Katie Price, Kelly Brook

Katie Price to Kelly Brook: ‘You’re a heffer’

FFN_g_9132261 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer'

FFN_g_51007052 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer'

The full story from Daily Mail:

Katie Price has launched an astonishing attack against Kelly Brook in her newspaper column, labelling the curvy model a ‘heffer’.

The glamour model accused the 33-year-old beauty of ‘comfort eating’ her way through her recent split from rugby player Thom Evans, and admitted she was stunned to see just how ‘big’ Kelly is.

‘The pictures of Kelly modelling her latest New Look swimwear range in Miami don’t seem to be airbrushed and I’m FLABbergasted to see how big Kelly really is.

‘You’re a heffer, Kelly, but still a hot one.’

But later in her column, Katie did admit that while Kelly is above average size for a model, she is still a ‘brilliant role model for young girls’ because of her curvy figure.

Many more pictures of Kelly in a bikini plus some a Katie next!


FFN_g_9132263 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer' FFN_g_50937434 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer' FFN_g_50937438 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer' FFN_g_51007033 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer' FFN_g_51007034 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer' FFN_g_51007035 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer' FFN_g_51007036 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer' FFN_g_51007039 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer' FFN_g_51007045 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer' FFN_g_51007048 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer'  FFN_g_51007057 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer' FFN_g_51007080 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer' FFN_g_51007081 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer' FFN_g_51007084 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer' FFN_g_51007088 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer' FFN_g_51007092 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer' FFN_g_51007097 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer' FFN_g_51007143 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer' FFN_g_51007145 - Katie Price to Kelly Brook: 'You're a heffer'

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  • nat shermans

    Never listen to a woman with a garder belt tatooed to her thigh.

    • Liz

      This. What a grotesque human being, inside and out.

      • Tally

        Lol you know katie, always keepn it classy!

        • k

          Says the girl with curlers in her hair… Sigh

          • Annee

            And the breasts that make mine feel painful… auch!

          • Natalie

            HAHA this is the exact comment that came to my mind also!!!

    • Emma

      I’ve been meaning to get a garter tattoo, but now that I see Katie Price has one… I’m going to have to rethink that!

    • kat


  • Beans

    Is that how Kelly always stands or is she just posing in every single photo? She looks…in pain….with that shoulder positioning…it makes my shoulders hurt looking at them! It also makes her neck disappear..not cute.

    • Liz

      The poor girl looks like she’s posing constantly, even in candids. It has to suck to have a little weight on you and be constantly hounded for swimsuit pics. I feel like I would develop a respiratory problem from sucking my stomach in constantly in her shoes.

      • ellentjie

        I think she’s doing a photo shoot because Katie Price is talking about her photo shoot and also the fact that Kelly is in different bathers and posing.

  • clare.

    Kelly’s gained an enormous amount of weight – I used to love her body – but she’s just not attractive to me anymore, she’s just too big for my tastes. Im with Katie on this one.

    • Lauren

      Agreed. She used to be a healthy weight, with gorgeous curves and some muscle tone, but now she’s just gone over the limit. Things are hanging and flabby. If she just lost a few pounds, she’d be in the ideal range for her body shape and proportions.

      That being said, Katie could’ve easily said this in a more tasteful way.

      • silvy

        really? you dont think she is at a healthy weight now? I really disagree, I am sure her bmi is in check. remember too the camera adds pounds. To me she looks normal and healthy

        • serena

          Being in a healthy weight range (roughly 18-25 bmi, this is obviously just a rule of thumb and not precise) doesn’t equate to slim. I’m sure Kelly is perfectly healthy, she’s hardly overweight, but the reality is she’s a model and it’s her job to stay trim. Not that she has to lose much.

  • Pixie

    Glass houses, Katie!!! I’d much rather have a few extra lbs on me, than be all wrinkled up and orange. Idk what katie is known for, but she looks like an old catcher’s mitt!!! 🙁

    • Powwow

      She’s a glamour (topless) model.

    • La la la la

      Glass house, I had the same thought. Catchers mitt lololol that is so funny. I’ve never heard that one, I needed a good laugh.

    • Hannah

      She used to be a pretty model when she was much younger. Then she went down the lads mags balloon implants route! Now she is only really famous for her books that she ‘writes’, turning up to places basically in her underwear and marrying a guy she had known for a month because her psychic told her she would marry a ‘Kevin’ and ‘Kieran’ was close enough. *facepalm*

      • Courtney


      • Laura

        Bwahahahaha 😀

  • Magda

    Katie is so trashy I would not give a damn what she would think anyway.
    I like Kelly’s body. Find it better than Anja Rubik’s.

