has wide bony hips

      2) Coco Rocha. Same as KK in some ways. Ugly lips. Why is a model with ugly lips and buck teeth so successful? surely there is someone more perfect out there??

      3) Miranda Kerr: face is too wide, with a wide nose that makes her removed*. Surely they can find someone with a nicer nose??

      See, I can go on and on and nitpick every model out there and explain, how, nad why they are not perfect! and should not be successful at allI

      The answer is, that despite these flaws, these women are good at their jobs, and they offer something different for everyone!

      And before anyone jumps on me, I love all the models that I mentioned – I was just making the point that if you look hard enough you can find ‘ugly’ in anyone and disqualify them based on those ‘flaws’ alone.

      • Hh

        All those models that you mentioned have something UNIQUE about them. Like their look or not…or point out their (small) flaws sure. They have SOMETHING about them. Kate has nothing attractive to offer. Not even her big boobs are nice. They’re just big.

        • Hh

          And ps karlie Kloss is super graceful and brings a good pose to the camera. Former ballerina. Coco was a talent Irish dancer and is mind blowing when she performed it on the cat walk. And Miranda Kerr has a baby face which will always be in demand in the modeling world.

        • Hh

          Like I said, Kate upton has nothing to offer. As one of the commenters already mentioned…she even has a noticeable mustache!

          • Fielding

            When I first saw Karlie Kloss I thought I was looking at a generic and somewhat homely looking teenager. Nothing ‘unique’ at all about her.

            Linda Evangelista was not considered to be ‘unique’ until she cut her hair off.

            Cindy Crawford is very generic looking, but her mole set her apart.

            “unique’ is in the eye of the beholder

            Britney Spears look = generic, to me

            Kate Upton has a sensual, romantic face. That is not generic at all, to me 😛

          • Fielding

            And I have seen numerous unphotoshopped pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio with a very very noticeable moustache.

            Even Monroe’s face was covered in fine peach fuzz

    • Winnie

      and what disservice has she done to you to render such a strong, hateful reaction from you…? i’ll wait.

      • Hh

        No hate just turned off. She’s a bimbo and a skimpy bikini model. I get embarrassed for girls like that. It’s girls like that which make guys think of girls as sexual objects. Because that’s all they can sell. It’s embarrassing.

        • lc

          Agree with you Hh, about being turned off because of what she portrays.

        • Kate

          But of course, if men treat us like sexual objects is because of women like her! Way to victim blaming.. The only one embarrassing here is you, darling

          • Fielding

            Love your posts Kate!

            I am a woman, and bimbos do not upset me at all. They are what they are, and I can enjoy the ditziness without getting upset or jealous.

            The ONLY kind of bimbo that upsets me is the Paris Hilton kind. If you are dumb AND evil, f you.

            But a bimbo who is nothing else but a bimbo? Np. I don’t ask for more, and I am not gonna hate the chick because she isn’t secretly all ‘deepity’ 😛

          • lc

            No, I think Kate’s actions are quite embarrassing also. Yes, it is because of women like her (at least in part) that men objectify and sexualize women. She’s letting them, she is making a living off of it. So don’t just go saying that it isn’t so just to make yourself feel better.

          • Kate


            What kind of logic is that? If a woman allows to be objectified, then every woman should be treated that way? Seriously now

          • Fielding

            Actually, ‘modesty’ is just another form of objectification:P

            The hijab is objectification in the extreme.

            And let’s not even get into reproductive objectification…

          • misscheeks

            “She’s letting them, she is making a living off of it.”

            @ lc- So does Candice (you’re a big fan of hers right? ;)) and all of the VS models, Sorry. Just playing devil’s advocate here.

            @Hh- “It’s girls like that which make guys think of girls as sexual objects. Because that’s all they can sell.”

            Really? Stop being daft on purpose (that’s what I find ’embarassing’ tbh). So the millions of women worldwide who have to go through various degrees of humiliating sexual objectification (been there myself), sexual assault, rape, rampant misogyny on a daily basis? That’s down to the likes of Kate and not disgusting men who are sick in the head?

