Katy Perry Does Billboard Magazine

katybb2 - Katy Perry Does Billboard Magazine

From Billboard:

She’s training hard: “I am exhausting so much energy right now,” Perry exclaims between bites of Cheez-Its — furtive bites, because eating Cheez-Its is breaking training. “For eight days straight, I’ve been conditioning — just going, going, going at the height of my physical capabilities. I’m supposed to eat meals every two hours, but it takes me an hour to think of what I want to eat, so by lunchtime, I’m starving. I’m just so hungry all the time.”

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See more of Katy (including her recently launched wax figure) next!


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29 thoughts on “Katy Perry Does Billboard Magazine”

  1. I think she looks good on the cover, but I don’t normally find her to be anything special. Also not a fan of her style (hair included), I find her outfits even on a regular day to be a tad too odd for my liking. She in that green dress at the Grammys, though……………she killed it.

    • My thoughts exactly. On the cover, she looks almost makeup free, natural. She is far from unattractive, and could look quite amazing with a good stylist.

    • Her cover looks really pretty and I like that she is moving towards a more natural look but she has never really stood out to me. Agree with the artificial manufactured statements and if you have watched her life story dvd you will see just how fake her whole look is.

    • I think she looks alot better in simple makeup. If you notice her makeup in roar, it looks really fresh and suits her face alot more.

      I believe that nowadays 90% of artists create a personality or a specific look for themselves, a persona to be specific. Miley, Katy, Rihanna. Its all strategic marketing, and it definitely works for them.
      When your image overcomes the quality of your work, that’s when it becomes really noticeable. Cause its almost as if the persona is sustaining them. I wonder what would happen if all pop artists would start coming to stage in a simple pair of jeans and a tshirt and simply sing. Without the dancing and the look, would they be as famous as they are right now?

  2. If you are hungry all the time, eat more. It’s not that hard. I keep protein bars in my purse/backpack because of this phenomenon of needing food and being active.

      • Yes that’s true. Without any make-up she looks very plain. I just meant, that she could tone it down a bit. E.g. dark brown instead of black hair. A bit like on the cover of the prism magazine….

  3. she is the top of her profession which is so strange to be because she is SO unremarkable to me in every way. Have you seen this girls body on the beach, completely boring. her face without makeup? her voice? Literally all of her crazy costumes and gimmicky performances are the only way she gets away with being so average

  4. Her figure is great, but in every other way she doesn’t impress me at all. I can’t really understand why she’s so popular. And she shouldn’t be hungry all the time – that’s just stupid!

  5. I LOVE her body. Curvy and slim.
    I am not a fan of too skinny women.
    Bar, Sofia Vergara, her and Ginzburg Esti are idela bodies to me.

  6. hehe only she would talk about physical conditioning over a bowl of cheez-its. This girl is a walking talking cheez-it, and I’m sure if I look around I could find a picture of her dressed as one. She’s so fake she’s the perfect candidate for a wax replica, although I think the figure doesn’t have enough of her glassy stare.

  7. i love the cover pic&the last one, love the black dress and shoes but not on her, Katy has a nice body- not skinny&tight but sort of like slim&soft and her frame is medium not tiny like with many skinny celebs, i love her body, but she can’t dress it well, whoever styles her approaches her wardrobe without thinking about Katy’s body type, too bad.
    Also i think she has one those faces that can handle a lot of make up, cos most of time she looks beautiful to me with make up even when its obvious its caked up but without it she’s very plain, though i’d prefer seeing more of her with natural-like make up.
    Maybe she should hire a nutritionist to list foods allowed for maintaining her weight or invest in planned meals service where they deliver you healthy prepared meals every day. Though i think it’d be easier to find a physical activity she likes&learn to keep the bulk of diet healthy and the small amount unhealthy stuff u love, at first its hard, but then living like that becomes easy and you don’t think much bout what you should/allowed to eat.
    Also i remember on some site Katy posted a pic of a small bag full of vitamins or/and supplements she takes from day to day, i was kinda shocked, in my opinion you should do everything possible to get your nutrients&vitamins from food,only those you can’t get this way due to some problems take in form of pills, but there is limit to that too…i am very skeptical bout supplements and as for vitamins even those, imho, you should take only if you learn that you have some deficiency, i don’t get people who mindlessly take vitamins the whole year or like in cold months cos they believe “its good for you”, i mean your body may disagree.

  8. Never saw the hype with this girl, to me, she is unremarkable in every possible way. And she sure doesn’t look like she exercises as much as she says she does.

  9. She is much better looking when she isn’t wearing heavy makeup or stupid costumes. The Betty Boop style is overplayed. However, I can relate to her body type as I am also a vase. She looks slim but curvy, which I like.

  10. oddly enough I really like that black and white outfit (maybe it’s because I own a pair very similar to those shoes), but I just realized it reminded me of high school and 1995. mohair sweater, little skirt suit, thigh-highs.

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