  • captbaka

    Whatever, she looks AMAZING. Super sexy. I now kind of understand why guys dig curves so much.

    • Indigo Lace


    • kbaby

      I agree as well. Kelly Brook is a beautiful curvy lady now AND then. When it comes to sex, I think most guys want a girl they can grab on when it comes to certain position than a stick figure. Just sayin’!

  • Julia

    Me to Katie Price: “You’re a slut”

  • If Katie herself looked immaculate then maybe she could get away with the snarky comments, it would still be quite mean though, but I feel as if this is going to backfire. A lot of people like Kelly Brook a lot more than Katie Price.
    Oh well…

  • Natasha

    Umm didn’t Kelly Brook recently have a miss carriage?? And now I here her marriage has fallen apart??? Katie Price you are an idiot who the F*** would give her a column… seriuosly

  • Kelly has definitely gained weight and doesn’t look as good as she did a few years ago – but she is not truly fat in my book and her proportions allow her to carry her weight well. Katie Price is one of the most unattractive women around with her enormous fake boobs, orange tan and tacky tattoos – I don’t get why she’s famous at all, really. She could have been so pretty – but everything about her screams trashy and shallow. I’d much rather have Kelly’s figure than Katie’s – she’s much more natural, and even if she’s a bit on the heavy side, she looks healthier than Katie too.

    • JaneParker

      I agree with everything you just said. No one in my country knows who this Katie person is, and the only reason I do is because I’m addicted to reading UK tabloids when I have to take the train. Still don’t know what she’s famous for tho. But she comes across as shallow, trashy and not too bright. I’d rather have Kelly’s body than to look like Katie. Any day.

    • lol

      “and her proportions allow her to carry her weight well”

      LOL could you be anymore predictable? That’s right erica, if you happen to be “curvy” and you happen to be hourglass then it’s fine to be overweight. It’s amazing how those rules only apply to women with that body shape. Isn’t that the same body shape you claim to have also? If she has been apple shape she would have been fair game no doubt.? Not that I am saying anything bad about Kelly because she is an attractive women.
      as for calling anyone “shallow” LOL are you for real? is this coming from the same person who looks down your nose at anyone who isn’t “curvy” and calls vs models “ugly” and “manly”? like the several comments you have made like that on this site?. That’s right of course you would rather have Kelly’s figure because that is the figure you again claim you already have. and of course your body type/shape is more attractive and more healthy than all the others in the world. If it makes you feel better. This is not an attack on Kelly’s weight and nor am I sticking up for Katie Price because I can’t stand her. But just remember they are both famous for the same reason, they are both untalented and both get their tits out for a living. So making one out to be more “classy” than the other is quite ridiculous. Katie isn’t doing anything different to what we all do on this site. YOU included.
      so stop telling everyone else how “mean” and”shallow” they all are, when you are just as bad.

      • Mara

        Lol, I’m starting to think you’re actually Erica, trying to fool everyone into believing she’s being attacked and stalked by a paranoid stranger on the internet, so that people will feel sorry for her, support her and give her attention.
        Stop your sick game, Erica!

        • Well, it’s not me Mara – as our site owner has clarified several times. I have nothing to gain from wasting my time with such a thing anyway – it’s delusional. Lol just likes to waste her time blowing my comments out of all proportion and picking only the very negative comments I made a long time ago about the kind of figures she prefers. It’s been a very long time since I called a VS model ‘manly’ and I probably worded it ‘she’s a little bit masculine to me’, which isn’t the same thing, but in lol’s defensive, narrow mind I am completely anti anything but super curvy – which is just not the case. I don’t know what is so offensive about my comments compared to anyone else’s – plenty of people on here have strong preferences and tend to praise one body type/be harder on/dismissive of others.

          And lol never actually seems to read my replies to her because she just repeats exactly the same accusations no matter what I say to defend myself – which just goes to show she has no interest in anything other than bullying a total stranger on the internet for kicks. And that’s sad.

          • Mara

            This site would clearly benefit from [sarcasm] tags.

          • Gen

            I find it hilarious that Erica gets attacked like this when she seems to be someone who spends actual effort couching her comments to be as inoffensive as possible. She always makes it clear that all of her opinions are subjective and even tries to explain where her bias may come from.

            As if she’s the kind of person who needs to be chewed out for her opinions. It’s like someone coming in here and kicking a puppy. It’s just weird.

        • Sorry Mara! 🙂 A winking smiley might have given me a hint! I lose all sense of humour when lol’s around – tiresome!

          • Mara

            Sorry for causing a misunderstanding 😉
            I feel like I shouldn’t even be feeding the troll, but it’s hard to just ignore this amount of hilarious insanity.

