Katy Perry

Katy Perry in a Green Bikini

katy-perry-in-a-green-bikini - Katy Perry in a Green Bikini

Yay, it’s the middle of the winter and the celebrity bikini pictures are on the roll!

First stop, Katy Perry’s green bikini – Katy usually wears the tiniest outfits, so we already knew that she’s got one hot body… and these pictures confirm it! Front, side or back, can’t spot any flaw on Katy’s beach figure: she’s got the upper and the lower curves, the shapely legs and no visible cellulite.

Let’s hear your comments!

More pics after the jump!

katy-perry-in-a-green-bikini-2 - Katy Perry in a Green Bikini

katy-perry-in-a-green-bikini-3 - Katy Perry in a Green Bikini

 katy-perry-in-a-green-bikini-4 - Katy Perry in a Green Bikini

katy-perry-in-a-green-bikini-5 - Katy Perry in a Green Bikini

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website

    Hehe,I’m first.I really love her.She looks very good.I like green.

  • Gosia

    She is a good singer, however i dont like her body…. shes not toned at all.

  • Cait

    wow i think she looks great, really in proportion, not over toned and great boobs and waist, i was suprised at how good she looks in a bikini, good for her!

  • raluca

    @cait i agree. she looks great. well proportioned, good boobs, nice waist, and all in all slim and toned. healthy looking young woman.

  • terona

    Oh my God, she looks like me!!!!
    Never seen a celeb who looked so similar to me before…
    Anyway, this body is not hard to obtain and it’s real, not skinny… I love it.

  • lola


  • runner_girl

    She looks great, does she workout or just have genetics on her side? This body would not be EASY for me to attain, it would take implants 😛

  • Matthew

    Her body looks great, and she might even be pretty, if she bothered to smile.

  • e

    The only negative thing I could say is she could use a bit of tone, but who am I kidding, if I had her bod, I’d be rockin’ it in an itty bitty green bikini, too. She looks great!

  • e

    And side-note, she’s on vacation, not a photo shoot, she doesn’t need to be smiling, sheesh…give her a break!

  • Doodlepop

    Do you have her measurements by any chance? I’m always curious, because pictures where celebs look curvy can be deceiving and they can actually be super tiny, you know pictures

  • pia

    i don’t like her side and back picture, i mean.. she needs more butt… but anyway she looks great =) nice front picture!!

  • Versus

    I am also very curious to find out Katy’s measurements – unfortunately, I couldn’t find an official / reliable source, just unrealistic estimations.
    I’ll keep looking though!

  • sintunnel

    What a cute butt!

  • change.

    nothing really exciting about her pics. lol. =/

  • nin

    Put it away and stick to retro image.


    what a hot body, with ample lushious cleavage.
    shes fine, with fitness. but if she toned a bit more she would be drop dead sexy.

  • change.

    lol i think thats the most unflattering bikini ever. yeah shes on vacation, so it doesnt matter. but since we’re like rating her pics.. ima judge it. her boobs look like a sagging cow’s (XLOL) and her bottom piece is soo loose on her booty. i thot she had a nice ol’ toned bootay. overall, very cute and most importantly HEALTHY. yea, shes on a vacation so this pic shouldnt even be posted.

  • susan

    I think she has a great figure, skinny with (real) big boobs…way to go!

  • alice

    i would love to look like her

  • Jane44

    Her Belly button looks just like mine!!….kinda Weird comment i know….

  • Scooter Rave

    I think she looks good but she has no muscles at all. She is not toned at all. Does she ever work out? Her legs are not fat and not skinny but they are soft. Very soft! If she were to wrestle someone, her leg scissors wouldn’t do any good. Even Paris Hilton could escape them, using only her arms.

    • Boo Bloff

      I agree with you to 100%!

      • Edwina

        Loooll, I’m glad I’m not the only one how was thinking about how easy she’d be to beat in a wrestling match. She doesn’t look fit at all. I still think she’s hot though.

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  • Fred

    What’s with all the “she’s not toned” nonsense? I mean really, what’s the trip with tone, ropy and “chiseled” women these days? Toned with veins and muscles bulging out = MASCULINE. Any woman sporting a six pack is a real turn-OFF. A woman’s contours have to be softened in order to appear more femnine. Look up your biology. A healthy women’s body fat percentage should be higher than a man’s (at least 10%, to a man’s 4-5%). KP’s body is about as perfect as they come–simply gorg, head to toe. As for her measurements, she’s already stated that she’s a 32D. Waist and hip are still unknown. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say 23-34 (she’s 5’8″, BTW). I also have pics/vids of her doing cartwheels and handstands, so her body strength isn’t an issue.

    • amazon

      actually a woman should not go below 20% body fat to be healthy. and i would be surprised, nah shocked if this girl had anything below a 26 inch waist. and 36 inch hips. but i do agree that no visible muscle does not mean she is not working out. we’ve seen plenty of pics of her working out in mags and stuff. sure you’ve even had some on this site.

  • sophie

    i dont like her thighs, too chunky :/

  • Dustin

    She has the perfect body. She has amazing skin tone too. She looks really healthy.

  • jacq

    Her body is just about flawless. I agree with fred.

    being toned sort of takes away from the beauty of a woman. and if she WERE skinnier, or more muscular (aka masculine) she wouldn’t look as unique, and feminine as she does. 😉 People like to expect people in the spotlite to look chisled, but in all honesty, I dont think their used to seeing a softer, more elegant figure, and so they are only left to critisize.

  • SophiaAthene

    There’s nothing I personally like about her body, or would wish to exchange. I would be depressed with that body and can’t see anything appealing about it. I suppose her waistline is ok. she has a cute, pretty face though and looks normal so doesn’t make young girls feel they are fat etc.

  • sazit khan

    she has a perfect body shaped, pretty face, big boobs, slim belly, wide hips, narrow thigh