Front and Back, Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl in a Bikini, Multiple Perspectives

katherine-heigl-in-a-bikini-multiple-perspectives11 - Katherine Heigl in a Bikini, Multiple Perspectives

Seeing a celebrity with a little upper package in a bikini is a delight for many of you – and I bet you’ve been waiting to see Katherine Heigl in a bikini for a long time now, because those pics of her without pants on the set of her movie just didn’t do it for you.

katherine-heigl-in-a-bikini-multiple-perspectives2 - Katherine Heigl in a Bikini, Multiple Perspectives

So, there you go: Katherine in a hot pink bikini, having fun at the beach with her husband Josh Kelley. And since one perspective wasn’t enough in this case, enjoy the multi-view of Katherine in a bikini. How do you like it?

Photo source: Pacific Coast News

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  • Mariah

    Um, isn’t she a little old for that whole whore look? I’m not trying to be mean, I I love KH as much as the next person and lord knows she was freakin’ awesome in “Chuckie’s Bride” (remember that?) but this bikini does nothing for her figure….she resembles Bridget Nielson a bit in the first two pictures. Wouldn’t you agree?

  • ajka

    I like her upper body, but the rest…. she should try some workout, would not do her any harm. I love this blog, it is awesome.

  • Versus

    Really glad to hear that, Ajka! Thank you loads!

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  • Ela

    The first two photos are not very flattering. I’m a big KH fan but I’m not sure this bikini is doing anything for her. Bandeaus look bad on big boobs, a halter would be a better choice. Still, pink is good.

  • Lily

    Guess what people, most women do have cellulite! Katherine’s isnt even that bad! Sure its not the loveliest thing to look at but at the same time we dont need to tear women to shreds because they have a little. There are way more things to worry about than this!

  • Laura

    never understood the appeal of this woman, so boring and shapeless and flacid.

  • anonymous

    Cellulite occurs in over 90% of women world-wide, even very young, fit or skinny people can get it… So thats not a problem. Katherine doesn’t seem to have much anyway, she looks totally fine. She could tone up some areas a little, but overall she looks healthy and has a very pretty face.

  • benjay

    OMG, she obvisouly let herself go. I can wait till she hits the gym and we have some pics to compare these to. Sure everyone has flaws, but come on… these are crappy and honest pics.

  • mel

    OMG I thought she was a bombshell in bikini ! But her bidy is great though

  • Olivia

    I love the 2nd pics. She looks relaxed and happy.
    Whatever to the person saying shes “dressed like a whore”… shes on the beach, and wearing more than girls in most magazines.
    I do agree, the suit could have been more flattering, but she still looks great!

  • Belle

    Wow, no wonder there is such an issue with eating disorders and low self esteem (not to mention suides & depression). I’m really surprised and disappointed at the, hugely, negative comments. It gives a whole depressing feeling to this page. Very negative page. This was my first visit, so maybe I’m in the wrong place. … Why do people feel the need to be nasty, yes, she may not look like the unrealistic, airbrushed pictures we see on covers, but come on, she’s not that bad.

  • RachyRach

    Katherine’s gained some weight. She used to have the perfect looks: a pretty face, she was curvy, yet slim….. she should try to eat healthier and to work out