Bikini Body Battle, Kelly Brook, Megan Fox

Bikini Body Battle! Megan Fox VS Kelly Brook!

bikini-body-battle-megan-fox-vs-kelly-brook - Bikini Body Battle! Megan Fox VS Kelly Brook!

bikini-body-battle-megan-fox-vs-kelly-brook-2 - Bikini Body Battle! Megan Fox VS Kelly Brook!

bikini-body-battle-megan-fox-vs-kelly-brook-3 - Bikini Body Battle! Megan Fox VS Kelly Brook!

I know what you’ll say: that we’re looking at magazine pictures and not at candids, meaning that Photoshop might have been a little responsible for Megan’s or Kelly’s super hot looks. But since it’s almost freezing outside (and the chances of celebs going to the beach are, therefore, slim to none) we take what we get:

Bikini Body Battle! Megan Fox VS Kelly Brook!


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  • kayla

    MEGAN!! i love her…she is so HOTTT…hotter than kelly brook…beautiful face, stunning body, gorgeous hair.

  • Barbie

    I dunno why Megan Fox doesn’t do it for me anymore :-S

  • klara

    megan! ive got more of kelly’s shapely figure..

  • raluca

    figure: kelly
    face: megan

  • lola

    megan, but didn’t her boobs used to be a lot smaller?

  • anya

    None. both trashy and not very good looking

  • stella

    Kelly, she looks more natural.

  • megan fox .. she is very athletic and i think she looks more natural than that angel airbrush look.. plus she is just so sexy :O

  • susan

    Megan definitely! Kelly’s got a nice body too but Megan is more toned and has a way better face

  • Serafiina

    Kelly all the way. I find Megan somewhat trashy-looking and she has horrible boobs. She looks annoying. I used to find her very beautiful, almost too beautiful (cause she looks fake, I don´t know if she is). Kelly has the right curves and all natural.

  • Definitely Kelly.
    Megan is hot but body-wise, hers has never been a stand-out one.
    Face-wise I’m inclined to say Megan although Kelly is of course pretty.
    Anyways since it’s a battle of the bodies, Kelly is the clear winner.
    I thought Megan was an Hourglass.. but here she looks like a pear.. what body shape is she Versus? Am so confuzzled.

  • K

    Kelly for sure. Megan seems a bit trashy.

  • p

    megan could be a pretty girl, but she looks so trashy…it’s in her facial expressions, her makeup, or something…I usually don’t like curvy too much, but I think Kelly Brook is one of the few curvy figures that looks good like that…she is a way better package than Megan Fox…Megan Fox looks really fake to me all the time, with the cosmetic surgeries, and the tattoos, she gives off a really phony vibe.

  • change.

    kelly brook has a ugly face compared to megan. body wise, its a tie. depends if you like big boobs and rounder buttocks, if so then its kelly. for me, its megan. megan has that sexy youth, while kelly is still sexy but she has this classic feel to it. lol, only i can understand that. but its megan!! shes smokinnn. love her legs and thighs. well defined and full. shes gorjus.

  • Versus

    @ Linda,
    I also think Megan is a slim hourglass (not an obvious one like Kelly though)
    Check this link:

  • Yay! My first instinct was right. *Feels Clever* Lol.
    Thank you again Versus (^_^)

  • megan fox’s body and kelly brook’s gorgeousness… fox’s expressions here just makes me want 2 puke.

  • change.

    i find nothing gorgeous about kelly brook (talking about her face, her body is smoking) in the last pic, she looks like a man!!

  • freedom

    megn’s boobs look fake in all the pictures. there a bit too & seprate round…

  • change.

    i dont think theyre fake. theyre just small. and shes trying to make them look as big as she can.

  • Rapid

    Kelly is so hot at the second picture.

    Somebody should tell Megan that tounge thingy is not sexy.

  • freedom

    yea, i guess your right. but I said they lok fake not that they are.and we shouldnot disclude the fact that people can get small implants, just the same as they can get large ones.

  • freedom


  • Jasmin

    you could drive a truck right through megan chest area…its really disturbing=O

  • change.

    lol, i honeslty dont find anything wrong with her breasts. i think they’res a big gap between em because theyre small. shes a small slim woman. but we never know with celebrities, i know she got her nose done, she might as well done her breasts as well.

  • musko

    neither. Both trashy!

  • ilovesugar

    YES they both look trashy thanks musko
    I dont know about megan fox, her eyebrows, or fake tan, or collagen lips makes her look like a lady of the night -not the nice type.

  • jo

    i think megan is way hot but her boobs look fake in these pics…. or maybe it’s just the kelly’s have a MUCH nicer shape? who knows, they’re both gorgeous though

  • james

    Megan Fox is so hot, not a match…hottest chick in hollywood at this moment

  • Leonie

    Megan Fox!
    She is the HOTTEST girl in the world, she has such a beautiful face.. her blue eyes, dark hair and full lips just win me!

  • ya

    I genuinely dont find megan fox attractive.. crazy and cool how theres so many different tastes in the world…

  • Ivory

    Kelly Brook!
    I love her soft, natural femine look.
    I’ve seen pictures where Megan looks good, but I don’t love her here. I really liked her in the purple dress she wore at the preimier of transformers (I think thats where she was?). Here torso looks too long to me here, that could because there aren’t legs in the picture. And I’ve never been a fan of her face… I’m not sure why though, I know a lot of people love it.

  • tayday

    hey, everyone has their tastes. I was in LUUUUUv wit halle berry when she was in her prime (shes still hot looking tho) after her i got awa from the hollywood bomnshell thing until lindsay lowhan. A hottie. then the girl who played opposite her who was hot but i really didnt notice megan until transformers. DAAAAyuuum. smokin hot! then today im looking at the net and i see kelly brook. are you serious??? she is a loaded glock!!! whew. yes megan has that sexy come do me look and i will please you at any position look. shes georgeous no doubt but kelly has that classic raquel welch, brook shields, jane kennedy look thats a total package.

  • Cassie

    Megan! The hottest Girl in the World.

  • PC

    Kelly is a bombshell.

  • Elena

    Megan, She’s way more sexy in this pictures