Gisele Bundchen, Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes

Celebs in Jeans: Olivia, Jessica, Gisele and Katie

FFN_g_511253072 - Celebs in Jeans: Olivia, Jessica, Gisele and Katie

From boyfriend-style to tight and skinny, they are a staple even for our celebs – here’s a collection of 4 girls all wearing blue jeans – from chic Olivia to athletic Jessica, skinny Gisele and slim Katie.

FFN_g_511270742 - Celebs in Jeans: Olivia, Jessica, Gisele and Katie

See the other 2 ladies next!


FFN_g_511268422 - Celebs in Jeans: Olivia, Jessica, Gisele and Katie FFN_g_511270702 - Celebs in Jeans: Olivia, Jessica, Gisele and Katie

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  • Miri

    Olivia is one of the most attractive celebs imo. She also has the best style. Major girl crush <3

    • Fai

      Totally agree, I love her style

      • alyssa

        I don’t see what’s so special about what she’s wearing – just nude flats, cuffed jeans, a sweater that is neutral and an expensive handbag…. Nothing miraculous, she just looks like a new yorker

        • Fai

          The style is not just clothes, is something more general that has to do with the outside and the inside. It is the way you dress, you move, you take care of yourself. Of course is also a matter of taste and maybe you preffer a different type of women.

          • Alyssa

            Again, i cant really tell the way she moves from still pictures, but she just looks like most women in new york who _try_; ie the ones who will make an effort.

            maybe its just this particular shot of her, but her hair is tied up in a pony bun.. and? She is thin though, which may make her look more edgy. I find the thinner you are, you can get away with anything and look “edgy”

    • Cristina

      She has such a great face!

  • sunshine

    gisele is great!! katie….horrible!

  • karla

    Agree olivia perfection,,,, kattie nice, gisele …,.is gisele and jessica beautiful

  • BlackPinkGrey

    Jeans, jeans, uniform of the century, they are great.
    Katie had such nice style around 3 or 4 years ago, nice haircut, better cloths and bags….

    • artemis

      Yes, she did, I loved that bob haircut on her 😀 this outfit is homely

  • truwordz

    i don’t know what it is about olivia, but it always looks like shes wouldnt be a very nice person.

    • Catherin-o

      Try watching that reality show with Whitney Port! I think it was called “The City.” Olivia was on it and came across as pretty catty. I do love her sense of style, though. She’s my favorite here.

      Jessica’s pants are a really unfortunate wash for her muscular legs. Katie seems like she doesn’t bother trying anymore.

    • Liv

      I watched The City while I was in college, I love fashion and styling… Olivia was the “villian…” and she did the whole ‘mean’ girl thing well, but I have watched her do interviews and she really doesn’t seem as ‘nasty’ as she acted on TV. She is an actress, model, and she has a fashion/style blog. I love her style and she really does know what she is talking about… I always liked her on the show.. even if she was the mean one.. she seemed more like a perfectionist and she took responsibility for her actions as well as she was a bit prickly, while Whitney seemed to make a lot of excuses for why she never did her job the way it was meant to be done or why she was late and so on… anyway… It’s all an act, Tom Green says that “reality” tv is anything but based on reality… haha

  • Magda

    Gisele all the way !!!
    How is it possible to be that perfect *sigh*

  • Liv

    I love Olivia, she is one stylist I really look up too… she has great taste!..Jessica actually looks good for once… Katie looks like Katie, I always felt she dressed way way too old… and A super model is a super model…

  • Tally

    Jessica or gisele!

  • Daniella

    gisele ftw!!!

  • Gisele and Olivia look best here to me – stylish and they have the legs for skinny jeans (they have long, skinny legs – the only legs that suit such jeans, imo!)
    Jessica has such an amazing figure, but these jeans make her legs look kinda short and thick. They’re too short and tight. Katie’s are too long and baggy and with the flat shoes, her legs look short too.

    • ramona

      What kind of jeans would you recommend for non skinny girls? I’m just asking out of curiosity 🙂
      I love skinny jeans, but I agree with you they are not always very flattering even for “average” slim girls. But I really don’t know what other more flattering jeans-shapes exist haha

      • Bootleg jeans, or moderate flares, are good – there are jeans at GAP called ‘curvy’, ‘sexy boot’ and ‘long and lean’ that are all quite flattering, imo. Marks and Spencer have a range of jeans for different body types – I tried their ‘Marilyn’ ones though and didn’t like them.
        I love jeans (but don’t have the money to spend big on them), so I’m always looking for flattering ones! Boyfriend and skinny do not look good on shorter, thicker legs, imo – nor do cropped jeans. Anything that tapers in or is totally shapeless is the enemy! Straight leg is okay, but if you’re curvy, flares and bootlegs balance your hips too.