            Right…whatever you say *rolls eyes* Yes that poor woman in India who was gang-raped and brutalised in the most horrific way imaginable by men who regarded her as little more than a sub-human “sexual object” (cos that’s what you’re saying right?[which is highly insulting to men btw but that’s a whole other issue] men see the likes of naughty booby Kate and feel it’s ok to treat women like sh!t)…yeah that’s down to bimbos, it’s not the man’s fault at all.

          • Fielding

            misscheeks: you have no doubt heard the argument that women are like meat, and if you put that meat outside, of course the hungry cats will eat it!

            That argument was made by a muslim Imam – his point is that women were tools of the Devil, used to influence good men into *raping* them. Of course!

            See, if women just showed some modesty, and covered up, they would not be objectified, right? This is why there is no misogyny over in India and middle east/Africa right? Because the women are covered up? So there are no rapes, and no child marriages, right? Heck, the women in the FLDS are covered head to toe, and this is why they are not objectified – oh wait, Warren jeffs raping 12 year old girls…

            I have also spent some time reading about other rape victims in India – and all of these women recounted the fact that their attackers felt justified in raping them because the women did not show enough ‘modesty’.


          • lc

            Misscheeks, no, I’m not a huge fan of Candice’s, actually. Or any of the VS Angels. I just Adriana and Alessandra are beautiful, is all. I just think her behavior is a little embarrassing, sorry, that is just my opinion. Prancing around half naked and sucking popsicles on magazine covers, “sexily” eating burgers, this car commercial nonsense…yeah, I have to think someone who behaves like this playing into men. I mean, her intellect ain’t paying the bills. My opinion, is all this is.

          • Hh

            You are so lame haha. Not even going to try with your dramatic impotent self.

          • Fielding



            You tell her HH!

            Use that superior intellect girl!

      • Hh

        Like I said, Kate upton has nothing to offer. As one of the commenters already mentioned…she even has a noticeable mustache!

      • Hh

        And let me be clear. Not a “strong & hateful” reaction. More like confused and turned off!

        • Fielding

          some women cannot help the fact that they are hairier

          stop hating on hirsute women

          or are you going to insult most of India and south america?

          • serena

            A bit of peach fuzz is one thing, but I saw a candid pic of her once where she had serious ‘stache and fuzzy caterpillar brows. She’s a highly paid model whose job is literally to look attractive – that requires a bit of upkeep!

          • Fielding

            Yeah, and I have seen pix of Alessandra Ambrosio with a VERY obvious stache.

            And how about all of the models who don’t shave their bikini lines?

            They are all letting us down!!!!

          • Hh

            It’s easy. And comes in many useful forms. Waxing, bleaching, shaving, plucking. Gross. Take care of that! We are in the future. 2013. Take care of that

          • Hh

            @misscheeks I didn’t even read the rest of what you said because I’d want that time back. I’d rather go back to studying. You make the lamest statements. Get over yourself and your *star inputs* haha!!’

          • HH

            SOOOO DRAMATIC @misscheeks bringing rape into it. Haha take your crazy topics of discussions elsewhere

          • Hh

            And LC pretty much took care of my thoughts anyway. Agreed.

          • misscheeks

            Yep Hh cos men treating women like “sex objects” (your words not mine) has nothing to do with rape or assault whatsoever. Men who treat women like sex objects don’t assault them or make crass comments or grope them or rape them. Yeah with me being my lame, impotent and dramatic self I totally got it wrong. Girl, yes get back to your studying lol you clearly need it if you can’t see the obvious connection.
            Sorry for the confusion lc, I was under the impression that you were a fan of Candice. In any case, Adriana (who I find totally gorgeous btw :)) or Alessandra’s intellect ain’t paying their bills either. 😉

          • Fielding

            As for ‘infantilization’, uhh, Miranda Kerr?

            Her entire appeal is based around looking like a little girl. A submissive baby faced f toy.