      • Fielding

        Lollipop shaped women with even 2 extra pounds, if those pounds happen to be on their midsection, are clearly morbidly obese and at risk of certain death from heart disease!

      • Aria

        In the past Erica and I have gotten into it a little bit over things we’ve disagreed on, but this is ridiculous. There are and have been some pretty offensive commenters on this site, but I don’t think I’d put Erica in that category at all. Take your troll rage elsewhere, lol. It’s tiresome and stalkery.

  • heathers

    Kelly is gorgeous and has a stunning body regardless of the weight she is. She wears it perfectly. Katie is a trash bag. T*** on a stick and a nasty face. Gross.

  • jenna

    I don’t know who either of these women are, but I wouldnt want to look like either of them (although if forced, I would say Kelly Brook is better looking). The one throwing around insults looks like Lindsay Lohan in 10 years, so I’m not sure she should be insulting other people like this!

  • ary

    what a b*tch!

    • Zoe

      This comment sums up my thoughts perfectly. :/

  • paola

    well it can be kelly gained weight,i don’t know,maybe she is just a very special case or part of her style are the dresses but kelly just looks good.

    • La la la la


  • CrackRocks

    You can lose weight, but you can’t fix stupid.

    • solaxia

      or ugly (on the inside/ outside…take your pick)

  • truwordz

    O GOD KELLY IS SO FAT ITS HORRIBLE ! seriously when will they return to reality.
    katie just sounds jealous tbh tht kelly can put on a bit of weight still look good and get work. i mean imagine a fat katie price in those poses LOL LOLLOL

    • Catherin-o

      BURN HER AT THE STAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • roonie

    I don’t particularly like either of them but I just cannot stand Katie Price or Jordan or whatever her name is. She is so disgusting and trashy and since she is commenting on looks.. Kelly is better looking by far, face and body.

  • ashleym

    Having a curvy figure makes someone a “brilliant role model” ?? LOL

  • Fielding

    I’ll take kelly over katie any day

    When I think trashy, I think Katie Price.

    Not even Kate Upton can compete with KP.

  • Rach

    Kelly looks curvy and amazing! She has like zero cellulite. I’d MUCH rather look like her than Katie Price.. she’s ALL fake.. fake boobs, fake tan.. and major skin damage. And she’s incredible rude and self-righteous on top!

  • Ana

    If I was Kelly, and I got that kind of a comment from a 40 year old whore, I wouldn’t give a f*ck

    • La la la la

      Lol same

  • Rachel

    There’s a part of me that wants to say that Katie Price is in no position to judge Kelly Brook since she’s rather unattractive, but isn’t that what this site is all about? All of the women on this site critique the photos of women far thinner and far more attractive, so I suppose Price’s comments are acceptable.

  • Rachel

    Katie Price is the exact opposite of classy. She’s just trying to get attention.

  • Nikki

    Kelly seems to have broad hips, combined with her boobs it makes her look quite large, but when you see her side on she looks like an “average” weight.

    Katie Price is the epitome of cheap and tacky. I’d choose Kelly over her any day.

    • VanillaFrosting

      She does look much thinner from the side! I have the same issue, I look much wider straight on and am narrow from the side. When I am thin (currently 8 months pregnant haha) my waist is 22″ but from the front you’d never guess it, from the side I look about 2″ wide in the middle. 😛

  • Nicole

    Katie Price is so trashy. I don’t care for Kelly’s body and it seems with this weight gain she’s actually lost her shape (not as defined as a few years ago) but Kelly is still much more attractive than Katie.

    I hate women sometimes. Most of the time.

  • Ophelie

    The last time I checked, Katie wasn’t the size of Snejana Onopka. I don’t find that there is that much difference between them size-wise. Katie is more toned but she also looks like something you scrape off the bottom of shoe with an attitude to match.

    • lee-la

      Katie is also tanner, which makes you look slimmer.

  • Isabel

    Oh my gosh, Kelly’s so fat that I connot press the exit buttton because she’s all over my screen!!!!!

    If Kelly looks like a heffer, she must be the skinniest one that has ever walked the earth.

  • Snip

    What an unnecessarily nasty thing to say. What is wrong with her?

  • Britt

    I don’t think she looks like a Heffer at all ! If I could gain weight and have it land in all the right places like Kelly, I might not even watch my diet super closely!

    • ebby

      YES! when i gain weight my body looks like a blobby, shapeless, mess. kelly gains weight and she looks shapely and super sexy. she’ll lose the weight when she’s ready, but i’m glad she’s not hiding her body and she appears to be trying to embrace it.

      • solaxia

        ebby – exactly! Plus she has nothing to hide because there are people who would find her super attractive! I gain weight fairly evenly, but I hide my body when I realise how much I’ve gained and it;’s awful! It can serve as a detriment to your weight loss too because you feel you have so far to go it’ll never make a difference what you do!

