Katie Price to Kelly Brook: ‘You’re a heffer’

February 8, 2013 in Katie Price, Kelly Brook by Versus



The full story from Daily Mail:

Katie Price has launched an astonishing attack against Kelly Brook in her newspaper column, labelling the curvy model a ‘heffer’.

The glamour model accused the 33-year-old beauty of ‘comfort eating’ her way through her recent split from rugby player Thom Evans, and admitted she was stunned to see just how ‘big’ Kelly is.

‘The pictures of Kelly modelling her latest New Look swimwear range in Miami don’t seem to be airbrushed and I’m FLABbergasted to see how big Kelly really is.

‘You’re a heffer, Kelly, but still a hot one.’

But later in her column, Katie did admit that while Kelly is above average size for a model, she is still a ‘brilliant role model for young girls’ because of her curvy figure.

Many more pictures of Kelly in a bikini plus some a Katie next!


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