          • lc

            @ misscheeks, no, you are right. It is not. But I think her level of silliness and cheesiness far exceeds theirs; yeah, they are Angels, but they also have other serious modelling careers (catwalk, shows, editorials), they don’t resort to playing the blonde bimbo that only has to offer “sexiness” (the Easter bunny commercial??? o.O).

          • Winnie

            @lc and yet when Kate does more “tasteful”, HF spreads she is met with nothing but reproach and comments like “she should stick to bikinis” from you. she just can’t win with you people! you don’t like her and that’s fine, but at least own up to the fact that it’s mostly because of how she looks because if she were to stick to her Vogue spreads and her campaigns for Dylan George Abbot + Main and now Sam Edelman, you still wouldn’t like her. in fact, you’d probably dislike her more because she wouldn’t be “worthy” enough.

          • Fielding

            Kate is deemed to be worthless based on her looks.

            All of the whining about her ‘lack of personality’ and ‘trashiness’ are just excuses.

            That is objectification in a nutshell, but they don’t want to see it. They also cannot see that women are just as capable of objectifying people as men are:P

            Women are not superior to men by any means, when it comes to reducing people to nothing more than the ‘value’ of their body parts.

          • lc

            Yes, Winnie, and the basis for that is that I simply don’t think she is good model, point blank. To me, she is the equivalent of any college girl in her early twenties parading around half nude. They all do it, but to me that is not “art” and “modelling”. I might get flamed for that, but it is just my opinion. I think she should stick to bikinis, yeah, because it is all her “every girl” commercial looks can do, in *my* opinion. her HF shoots are a complete joke, honestly, and I don’t think she can pull them off. It is mostly because of her looks/body to me, but I also just think she is a poor model.

            Don’t get me wrong, @ Fielding, I don’t think she is worthless, “trash”, or anything, I just think she can’t model. She can parade around and be sexy, is all. Is there anything wring with that” No, to each their own. But that, to me, is not modelling. So yes, Winnie, you are right, she CAN’T win for me. I just think she can’t do HF at all, and her bikini shoots (which, I think she does best, they seem to be her niche, no offense, mind you) are not really modelling to *me*. Remember, this is all just my opinion. I don’t hate her, I just don’t see how she is such a popular “model” (and I use the term loosely).

            I feel the exact same about Bar Rafaeli; completely unremarkable face and body to me, don’t see how she is such a popular model. Looks best doing bikini shoots, not HF. Anything wrong with that? No. Just M.O.

  • Sanne

    I’m not interested in seeing this. So I didn’t watch it.
    But I assume it fits the girl: cheesy & cheap.
    I don’t get the hype about this girl. Lara Stone who is also a bit bigger than regular models looks at least classy, even when she’s naked. Kate Upton is – I can’t come up with saying something else that expresses how I feel about her – too white trash in my eyes.

  • Ana

    Trashy as usual.

  • La la la la

    1) Mercedes is really lowering the bar on this one. I agree with another poster, couldn’t they actually find a pretty outfit? She looked lumpy and disproportionate to the point where it was funny to see a slow-mo of her shape bc it was so boring and not beautiful at all.
    2) When she walks away at the end, she has no grace. People above who claim she exudes confidence, I disagree. She can’t even walk well! When she moves on camera or the catwalk she never looks good. She lumbers.
    3) I usually praise most people on this website but Kate is one of the worst celebrities in terms of the message she’s sending. Her juvenile Peter Cottontail and other such adverts have been regressive for women. Can we please move past the pervy child stripper thing? And can we please acknowledge boobs are just fat? Reducing someone down to a body part like she’s done to herself is so demeaning.
    4) women should not be threatened by or give two f**ks about Kate Upton because, as you can see, half of the people who watch this advertisement on Youtube don’t like it. It’s just dumb. And from how she holds herself, so is she.

  • Jello

    She has horrible legs for a model; very undefined; no shape.

    • Sanne

      There’s nothing wrong with her legs.