  • annemarie

    They both are far from thin, but Kelly at least has nice skin and pretty face, while Katie looks like a very tacky drag queen.

    • PS

      Drag queen were my thoughts exactly. I’d choose Kelly over Katie that’s for sure.

  • misscheeks

    That’s pretty rude of Jordan/Katie Price to say buuuutt I remember when Kelly was featured here last year and people were calling her all sorts of horrible names like “fat” and “pig” and such. ¬_¬ Either way I don’t like Kelly’s look nowadays, she looks infinitely better slimmer imo. Even so, vicious name-calling especially in the form of passive aggressive, backhanded “compliments” (‘You’re a heffer, Kelly, but still a hot one’…oh and btw you’re also a good role model babes”- ugh really I hate when women do do this! >=o) is totally unnecessary. Both Katie and Kelly don’t have bodies which I find enviable and really if we’re being honest they’re both as “trashy” as each other. Trashy but very successful though.

  • *****

    I don’t understand how any of you who commented or any one who is featured in blog posts feel like you have a right to say anything about anyone else. Especially saying negative things about another person’s body. Before any of you ask why I am on this site I was routed her from a link on another page. This is completely. I can’t believe there are people who sit on here and judge PEOPLE. For anyone who may not know that is considered bullying. I highly doubt that 90% of you that negatively commented on this photo or any photo have the body that you are wanting these celebrities to have. It is really disheartening to see how people really think so much about other people.

    • Mia

      Oh give it a rest. These women are both models. What are we supposed to comment on? Their views on the civil war in Syria?

  • curious

    What do people think Kelly’s height and weight are in these pics out of curiosity? (personally I think she could lose 5-10 but I do like the curves and as someone else pointed out, no cellulite. And if any guy didn’t think this was hot, they’d be gay)

    • curious

      Anyone want to answer this one??? What do you think Kelly’s height and weight are in this pic?????

      • misscheeks

        I don’t know about her weight but I think Kelly is about 5’6.

        • kateuk

          If she’s 5ft6, I’d think maybe 140-something-pounds.

          • HazeL

            “In 2012 OK Magazine she is quoted again saying, “I want to be toned and healthy. I’m 5ft 6in so the skinniest I can be is 119lbs. and a size 8 [UK], and that’s when people start saying I’ve lost loads of weight. At the moment I’m 126lbs. and a size 10 and I’m really happy.”
            – I found this quote on a website so you’re right she’s 5’6, she looked a lot thinner in the photo posted with it so I think you’re right with 140lbs in the pictures above, and maybe a UK12? I’m surprised her boobs have ever been able to fit into a UK10 though, mine get super squished and they’re definitely nowhere near as big as hers!!

    • Aafje

      I’m about the same height/build/fat distribution as her so 5’8″ / 155lbs
      (except her boobs are bigger and my thighs have more muscle but i think that evens out to the same weight)

    • artemis

      meh, not all guys like the same thing

    • Zoe

      “And if any guy didn’t think this was hot, they’d be gay” Erm… either that, or they might, you know- perhaps just have a different taste/opinion to you?

  • misscheeks

    “I don’t understand how any of you who commented or any one who is featured in blog posts feel like you have a right to say anything about anyone else. ”
    What? Like you are saying about others right now?

    “I can’t believe there are people who sit on here and judge PEOPLE.”
    Like you are judging “us” right now? ¬_¬

    Please take your hypocrisy somewhere else. Thank you.

    • *****

      Are you even completely serious?! I am not judging anyone. All I have done is said by commenting negatively on someone’s appearance among other things is bullying/judging others unnecessarily and inappropriately.

      • misscheeks

        Yes you are. You’re just too far up on your precious high horse to see it.

        I actually agree and just said that making horrible, vitriolic comments about people’s bodies is unnecessary and cruel especially if commenters have the same body shape/size/weight etc. Nevertheless as Mia rightly points out, both women are models and public figure, criticism comes with the territory for better or worse.

      • Elle

        Im with u ******* 🙂

  • lc

    Eh Katie’s just looking for attention. Everyone knows she is just a trashy attention wh0re. I don’t like Kelly’s body anyway, I don’t see what’s so great about it and I think she is too heavy for my tastes.

  • Jacky Daniels

    yes kelly got some fat but katie is fugly skunky trash. atleast kelly looks clean. even fat kelly is more attractive than katie in any form..

  • Alecia

    Kelly may have gained a little, but at least she doesn’t look like a hooker. She can totally pull off curves.

  • Chelsea

    I hate when people insult someone, but then they add a compliment. It doesn’t make the insult less severe.

