Aishwarya Rai, Kate Winslet

Aishwarya Rai and Kate Winslet Make a Pretty Team

Aishwarya-Rai-and-Kate-Winslet-Make-a-Pretty-Team - Aishwarya Rai and Kate Winslet Make a Pretty Team

Aishwarya Rai and Kate Winslet are currently working together on a commercial in Rome…

… and looking beautiful in pretty dresses while walking in high heels on set.

How do you like these ladies here?

Check out 2 more!

Aishwarya-Rai-and-Kate-Winslet-Make-a-Pretty-Team-2 - Aishwarya Rai and Kate Winslet Make a Pretty Team

Aishwarya-Rai-and-Kate-Winslet-Make-a-Pretty-Team-3 - Aishwarya Rai and Kate Winslet Make a Pretty Team

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  • Samantha


  • Beauty comes in many sizes; these women are soft and gorgeous! Shapely, too.

    • Ali

      completely agree! they look perfect

    • Mizzy

      they are hot. they are living proof that you don’t have to be stick thin or overweight to be considered hollywood beautiful.

      • jenna

        or have a bunch of plastic surgery as you age!!! aging gracefully 🙂

      • guru

        how many times do people make the ‘new’ discovery that ‘ you dont have to be thin to be hot’? Hollywood has always loved shapely hourglass women and so have men. Hollywood dislikes fat but fat is not the same as curvy and shapely.
        Stick thin has never been popular. No super stick thin model has ever been a sex icon but Monroe has.

  • those are pretty ladies!!! very diferente and very outstanding!

  • gen


    A girl in my french class once told me I look like her- that’s like the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

    • Cathy

      You got every right to be flattered! Kate really is a classic beauty. I absolutley adore her.

  • Polly

    Is Bai Ling in the commerical too?

    • ebby

      that is definitely not Bai Ling.

    • vivi

      the chinese girl behind them is called Lin Zhilin

    • Ella

      ‘Wow’ is all I can say.

      • sara

        ahah i agree she is the one who caught my eye first! strange considering that both aishwarya and kate are on my most beautiful list 🙂

        • Ella

          I was more surprised by someone not being able to tell the difference between two East Asian women, but yes, Lin Zhiling is very beautiful.

  • snoops

    aishwarya rai = perfection, I’d be in heaven if I looked like her

    • layla

      same here

  • love love love love! a lot better than the post of stick-think alessandra.

  • effie

    wow! i didn’t think it could be done, but kate looks PRETTIER than miss aishwarya in that first picture! whew, those ladies are stunning.

    • My thoughts exactly. Her legs look more amazing than ever in that pic.

  • susie q

    I’m not loving Kate’s hair…aside from that though, what a lovely pair!

  • Mackenzie

    can somebody please tell me kate’s body type?

    • artemis

      its like…a big boned hourglass tho not so soft n jiggly like hourglasses n with a longer waist

  • Gorgeous, Kate especially.

  • Gaby

    Aishwaria is too gorgeous!

  • tehbunny

    The Oriental Asian girl, IMO, is the prettiest out of all three ^^.

    • Cathy

      And so tall !

  • solaxi

    they are both so gorgeous and sexy and pretty! I like Aishwarias nose…i think it adds to her beauty

  • Katy

    aishwarya is so beautiful! I love her face and body always, she is so soft and womanly yet still slim. She glows. And Kate’s body is really awesome here! I remember her nude scenes in the reader, she has a really womanly figure that’s gorgeous.

  • Trisia

    ive always had a major girl-crush on kate… ever since titanic days.
    she is so beautiful and talented…
    and seems like a pretty cool person too 🙂

  • they both look beautiful. I’m a huge fan of Kate, great actress and such a gorgeous woman.

  • kitten

    People trying to figure out Kate’s body type should remember that she’s had two children, so her waist was probably a lot smaller prior to that.

  • Princess

    Wow i really like Kate`s body!

  • shell

    They’re both very pretty and healthy, feminine figures! Kate’s so natural, which is a (very good!) rarity in Hollywood.
    She looks amazing in the black dress! I think she’s a vase or hourglass shape (I know Trinny and Susannah say she’s a vase, but she’s more of an hourglass than the other celebrity vases like Katy Perry). She’s probably a combinatin of the two.
    Nice to see two healthy, not stick thin, natural A-listers!


    Women look so good when they are that deliciously curvy! LOL!

  • CHILINgfan

    It’s not a pair, it’s a trio. Longines employed the biggest stars from its three major markets to do this ad campaign. For God’s sake, acknoledge the Asian girl upfront. She’s not invisible you know. In fact, she’s more elegant than the other two, although all three are extremely beautiful in their own ways – Rai is seductive and Kate is enigmatic.

  • hjuka

    All three girls are beautiful in their own ways. All three girls are about the same age as well, Kate being the youngest in the bunch according to WIki.
    Chi Ling looks cute – may I even dare to say ‘child-like’ cute and I think that the other two girls look more like their age and somehow more feminine.

  • kate has innocent looks…aishwarya is beautiful…but somehow i find her face stoned…