Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley’s Tiny Waist Look

FFN_f_51346820 - Keira Knightley's Tiny Waist Look

28 year-old Keira Knightley attended the Chanel Photocall as part of the Paris Fashion Week Ready To Wear Autumn/Winter 2014 in Paris the other day in an optical illusion dress that made Keira’s already small waist look even tinier.

How do you all like the look?

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FFN_f_51346704 - Keira Knightley's Tiny Waist Look FFN_f_51346772 - Keira Knightley's Tiny Waist Look  FFN_f_51347904 - Keira Knightley's Tiny Waist Look FFN_f_51347905 - Keira Knightley's Tiny Waist Look FFN_f_51347908 - Keira Knightley's Tiny Waist Look FFN_f_51347909 - Keira Knightley's Tiny Waist Look

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Mel

    She looks adorable!

  • Lisa

    Pretty, but this dress semi makes her look like a robot

  • Shailene

    Ugh, I hate it. The waist on that dress just looks so wrong, almost grotesque…

    • ebby

      she looks disjointed and strange. its totally unflattering for a tiny waist. it looks a bit better on rihanna since her waist isn’t as small. hate it either way.

  • Rita

    Even the legendary Karl (who’s always surrounded by models) is frightened by her tiny waist XD

    rihanna was wearing a similar thing in the previous post.. is that a new trend? Ew

    • elisia

      He’s the designer lol. Both pictures (rihanna and keira) are from the recent Chanel fashion show.

      • Rita

        should have figured it was his design,, usually celebs wear the designer stuff in their shows

        on another note.. i would really love 2 c DITA VON TEESE wearing this!!!

  • Ew! Lord! Why? Oh god, ew!

    • Jenny

      Ew? How can you ew say to someone who is naturally skinny and looks “normal” for them?! That’s just mean. That’s not her fault that she has an apple shaped body… Skinny at the top. Heavier at the bottom.

      • I don’t mind her natural shape and skinniness, actually. I get it, I totally get it! I mean, I never was like that, but I get it, no jealousy or anything. It’s cute, even. The dress makes her look like an alien, it looks horrid (well, in my opinion, obviously)

      • Juju

        It’s a pear actually.

        • Jenny

          Oh I meant pear.. duuh.. I was eating an apple while I wrote it, maybe that’s why I wrote wrong :S

          • Juju

            Fruits overload!

  • Neri

    She’s got the most narrow waist in the world…! I don’t like the dress… Judging from her legs and arms, she seems healthy enough to me.

    • Juju

      Candice disapproves that post :p

  • Polly

    How is it an illusion?…upclose her waist does seem that tiny. My my what a skinny girl! Looks like class though.

  • Jenny

    She has a tiiiny upper body. That’s why it looks “weird”.
    I don’t think she looks skinnier than normal.
    I think she’s really pretty though.

  • guest

    i heard that she was wearing a korsett so i think this makes her look even skinnier

  • Bellerina

    I think this is so cool! Corset look without the suffering. Of course, she has a tiny waist to being with. I don’t think it would look as extreme on someone with larger measurements. I like it still, even if I can’t wear it. 🙂

  • Tonyee

    So. Creepy.

    • Juju


      • Tonyee

        :-/ ,,,,You cant be serious.

  • Jenna

    Gross. Does not do her justice at all. My rib cage hurts just from looking at those pictures.

  • KC

    Her face has been looking so different to me lately. I don’t know what it is though.

  • Eliza B

    It’s the lady leg lamp from a Christmas Story.

  • C

    Does anyone else notice when girls try to look small they turn their toes pigeontoe? I don’t get why but i notice this often in actresses that are trying to feel or look small

    • Juju

      Girls on fashion blogs do it too, à la “I’m so fragiiile” it’s ridiculous.

  • lizzilla

    I dig it.

  • Lau

    It could look like a beautiful dress, but it looks terrible. She looks, mind you, looks anorexic, because of the dress. It’s just weird.

  • guest

    Honestly it’s just how she was built. I have a really tiny waist maybe even slightly smaller and yet I’m just normal skinny. I’ve always wished I had the really pin thin legs instead to be honest.

    • Juju

      The grass is always greener… :p

  • Teiku5

    Well, that’s unflattering.

  • louis21

    i know many people find her face stunningly beautiful, but i think she looks very average and i never got her appeal. this dress is more than unflattering.

  • Karena

    Stunning as always. She´s a classic and natural beauty.

  • kateuk

    The dress is bizarre, but I love her hair!

  • disqus_e5owUDo2KZ

    I hate that dress, but SHE looks very pretty.

  • retrobanana

    wow, I don’t know who looks more fab…as you know riri wore a similar chanel dress (she posed with joan smalls and cara d on joans ig)…they both look great to me I know a lot of you will disagree. keira has such a cute body and look. she always looks polished, and she has a beautiful natural face, and pretty hair. she manages to stay beautiful and have a natural look and her body though on the skinnier side looks her own I think both ladies pul off the look..the waist is corset so it emphasizes a tiny waist hers must be smalllllll

  • Ellia

    Keira looks like one of those plastic hula dancers that you place on your dashboard that move when you accelerate. Her top and bottom half seem like they’re totally separate, joined with this weird middle part.

    The ill-fitting bodice looks sloppy and hastily made; the bandage-dress waist just cheapens the look… the neckline almost makes me love this dress, but I just can’t.

    • Ellia

      Forgot to comment on Keira: her face looks very pretty. Great eyebrows, shiny hair, lovely complexion.

  • Debbs

    I hate this look.

  • HB

    Hate it. Hated the purple version on Rihanna too. But Kiera is very, very pretty!

  • Faith

    I actually kind of like her the outfit in the first two pictures but when she is standing still to have her photograph being taken its just not right. I think her waist looks around 26inchs just the top makes it look so odd.

  • Trinabelle

    It makes me feel weird!! I thought she had white parts next to the black around the waist until I looked closely. It looks wrong.

  • julie

    Grrrreaat legs!

  • love her, but the dress is quite bizarre.

  • I think Keira is lovely, but this dress is weird – and not in a good way! It makes her waist look like it’s been corseted to a point where her liver is now behind her lung! Not right….!

  • menta

    oh my god this looks sick! no no no i feel the pain when i look at her waist, please stop!!

  • tequilla

    i like the dress actually. oh stop it, its the old story about her having eds..shes been like this since forever!

  • Layne Mikesell

    Imagine how insane it would look if she was standing against a black background… interesting dress, she looks good, beautiful face.

  • lc

    Kinda weird. She always seems to look elegant though.

  • Vanessa Baltazar

    That’s a weird dress. even though she is thin, I don’t think that dress is flattering at all.

  • dani

    the dress would look so much cuter without the stupid waistline…always a gorgeous girl, though.