    • serena

      Or when they say “No offense, but…(insert insult here)”

  • serena

    Isn’t it spelled “heifer”?

    • Mia

      LOL I was thinking the same thing. But, to be fair, there are things that are words that are spelled differently in England than in North America.

    • megs362

      OMG thank you! I kepy scrolling and scrolling… “dear GOD, please tell me that SOMEBODY out there recognised that ‘heffer’ is not a real word!!!

      It is heifer. In the UK, the US, NZ, AUS, anywhere in the english speaking world. Heifer.

  • binks

    Yet, I bet a lot of women (note: NOT ALL , don’t shoot me people…lol) RATHER look like Kelly then her so who is really winning. Despite Kelly weight gain she doesn’t look that bad and you really can’t tell.

  • Stace

    You can always lose weight or tone up, but you can’t do much to fix ugly. Kelly is a pretty girl even at a higher weight. Can’t say the same about this other person.

  • AnnieC

    It shocks me that the Daily Mail is an English paper and yet the spelling and grammar is so consistently abysmal. The Brits should be embarrassed that this is how they’re represented. It’s “heifer”, as in a cow. There’s no such word as “heffer”. Also, Katie Price looks like a feeble-minded, diseased hag.

    • Jess

      If you were a regular there you would how stupid the “writers” are. It’s hilarious just to look at the articles and the commentators there, the girls her have nothing on them.

    • misscheeks

      AnniceC- the grammatical mistake was a mistake on Katie’s part, this story was printed everywhere not just on the Daily Fail…(that being said, they sure as hell don’t represent me as a Brit with their barely veiled xenophobia ugh!), think it was actually taken as a quote from her magazine “column” (how she got one is beyond me) actually. Also “heffer” is a slang word meaning “a really fat b*tch, one comparable to a cow’s size” (courtesy of the urban dictionary ¬_¬) but I think the DF should have used “[sic]” after it since it’s a colloquialism.

      • AnnieC

        Sorry, but “heifer” as a slang word is still spelled correctly. It’s NEVER been spelled as “heffer”, and it’s been used as slang for at least 3 decades. I remember hearing it back in the 1970s. If anyone reprints Katie Price’s writing, then “sic” should be put after the word to indicate that she’s the writer in error.

        Bottom line is, the Daily Mail employs a barely literate staff. I have read it more than once but it’s so poorly written that it’s not worth my time.

  • vanessa

    Not surprised this appeared in the Daily Fail. Also, Katie Price is the last person who should criticise the way a woman looks – when I first moved to the UK and became aware of her I honestly thought she was a he. Kelly is bigger than she normally is but at least she still retains a nice shape imo.

  • Jess

    Ha, I love her Ina funny kind of way. In the uk Kelly is hated just as much as her. At least Jordan has a personality unlike dishwater Kelly.

  • kateuk

    This is definitely person. Kelly Brook is dating Katie’s ex.

    • kateuk


    • misscheeks

      Really kateuk?? Hmm I didn’t know that! Meow! :s

      • kateuk

        Yeah, Danny Cipriani.

        • Winnie

          lol damn! Kelly sure loves them rugby boys, doesn’t she? I can relate though. my ex-boyfriend and the guy I’m seeing are both rugby/football players so I see the allure haha, gotta love athletes

          • kateuk

            I know, Rugby player types are hot! I just love the big muscular build and those thighs lol.

          • solaxia

            kateuk – oh god glad I’m not the only one! I love the muscular thighs and butt. They generally balance out the bigger upper half. Plus they aren’t too ‘cut’. Like, they have some body fat on them too still enough to see the muscles, but it adds a bit of sotfness and bulk. Yum! So over seeing all those boys with the big upper halves that they train, but leave their legs. It looks so unbalanced.

          • kateuk

            ” Plus they aren’t too ‘cut’. Like, they have some body fat on them too still enough to see the muscles, but it adds a bit of sotfness and bulk. Yum! So over seeing all those boys with the big upper halves that they train, but leave their legs. It looks so unbalanced.

            Totally agree!

    • artemis

      eww, i wouldn’t date a guy that ever liked such a joke of a ‘glamour’ woman

    • Tally

      Lol that explains alot IMO- fought my bf’s x in the freezer section at walmart, then again @ a bar LOL!

  • em

    i don’t understand why women are so mean toward each other. i can’t take her seriously if she uses the word “heffer” instead of other words to articulate her opinions.

  • Jenny

    I think Kelly has an amazing body! I really love it. Even though she’s gained. So what?! She still looks AMAZING!

  • Casey

    Kelly has gained a lot of weight, and it takes away from both her curves and her appeal, in my opinion. I wouldn’t say she is fat, although she might be considered so if she didn’t gain weight so favorably (thin ankles and wrists, flat stomach, weight mostly in butt, upper thigh and breasts).