        Annoyingly I can’t find coloured jeans in anything other than skinny. Skinny jeans are far and away the most common and I see so many women wear them who just don’t look good in them! Hope all that helps 🙂

        • ramona

          Had to google almost all of them. But thank you very much 😀
          I like bootleg jeans very much and I’m glad they’re back in fashion again.. but it’s so hard to find a really nice pair. Almost all look a bit old fashiond or have some kind of strange print.(or I go to the wrong shops!)
          And I agree with you, almost all nice looking colored jeans are skinny jeans.
          But I think for shorter girls, or curvier girls what makes skinny jeans work is the lengh. If they are a bit longer than the legs(not like Jessica’s here) they are more flattering.
          All in all I seriously dislike shopping pants in general(and I have a rather uncomplicated figure) 😀

          • Karin

            I have “curvy” legs too, I always look out for dark bootcut jeans. Maybe with a crease, that helps to elongate. I don’t know how your legs look, but if they’re like mine, big bottom, but the rest is rather thin, a skinny bootcut looks good. The average bootcut is wider around the knees. But it looks better when it’s tight around the knee. That took me some time to figure out…
            I totally understand your problems with jeans. For me it’s also so difficult to find a decent pair of bootcut jeans.

    • artemis

      while they don’t look good on very thick/big legs or on big women overall, i think skinny jeans look the best on someone slim to thick with shape to their legs, they highlight the curves and all that. i think they make skinny girls look like they’re skinny boys(cause so many guys wear them too).

      • Lau

        Completely 100 % agree with you, skinny jeans are good on slim or thin girls, not skinny at all… skinny girls suit things one size up imo. 🙂

      • jenna

        Agreed – the only girls who can’t really pull off skinny jeans are really big girls or super skinny girls. Otherwise, I think anyone can get away with them.
        I love that they highlight curves 🙂

      • Indigo Lace

        I agree also

  • Debbs

    Olivia looks the best by far.

  • Bo

    Olivia always looks perfect. Great style and I think one of the prettiest women I’ve ever seen.

    • Debbs

      I agree! Her face is just…wow.

  • JaneParker

    Who’s this Olivia person? I thought it would be Olivia Wilde but no, I don’t think I know her. Can’t really see her face but she has a nice body. Gisele’s legs are my favourite! Jessica is ok, seems to have gained a little. Katie… Please burn those jeans.

    • I only heard of her through this site – she seems very popular! I think she’s a ‘socialite’ and was on some reality tv show – people love her because she’s pretty, skinny, rich and stylish, I guess!

      • JaneParker

        Thanks, that explains it. I don’t know much about reality tv!

  • 98lbs

    I’m just irritated by the fact that ALL of ,em are wearing sunglasses -_-

    • serena

      Why? They’re outdoors so it makes sense. Plus it helps disguise them a bit so they don’t get hassled in public lol

    • artemis

      haha, so you’d rather have them squint cause of the sunlight? also, they look cool.

  • Emilia

    olivias qutfit is great,bu body of a 12 year old,not my fav i like gisele and jessica also looks curvy-sli-cute in those jeans

    • artemis

      well, gisele’s like that too so why don’t you say that about her too?

  • Elle

    Katie is so damn pigeon-toed, lol

  • roonie

    Olivia has great style and has a figure that basically looks good in anything.. Gisele also has such a great figure it doesn’t really matter what she wears.. Even thought her style is tacky sometimes. Jessica is so beyond boring and nothing special to look at, awful style as well.. Katie is the same.. boring, no sense of style.

  • wb

    olivia always look so put together, and has amazing style this is actually the worst i’ve ever seen her, and she still looks pretty good. i’ve seen the city, so it’s kinda hard to like her, but at the same time i don’t know if she’s really like that irl. her bf is super hot!

  • dutchie

    I think Olivia has great style, and she has a body type that looks great in fashiony clothes. However, if you see her in a bikini, she doesn’t look as great. Jessica, on the other hand, has an amazing body in a bathing suit, but she’s got the type of curvy-athletic body that designers don’t generally cut for, so she can end up looking dumpy (also, she doesn’t seems to be much of a fashion person anyway, but that’s beside the point).
    Which body type would you rather have– to put it in a reductionist way, the kind that looks good in clothes or the kind that looks good in a bikini? I think that stereotypically men are more more often attracted to the latter, but the former has more cultural cache..

    • Tiina

      Dutchie, If I could choose, I’d pick Biel any day. IMO she has one of the best bodies in Hollywood – nearly perfect. Not necessary my ideal body (I dig slightly bottom-heavy body types more), but still awesome.

      But this isn’t really an answer to your question, since I think that Jessica Biel actually carries most outfits better than Olivia Palermo. Olivia looks great in casual clothes because the current casual go-to is skinny pants with a baggy or straight top (goes for coats and jackets too) and she has the perfect body for that. But in addition to shift dresses that’s probably the only look that’s not flattering on Jessica Biel.