  • Another Kate

    Men love her. I personally think her face is beautiful. So youthful, cute, and friendly. I’m one of those girls that other girls think is beautiful, men not as often. She’s the exact opposite.

  • lc

    No. Just no, no , no. What is so special about this girl???? Average face, awkward, average body, no spark, no well, nothing. She does not look like a model in this commercial, and she does NOT look “sexy” imo at all. I mean, really? People sure do have low standards these days.

    On another note, for all of those women obsessed with the opinions of men, many people claim that “men just go crazy for her”. She has no waist or hips whatsoever. Very non-curvaceous, more apple shaped body, as opposed to a pear/hourglass. I thought that was all “men liked”? Guess all that WHR bs is not that big of a deal, after all. Lolol.

    • Fielding

      There have been studies showing that leg length is also a factor in what men find attractive.

      So you are correct, WHR is not everything.

    • Jenn

      Men go crazy for her one good asset – boobs! Of course they don’t care about her WHR.

      • lc

        Lol, I know. I was just saying, most people on here (who are so deeply concerned with such opinions) cry, “No waist!!! Unfortunate! No butt! Men hate that! They ONLY love a great WHR and pears/hourglasses”!!

        I was sort of mocking those comments saying, Kate U. hasn’t any of those “desirable” traits, yet supposedly men just go “crazy” for her lol.

        • Fielding

          I worked as a stripper, many years ago, and the most popular body type was the one that gets trashed the most on here – straight up and down.

          Traditional curvy body types were considered too ‘womanly’ for the men who patronized the bars. Wide hips just got ‘eww’ from the guys.

          They all seemed to love girls who were around 5ft3 with straight up and down bodies. Someone suggested that this may have been because the clientele were fantasizing about their first crush – but who knows?

          At any rate, this just goes to show that men can find straight up and down, small tits, to be super sexy.

          • serena

            Also Fielding, no disrespect to the fine men who make you holla for a dolla, but I have pretty much noticed the opposite in real life. Being skinny with small boobs and no curves can be attractive – Eva Longoria is a good example – but the “busty bubbly blonde” stereotype is a lot more popular. Hence Kate Upton landing all these gigs!

          • Fielding

            Serena: Most of the men were pigs:P But that is besides the point – I was just remarking on what these men found sexy. Northern Canadian bars…who knows – but that’s what they liked. /shrug

            I do not have that body type, but was merely commenting on the trend I noticed:P

          • lc

            “Traditional curvy body types were considered too ‘womanly’ for the men who patronized the bars. Wide hips just got ‘eww’ from the guys.

            They all seemed to love girls who were around 5ft3 with straight up and down bodies. Someone suggested that this may have been because the clientele were fantasizing about their first crush – but who knows?”

            I don’t doubt this. I have never, ever thought that men would not like a “straight up and down body”. Since they are all different, why would they not? At least some. This whole “Men love CURVES!!” nonsense has always baffled me: I have HEARD certain men say that they do not care for super-curvy figures and instead like lean ones.

          • Sienna

            Interesting comment, Fielding!
            In my experience men like thin, fine built women with small curves. I have never ever heard a guy in my environment pick a broad hipped chunky woman à la JLO over a fine built, narrower and girlier body type like Jen Anistons (a couple of years ago) or a shorter version of Miranda Kerr’s body. But this is my experience living in Europe and being in my early-mid twenties.
            I do think very broad hips look matronly, like those of JLo, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Brook, Beyonce…

          • Emeline

            I 100% agree with you Sienna. I live in Europe as well and in my experience, having large hips is not an asset for many men. It’s funny how real life is different from the popular opinion on SvC

        • serena

          I think it’s dumb when girls here start babbling on what “men like” because it’s not like all men find 1 body type attractive. As for “curves”, having big boobs is a type of curvy just like a round butt, curves hips, or low WHR. I also think facial beauty plays a bigger role than body shape. Anyway I’m not a huge Kate Upton fan but she has that buxom blonde look which lots of people find appealing. And it is nice to see a model who is not too skinny or plus-size.