    However, I think if you gave people the option to look like Kelly or Katie, the vast majority would choose Kelly.

    Kelly still has great proportions, and she looks fresh and natural. Most people’s only gripe about her is that she’s a few pounds heavier than they’d like, which is changeable.
    There is no undoing of the damaged skin and plastic surgery.

    • Debbs

      Great comment. I will add that Katie Price is a joke.

    • serena

      Yep – Kelly has a great natural shape. She can easily lose 10-15 lbs and look fantastic again. A lot of people gain weight in the winter. When there’s a foot of snow on the ground and you’re cooped up indoors with a stocked pantry, it’s easy to gain a bit of flab.

    • lc

      Actually, I’d choose Katie’s shape. Sans the ugly boob job though.

  • Callie

    I don’t know who this Katie person is. But she is a grown-ass woman. And she should act like one instead of acting like a goddamn junior high girl who has nothing better to do than to comment on other people’s weight. Yeah, I know this site is about that kind of stuff. I comment on other’s weight too, but I try to be tasteful about it at least. So yeah, I know I’m a hypocrite but that Katie person sounds like a real bitch. I have body issues. I have a body similar to Kelly’s. Except I’m not as ‘curvy’. I certainly have that stomach though. I used to be heavier. I have lost weight and am still going. I don’t think I’ll ever be thin enough to be thin though. But anyways, yeah Kelly is curvier than she used to be. But, so what? She’s a million times prettier than that Katie chick (and an infinitely many times prettier than me, I’m a math major, trust me on this lol). She [Katie] just looks all kinds of bad! Sorry for the rant but she just pissed me off lol.

  • Sarah-Jane

    Omg Kelly has a figure like me…. Poor girl… It will take hours at the gym to work it off!

  • mary

    kelly brook still looks better

  • Catherine

    Who are they?

  • D

    Thats Katies opinion – people post opinions on other womens bodies ALL the time on this site, how is Katie saying something about Kelly ANY DIFFERENT? It isnt. That being said, just because Katie considers Kelly a heffer, it doesnt mean she is… it is a matter of opinion. For example, while I personally think Katie looks like trash with a body less-then-ideal myself…doesnt go to say the next person may think otherwise.

    • serena

      Freedom of speech means you can say whatever you want, but also that people can call you out on BS. So of course Katie gets to have an opinion – but we get to say her opinion is stupid. If she said “Kelly Brook looked better slim” I bet no one would disagree. Calling her a “heffer” takes it a step further and is plain catty. She didn’t even spell heifer correctly -_-

  • clare.

    I remember a few months ago, Kelly was all over the UK press, saying how celebrities who have had plastic surgery are bad role models for young girls, and how she would never have any herself. Who is she to judge others who arn’t happy with their bodies, just because she was born with perfect proportions herself – she looks down on others who weren’t and want to change something to feel happier about themselves. Maybe that annoyed Kate, and now she is having her comeback – seeing pics of Kelly “perfect” Brook looking overweight and out of shape!

    • artemis

      yeah, that could be the reason and it’s justified in a way. the thing is, her fake boobs do look bad and getting those kind of fake boobs is a bad example. people these days don’t know what moderation is.

  • clare.

    And another thing, look at the outrage it causes when a slim girl calls another girl “fat” ! YET there are whole campaigns started by, lets just say, “larger” girls, to ban size 0 models from the runways !? That seems to be ok……

    • serena

      Your analogy makes no sense. The ban in some countries was on models who were very underweight (too far below the minimum weight for their height). There are still thousands of size 0 models working; no one is banning that. Plus women over size 4 are basically banned from the runway or called plus-size, even if they’re clearly not, and this is normal in fashion. Let’s not pretend skinny girls are discriminated against in modeling lol 😀 As for Kelly, she’s only like 1-2 sizes bigger than Katie, what a joke this whole thing is!

      • Tally

        I totally agree

  • gh

    Katie looks like a porn star maybe she has a video somewhere I think Kelly looks amazing and she has the face if she gain 30 more pounds she will still look pretty but katie on the other side no solution for her

  • Naressa Khan

    Katie you’re one to talk! I rest my case with this mad woman.

  • Greenieweenie

    Funny, Kelly is the size women have to be naturally in order to have the DDD breasts that Katie finds so desirable.

