Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook Gets Sexy for Nuts Magazine

kelly-brook-gets-sexy-for-nuts-magazine - Kelly Brook Gets Sexy for Nuts Magazine

Here’s Kelly Brook in Nuts Magazine’s classically entitled “Big Boobs Issue”.

Besides looking hot, Kelly is also sharing some tips:

“Sex is the best thing in the world for keeping fit!”

…and offers a brief self-description:

“I like women with a big bum and curves, just like me!”

Check out 3 more after the jump, then share your thoughts!


kelly-brook-gets-sexy-for-nuts-magazine-2 - Kelly Brook Gets Sexy for Nuts Magazine

kelly-brook-gets-sexy-for-nuts-magazine-3 - Kelly Brook Gets Sexy for Nuts Magazine

kelly-brook-gets-sexy-for-nuts-magazine-4 - Kelly Brook Gets Sexy for Nuts Magazine

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  • Erin

    um, that is just WAY too revealing. she might as well go naked. i don’t like this at all.

    • gaby

      ummm, she doesnt even once show her stomach. she is so much more covered than most celebrities in mens magazines in particular.

      • Ella

        I don’t get what’s so ‘revealing’ about this either… I’ve seen women posing completely nude with only their limbs or a flimsy sheet covering their ‘naughty bits’ and this is no where near that.

        • ok ! where I live it’s sooooo much revealing it’s even vulgar

          • Instant

            In all honesty, what she’s wearing is no more revealing than a bikini, so how is it vulgar, or even a bad thing? She’s not out in public with it on, this is a photo shoot for a men’s magazine, so what were we really expecting her to look like in it?

    • Nkeon

      I agree it is very revealing. The outfits are very risqué and the poses are provocative. You don’t need to show your belly to be revealing, especially since you can see her arse in the first pic, which is even worse!

      That being said, I don’t find it disturbing because this is a shoot for a men’s magazine so this is what you get. At least they’re no bottles positioned in any awkward places.

  • she looks good but why people always something negative to say about women that don’t have her figure? if you love your body that much then why bring skinny women into it? we’re normal people just like everybody else.

    • ughhh

      i agree with bigvinamac, i mean come on. yes, she has a gorgeous body, but why criticize less curvy women? i mean, bodies that don’t have curves like her are still gorgeous.

    • gaby

      no one has, have they?

    • Instant

      Uh, who brought skinny women into this? Who said something negative about women with out her figure?

      • jess

        All she said was that she likes women with curves because they make her feel normal! In a society that favors thinness, I can see how a girl with a big bottom would feel like an outcast (see: negative comments about Kim Kardashian’s derriere.)

        • slitt

          i also think it’s a culture thing because kim kardashian loves her booty and wouldn’t want to lose it whereas in western society’s she might be considered fat. she likes black guys and most of them love big bootys. j-lo loves her big bottom and she is spanish. im black and i couldn’t think of anything worse then losing my behind. whereas i know alot of white women complain if they have a big behind (unless they like black guys)

      • Michelle

        I don’t get what the fuss is about. The only thing Kelly said was that she likes woman with butts and boobs like herself. Is that insulting to skinnier woman? No. Get over it.

        • Michelle

          And BTW….Kelly looks Georgeous! Beautiful Womanly Body!

          • all i said was why is that when curvy women want to talk about being beautiful, they want to bring up skinny women and think it’s wrong. now what she said that men’s magazines love voluptuous women while women’s magazines celebrate thin women and think it’s wrong? to me that was bad because you going around how much you love your curves but talk bad or just happen to mention skinny women? if you love yourself then leave skinny women out of it. so to me it was insulting.

    • Instant

      BigV, the majority of the women that women’s magazine celebrate are not HEALTHY skinny(slim), and I agree with Kelly on this point. Yes, there are a lot of naturally slim, healthy, beautiful women out there, but they are not featured that much in women’s magazines. Men’s magazines tend to be more “forgiving” in this area and feature women of all shapes, women’s magazines don’t. Even the ones that claim to be more “figure friendly” tend to feature way more thin women than fuller women. I remember “Glamour” a while ago went on its whole “love your body” bit, but the only time they showed fuller women was when they had a specific article about fuller women. Everything else in the mag, from articles to advertising, all had women that looked like they were lower weight than they should be. Women’s mags, generally, are NOT friendly towards the more curvy and fuller woman. If you are healthy at your size, and you aren’t forcing yourself to be skinny/thin, you are more likely “slim” or “slender” body type, not skinny/thin, and skinny/thin is a term to describe (unhealthily)underweight women.

      • that’s because you prefer the whole curvy thing and i’m not tripping on that. but i don’t agree is that women that have curves want to say that they love their bodies but trash skinny women because we don’t look like them and i’m not saying that’s what kelly is thinking but women’s magazines i’ve seen don’t even have skinny women that you see their bones. some do but the majority don’t. i’m all for loving yourself and appreciating your body but don’t put someone down just to make yourself feel better because it clearly shows that you’re insecure so the only way to make yourself feel better is trash other people. skinny women are women and we come in different shapes just as much as curvy women.

        • Instant

          Yes, I do appreciate the curvy build, that is my preference, but I can also see the beauty in slim women(Alexis Bladel, Eva Longoria Parker, Lauren Graham, Bar R., Doutzen K., Heidi Klum). To me, thin/skinny means underweight, and when I use those words, I am not talking about naturally slim women, I am talking about women that look too small/weigh less than they should. And a woman that is a lower weight than she should be doesn’t always have bones sticking out. And I am getting sick of the thin women being the majority of what is featured in women’s mags as what is pretty/desirable, regardless if they are healthy slim or skinny. If Kelly wasn’t putting slim women down, and no one else here on this particular post were putting slim women down, why did you go off on people about it?

  • Kae

    I love her body. Where can I buy a corset like that?

  • Instant

    I love her hair in the first picture. And the rest of her is just WOW! I love the corset 😛

  • kb

    i love her look and her figure. she works it.

  • sara

    who is she…?!?

    she looks good to me.

  • Elena

    God damn it, she’s gorgeous! Awesome photoshoot. 😀

    • Michelle


  • for a second I thought it’s CINDY CROWFORD lol

  • Miss_Hello

    She doesnt have a big bum…more like wide 😛

    • Nkeon

      Exactly what I was going to write!

      When I think of big bums I think Kim K, J’Lo and Serena Williams and a round juicy butt would be Beyonce, Shakira or Jessica Biel.

      Kelly Brook’s butt to me is wide, which some people categorise as a big butt but (no pun intended) I don’t.
      She’s not pancake though, at least, and her body is great in any case.

  • Rachel

    These pictures arn’t a fair representation of her actual body.
    They’ve been edited, she looks so much thinner than she actually is.
    I think she looks better with her clothes ON.

  • Super hot. I think she looks great, fabulous hair and swoon-worthy body. Very womanly.