    • artemis

      yes, some men do, those that prefer big boobs and nothing else. but i’m not interested in them, so ya

    • Jacky Daniels

      for your information, according to american vogue, she is little bit of sunshine among many lisbeth salanders of runways..and in that same vogue michael kors calles her smart, special and next supermodel. so i guess there is something special about her after all.

      • I actually agree, Kate IS sunshine-y. I think she’d be a much nicer, cooler friend than say Miranda Kerr, who comes off as competitive and difficult.

  • Dawn

    I think she looks very good there. I somehow really like her face. Se doesn’t look pretty or beautiful or anything, she’s just effortlessly sexy.

  • Candy

    The comments not just here but everywhere are 85 percent negative. Obviously not a goof model.

    • Missmarilyn

      I think the fact that she is raking in cash and landing high profile gigs speaks much more for her abilities than some negative comments on one website. Just saying. She’s obviously successful and therefore obviously appeals to many, even if it’s not the majority on this site.

  • KatAnne87

    I think she looks cute here- not high fashion or anything, but nothing to get your panties all in a knot over… And she has a lot that guys go ga ga for… long legs, big boobs, bubbly confidence… She’s pretty enough to sell a product; that’s her job, and she’s good at it. Men (and women, mind you) find many people without supermodel proportions sexy and beautiful. I know I do.

  • Liz

    There are fun/clever ways to use hot models to sell things. For some strange reason this made me nostalgic for the Cindy Crawford pepsi ad or the Ali Landry Doritos ads.

  • Puppe

    Seems so idiotic that we insist in the ideea that women are not sexual objects even when big boobs sell aspirin. I think is kate upton”s high IQ that pays her bills. I know, there are many others, but that does not make it right.

  • kc123

    someone take her to ziba’s… she needs to get rid of that nasty STASHE

  • Winnie

    the commercial was boring, and i skipped to the comments after about the first 15 seconds, but at least she wasn’t the one washing the car in a bikini like i thought it was gonna be. on another note, they should have dressed her better. not only is that outfit not flattering on her, it’s just not even cute in general

  • outstripped


  • serena

    Good lord, with the amount of hate she gets, you would think she kills puppies in her spare time rather than do trashy ads lol. No, she’s not Adriana Lima, and she’s not classy or exotically beautiful. But she’s a tall blonde with big boobs, and like it or not, there is always an audience for that type of body; it is considered attractive to many people. And I say this as someone with a body the opposite of hers (dark hair, great WHR, shorter legs, skittle shape).

    • Tea

      Yep, although she’s not one of my favourites I can admit she’s pretty damn hot and I am not at all baffled by how she could get so famous and make a lot of money off her looks. There are so many other models/actresses who are as famous as her with less going for them physically. Tbh I’m often more baffled by how some of the more awkward/outright ugly high fashion models do so well for themselves. Kate has loads of commercial appeal.

      • lc

        That’s it right there, you said it: She has A LOT of commercial appeal. Pretty much anybody with half decent looks and body can; she just got lucky. Those “ugly” catwalk models are models because of their interesting, versatile looks; HF designers don’t need dime-a-dozen commercial models.

  • Loxy

    CHEESE alert! Looks like a high school fund raiser amateur video and the outfit just solidifies this for me.

  • Adriana

    Can someone explain to me why she looks so big compared to those guys washing the car?
    She look nearly twice their size.

    • serena

      Kate is 5’10, the same height as the avg man. Plus Kate is standing on a higher slope, the men are lower down than her on the side, so she towers over them.