    • tourmaline


  • AlsoAHeifer

    Although I read every single post religiously, I’ve never posted anything. I normally know everybody on this site, but I am unfamiliar with either of these women. My body shape is very similiar to Kelly Brook’s. I think I may be a smaller actually. I am extremely insecure and it not only hurts my relationship with my adoring, sweet fiancé, but it also makes me super anxious. My bad body imagine is something I constantly think about- maybe even obsess about. Even though scrolling through these posts makes me realize that most women/men prefer a “curvy” woman, all that comes to my head is the word heifer. What hurts the most, and maybe this is all in my head, is how I feel constantly judged. I feel like skinny is such an exquisite status. I have tried to be skinny, but have failed again and again. I don’t know why I have such a mental block, but I do. I am successful, intelligent, well spoken, and kind, BUT I feel like a trashy skinny person with no dreams and ambition act superior to me. Thats what i hate the most.

    • tourmaline

      I know that feel so well 🙁 Kelly has an amazingly sexy shape. Shape matters just as much as weight as far as what is seen as attractive. I’m sure you are gorgeous too…and I bet your fiance would say the same as mine, “I loved you at 120, 130, 140, 150, 160. Your weight changed but you were always beautiful to me and I never loved you any less or more because of it.”

      • Alsoaheffer

        One of the nicest things I’ve read as a comment on this website. Thank you! Good luck with your body image. 🙂

  • erin

    Kelly is infinitely more attractive than Katie, even with the extra weight. Katie is just fake-as-fak trash. Kelly is actually gorgeous with an amazing shape, even if it is heavy.

  • Flora

    I would rather look like Kelly a thousand times over. Even when she is a little heavier, whatever weight she puts on is so beautifully distributed, and she doesn’t ever look dumpy (in my eyes). I have Kelly’s thighs and hips (though mine are a little larger, and I unfortunately don’t have boobs as glorious as hers), and I think she looks beautiful. It irritates me when trashy, terracotta nightmares like Katie call softer, super-feminine women like Katie ‘fat’.

  • artemis

    katie looks gross, lol.
    ya, kelly is medium sized, i don’t like her belly but she isn’t fat.

  • megs362

    Okay so Kelly got a bit fat. Not heaps fat, not heinously obese, but fat all the same. But so has the rest of the world, and actually, bigger girls need to buy swimsuits too so I think it’s cool that they can see them modelled on someone their own size. Personally, I would not like to have her figure but hers has brought her in a lot of money, and she always seems to have hot boyfriends, so perhaps she’s happy.

    Katie Price is a wart on the arse of this world. And yet I actually feel sorry for her more than anything – think about how painful all the surgery she’s had done would be! Nobody would do that unless they had a tragically low opinion of themselves. That’s why she attacks others – it’s a classic defense mechanism. I do it myself (but keep my judgemental thoughts to myself, thanks!). Also, I know that however harshly I judge others, I judge myself a lot harsher. Katie must be in utter ruins emotionally!

  • mystic

    Kelly is gorgeous, and seems a lovely happy woman, you never see her falling out of clubs drunk or mouthing off at anyone and is free of hideous tattoos! katie price is jealous and a tarp!

  • Miamia

    Ok katie is trashy but my god KELLY is having gaining a lot of weight…. like when you break up with someone arent you meant to lose weight to make him feel bad haha.. but she has really let herself go…

  • Alice

    Although what Katie said was very rude and uncalled for Kelly has gained a lot of weight .. sure, she is a normal size for a normal person, but she is modelling swimwear and in glamour shots.
    Her body is not my ideal and not what I personally think should be modelling swimwear.

    • jenna

      Most models for swimwear are skinny already. I think it’s great to see someone who’s more normal size in a swimsuit, since her body is more like mine. She looks great!

  • Duemilatredici

    women like katie make me gag.. this fake b*tch with watermelon-sized tits shouldn’t talk shit on another woman with a healthy body.. she’s pathetic

  • lol

    I hate Katie Price but she isn’t doing anything different to what we all do on this site. So it’s hypocritical to call her out on it. Plus they are both famous for their bodies so both are going to be judged on that. Kelly has made a living out of being a nude model. Of course people are going to notice comment if they see a change in her appearance. Why is it okay for us all to make comments on here but not okay for KP? Plenty of people have made nasty comments about KP and she takes it on the chin. she must know to expect it in her line of work.

  • Soph

    Jordan’s face and her outfits make me feel sick. Her try hard pouty fish lips are so foul. She really disgusts me.

  • Heffer is a word though.. It’s slang or whatever you people call it

  • hoovo

    Kelly is curvy, that’s what she is known for. A heffer? Hardly!

  • COCO

    Katie is so jelaous and stuupid for saying that. Obviously Kellys not at her fighting weight here, but she’s pushign 40 and STILL SLAYS Katie Price in every department any day. Also, Kellys curves are all hers, Jordon actually has no curves at all, a harsh face and has done a tonne of plastic surgery

    • kateuk

      I agree with everything you say, but pushing 40? She’s only 33. And Katie is 34. Gosh, it’s a sad day when someone in their early 30’s is pushing 40 lol.