      Whenever Jessica Biel tries something with a different sihouette or goes to a red carpet event she looks great. Olivia Palermo on the other hand looks underwhelming when she dresses up. I think this happens because casual looks so good on her, but her frame doesn’t carry closely fitted, structured, voluminous or dramatic things that well. Or at least as well as Jessica Biel’s.

      But to answer your question: I’d choose a body that looks good unclad over a body that looks good in clothes. Decent tailoring can make one look good in anything even if the amount of those anythings isn’t that high with certain body types. But if you look good with any kind of clothing on, there’s still no trick to save you from looking bad without them. 😉

      • dutchie

        I think you really hit the nail on the head with your comment on tailoring– a bad fit can make anyone look bad, even if they have a fantastic body. I also agree that Olivia looks better in casual clothing than Jessica does (whereas Jessica looks more eye-catching on the red carpet), but I think this has to do with the tailoring angle, too. When celebs dress for the red carpet, I’d imagine they’re a lot more likely to have their clothes custom tailored than in casual dress. So, when Jessica gets the chance to wear something that shows off her great body, of course she looks amazing. I do think that when it comes to a lot of the more high-end designers, the clothes are envisioned with a very un-curvacious figure in mind, so it’s probably easier for Olivia to look great in the clothes without extra effort.
        That said, I think Jessica doesn’t seem to have a great sense of what looks good on her anyway– I think she’s gorgeous, but her red carpet (and casual) efforts are super hit-or-miss.

        As far as which body type I’d prefer, I’ve pretty much accepted that I’ll never be a va-voom woman, so I aim for more of the Olivia body type. Since I’ll never have big boobs/bum I feel a lot of pressure to maintain a low weight, because no amount of effort will ever give me a shape like Biel’s.

    • marghini

      Definitely Jessica’s! She has that type of healthy, strong, lean yet feminine figures that I’d die for. Moreover, that is the type of body that ages best imo, cause it can carry well a bit of weight more (that may come with the age), remaining lean and healthy-looking. Another celeb with this figure that I love is Halle Berry. Love them both 🙂

      • dutchie

        Yeah, both Jessica and Halle have the kind of proportions that can look fantastic whether they’re at a skinnier or heavier weight. Lucky! Not everyone (including, I’d guess, Olivia) is built such that if they gain 5 pounds it goes straight to their boobs and bum!

        • serena

          Halle and Jessica are both skittle shapes, which is a more proportionate pear that gains in thighs easily. I don’t really like Olivia’s body but she does have very nice legs, I was surprised she is 5’4 because her long legs make her look taller.

          • Indigo Lace

            I’m a skittle too and I love it!

  • serena

    I think in these pics Gisele has the best legs, Olivia the prettiest face, Jessica the best jeans, and Katie is just blah. Katie’s jeans are kind of frumpy, maybes straight-leg would suit her more since she’s pear shaped. Jessica has a body that’s athletic but curvy (skittle shape?) and I think she’s very attractive. Gisele can pull off any style imo, she’s the #1 supermodel for a reason.

  • Jennifer

    Olivia looks best. imo she’s way prettier than Gisele, even if Gisele has a better body.

  • retrobanana

    meh they are all boring to me….i hate jeans….i like dresses, skirts, shorts, leggings, specially in the summer…u wont see me in the jeans..summer u have so many choices of things to wear other then jeans..and why the heck is geselle wearing boots in june

    • cfp

      If she’s in Boston it’s because it has been COLD here. It’s been about 60 degrees and raining for a week straight!

  • solaxia

    I prefer Jess in the jeans to be honest! The others are very meh to me that I barely even noticed their legs in jeans. I personally prefer more curvy (toned) and slightly thicker legs in skinnies anyway. Don’t know what it is but I just think they look hot.

  • lc

    Olivia and Gisele ftw.

  • Candy M.

    From best to worst- Gisele, Olivia, Jessica, Katie. Katie has the worst style, i think I’ve seen her look good once and her fashion collection was unsurprisingly boring. Olivia has great style, pretty face. Gisele, perfect. Jessica looks good when lean and dressing right. Not shown in this picture but I like her arms, she actually trains them.

  • mary

    Gisele looks best, obvi. I love Jessica’s strong, athletic figure but her hair looks greasy and unwashed. The other 2 do nothing for me

  • Sophie

    I think Jessica and Gisele look the best. I have always found Olivia pretty unpleasant, looks and all.

  • cameron baum

    Love Gisele’s boots and jacket

  • Kimberly

    Jessica has the best body but Olivia has the best style. Gisele has narrow hips so I’m not a fan and Katie has somewhat of an unfortunate lower half.