      • Adriana

        Is the average male really 5.10″? Is that a worldwide statistic or just an American one?
        Im from Australia and from my own observation and from some things I had read in the past I had always thought that the average male was around 5.8″ and the average female was around 5.5″
        Pretty sure out of all the men than I know including my family, friends and neighbours only 3 would be 5.10″+
        Most males I know are around 5.5″-5.9″
        Most females I know are around 5.3″-5.5″

        • artemis

          wow, that’s small :/ i only like tall and very tall guys. here in romania there are guys of all heights but i guess the average height is 5’10” too(i’m talking about romanians, not the annoying minority that all europe knows us in a bad light for-i don’t even wanna write it. those are pretty short)

        • serena

          @Adriana – I’m American and work in a hospital and often measure and weigh people. Our avg is about 5’10 for men and 5’4 for women – avg means 50th percentile so that means roughly half are shorter and half taller. It varies a lot by ethnic group though so that could explain the discrepancy!
          @Artemis – did not know you’re from Romania, that’s very cool. Always wanted to visit.

  • Adriana

    Can someone explain to me why she looks so big compared to those guys washing the car?
    She looks nearly twice their size!

    • saya

      I noticed that too =))

  • kim

    shes lovely. maybe we should use this website to honor women instead of tearing them and eachother apart

    • Hh

      You don’t even go here! Haha just kidding 🙂

  • Adriana

    Versus would you be able to do a post on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

  • Sofia

    She’s boring. Bleh.

  • Nikki

    Looks like the opening sequence for a really bad porno. Kate Upton really isn’t model material, she has a ridiculously average face.

  • Fielding

    The irony about Kate Upton, and this is what I love – all of the women who scream ‘objectification’ and ‘kate upton is causing women to be objectified’ are the same people who sit down and pick apart another woman body part by body part.

    Now really, who is doing the objectifying here, hmm?

    The irony is beautiful, it really is.

    Thanks for the entertainment, gals 🙂

    • lc

      Talking about people’s bodies is not objectifying them. Literally turning them into sex objects which are seen as nothing else is objectifying. If I posted my pic, and everybody started critiquing me, I would *not* feel “objectified. If I looked like Kate Upton here (I use Kate because I am thin/lean, not buxom and such like Kate) posted my pic to a men’s site, and comments about what a f**kable a-s, or grab-able boobs I had, or something I had, THEN I would feel objectified. Not if some random woman online said my waist was too wide, or my legs too skinny. That would just be stating an opinion, my waist and/or legs mean nothing else to her and have not been turned into “objects”.

      • Fielding

        Talking about people’s body parts…

        And then proclaiming that such people are

        1) worthless

        2) should be ashamed

        due to the ‘imperfect’ nature of those body parts


        that IS objectifying

        • Jacky Daniels


        • lc

          Okay, well, *I* wasn’t doing this! :

          “1) worthless

          2) should be ashamed

          due to the ‘imperfect’ nature of those body parts

          I didn’t see anybody else who was either, but perhaps I just overlooked it. I, and many others, simply think that she is dull and there is nothing special about her. I don’t think she is really “model material”. I have never tried to tear her apart, I just think that she is unremarkable. I have no problem with her more apple shaped body and thin (ish) legs. I see girls who look like her everyday, and prettier. To me, she is more “ho hum” and “usual”, not ugly, per say. Those kind of comments are what I was talking about.

          • Fielding


            and surely you can understand, when people rag on skinny boyish figured girls, and judge them based *entirely* on their body shape

            ‘oh she looks like a 12 year old boy, pfft, she’s nothing’

            THAT is insulting
            and THAT is objectification

          • lc

            Yes, it is definitely insulting, but I don’t know if it is “objectification”. 12 year old boys aren’t objects, are they? Perhaps I am misguided; I am not trying to be sarcastic or anything.

          • Fielding


            Instrumentality – if the thing is treated as a tool for one’s own purposes;

            Denial of autonomy, Inertness – if the thing is treated as if lacking in agency or self-determination;
            Ownership – if the thing is treated as if owned by another;
            Fungibility – if the thing is treated as if interchangeable;

            Violability – if the thing is treated as if permissible to damage or destroy;

            denial of subjectivity – if the thing is treated as if there is no need to show concern for the ‘object’s’ feelings and experiences.

            For example, slaves were objectified. Slaves were used as a means to an end, mere tools.