      • claire

        Its well know in the industry she shaves around 7 years off her age !

        • kateuk

          That’s the first I’ve heard of it. And she certainly doesn’t look anywhere near 40 to me.

  • snugglepup

    She can kind of keep her shape even when gaining weight, but her middle is getting kind of tubby. I hope she get back “in shape” soon. Luckily her boobs just keep getting bigger 😀 I don’t really care for her legs or butt – she has some saddlebag stuff going on.

  • Ludivine

    I agree Kelly looked better when she was thinner. I alwaysliked her figure, but to be honest she could loose the weight. Her pervious size and figure looked better.

    Katie Price makes me think of Jersey Shore and Geordie Shore of MTV, same tape of people. So fake and so tacky.
    Its kind of mean what she says about Kelly.

    • Ludivine

      Btw Katie Price looks really old now, and definately not beautiful. Such a shame, if she lived heatlhier and removed all her make-up and fake boobs, she would be really really pretty, beautiful and wayyyyy sexier.

  • clara

    kelly brook looked better with a little less weight on but she’s still gorgeous. and someone like katie price shouldn’t find anyone ugly really, she is one of the trashiest looking people ever

  • nessa

    talk about being an old jealous biatch! Kelly brook has such a hot body, i wish I had even a little of her curves!

    Katie price looks so old and too much makeup too tan, trying too hard lady.

  • nessa

    That tatoo is appalling as well !

  • burckybear

    The think i always think about is, if you met Jordan in a club – you would 100% bag up with it.. Skank!

  • Lux

    Although Kelly has put on a few pounds, I still prefer her body to Katie’s. Katie looks like a tranny to me. She’s kind of mannish in the torso, with no ass, and she’d have no curves whatsoever if it weren’t for those ridiculously oversized fake breasts.

  • kat

    um katie price looks like she has VD tbh

  • anonymous

    Katie Price sounds like an idiot. Fake boobs, fake lips, fake tan – not attractive. Im not a fan of Kelly Brook either, but at least she looks more natural and she’s pretty. I much prefer Kelly’s smaller natural lips and pale complexion. Plus Kelly is not fat, she actually has a great figure (better than Katie’s).

  • Jaz

    That is just flat-out mean. A heffer?

    So, first she calls kelly a heffer and then says ‘but she is a good role model for curvy girls’. There you go kids, this heffer is a good role model for other heffers.

    My body is very similar to Kelly’s body. A good shape, but prone to putting on weight.
    See, the problem here is, she doesn’t have a fat-free belly. She has a body that would have been celebrated about a century ago (maybe minus the fake bewbz).
    We like our bellies flat and jiggle-free nowadays.

    I have a bigger problem with the styling of this shoot. This woman needs a new stylist.

  • Dani

    Kelly is bigger than I’d want to be but I think she looks beautiful. I’d not let anything Katie price said bother me though. She’s the prime example for what you wouldn’t want your kids to grow up to be like

  • Saturn

    I think kelly is hella sexy!!!
    Katie price is just jealous….i mean…LOOK AT HER!!
    btw did anyone else notice how she’s covering her crotch?
    ….mkay just makin sure

  • Megan

    I think the heffer looks good. Super feminine.

  • Aims

    Kelly has a prettier face any day – she can loose weight if she wants to. Katie is stuck with that raisinface.

  • caracara

    Well Katy looks trashy and cheap with the fake breasts, loud makeup and bleached blonde hair, but she probably does that because she is so meh to begin with, women who get implants are almost always trying to make up for something, lack of height, meh face. Kelly is not a heifer, but she is short and overweight. Both are meh.

  • Natalia

    I agree, fake breasts always cheapen the woman, and generally look bad. She is just awful with that yellow hair and loud makeup. The one she calls heffer is short and somewhat overweight and common looking in the face. Yuck to both really,

    • Zoe

      Natalia- I thought you said you were no longer going to visit this site? With the greatest respect, I really haven’t missed your comments.

      • Natalia

        I get bored and end up on the internet, esp. on weekends or when no jobs or what. I love this site! It’s so funny sometimes, the pictures. I am also in a LSAT prep course so I get plenty of debating there, and actually do not feel the need to debate with everyone like I did before since I have started taking that course and putting my debating skills to good use, like on this site,or at home. I am thinking of becoming a lawyer, and it was the best thing for me to actually do something that allows me to debate as mush as I want. My family is grateful now I don’t argue with them! just in class. I just love this site in a weird way, and now just like to comment, and look at the posts, because I know I can get my arguing/debating by somewhere else by those that are trained like I am. So happy!