Front and Back, Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook in Leather Pants – Front & Back

kelly-booty - Kelly Brook in Leather Pants - Front & Back

Just yesterday, we saw Marisa Miller rocking a pair of leather pants – well, here’s another lingerie model in a leathery number today: Kelly Brook, from the front and from the back.

How do you all like this outfit on Kelly?

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • MariB

    not flatterin at all

    • mmmmm

      wrong kinda leather for pants….should be waay thinner and soft not stiff and thick….no one could rock these…..

      • ya the pants are just unfortunate. what was she thinking when she bought these?

  • AnneBrand

    don’t like it!!!!

    But a beautiful face!

  • Melly

    Those pants are not cute. She would look much better if she paired jeans with that cozy sweater. I must say I’m quite jealous for her body. My petit figure has no presence…Brooke’s body commands attention.

  • Moni

    Gorgeous women, though, these pants are just not for her

    • Moni


  • st

    i don’t like leather pants on a curvy women, it’s not very chic! she would look much better with a pair of tight jeans.

  • Callie

    Woah. She looked amazing in those recent bikini photos, but those leather pants are doing her no favours. She’s got such an amazing figure, I’m kind of surprised she couldn’t pull them off. But I guess they’re best left to the VS models.

    • Anne

      totally! i have thin legs and even i still cant pull off leather leggings its like the hardest thing to wear

  • artemis

    those aren’t tight enough 😐
    i want some 😀

  • lizzy

    oh honey, no.

    i will admit they aren’t tight enough, but even still i don’t think they are right for her figure.

  • Really not very flattering on her curvy hips and thin legs – they just don’t look like they fit well at all.
    I don’t really like leather pants generally – they seem to suit a very limited range of shapes.

    • natasha

      i agree!

    • flossy

      I hate leather trousers they flatter no one and they stretch making the wearing look like they have a saggy arse and tumours in their knee caps!

    • vanessa

      i agree with you.

      Kelly looks pretty though in theses pictures

  • Elina

    Sources say she her measurements are 34E-25-35 and that can’t possibly be true. Does anyone have any idea what size she actually is?

    • s

      She’s a UK size 8-10 which is a US 4-6.

    • Kimberly

      I really doubt those are her measurements. I really don’t think she has 35″ hips. I would say 38(32E)-26-38 is more likely.

      • jadeee

        i think it’s entirely possible she has 35″ (only based on the fact that i measure mine & im 33″.. im slim but not skinny) and i know in real life kelly brooke is TINY but curvy.. she just always looks like she is bigger due to her proportions. so i dunno, 38″ seems really big to me?

        • Kimberly

          Why is 38″ big to you? She has really wide hips. Considering that models like Marisa Miller and Candice Swanepoel have 35″ hips, I think it’s entirely possible that Kelly is bigger in that area. She looks to be about a 6 or an 8. Her hips look to be about the size of mine and I have 38.5″ hips.

          • Kate1st

            The thing is she does have a flattish bottom, so her hips might appear wider from the front but be a smaller circumference than expcted. I would realistically put her measurements around 35-26-37 (give or take an inch).

  • s

    Even a good figure can look bad with the wrong clothes.

  • KateAiken

    Baadddd choice. They look way better on thin figures like M. Miller 😛

  • Miumiu

    Versus can you tell what’s my body shape: I’m not sure if it is pear or skittle.

    Kelly is so beautiful, but these pants are a NO GO!

  • BeetleJuice

    she looks hot, whatever she wears!

  • Overall not a good look. But from behind she actually looks ok. And I think the front picture was snapped when she was in a particularly bad position. Because she is walking it creates a hip area that looks bigger than it actually is.

  • mel

    No, leather pants should pretty much be reserved for the less curvy and skinnier set.

  • Casey

    Why can’t this woman dress herself? She has the figure where pretty much the majority of clothes would look good on her and yet she always chooses the very few things that DON’T look good on her. I can’t remember the last candid where she had a good outfit on. It’s like she tries to make herself as unattractive as she can.

  • Kimberly

    I rarely see her wear clothes that look good on her. It’s unfortunate, considering her amazing figure.

  • nannou

    no one should wear those pants.

    • actually i’ve got the exact same pants and they look nothing like that on me…

      and if she is a size 8-10 – that is what i use too.. but i am also 5 ft 11 and i am pretty sure she is much shorter than that.

    • mel

      I have similar pants except the are tighter, but I’d like to think they look fine on me. I’m not 5’11”, but I am a size 0-2. I think you either have to be tall and slim or, if you’re shorter, skinny/slim to pull that off.

  • Emily

    Perhaps I’m in the minority here, but I think she looks phenomenal.

  • lc

    I’m sorry, but that outfit is NOT for her. It’s so unflattering.

  • Ophelie

    I believe the first listed are her measurements. Very unflattering pants, particularly with those boots.

  • oh no these pants are not a good look for her…leather pants arent really a good look for anyone though imho

  • tiffshorse

    Note to self: Do not purchase leather skinnies. Am curvy and this is a look I wish I could wear, but obviously a bad idea if you have any hips at all.

  • Eva

    Gorgeous woman – shit pants.

  • Nessa

    ugh.. I thought this fashion style died when the 90s passed.

  • brainlessblogger

    She’s sooo not a size 4 as she claims!!! probably a U.S size 11-12!! Jesus! and to be dressed in such an outfit that obviously meant for a very thin person is just ridiculous!. Who the heck can look good air tight leather pants anyway! Kate Moss! that’s about it..

    • Ellen

      If you think that’s a U.S. size 11-12, then you’re in for a rude awakening.

  • super_kittycat

    i don’t think anyone has looked good in leather pants since jim morrison and he died almost 40 years ago

  • Just no.

  • I’m beginning to think that my sense of style is slightly off because even though I loaf leather pants as much as the next person I think this outfit in general looks kinda nice on her and it seems as though those shoes work after all because her butt looks quite perky here.

  • NO! NO! NO!… just NEVER! not even on Halloween folks…

  • Mrs Darcy

    Her body is so hot and to die for, but those pants are ill-fitting and not flattering!

  • Luna

    Those are very poor-fitting pants…they are way too baggy and do not flatter her whatsoever.

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