            Models and actors (male and female) are all objectified to some degree – they are used as tools to sell product.

            And soldiers, even are objectified. They are ‘used’ in war.

            Objectification can take many forms.

            It is counter-intuitive to associate ‘modesty’ with objectification. But it happens. Let me give you an example. In Muslim countries, women are covered head to toe. And you might think ‘aw, no skin these women are not viewed as sex objecsts.’

            You would be wrong. The women are viewed as literal PROPERTY. SEXUAL PROPERTY to be exact, so they are ‘covered up’ to keep other men’s eyes off the merchandise.

    • serena

      A stripper lecturing everyone on objectification of women’s bodies…now that is ironic, albeit very funny. Only on SkinnyvsCurvy, folks 😀

      • Fielding

        Oh yeah, b/c *I* wouldn’t know anything about objectification, would I?

        • serena

          That is true lol 😀 I suspect that is the reason you’re so defensive of Kate; if people hate her because she poses scantily clad, where does that leave you? Though I think a lot of people simply dislike her body shape. I do too, though I wouldn’t go as far as to hate her. It’s interesting how she provokes such a strong reaction.

          • Fielding


            It’s not that at all. I could care less about how people judge her for posing scantily clad. After all, kelly brook gets nothing but love:p

            I am specifically talking about how people judge a person as being worthless based on body parts:P

          • serena

            @Fielding saying “worthless” is going too far. I think people dislike her since as a model she’s held up as an exemplar of beauty, but we just don’t get the hype. When I see Adriana Lima I think, she’s a one-of-a-kind exotic beauty. But Kate looks like lots of girls I went to school with; cute but not outstanding. Did you know her family owns Whirlpool (major home appliance corporation; my washer, dryer, fridge, oven, etc are from there)? Plus her uncle is a U.S Rep. They must be extraordinarily wealthy – I wonder if they have connections to media and that is how Kate got famous so quick? Just my opinion.

          • Fielding


            That’s funny. I have heard people say she is ‘worthless’.

          • disgustedbythiswebsite

            You dislike her bodyshape? How can you dislike a bodyshape…such an bizzare comment

          • Fielding

            They DO say worthless in fact

            They say the same about Brooklyn Decker and her ‘weird hips’

            In the end, they hate women who are not pear shaped, and essentially ‘punish’ them for it, by saying nasty things

  • Jacky Daniels

    i agree with vogue she has that star potential and she seems like a type of girl who shines up the room i def. see the sparkle 🙂

  • Mariah

    Plot Twist: Kate Upton appears on a University of Phoenix commercial dressed modestly.

    • erin


  • erin

    She doesn’t even wash the car? She could use the exercise.

  • hasita

    honestly her body isn’t that great even though her face is pretty cute.. I just don’t understand the hate this girl gets from some of the commenters. If she gets praised, especially since her body is different from the usuals, why isn’t that applauded here instead of the typical ” she has such a square body” ” she is sooo overrated”??

    • papayaraya

      You are right- I cant speak for all the ladies but for me:
      I guess I feel a little bit jealous. Not because of the body, no mine is rather fine too but because I feel like she didnt have to work so hard and everything comes to her because she has huge breasts. Which probably isnt right too…
      She plays with this marilyn image and now that she is a bit famous doesnt even take the time to tone up. Somehow this bothers me I guess- that she doesnt have to be toned and lean. Its unrealistic – in reallife you always have to give your best and she just goes with it. Its not fair 🙁

      • hasita

        some of the thing you said I agree with, but some were just assumptions on how she might have become so famous.. we don’t know her personally so we cant say for sure anything besides what we see with our eyes.

  • anonymous

    The ad was stupid, but at least she wasn’t degrading herself by prancing around in an ill-fitting bikini. She normally looks more tacky… I’d avtually like to see her try and do more classy or high fashion stuff… She has a pretty face and she is a healthy sized model, so I think when she is wearing softer makeup and flattering clothes she actually looks good and likeable. Overall though she’s kinda overrated…

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