Kate Winslet Brings the Quote of the Day

May 12, 2010 in Celebrity Quotes, Kate Winslet by Versus

Just yesterday, Cate Blanchett opened up about plastic surgery – and today, it’s Kate Winslet’s turn to share her thoughts:

I don’t want to judge, but it’s not for me. I would never adjust any part of my face; I just absolutely wouldn’t do it. But I also feel all that stuff is a bit scary: does anyone know the long-term effects of Botox or these filler things?”

“It’s all so upsetting. That’s why I find myself talking about Susan Sarandon and Meryl Streep, these beautiful women who are ageing gracefully. And Judi Dench and Helen Mirren – look at those women! And, guess what everybody? They’re working! And why? Because their faces still move. I just can’t imagine ever paralyzing any part of my face.”

… says Kate.

Pictured: Kate on the set of her new movie ‘Mildred Pierce’  – how do you like the makeover?

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